Episode 25-Battle Royale or Royal Disaster?

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There’s a battle royale of epic proportions going on in Springfield! Yes, my friends…Act 2 of Bart Royale is another TSTO Rinse and Repeat. In this episode we’re talking about fighting Act 2 boredom, and those really lame prizes.  We’ll also discuss why this event has us “jonesing” for the “good ole days” of the Simpsons.  Plus, we’ll check in with Super Safi and his nuclear rebuild, has progress been made?  And, as always we’ll also be fielding your questions! So join us live for all the fun! (of course, if you can’t make it live watching the replay is still pretty awesome too!)

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Remember, this is meant to be interactive.  So ask your questions, give us your opinions and share your thoughts in the comments below..and we’ll read what we can live! 🙂

Show Notes:

For those curious, here’s some more info about Muggle Quidditch


57 responses to “Episode 25-Battle Royale or Royal Disaster?

  1. Josephine Kick@$$

    Safi… it’s ok that you’re a snitch since you likely know what deeking the goalie is 😉
    Wookiee… I think you farm so you can mix your donuts with your Cheetos (you know, that salty then sweet munchie thing)😏
    Patric… please never say the word “cornhole” again 😂
    Alissa… I never laughed so hard as when you said that about the shirtless guy in the cold and it taking some serious quidditch balls😂🤣😂🤣

    Olympic curling? 💤💤💤💤
    I think I’d rather watch quidditch 😂😂
    I’m in on the Cranky’s Crotch Powder IPO 😂

    Oh, I love the content we’re getting with this event 😁


  2. I would have loved to have expanded my already lovely Springfield Olympic village.


  3. Just watched the episode, and wanted to thank you for some much needed laughter. The Quidditch stuff was so funny! I am suffering from a rather painful ear infection right now, and have been kind of grumpy because of it, but you all brightened my day!


  4. I will admit Act 1 was fun (new Character, new Building), Act 2 is kinda dumb (Character Skins and Decor only are no bueno) and yep “EA rinse n’ repeat” is exactly why so many Tappers give up by Act 3!

    This isn’t the WORST Event (I think enough Long Time Tappers have nightmares involving a certain Prize Wheel to spin), but it could’ve been better (remember when the new Event Premiums being offered in the Store now would’ve actually been Event Prizes in the past?)!

    If there are actual Buildings to Craft (that generate XP and $) with permanent Character Tasks? I will welcome that vs unwanted Decor (when too much is being offered as Premium Purchase only? You’re going to lose Tappers)!

    I will take a delayed Olympics Event coming up next vs the current worse then a Gil Deal Valentine’s update (seriously, even the Valentine’s Mystery Box is a no thanks, EA)!

    Still 💜 this Game App , not how it’s executed at times 🤔


  5. Howard J. McEwen

    An Olympic event would have been phenomenal. The current event isn’t great, but it’s not the worst. (Pegan ‘Holiday’ event 2016)


  6. (1) I’m glad we got an Outlands event. (2) The actual event is fine, but I’m not really all that excited about it. I did finally get the Mayan bundle, which I’ve wanted for a while. (3) A Winter Olympics event would have been neat, but we did already have an Olympics event (and I have an NPC Springy to prove it).
    Since Outlands is really more of a do-it-whenever event, I agree that doing a Winter Olympics event right now would have been more topical and maybe more fun.


  7. Has anyone else had a problem with tbe update zooming in too close? Zoomed all the way out i can only see one building.


  8. I don’t mind the land token limit. I have plenty of land. I did mind that they reset my land tokens at the begining of the event and lost like 12 tokens…

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Has anyone else noticed, or even have this issue, the stonecutter skins 4 hour tasks aren’t paying out freemium? I wasnt paying attention the first couple I sent, but number 1, grampa, skinner, and smithers 4 hour tasks all are regular payout?


  10. Well, that was an interesting episode. For some quiddich stadium inspiration go check out the Halloween showcase. I think it was Suzelac29 that submitted a great design.

    And props for plugging Ultimate Frisbee—well before Pat starting slamming. it. You’ve just made ‘the list’ my friend. >;/


  11. hi o/”
    I like this event, its a Bart an Homer storyline which is great and the crafting prizes are good. the prize track itself is just ok. but two out of three arnt bad. so Id give it a 7 out of 10 overall.

    as far as the land issues go I’m right there with you guys, ic been playing for over five years as well an i have plenty of land still. people, in my opinion are just to over accesive with items, I’m basing this off of the countless number of different freinds iv had throughout the years an just seeing how most of them tend to over decorate, an the amount of people complaining tells me my past freinds aren’t the only ones that tend to do this.

    my advice, know your limits, an decorate within the means of the game. I was always told that less is more, an it’s best to keep things simple. there’s a reason there’s item limits within the game folks. I just fill that most people see the game an think I can just create to my hearts content without any reconigthion for the limits then complain when they run into a issue, such as item cap, or the new one free land.

    as far as the free land tokens themselves go I think people are looking at it all wrong, I believe they gave these to us to actually help us decorate with the new event stuff if we say, wanna decorate in one area with all said event related stuff we’re currently doing within said event. which makes alot of since, seeing as the people who have played for a long time are kinda close to the required land tokens to unlock certain land pieces area an might wanna decorate a event area there. an it could also be seen as helping new players get more land faster if needed for said event as well.

    overall a smart move by ea. an maybe this will help push those players to become more efficient decoraters within there own Springfield’s lol. oh the headache of going through freinds towns with all that clutter when doing my dayly visits, this is one I hope gets better in time lol.


  12. Why did EA make it so we can only buy new land with land tokens? Buying newly released land was basically the only reason I had to care about the in game cash. Now that I can’t use it, what’s he point of sending people on jobs?


    • Some of us don’t have much in game cash to donut farm, so we have to send the characters on jobs in order to buy KEMs.


    • Experience points to level up and earn donuts!!!


    • In my game, I am finding that there is one area (sort of Northeast–orienting according to Springfield Heights being west and Squidport south) where the land is just available for land tokens. But there is quite a bit of land still available to purchase for in-game cash. I wonder if in your case, you have purchased almost all the available land?


  13. Allisa, I would like to visit your town. Will you send an invite to jgame666? Thanks.


  14. I’m sad that the battles don’t show all the participating characters. They used to, but now as few as two are shown. Also the playscape and Junk base keep changing appearance which messes with the placement of crafted items.


    • All my characters are shown, as long as they are assaulting, rather than defending. I have all the adults assaulting the original playground and all the kids assaulting the junk playground (I have 20% bonus on both by now). This way, both the adults and the kids have visual tasks.

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