Yes, Virginia, the Servers are Down (for Some)…

Update: 10:45am ET March 2nd….”sticking” this to the top of the site as some of you are having server issues again.  Use this post to discuss.  All the same links still apply.  However, I have not seen an update regarding the outage on EA’s Twitter as of yet.  I’ll keep checking and keep you informed.

Update:  From EA Help Desk 2pm ET, so about an hr ago…

That being said….some of you are reporting your back in.  So they may slowly be coming back online.

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

As you saw from the title of this post….the Servers are in fact down.  And they’ve been down for awhile.

According to EA’s Twitter from last night, they were doing some maintenance on the servers…

UPDATE: FYI EA is now saying the TSTO related issues right now are not related to maintenance.  They completed the maintenance a few hours ago.  It appears it’s directly a TSTO issue and they’re working on it.  They help crew on twitter is directing players here: (although I don’t know why there’s no new info there…but i’m guessing to at least put a me too in)

It appears that the hardest hit areas are the UK and Europe (with some outages in other places as well)…check out this map:

(you can view an updated map at any time here)

No idea how long they’re going to be out for, or if this will get more widespread.  For now this is about all I know….but you can check out updated status for EA servers on this site.

Or EA’s Help Twitter @EAHelp

So for now, know it’s not you…it’s EA.  And it’s not just you….others are impacted too.  Also, it’s not just TSTO…it’s a variety of games.

And feel free to use this post as an Open Thread to vent about the situation…just no cursing and same Open Thread Rules apply…



194 responses to “Yes, Virginia, the Servers are Down (for Some)…

  1. Albert Doolittle

    Still out for me in the Midwest. Going on 6 hours now. Looks like I won’t be getting Water Baron Burns after all :/

  2. Out again in Minnesota, ah…..well…

  3. Maine, USA – works on iPas, but can’t connect on Fire tablet.

    • Same Problem from Hawaii, I pad Mini 4 works -> Galaxy s7 had trouble. I set my jobs on the mini for all day (12 hour) so I don’t at least have everyone sitting idle while EA works their junk out. I was done with Act 3 5 days ago so just missing out on Bonuts which don’t matter either because I resolved to not gamble when the reroll is 150k and the KEM farms are only 50k. That amount of money costs me a KEM roll anymore…

  4. I’ve got an outage for the first time – about 7 hours now and I’m in Edinburgh. That said, most of the city has ground to a standstill anyway with the snow we’ve had!

    I’ve emailed EA to let them know. Hopefully they are working on it.

  5. Wow, I must not be in the Western US, but in Europe!

  6. EA Network Unavailable – Midwest, U.S.

  7. Well I was one of the lucky ones earlier this week, seems that luck did not extend to today. Hopefully it’s not down for too long. Thanks for the update & all that you guys do!

  8. Out again in Albany, NY. Of course we’re getting a ton of wet heavy snow right now and I don’t even have any power!

  9. Issues on the East Coast Canada. Can’t connect again.

  10. Yep here we go again 🙁

  11. Well, it looks like the EA server is down again over in the UK

  12. Network issue has just started happening to me again today March 2… it was fine 5:30-6am Eastern time today and now 10am Eastern I get the ‘EA Network Unavailable’ message again. 🙁 I guess I should be happy, I did get the final prize this morning, but my B game is still short.. oh well. tapping break.. LOL


    Looks like the EA server is down again over in the UK

  14. I’m sick of EA and their “maintainence” if they ACTUALLY fix the issues with glitching and connectivity issues they may be decent again. I’m tired with the lack of creativity they pass off as new. My wife was right about this “game” it’s just a waste of time and life. I feel like a rat at a feeder bank in some lab rushing back every 4 hours to repeat the same nonsense. What did any money for doughnuts get me other than a building/character and added frustration when the game won’t load…. these morons weeks ago had the whole EA servers down (not JUST TSTO but Battlefront, NHL, The Sims, Madden etc. That’s right ALL) and in those 72+ hours they put a patch without an explanation or apology to the users the same very users who pay them to work and ensure the game runs smooth….. but…. never…. has it run smooth. Dr Disrespect was right since the dropped “EA SPORTS, IT’S IN THE GAME”….


  15. I am from the UK and have not been able to play since the updated game. I contacted ea but got no further on. Just keep getting booted out of the game. Very frustrating.

  16. Slowly but surly caring way less about this game…..not worth loggin in anymore when you have crappy characters and boring updates. 2018 has to be the end right…?

    • A lot of people were quite happy with the recent Christmas event, and I can see why. Ea changed it up from the constant full event 4 hour grind over 3 acts approach people are sick of, and people had hope that ea was going in a new direction. This event was disappointing and had potential that was not close to being met.

  17. I couldn’t log in for a while, but now can. But now I can’t seem to place new buildings anywhere. Is this a known problem? I even bought and cleared a new piece of land to use and no dice.

  18. So, how many donuts can we expect for this lost time in this event? EA, please give some!

    • Consider yourself lucky if you get 10 donuts 🍩

    • Has there ever been a doughnut gift for outages??

      • I feel like this event has been a donut gift for being out of commission for a week in January. We’ve been able to get bonuts since getting the 4th prize in each act instead of the 6th, assuming we completed the event quests. We also got donuts for logging in on Valentine’s Day.

  19. No outages in the New York area. 🇺🇸

  20. Wow I had no idea… my phones been all wack and consistently inconsistent for about a week, but its corresponding with sprint having issues as my internet in general has been effected.

  21. I don’t know if anyone mentioned this but here in the UK there is very cold weather this week with freezing winds and heavy snow known as “The Beast from the East” which may have contributed to the servers being down.

  22. If we’re lucky, maybe EA’ll add a couple more days to this event to compensate for the downtime! 😉

  23. Woohoo! Back in Perth! Very long outage! EA, please compensate! Give us a free whale! Always wanted one of these!

  24. Back up in the Pacific Northwest, had been out since evening of 2/26

  25. Was out this morning but back up again in Canada 🇨🇦

  26. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    Noon west coast, 3:00 pm East Cost, San Francisco allowed me to log in….
    And I was just about toI tease all y’all that I was enjoying the sunshine while youse folks were stuck with your noses in your padular devices.

    Time to get back to ‘real life’, cooking, washing, …

  27. Very bad weather here on the east coast of UK, am in Edinburgh and haven’t had problems logging in but weather due to hit hard Wednesday and Thursday, are we under attack????????,

  28. I’m in UK and had no problems all day 🤔🤔🤔

  29. England seems to be back 🙂

  30. I’m back and playing now. It was down for most of the night yesterday.

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