Springfield Jobs 101: Act 2 Bonus Heist

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So now that things have calmed down slightly with the rush of Act 2 starting, I can catch my breath and take a minute to break down the heist bonus % awarded with the Act 2 craftables.

So let’s take a look…

As we learned about in the prize rundown post, the first prize of Act 2 is the Tower of Springfield.  This is the building that will be utilized best for Act 2 heists (although you can still use the Museum), and the one you’ll want to max out your bonus % on.

As a reminder, the bonus area around the tower is the area in the light blue color….

Placing certain craftable items inside that area will award a bonus %.  Each % you earn will help increase your Crown-Less Jewels (prize track currency) payout for Act 2.  Once you’ve reached 20% your characters will payout 36  for Freemium and 54  for Premium. (crafting currency payout is not impacted by the bonus %.  It remains 2 for Freemium and 3 for premium no matter what your % is)

Remember, you only have to have 1 square of the item touching the blue area to get the bonus % for it.  It does not have to be completely inside the blue area.

Also, if you overlap your Tower of Springfield with the Museum items can share the bonus %.  But keep in mind they will share it.  Meaning it gets split on each size, you don’t get the same % twice.

There wasn’t a ton of new craftable items that earn a heist bonus % introduced for Act 2.  In fact, there were only 4 items.  A far cry from the 14 available with Act 1. (yes, there are more than 4 craftables new to Act 2….but only 4 earn the %.  The others are just decorations/buildings/land tile)

Here’s the list for Act 2:

Phone Booth– 200
Heist Bonus: 2%

Police Call Box– 200
Heist Bonus: 2%

Queen’s Guard– 200
Heist Bonus: 2%

Beefeater– 200
Heist Bonus: 2%

And as a reminder here’s the list of craftables w/bonus % from Act 1 (they’ll still work in Act 2 in the area around the Tower of Springfield):

Terraced House (1)– 140 
Heist Bouns %: 2.10%

Terraced House (2)- 140 
Heist Bouns %: 2.10%

Terraced House (3)- 140 
Heist Bouns %: 2.10%

Terraced House (4)- 140 
Heist Bouns %: 2.10%

Terraced House (5)– 140
Heist Bouns %: 2.10%

Terraced House (6)- 140
Heist Bouns %: 2.10%

Grand Canal (1)– 200
Heist Bouns %: 3%

Grand Canal (2)– 200
Heist Bouns %: 3%

Grand Canal (3)– 200
Heist Bouns %: 3%

Grand Canal (4)- 200
Heist Bouns %: 3%

Grand Canal (5)- 200
Heist Bouns %: 3%

Gondola– 230
Heist Bouns %: 3.45%

Da Vinci Aircraft– 230
Heist Bouns %: 3.45%

Cheese Truck– 230
Heist Bouns %: 3.45%

Honestly, outside of the items you’ll need for the Act 2 scene, you’re better off using items from Act 1 to max out your bonus area.  In Act 1 200  got you a 3% bonus, whereas in Act 2 it’s only a 2% bonus.

As far as design is concerned.  I know some of you are really big into making these items work around your building for the bonus %.  Honestly, I’m not.  It’s a matter of making them items fit, maxing out the bonus % and moving on.  Once the event ends I have entirely different design plans for the buildings and craftables, so that’s when I’ll be moving everything around.

I just don’t think it’s worth stressing over the design right now.  Achieve the bonus % needed, craft what you like and make it work once the event is over. When in Italy do you see Gondolas around a museum?

And speaking of Gondolas…if you’re still confused on how to place it (i know some of you are, I’m still seeing comments about it), check out Pat’s post with video here.

And that is it my friends, the details for the heist bonus in Act 2!

How are you making the items work?  Are you designing now or just getting the bonus % and waiting till the event is over to make a design work?  Where is your bonus % sitting right now? Which items did you use to get there?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

33 responses to “Springfield Jobs 101: Act 2 Bonus Heist

  1. How can you get more masks to send to friends criminals to send to friends

  2. If we don’t get Sideshow Bob’s white Italian suit as a skin next update I’m definitely going to be let down (even more) by this boring event.

  3. Phone Booth, Police Call Box, Queen’s Guard, Beefeater, Terraced House (yep, I Crafted all of those multiple times to reach Level 20% the 1st Day of Act 2 at the Tower of Springfield) – don’t forget to Craft the Pub! 👍

  4. Great post and great question about the design now/later conundrum. I do a little of both and how much depends on the event. This time, I’ll probably design the bulk later because there’s a lot to integrate – at the moment I’m happy with tidy…

  5. Just got hit with another rollback bug. Once I received the Queens carrage, plunder Petes says I have to unlock act two. Effectively stopping progress in the Springfield heist game. It was bad enough when I had to keep restarting the real estate furniture, pills, coffee ect, not able to make train tracks or walkways. Shutting down act two while it’s in progress is too much.

  6. It’s all a work in progress at the moment, but I did post a couple of guards outside my Tower, and put a few phone booths around it. Other than that I surrounded it with a couple of the terraced houses that sat unused in my inventory from act 1 to get the bonus to 20%. With all the premium characters helping I am almost done, though, and might have a bit of time to pretty it up. 🙂

  7. Throwing a few beefeaters & guards along with a couple phone booths maxed the % and still allows the place to look presentable.
    EA made it EAsy this event to max out without cluttering the place up.

  8. If only I could craft anything! Fortunately I crafted the necessary items for Act 2 as soon as it began, so my ability to progress isn’t impacted. But now I’m locked out of Act 2 crafting. I’ve had the rollback glitch for almost a month now, (had it rolled once, but it came back in a few days) so rolling back again is no longer an option. I’d lose too much, including things I’ve spent real life cash on. I really hope this gets fixed so we can at least craft stuff…although fixing the whole glitch would be even better. I’m not holding my breath, though.

  9. My heist place is ugly but it’s all about the plunger% so who cares
    I’m alreadu done so just stacking the bonut till part 3

  10. Same here. I don’t care about the design for now, Just put the things from act 1 to quickly gain the newer quest items.

  11. Rollback Glitch UPDATE: Part2…So just when I thought I was in the clear…WHAM-O…I’ve been glitched again by the exact same issues less than 30 hours after my rollback was applied (and I was given 100 donuts for putting up with this nonsense): Tap radius small, missing Buns money pile, Lisa’s tree, back to Pieman quests, and Act 2 plunder back to being locked therefore not allowing me to progress through this event. I really just don’t know what to say at this point. I don’t know who is driving the boat over at EA but this isn’t nuclear physics…it’s simple software that they refuse to invest resources to fix properly…and after all the money that is spent by the millions of users…This sucks! And so many people are going through this…how can this keep happening, how can EA continue to let this happen? I really see no resolution in sight and I’m fairly disappointed, to say the least in this PG environment, as I really thought this event was cool and had lots of potential. I’ve made multiple calls already and have been told it could be up to a 3 day wait…I will continue to call as often as I can. Just wanted to put this out there to keep people informed and to see if this had happened to any others…as I’ve read on the reviews via the playstore: I had heard that this glitch could strike again after a rollback had been applied but I never thought that was possible. THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE WORST…EA IS THE DEVIL…I hope people think twice about giving this company money…even if it hasn’t happened to you, step back and look at what others are going through and the lack of attention EA is giving to this situation. I’m one frustrated, 5 years down the drain, but it’s only phone game, but it’s so much more, user!!!

    • how do i attach pictures to this?

    • I was just on the phone again with EA this morning and they’ve now given me the news that since the rollback did not fix the issue, they will not rollback my game again, that I’ll just have to wait for an eventual patch. Who knows when or if that will ever happen. I’ve only been dealing with this for 2 weeks, others have had it for months. EA sucks…was fun while it lasted…hope everyone who’d actively playing never has to experience this…what a joke!!!

      • I’ve got a post coming out this afternoon (in about 4hrs) with a bunch of poll questions. Do me a favor and make sure you take a look at it, it’s all about the rollback and EA’s failure on it. Plus wanting your feedback.

  12. I just threw a bunch of guards behind it and in front of it, and called it a day…an easy 20%, and you can then decorate it any way you like.

  13. Just dumping in bonus area for now for bonus. Design later. Lots of canal buildings and gondolas. Skipping things that don’t appeal to me. I really like the flexibility of unlock by act vs having to level up and buy things you don’t really want.

  14. Crafted all. Now saving for act three, as the prices go up and there are many more buildings to craft. Then with what is left I will buy whatever I fancy. Most probably the Queen’s gards.

  15. Alas I can’t place crafting items in Tower of Springfield because the glitch makes it so the game thinks I haven’t started Act 2 yet.

  16. I got to the maximum number of gems (36 for non-premium) with only 18%, FWIW (36 is the max, right?)

  17. Gathering as many teranced houses and grand canals for a little Italy section. I will be excited if i get what i need

  18. on the topic of bonus… I gave up and bought my first beach hideaway, there goes anything big from this event. Now the question is… buy two more? or save in case something better comes from the event

    • The way Ebron explained it to me, focus fully on bonus % for a year while KEM farming with the collider on constantly and in about a year you can be able to afford to buy most items from every event and clean out mystery boxes. But that means putting event purchases (unless they’re bonus % steals) on hold until you’re at the point where KEM farming fetches you a stupid amount of donuts.

      I currently have 138% bonus + all the hidden bonus from Springfield heights buildings and I KEM farmed with the 10 day do collider charged and combined with a couple event and where’s Maggie donuts (adding up to maybe 12) I made roughly 100 donut profit in 10 days.

      This was made possible by having all the beach hideaways bought and put out fully combined with the hidden bonus Springfield Heights items.

      I hope that helps.

      • For the record I had 3mil saved up and farmed 33 kems at a time about 3-4 times a day while sending my characters on 1 or 4 hour tasks while I’m awake and 8 hours while I sleep.

        A little extra xp can be made by not tapping your buildings and sending everyone on a 24 hour task and then start the collider when you’re ready and follow that by claiming everything, andnhaving your kems timers ready to build.

        Another note is having an extra 100 % bonus (from the beach hideaways) makes making money way faster and easier. I make roughly 300 thousand a day just for playing the game.

        Final note is be sure to upgrade your private islands to level 2 for the hidden bonus % to kick in. The rest of the Springfield Heights buildings don’t need to be upgraded for hidden bonus % to kick in (but upgrade beach hideaways fully and leave all extensions from those buildings out for full profit)

        Good luck

        • You are better off sending characters on the shortest jobs possible that you can return and collect on.

      • thank you

    • Buy all the beach hideaways first…best xp% bargain in the game.

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