Homer vs 18th Amendment Prize Breakdown: Duff Puff and Unruly Crowd

Aloha Amazing, Awesome, Aspiring Alcoholics and Ale Addicts,

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The Eighteenth Amendment (Amendment XVIII) of the United States Constitution effectively established the prohibition of alcoholic beverages in the United States by declaring the production, transport, and sale of alcohol (though not the consumption or private possession) illegal. The separate Volstead Act set down methods for enforcing the Eighteenth Amendment, and defined which “intoxicating liquors” were prohibited, and which were excluded from prohibition (e.g., for medical and religious purposes). President Woodrow Wilson vetoed the bill, but the House of Representatives overrode the veto, and the Senate did so as well the next day. The Volstead Act set the starting date for nationwide prohibition for January 17, 1920, which was the earliest day allowed by the Eighteenth Amendment. The Amendment was in effect for the following 13 years. It was repealed in 1933 by ratification of the Twenty-First Amendment on December 5, 1933.

That’s enough of a history lesson!

Remember, this event is designed to follow a series of tasks via the questline to unlock prizes.  For each of the parts of the Pass, Puff, Puff questlineyou’ll have to earn  via various character tasks in order to unlock the prize for that part.

Let’s take a look at the details of the first prize, the Duff Puff & Unruly Crowd.  What it does and how you unlock it…

The first prize unlocked during the Homer vs 18th Amendment Mini Event is the Duff Puff & Unruly Crowd:


Here are some more details behind it…

How You Unlock It: Pass, Puff, Puff Pt. 1
Make Homer Buyout Kwik-E-Mart Alcohol Stock – 3hrs
Collect Drinks – x240

Once you’ve completed that task you’ll automatically be awarded the Duff Puff & Unruly Crowd and you’ll be greeted with a popup message giving you the option to store or place it in your Springfield immediately. 

Duff Puff
Conform-O-Meter Impact: 
Consumerism +5
What does it do: Just a decoration, but comes with the Unruly Crowd.

Unruly Crowds
Conform-O-Meter Impact: 
Vanity +200
What Does it Do: 
3 different positions (when tapped), the appearance of a crowd fighting wherever they’re placed. (this one is one of my favorites)
What does it do, part 2: Also unlocks the ability to purchase more Unruly Crowds for 10 donuts, that come with a 0.25% bonus.


And that completes the details of the first Homer vs 18th Amendment prize!

What are your thoughts on the Duff Puff? What about the Unruly Crowd? Where have you placed it in your Springfield?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

23 responses to “Homer vs 18th Amendment Prize Breakdown: Duff Puff and Unruly Crowd

  1. Duff Puff & Unruly Crowd

    Just can’t get enough of that Unruly Crowd (lol)🤣
    Duff Puff goes swell with the Pub /St. Patrick’s section of Springfield (makes every Paddy happy)😀🍀

  2. My Duff Puff disappeared in my A game, have it in my B G.
    Not in storage either

  3. I put mine next to Lard Lad. I don’t know how to post a screencap on this format.

  4. Since the Unruly Crowd has a 0.25% bonus on it, EA should add that same bonus to the Cheering and Rude Crowds considering they were re-released several weeks ago at the same cost of 10 donuts as the Unruly Crowd. The Duff Puff is another item that anyone can add to their Duff collections.
    Off topic: I got an update today which looks like a teaser to the next event (similar to the one before Bart Royale) but I would of expected it to be next week (a week downtime) and then the event follows after but it does look promising though. 🇮🇹:D🇮🇹 (sorry if the flags don’t work)

  5. Richard Von-erich

    Cannot connect to server
    Just tried to get on my game and up it pops again cannot connect to server as any one else got this or just me and the wife by the way we’re in the UK

  6. * off topic

    What happened to this year’s Pie Day contest?

    RIP Steven Hawkins.

  8. It was nice of them to give us something with a bonus% haven’t seen that for a while

  9. On the last task to get the float, think I will need to get a bigger piece if land for all my st Patrick’s day area

  10. My Springfield is ready for all the St Paddy’s day festivities…wouldn’t be complete without a few unruly crowds (my favorite also).


  11. Maddiethecool101

    “It would not be much of a universe if it wasn’t Home to the people you love.” – Stephen Hawking

    Stephen Hawking will live on in our towns. 😢💗

  12. Does this mean this unruly crowd doesn’t come with a bonus percentage.

  13. Safi, when do we get a post sponsered by the letter q, x, y, or z?

    • The day after St Paddy’s 🍀🍺🍺🍺🍀 would be a good day for “q”…probably a lot of queasy tappers 🤢😓.

    • Quinella Quist quite quickly quelled quarreling quartet.

      Xerxes Xenon expected extra x-rays xeroxed.

      Yolana Yvonne Yarger yodeled yonder yesterday.

      Zigmund Zane zig-zagged thru zany zoo zone.

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