The Springfield Job 101: Act 2 Heist Characters

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A few of you have been asking for a specific list of characters that can do Heists for Act 2. So popping in with a quick list of those who can Heist and earn you event currency.  The characters that could heist during Act 1 will once again be able to heist during Act 2, but some new faces have been added.  Let’s take a look…

Aristotle Amadopolis
Mr. Burns
Ruth Powers
Fat Tony
Frankie the Squealer

Johnny Tightlips
Wheels McGrath
Dante Calabresi Jr
Dante Calabresi Sr
Sven Golly
The Pope
Oscar Wilde
Geoffrey Chaucer
Jack the Ripper

So  26 total characters can earn event currency on Heists for Act 2 (up from 18 during Act 1).  And another character that will be added later this week can heist as well, so it’ll be a grand total of 27 for Act 2.  Hope that helps some of you having trouble out!

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  1. Out of the 27 Springfield Characters available in Act 2 for Heists ? I have 18 (not bad, I would have more but I have stopped purchasing Premiums until EA fixes this Rollback Glitch)👍

  2. wow at first read I thought I was missing some Free players … but after going through the list I seem to only be missing Sven Golly and the Calabresis … will have Jack in 2 more days from farming … this act should be a breeze …

    I love they left most of the monorail characters alone this event ….

  3. I like the Scotland Yard building. But I don’t want a person who killed so many people running around my town. Wish they could have bundled it separately.

  4. I’m on the fence about Westminster Abbey with Chaucer and Wilde. 175 donuts seems a bit high — but these are two full characters and a building. I need to make up my mind soon to maximize the benefits from actually purchasing them.

    Advice anyone?

    • Post will be up in an hr and 15 min

    • Farmium player here… I bought this right away, as it seems to be the most interesting premium item in the whole event. As others have mentioned, the building is great looking, you get two cool characters – each with a full set of tasks, and they both earn premium event currency. Initially, they each look to have one visual task. I’m holding off on the questline for now, so I don’t know if more will be added as that progresses. The extra 108 currency / hour is a good boost.

  5. I love Jack the Ripper stalking around my town. Instant buy!

  6. I like that EA have used a mix of characters from lower levels like below level 15 and higher levels up to level 58, especially when some of the characters are never or rarely used in events including some of the Plant Workers (Ruth Powers, Lenny and Carl) and Springfield Mafia (Frankie, Michael and Fat Tony). Judging by the list, I assume that Nigel doesn’t do heists either and it would of been good if Don Vittorio DiMaggio could do the heists since I think he is the only member of the Springfield Mafia that doesn’t do them.

  7. I got Jack the Ripper. I know 199 doughnuts sounds like a lot, but when you’re a KEM farmer………………….. 😉

    • I went ahead and got him as well. I also picked up the two ghosts. Two characters and a building was a pretty good deal for me. I had 90 donuts saved up from farming so I spent only $20 out of pocket for a total of 3 characters and two buildings. I can’t always check in every 4 hours so the extra heist characters really help me out.

  8. omnipotentwiz

    who will be added?

  9. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    It’s been more than 3 hours, that’s THREE HOURS!
    Where’s the SIB for Scotland Yard!? 😂😂
    Well, oh, bother!
    Y’all just gave the reason to accept Gil’s Deal to spend 199 sprinkles-so that you can also get Jack the Ripper and,
    earn Event Currency. And all the luscious ‘prizes’ . All 26 characters earn more than 1,000 every four hours, making it less nerve racking.
    Onward toward Act 3!

    • omnipotentwiz

      be patient. These people have lives you know, and are busy with things. They have their own things going on. Gil will be here a little while, and you can either decide on your own, or wait until they find time to make it.

  10. I know I am getting a little ahead of myself here, but I saw the Gil deal this morning for Jack the Ripper. I am a little on the fence about buying him. 199 donuts is pretty pricey, but at the same time, it is Jack the Ripper!

    • I think there are enough characters so you don’t need Jack to achieve your goal. Also the character isn’t unique to the show but rather a real life character so I tend to avoid those, as I did with Oscar Wilde. At 199 donuts, I would consider a lot of other characters first. But that’s just me.

    • Justin Henriks

      I think it is going to be one of those ‘if you like it, buy it’ deals. It is fairly pricey but the design is quite interesting and it is a very unique character for a London themed area of your town. The double ghost and Abbey combo is much better value and more useful for the event. However, I purchased Scotland Yard straight away and have absolutely no regrets. Freemium players would probably not pick this one up due to the cost and the limited way it which it helps with the event.

  11. ooh, another character later this week? Interesting…

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