Springfield Jobs Act II – Prize Guide – Lifesize Prince Albert in a Can

Tut, Tut my good ladies and gents…we are awash in the best of “Jolly Old England” in our Springfields.  The heisting continues, but it is almost secondary to the cool buildings and prizes up for grabs in this Act.

I admit to being a bit of an Anglophile, so I am stoked to get some of the buildings and special decorations that have graced my imagination and book shelves for most of my lifetime.  And, if you have to steal a few jewels to get it all?  So be it!

We’re gonna skip over Prize #2…as it just another Free Land Token – Cool. Useful. But, you get it…it’s Free…and you can use it for land. Boom! Done!

Prize #3 – Life-Size Prince Albert in a Can

This of course is a take off on one of the lamest jokes of all time…going back to when they sold “Prince Albert Tobaco” in a can. They may still sell it. I never smoked the Prince. It just seemed weird.  It’s right up there with prank calling someone and saying, “is your refrigerator running?”  or “have you stopped beating your wife yet?”  None of them particularly funny…but, then again, it isn’t a great prize.

Which is a bit of a bummer, as the REAL Prince Albert was by all reports, a wonderful man, and an almost lifelong companion to Queen Victoria. Back in the day, it was not unusual to keep power within the family…and they did. Albert was actually Victoria’s first cousin (which is now outlawed for being a little too close genetically in most modern countries). They had 9 children together, and I’ll let those who actually live in England weigh in, as to whether the close breeding had an affect on their outcome. They were a dynamic pair, he her closest confident. And she never got over his death, which is why you see her dressed in black for her remaining years on the throne.

Like I said…this prize is kinda lame. It is just a decoration. You don’t really get Albert. And he/it pretty much just sits there…which is not like the real Albert at all!

Upon earning 4420 gems (and I STILL think they look like water balloons), you are prompted with this…

It’s really up to you whether you want to place this or not. I will likely pass…

Size: 2×2
Earns: Nothing, just a decoration
Can Be Placed: grass|pavement|boardwalk|pier|dirt|beach
Conform-O-Meter: Vanity +100
What Does It Do: Animated when tapped, can shakes around
Dialogue it Comes with first tap
The Can Formerly Known As Prince
Auto starts
Lisa: Do you have Prince Albert in a can?
Bart: Yes.
Lisa: Well let him out!
Bart: Not until he tells me where the Crown Jewels are.
Prince Albert In A Can: Never!
Task: Tap Prince Albert In a Can

Boom…there it is…the lamest joke ever. Especially if you are Albert.

OK…On to the NEXT Prize…Ok…the Next Prize AFTER the Next Prize (which is just more Crafting Currency)- The Queen’s Carriage!  Sooooooo Cooooool!

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  1. Life-Size Prince Albert in a Can ….. Hey it’s our 1st white elephant Prize in this event 😂

    I got the final Act 2 Event Prize, but I got to say The Boiled Potato is my favorite from Act 2 (Drink and Babysit, every body)! 🍻

  2. Dumb question, but why is it “Prince” Albert? If you are married to a Queen, shouldn’t you be King? Works the other way round…

    • No the ruling monarch has the highest title. If masculine, it is King & Queen, if feminine, it is Queen & Prince.
      E.g.: Queen Beatrix from the Netherlands was married to Prince Claus.

    • The current English Queen, Elizabeth II, is married to Philip Mountbatten whose title is “Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh”. He will never be a “King” as he would then be considered the ruler. Although she did pledge to “to love, to cherish, and to obey” him in her wedding vow, which was a bit controversial at the time (the ruling Queen shouldn’t obey anyone)

  3. I’m glad jokes got better these days
    Maybe it’s a British hummer thing

  4. I never even heard of an english prince Albert, let alone about the tabacco. It is a very MEH price in my opinion.
    They could have found a much more famous royal if they wanted. Some Edward guy for example

  5. It’s an interesting history, but the Prince Albert pictured on the can is actually her son, Edward VII.

    But EA goofed up too, because this brand of tobacco was always American. I’m not big on British history, since all this time I was thinking that Doctor Who was playing Prince Albert instead of Prince Phillip on that show I’ve never watched.

  6. Rachel Flanagan

    Prince Albert in a Can joke ALWAYS reminds me of the TV Movie IT. Ahhh that darn scary clown.

  7. Trying to find out if anyone cannot access the donut store from the in game link? I get a lag and then a statement that says the game cannot access the donut store or the scratch off ticket store.

  8. Never heard of this brand of baccy so this was an interesting bit of trivia (even if the prize isn’t interesting).
    I wouldn’t call Albert a life-long companion, obviously it was the length of his life, but Victoria lived for about 40 years after he died.


  10. Josephine Kick@$$

    The animation on mine is constant, I kind of like it lol. I won the carriage yesterday… the darn thing is HUGE! Way out of proportion, but I’m beginning to get used to it after all of these years (not really, but it sounded good).

    • Funny how the shrunk Buckingham Palace, but made the carriage way bigger. It almost dwarfs the palace if you put it out front.

    • The animation is toggled, like the skaters. You turn it on and off by tapping. So you can enjoy a constant wiggling if desired.

    • The animation is toggled, like the skaters. You turn it on and off by tapping. So you can enjoy a constant wiggling if desired.

  11. Roll Back Glitch UPDATE:
    So, I got the Roll Back Glitch bug on Thursday 4/4. I was in contact with EA support via phone & email (at least 6 phone calls and probably double the amount of emails). I finally got a resolution on last night, Tuesday 4/10. My game was rolled back 6 days to 4/4 and I’m basically starting Act 2 over at the beginning…which stinks. However, I was firm but not a jerk with EA and that proved helpful as the tech who eventually did the Roll Back set me up with 100 donuts. Now, while that sounds all well and good, I’ll probably have to grind my butt off and end up using those donuts to get everything in Act 2 since I’m about 5 days behind. Regardless, the morale of the story is persistence for those dealing with this nonsense. And if you’ve never been infected…keep your fingers crossed because I’ve heard of SO many who are/have been. Just read the comments out on the playstore…1000’s of people dealing with this and there doesn’t seem to be any fix coming any time soon. And, 1st hand, it’s the absolute worst!!! EA support gets a grade of a D, even with the 100 donut bonus. Every tech has a thick overseas (think Apu) accent, which makes it very difficult to hold a conversation, and their willingness to rollback is VERY low on their to-do-list. I’ve read of folks who got the rollback only to get the same glitch hours, days, or even weeks later. This terrifies me as I’d hate to go through this again…I’ve been playing for 5 years and I’ve never seen anything like this; it’s horri-awful! If it happens to me again, I’m not sure I’d have the patience to go through all this again and might just bag it up. Would hate to throw 5 years away but this is non-sense. For all those dealing with this, again, be firm but don’t be a jerk, and hopefully a rollback will be in your future. Just thought I’d leave my experience here for others. Best wishes!

    • If you ever get a tech from overseas request to be transferred to one in the US. They have call centers in Texas and Wisconsin (I believe).

    • Josephine Kick@$$

      I thought it was odd a couple of my neighbors played the 1st act, but had no currency for the 2nd. Must have hit them too 😕

    • Glad you were able to complain your way to a resolution. Hope the many others affected can do the same, and hope EA at the very least automates the rollback process and puts a button for it in-game or something.

      Much as we all love TSTO, I remind myself not to get too attached, as it is still just a phone game, and phone games are the most crappily supported things on earth. 🙁

  12. Alas, seems Prince Albert shall never be let out of his can. But the bouncing and shaking animation is funny. 🙂

  13. Ah thanks for the info Patric even as a brit myself the Prince Albert in a can pre-dates me so whilst I got the joke I never actually knew till now what Prince Albert in a can actually was.

  14. Will he ever come out of then tin?
    (No pun intended)

  15. Justin Henriks

    I am really happy with the items/prizes in this event but this prize was a bit of a let down. Not really much you can do with it… probably end up in storage unless a bonus is added! Perhaps EA could have had included some pieces to make up Trafalgar Square (such as the lion statues, a fountain, etc.), Leicester Square, Kings Cross station, Speakers Corner (Hyde Park), Harrods department store or a subway station (The Underground) which would have looked really cool. So many possibilities… and we get a giant can? Oh well, the event has generally been really good.

    • An underground entrance/stairway would have been sooooo cool…oh well.

      • If they didn’t do it for the Stonecutter Tunnel (which is entirely above-ground)…. I wouldn’t hold out much hope for the London Underground (which EA would probably put above-ground too).

    • I agree Justin. I bought the Arthur Fortune character/building combo in part because he helps with heists. I would have much preferred Harrods (& an associated character) as a premium or Harrods alone as a prize.

      The Prince Albert Can animation is amusing; I surrounded it with a velvet rope which makes it look even sillier, but it will go into storage when the event ends. Harrods would have remained in my town.

      I am enjoying this event. Overall the first act buildings have a lot of potential for town design (especially the canal buildings) and I’m really enjoying the Act 2 buildings so far.

      Thanks for your always informative and amusing posts Patric. I’m enjoying your Anglophile enthusiasm for Act 2. I too have ancestors from England and Wales, The Marches area. (As well as Scotland and Ireland – North and South.) I guess that makes me an Anglo-mutt! (With pre-Germany Hanoverian added to the mix, which probably means there’s some old Danish blood tossed in there too.)

      Hey, rudolfovanwijk , maybe we’re related too, on the Dutch side!

  16. how much is the carriage?

  17. Lame prize, ea could have let Albert out for some fresh air and award currency, or like the gnome that roams my street I can’t find, will get the carriage today and will eventually sit next to all my other gold ornaments unless its a super doopa road traveller NOT!!!!!

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