Yes, Virginia, the Servers are Down (for Some)…

Update: 10:45am ET March 2nd….”sticking” this to the top of the site as some of you are having server issues again.  Use this post to discuss.  All the same links still apply.  However, I have not seen an update regarding the outage on EA’s Twitter as of yet.  I’ll keep checking and keep you informed.

Update:  From EA Help Desk 2pm ET, so about an hr ago…

That being said….some of you are reporting your back in.  So they may slowly be coming back online.

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

As you saw from the title of this post….the Servers are in fact down.  And they’ve been down for awhile.

According to EA’s Twitter from last night, they were doing some maintenance on the servers…

UPDATE: FYI EA is now saying the TSTO related issues right now are not related to maintenance.  They completed the maintenance a few hours ago.  It appears it’s directly a TSTO issue and they’re working on it.  They help crew on twitter is directing players here: (although I don’t know why there’s no new info there…but i’m guessing to at least put a me too in)

It appears that the hardest hit areas are the UK and Europe (with some outages in other places as well)…check out this map:

(you can view an updated map at any time here)

No idea how long they’re going to be out for, or if this will get more widespread.  For now this is about all I know….but you can check out updated status for EA servers on this site.

Or EA’s Help Twitter @EAHelp

So for now, know it’s not you…it’s EA.  And it’s not just you….others are impacted too.  Also, it’s not just TSTO…it’s a variety of games.

And feel free to use this post as an Open Thread to vent about the situation…just no cursing and same Open Thread Rules apply…



194 responses to “Yes, Virginia, the Servers are Down (for Some)…

  1. HELP! Everytime I want to log in I have to download the whole game again! What should I do? It’s 760 MB

    • charlottes285

      This has happened to a lot of people; the cause is (mostly) insufficient space on your device. You need at least 4GB clear space. If you have that and it’s still happening, it may be something else.

    • Free a lot of storageoplossingen memory by uninstalling unused apps, move picures, data, etc to another device.

  2. Soooo glad I got the last Act 3 Event Prize yesterday (March 1st)!👍

    It’s all about Kem Farming and earning Bonuts from here on out … what a grind, EA (at least we got decent Freemiums)! 🤔

  3. Can log in from Ea Wa. I could log in…two…days ago? Something like that. Got real behind on the prize track. EA you going to give us some slack for these connectivity issues? Now I’m on the scraps track, and wouldn’t mind getting Water Baron Burns. I didn’t plan on finishing Act 3, I’m so close I wouldn’t mind a few extra days to finish it!

  4. Got back in in Albany, NY. (Yes the Albany that The Simpsons themselves have cracked a few jokes about)

  5. I’ve not had a problem all day logging on to TSTO. I might have just been lucky there. I’ve been more occupied with the snow fall in the UK and the 2 extra days off school it has given me. School ended up closing at 8:20am yesterday (bit annoying as most people had already got there) and then didn’t open today either. I have approx 10cm where I am, but my parents in the South West have got depths of several feet in places where they had blizzards yesterday.

  6. And the server’s down again here in California… really EA? They just had to make it quite difficult to reach burns at the end.

  7. Here in Arizona – also out again 🙄

  8. Just got back in after several house in TX.

  9. Out in Florida and been able to log in with no issue’s until now and only lost connection when going to krustyland.

  10. Still out here in Michigan. Does anyone have any idea of what might have caused this outage?

  11. Keith1roon991

    Severe weather here in the UK, east coast, but so far I can connect, Edinburgh Scotland, OK ye all

  12. 🐒💜🐔🍟.

    🎬🎥🐒 . See ya bye . 👽

  13. No problems in Alberta. How about Ontario Safi?

  14. I just can’t even anymore with EA. Over 4+ years I’ve gone from freemium to prememium to premium whale, currently back to freemium, about to be former player. Smell ya later EA.

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