Episode 28- The Rollback Bug

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A bug is spreading like wildfire through Springfield!  As many players are experiencing the dreaded Rollback Bug in their pocket-sized Springfield’s.  Seems more and more players get impacted by it each day.  But just how many are impacted? What’s the cause and effect of this bug hitting Springfield?  Who will be next?  Join the Addicts team as we discuss this plague-like bug and your reaction to it!  Plus we’ll be breaking down Act 2 of The Springfield Jobs event, and as always we’ll also be fielding your questions! So join us live for all the fun! (of course, if you can’t make it live watching the replay is still pretty awesome too!)

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Remember, this is meant to be interactive.  So ask your questions, give us your opinions and share your thoughts in the comments below..and we’ll read what we can live! 🙂

Show Notes:

Instead of launching the poll for this week with this episode, I launched a series of polls two days ago about the dreaded Rollback Bug.  If you haven’t already take a moment to answer those questions, which can be found here, we’ll be talking about them on the show today.


47 responses to “Episode 28- The Rollback Bug

  1. Well, it finally happened…I got bit by the rollback glitch this morning. When I logged in, I was greeted with the 5-day Mystery Box, along with dialogs from a lot of other events that happened over the past 2 years. Now, Homer has a Pie Man Homer task to complete, that of course was completed a long time ago. Gil is also trying to sell me Duff Gardens, which I already have (although I need to check to see if it’s still in my Springfield).

    It still has all of my progress from the Heists quest line (I’m just collecting bonuts at this point). However, I can’t click on the character image in the top left corner to jump to the characters.

    I did nothing out of the ordinary yesterday. Definitely didn’t add any new items to my Springfield. Sent everyone on 8-hour quests yesterday morning, but only cleared the Heist characters and the roaming gendarmes all day.

    I’m going to try a re-install later today, but if that doesn’t fix it, I’m sad to say that this might be the proverbial straw that broke this camel’s back. Been playing since Android release Day 2 (procrastinated for a day after a friend told me about the game). If it’s happening to this many people, there has to be a root cause that can be uncovered. Maybe they are working on a fix…hard to say as there’s no feedback from EA.

    • It sounds like you have to have the right EA rep…and do it by phone. Mixed reports on this from players…but, there are some good reps, and some very lousy ones.

      • Thanks! That’s what I’ve seen while perusing the EA forums. What I don’t understand is why the app code still has references to old events? Why would I be seeing old Gil deals or several mini-events from over a year ago? I’m not a software engineer (OK, I lied…I am a software engineer), but if I were actively troubleshooting the problem, that’s where I’d start. What is causing the app to point to old events, and related to that, why is the code for the old events still available? I can understand having some sort of flag indicating you completed an event a year ago, but to still have the event dialogs available is a bit strange.

        I’ve had mixed results with EA Support in the past, so I’ll give it a try.

        Thanks for the feedback!

        • Well, there’s 15 minutes of my life I won’t get back. 🙂

          I read through the EA Forums, and my Support call went into what I’ll call the “bad” category.

          I requested a rollback, to which the support person replied that I’m getting my information from a user forum, not an actual EA developer, and that EA is telling them not to process rollbacks, because it’s only a temporary solution, and they don’t want you to lose game progress.

          The Support team has been informed that as of April 30th, the character button does not work, and since February, people have been losing functions such as the tap radius, Burns Money Mountain, something to do with Springfield Heights (never heard anything about this before), and your Social (FP) ranking.

          He went on to ask if I wanted to escalate the case to the Specialist team, which I did. I asked if they would contact me, and he said that no, they generally don’t, but that they are diligently working on a solution to the problem.

          All of this conforms with the “bad” support call result, with the “good” result being an actual rollback to when your game actually worked. I did see that some people have rolled back, only to have the game fail again, sometimes hours later, so maybe there is a grain of truth to their denial of a rollback.

          Sorry for the long-winded diatribe…just providing info for any other Addicts.

          So…at this point, do I contact Support again, do I give up and play a broken game, or do I just give up TSTO altogether?

  2. has anyone seen this glitch before? My game resets to the same point every time i start the game which happens to be 6AM MST the morning of April 20, 2018. Every time I start the game it starts at the same point (luckily I finished Act 2 of Springfield Jobs). I called EA this morning to see if they can rollback my game to fix this issue. They tried a rollback twice to 2 different save points but my game keeps resetting to the same point i.e. this morning. EA said that they would elevate the issue (haven’t heard back yet) but has anyone had a reset glitch before? It may be a variant of the rollback glitch.

  3. i haven’t had the rollback glitch but i’d rather it to be honest over the bug of having to redownload the event update everytime i open the game. EA told me my case had been escalated which was 4 days ago so kinda not holding my breath. this glitch has lasted since the christmas 2017 event and hasn’t been fixed at all, cost me a lot of money in wasted data use & EA kept offering donuts as a goodwill gesture for the trouble however, they’re useless when the game can’t be played because the updating everytime has pushed me away from interest in playing

    • ONERANDOMSHOE- Hi. I’m not saying this is the solution to your problem but the same thing started happening to me. It has never happened before. I uninstalled a heap of apps, even tho I had space on my phone, and I had to reload the game from scratch. Touch wood it’s ok now and I don’t have to keep loading. It was a pain in the culo, I have to say. Good luck getting a fix……💜X

  4. Just got hit by the bug AGAIN. This time it showed me the Weekly Mystery Box (i miss that, btw), Valentines day, (weird part ===>) It showed me Duff Gardens and the end of ACT 2 of THIS EVENT, again

  5. i know this is a comment

  6. I’ve seen it happen a few times. It doesn’t bother me unless it’s causing the other issues I’m having…

    Such as – Craftable items for phase 2 are locked. When it first started they were available but now they’re not making it impossible to upgrade the percentage points.

    I also can’t click on the character task icon in the upper left corner. It stopped working. I thought the update would have resolved these issues but they haven’t.

  7. First, a thanks to Alissa, Wookie, Patric and Safi for your great work. Wouldn’t be as fun without you guys!
    I have had this glitch for over a month with multiple contacts to EA. I am not impressed. In the very short version, my first callback from EA gave me a lot of talk (and yes, I remained very polite) but their solution was to send me a checklist for my android devices (which was not helpful as my device had all of the updates) and called it my solution. Second time customer service was great, and I suspect in the US. He was glad to rollback my game while I was on the phone. Sadly, that lasted 4 days. The last call gave me the ‘ we will send to the specialist’ line (I kept asking for the rollback) and even with follow-up calls, nothing happened. My real problem is their nonexistent communication with players. Customer Satisfaction has to be low. And very odd that there is nothing coming out from EA as your Addicts Live stated.
    I have been playing for 4 years and my alternate Springfield went from level 17 back to level 1. My railroad tracks are locked so I can not start it back up and make rails for donuts. The character button does not work, just takes longer to complete , old games are back,…along with the rest of the problems reported., lost content, Insanity Cauldron is not working and the 3 her task at Cleatus Farm is missing. I am sure there are more…… I will keep playing for now as I love the game. But I don’t think that may last long at this rate
    The one problem that I don’t remember seeing , but am sure it’s out there, is the The Worlds Largest Redwood, Monte’s Money Mountain, and probably Road to Riches .. The Springfield Dam (which I will not play due to problems on the other two). I used to play those very early in the morning and didn’t notice that all of the money I was spending was lost as they never got past level 3. Should have had my coffee first.

  8. I meant done with the Act 2 prizes

  9. Fortunately, the only bug I have been affected by was the one where the servers were down. Hope I am lucky enough to avoid the reported problems. EA should definitely work harder to please those with problems.

    Still think the event is too long and repetitive, but I do like the premium items and am already done with the Act 3 prizes. So can take things slowly until Act 3.

  10. I got the bug.. I think, I just noticed that the tap radius was no longer functioning. I closed my game, reset my phone (i6S) and the game is back to normal.
    I have now unfriended all friends from Origin, will look to add new friends later.
    For “friend” event-quests, just cancel and a local in-town challenge will come up.

  11. Question: Does anyone remember anything happening before you experienced the glitch? For example: did you hit the item limit? If you re-experienced the glitch, did you repeat something (where you working a particular design, did you send a character on a task, place a particular item/building)?

  12. I’m not sure if this has been covered – late to the party – but it just hit me yesterday that I need to stop “unfriending” my inactive neighbours because they might be glitched! Apologies to anyone I unfriended before I figured it out!

  13. Thank Patric for Friday features. Great!

  14. GO SAFI 🖒🖒🖒

  15. EA building new infrastructure in new city (Simpson’s Canada connection). Hiring IT software enters and CUSTOMER SERVICE people, think they are waiting to change over ad not informing CS departments that will be gone.

  16. Install that bat phone! EA should be paying the bill too 🤣

  17. I have not been affected by the rollback bug, but its existence has made me hold back on spending more money on the game. Because I am unsure of the long term stability of the game, I am wary of investing in it.

  18. If EA is watching/listening my wife is a call center trainer for one of the largest marketing company in the world. If you need help, her consultation fees are quite reasonable!

  19. EA might be weighing the options to wether or not this is something that is worth fixing. It seems like this is a large problem and and might need a large investment to fix. If it’s gonna cost more to fix than the revenue that the game is generating, EA might be deciding if they are gonna make that end game announcement. And that might be why they seem to be so quiet about it.

  20. Even though I’m not personally affected by this bug, I’m glad you guys made this video explaining in detail how serious the bug is. I hope that this forces EA to address this issue. As a player who is involved in the online community, I really feel for players who are experiencing this kind of frustrating. I am really suprised EA hasn’t personally hooked you up with a special hotline for an EA tech to address this issues. It seems like a huge pain to go through the EA forums. Especially considering you host and create daily posts for free for them. You would think EA would want a friendly and supportive team like TSTO addicts for help in situations like this! Also I’m looking forward to hearing TSTO addict’s POV on this heists event.

  21. It has to be a server. What I want to know is why they haven’t told their entire customer service team about it. Disgusting treatment of customers. 😠

    Just fix it EA!

  22. Two random ideas… can you do a “guest spot” including someone from the tsto community on the “show”? And how bout a “remember when” post…. I agree the rollback glitch sucks, but hearing what people are saying about it has had me thinking about things I’ve loved and hated over the years!
    And dating to “time travel event” @alissa…. maybe that’s a sign 😂

  23. Hi guys! Just wondering what you thought of the Apu controversy? Personally, I think Apu is not the harshest stereotype in the show. He is shown as having a job he loves, a wife he ended up loving and being a good father and husband. Homer is hardly a moral stereotype of Americans.

    • If you’re wondering if a stereotype is harmful the best first step is to listen to the people directly affected. Their reasons are compelling. The film about the issue is fascinating.

    • I think people are too sensitive. Stereotyping people always happen in films especially comedies

  24. The Mojo Tower goes well next to the Tokyo Hotel…both about the same height.

  25. I don’t want to be put in a pocket! 🤣🤣🤣

  26. I had no idea the Rollback Bug was this massive, I have many questions but will wait to hear the live stream so you won’t have to repeat yourself. Speaking of “live” are you on a delay just in case someone develops Tourette’s and starts dropping F bombs?

  27. Part of me hopes they just replay an old episode.

  28. If enough people respond on the ea page to a fix the game code to save the game thread do you think they would act on it.

    For example if enough people all agreed to come back to the game in 1-5 months do you think they would actively put forward an honest effort to fix the code fully?

    Also how long do you think it would take to fully fix the game coding?

  29. And as an aside…. a basilisk from my hogwarts mated with fluffy (the 3 headed dog) and this is the result….


    And YOU are worried about having JACK in your town?

  30. Hoping to catch the chat live, but here my thoughts in case I miss it…

    I bEAtched about a 6 week event when this first launched, but I need to fess up… this event is up there with stone cutters in my mind. Positives:
    1. no more stupid crafting leveling up, forcing me to craft stuff I don’t want
    2. less reliance on characters needed for rail yard, so I can still earn doughnuts there
    3. loads of new characters (I’m a sucker for characters, in that respect this better than stone cutters where we got loads of skins)
    4. fab new buildings (although my gripe of large footprint holds)
    5. event easy to finish (ive gone back to my 24 hour task list for most characters). Makes it feel like event is a side along to main game, not the overwhelming objective of main game. This is a HUGE improvement imho. It feels like constant new bldgs, new characters, new storylines etc… always something new, yet staggered in a way that doesn’t need obsessing about a 4hour clock. All while being less distracting on main gameplay (which, to me at least, is SF design… although I’m at around a C- to C+ in areas, design and build is by far the part I enjoy most 🙂 )
    6. I’m a premium player, but this event has some decent content for freemium guys too (recent events have been VERY premium heavy, although this is still heavy, thank you doughnut farming, but this has more for freemium guys than recent events have had)
    7. a personal positive, I haven’t been hit by the rollback glitch (touch wood! 🚪) completed the questionnaire, but maybe an idea to add a q re device and os version? Might help troubleshoot who is being affected.

    What still sucks is the land tokens, the item limit, and I’m not a fan of being forced to temporarily place stuff in nonsensical zone around a building, but I will acknowledge…. a bit of progress has been made by EA.

    Loving the town visit vids… my q is, when do we get to safi’s WIP?

    Ok… heading back to working on SF design…. prepping for upcoming royal wedding, and still need to incorporate monorail ala ztirnats (if my item limit permits 😳)

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