Pride Week Content Now Live in Stores

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just letting you know that the Pride week content has now hit our stores.  The Gil Deal will be available until June 26th  and the Mystery Box will be around until the event ends on July 11th.  

I’ll break down the full details of everything (likely tomorrow) with SIB posts, but this post is just meant to let you know the content is there and what the basics are..

Also, this post is meant to serve as yet another reminder…we go through this every year…this is not a site to post your personal views pro or con over Pride Week.  I don’t care if you’re for it or against it, but don’t talk about it here.  You want to talk about the content that hit the games?  Great!  You want to put your own personal spin on it..not great.  Any comments, pro or con for Pride week, in general, will be deleted.  This is not the place.  Trust me…don’t mess with the pregnant lady on this one. Everyone got it?  Good. Great. Grand. Let’s move on…

The first thing you’ll notice in town…Gil is back!  He’ll be roaming around your Springfield begging you to tap on him. This is an auto update, nothing to download from the App Store or even from an in-game download.  The content will just hit your game.  If you don’t see Gil in Springfield initially hard close and reopen your town…

What’s he offering this time?

None other than infamous FBI Agent J. Edgar Hoover!  This offer comes with a full character (J. Edgar) and a costume for him.  No buildings, just a character and skin.  Again I’ll have a SIB post on this up likely tomorrow…

Remember if you refuse Gil’s deal initially you can still access it from your store menu…

And this offer leaves June 26th

So what else besides a Gil Gimmick?  Well, a new Mystery Box has come to town as well!

The Pride Mystery Box costs 50 Donuts and is full of items from Pride Events of the past (and some other things).  Here’s what’s inside…

Ajax Steel Mill and Roscoe
Raoul’s Penthouse and Raoul
Hairy Shearers and Julio
Village Apartments and Grady
Sconewall Bakery and Rollerskate Smithers
Havana Private Home
She-She Lounge
League of Extra Horny Gentlemen

Remember if you own everything you won’t see the box.

And I’ll have the usual Mystery Box breakdown/details post up, likely, tomorrow.

And that’s it my friends, the content hitting our stores today for Pride.  Buy items, don’t buy them…totally up to you!  Just leave your opinions on the theme at the door…

Will you be buying anything?  Waiting for the SIB posts?  Sound off below.

79 responses to “Pride Week Content Now Live in Stores

  1. Has anyone else noticed that the pride crosswalks are not working? I created one, placed it, but nothing happens after that. In my main game when I create and place a pride crosswalk, a little paint can pops up above it. But in my second game, (which I just got one night stan’s from the pride box for), I place the pride crosswalk, and nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong? Or is this some sort of glitch for those who are just now getting one night stan’s?

    • Make sure you are placing the Pride Crosswalk not the regular white Crosswalk that came with KL.

      • That was the first thing I checked, it’s definitely a pride crosswalk I’m placing, and it’s not working. I can’t remember if there was a task line related to the crosswalks or not.

        • There was a short questline that led you thru the colors. Looks like EA forgot to enable the questline. You might contact them to let them know that they need to fix it.

  2. A very clever Gil Deal, but I’d only spend sprinkles like that if this was J. Edgar Hoover with Clyde Tolson (2 Characters) – and no that is not a diss regarding Mr Hoover’s alleged lifestyle / sexual preference (just know your J. Edgar Hoover history to understand why I feel this should have been a clever 2 Characters Bundle).

    Wow! So many Character Building Combos in that new Pride Mystery Box to choose from (50 Donuts is a bargain)👍

  3. Bangles Dupree

    I’m very happy that I got Raoul and the League of EH Gentlemen. Will pass on J. Edgar because of the price. Now, time to do a little decorating!

  4. I’m sort of a donut hoarder…..I like to collect them from the never-ending recycling we can do now, but I’m always reluctant to spend them! I had over 600 saved up so I went ahead and got Scratchy…..HOW could I have Itchy without Scratchy?! And I haven’t done a mystery box for awhile, the last few haven’t been terribly tempting, but I went ahead and said yes to the Pride box and got Raoul/penthouse, which is fine, but I really wanted either Julio/Hairy Shearers OR the She/She lounge. So of COURSE my husband decides to try the mystery box too and what happens….he got the She/She lounge on the first try! Oh well, it’s still in the store for a long time so I can decide if I want to try again!

  5. oktober10aussie

    Only items left for me were Havana Private Home & Two-Nicorn.

    Spent the donuts – got Havana. Booooo. Though it is a nice building.

    Should have enough donuts before time runs out to get Two-Nicorn. Don’t have Barts racehorse unfortunately, as that sounds like a fun task they have together.

    Will skip Hoover. I don’t know much about American Presidents…but I gather this one wore dresses!

    • He wasn’t a president. He was the head of the fbi in the 20s and 30s? When unions and gangs were moving in to big cities like Chicago and New York. I’m sure someone more versed in that time of American history can elaborate more…

      Pride box – meh, that’s a neutral comment moderators lol, you said nothing about neutral comments… but I cleaned it out so I could pick up twonicorn and I figure more characters equals more kem donuts for what’s to come later this year.

  6. Nows me chance to get rollerblading Smithers! I think I’ll pass on Hover till next year though. I never liked the guy.
    Ronald Reagan for the 4th of July President! Are all these guys Republican’s?

  7. So what does EA have against John, the owner of Cockamamie’s and one the last great characters of the Simpsons golden age?? (at least, that’s when I stopped caring.)
    With how deep they’re having to look for obscure characters, why do I look forward to every June, thinking “this year they’ll finally do it. They don’t have anyone else they can offer…”
    And we J. Edgar Hoover (which is kind of tempting, even though he doesn’t look the same as he does in his brief cameo in “The Springfield Files.”)

    So, Tapped Out, you do a pride event every year. Cool. WHY HAVE YOU NOT GIVEN US THE BEST HOMOSEXUAL CHARACTER‽‽‽ (after Smithers, of course.)

    • oktober10aussie

      We do need John. ZAP!

    • I’m guessing we lucked into Stephen Hawking as a character because Stephen didn’t want royalties, and we don’t have John as a character because John Waters does. That simple. No other reason.

      • Very hard to say…

      • But he wasn’t playing himself. We already have Michael Jackson’s character. I can see it if they’re playing themselves but still they own the rights to the design of the character, getting access to the voice is another matter.

  8. ethan waldner

    Sorry I feel so useless but I can’t call ea I used the direct link to ea on this page and all I could do was email them which they said has a good chance of not even being seen… sorry if it’s obvious but I need help.

  9. Really want to take Gil up on his “deal” but my game keeps crashing. Pride is always my favorite mini event of the year but since I already have everything no mystery box for me. Do the files show anything new coming?

  10. Hello. I’m going to go over this one more time, maybe someone can help me. Last Tuesday wail I was tapping I was on the second quest of the second act, which was to send 10 people to I&S land to do something can’t remember what exactly, when I went to clear them from the task the thumbs up cleared however the characters are still stuck inside the gate. If I click the icon on the right hand side of the screen it takes me to the gate screen where you send characters to staff rides only to have my game completely freeze. I have done everything I can do including completely deleting and reinstalling the game but nothing works. Does anyone have any ideas? I’ve spent too much time and money on this game for it to end like this. Thanks.

  11. Only five items in my mystery box. Julio and Raoul are those I wanted, She-She Lounge, League and skin for Smithers I did not want. Got Julio on the first try, then She-She lounge and third was Raoul. Happy for what I got for 150 donuts. Leaving last two in the box.

  12. UptonSinclair36

    Ug I really did want this hoover because of his historical relavence and pride week but 200 dunhts for a stand-alone character and a costume. I was really ready to drop some donuts on this deal. Guess I’m just going to have to gamble in the pride box. I’m hoping to get Julio one of my favorite characters on the Simpsons .

  13. He’s pretty pricey but I wanted to have him anyways… The box only has the bicorn in it for me and I’m meh about that one. So since Edgar took a big part out of my donut storage, I’ll keep saving and farming for the presidents that are coming next. I’ve got most of them, but not all, so I’m excited about it.

    • Sabrtriviachamp

      I actually liked the two-nicorn. (Bi-corn sounds too much like the scientific name for it- just sayin’….). I got it a while back. Maybe this will sway you: If you have Furious D, he has a 16 hour task- Follow Twonicorn- that pairs them up and earns some really decent money and XP. Nice to put an otherwise NPC to good use.

      And you’re right about J Edgar. Too pricey. I can justify that much on a Mediocre Presidents collection in two weeks (“There’s William Henry Harrison- I died in only 30 days!” is now stuck in my head), but not on one character.

      • Two-nicorn also sounds more like unicorn, haha. I’m on the fence about it. I’ll check out the task with Furious D as I have got him.

  14. There are some ‘marketing geniuses’ at EA…

    …we even have Homer in YMCA dress as the icon for tapped out!

    Coincidence or planned for Pride Week?

  15. Nice! I only had Raoul’s Penthouse and Raoul, Sconewall Bakery and Rollerskate Smithers, Havana Private Home, and League of Extra Horny Gentlemen in my pride mystery box and Raoul was the only one I wanted and I did it and he’s who I got! Love when those mystery boxes work out.

  16. Really sad the only new content this year was just one single character… No new decorations, buildings, anything. Not even a quest line. Very disappointed in EA this year. 🙁

  17. After glitching out for a month waiting for EA to fix the rollback bug on my game (took 3 tries), I’ve been on a donut-spending spree to catch up including the 300-donuts for Scratchy.

    What’s another 199 for J. Edgar. 🙂

    KEM farming – desensitizing addicts since 2017 (for me).

  18. Bought J. Edgar immediately. Together with Nixon, it is a cannot miss combo, though it is expensive. I own all the Pride items, so ANY character or combo is welcome. IMO, really dull event!

  19. Shame the rainbow butterfly trees didn’t come back or the other decorations… but I’m happy to finally get roller skating smithers which I missed out on last year.

    Oh and I said yes to Gil 🖒

  20. I will be passing on Edgar Hoover and his costume since 199 donuts for a character and a costume is too much, maybe if he came with a building or some decorations then he might be worth it.
    I have 4 items in the Pride Mystery Box: Julio + Hairy Shearers, LOEHG, Rollerskate Smithers + Sconewall Bakery & Raoul + his Penthouse. I think players that bought Raoul at full price 8 weeks ago would be really annoyed at EA because of Raoul now being offered at 2/3 of its original price.
    I believe that One Night Stan’s also appears in the mystery box because it appears on my low level game while I already have it on my main game.

  21. My box has a she she lounge and I already have one. Is it not a unique building? And do we need more than one she she lounge?

  22. Argh, I just want Julio. I’d even be willing to pay more than the Mystery Price to guarantee getting him!

  23. Wait, what? “don’t mess with the pregnant lady”
    Congratulations! Awesome news! All the best to you and your family!

  24. Thanks for the post Alissa!
    I had purchased Roscoe some time ago, and missed everything else (until ten minutes ago). A little disappointment on two-nicorn being an NPC 😉
    As for the Gil Deal, no can do. I will hardly ever spend 199 d. on a character 😂

    • The two-nicorn does have kind of a shared task with Furious D (the racehorse) where he follows her around town, but only D is getting a payout.

    • Josephine Kick@$$

      Two-nicorn does have a task with Furious D, his task is 16 hrs-Admire Two-nicorn, & pays out $1,500, more than his 24 hr task @ $1,000 😁

      • I keep Furious D on this task all the time. Helps calm the fury. And coming from another furious D(ave), we need all the calming influences we can get. 😁

        • I keep Furious D on the task to follow Two-nicorn too, but just because I think it’s funny.

        • Josephine Kick@$$

          I try to keep him on this task also, sometimes I mess & send him with the rest on the 24. LoL @ calming 😁

          • Haha yeah he occasionally gets mixed in with the rest and ends up in the 24h loop all my other characters perpetually find themselves stuck in. 😄

            • Josephine Kick@$$

              I try to keep Fat Tony in the hotub too, he is probably the wrinkliest cartoon character in the world 😂

    • I see, thanks everyone for the replies! Now all I need is Furious D 😂

  25. Man I really like the boxes but I’m frustrated by this one. I really want to get the Ajax steel mill but I’m not sure if I want to take my chance and possibly get the private home, League lounge or two-nicorn. Sometimes I just want to the option to buy one item.

    • As a Premium player, I tend to agree with you. By the time a box has been issued I’ve already paid the piper for the Items I actually want. Discount or not, that leaves me with stuff that doesn’t fit well into my design plans.

  26. Took a chance with the Mystery Box and got Raoul with his penthouse! Would like to try again for Julio, but may just keep this, since the odds wouldn’t be in my favor.

  27. Perhaps I missed this but is there a way to make a parade route with streets? Nothing seems to connect. Is it just a terminal that looks like a street connector? Gimme a hand addicts that won’t let a kinda cruddy event design force you to quit!

  28. I had just two-nicorn before, so it was my pleasure to empty this box completely as well… I just love discounted items and mystery boxes.. 😊 hope next one will be the president box like last year… Last time I wasn’t advanced KEM farmer yet so I didn’t got them all…

  29. Hi Alissa
    Just spent 200 sprinklies on the mystery box. Got Roscoe, got Hairy Shearer, the Havana private home and the league of extra horny . I wanted Roscoe for a long time as good outdoor visual task. I think it’s a good bargain for all I got. Not no more donuts! Back to farming soon! Off to bed now, very late, 11pm.

    • Carmen (gameid5000)

      Best thing about Roscoe and the Ajax Steel Mill is not completing his quest line,

      Part of his quest has Springfielders “Get Down at the Anvil” – which pays premium for every character that goes there. If you never complete Roscoe’s quest, this is the default 4 hour task for many characters.

      In my town, via the Office of Unemployment (= fast!) I can send ~245 of 315 characters to one task, one location and have all of them pay the premium four hour rate of $260. Super great for cleaning your town up every four hours, though there is a lag when you release all of them at once.

      • Steven Dagnello

        Good point… Between this and the walking kem, clearing my town is a breeze. Or was, before … the…….LAG… !

  30. Will wait for the sib post, will there be any presidents available??, Thanks

    • 4th of July….

      • Woohoo thanks , will save my donuts till then 😁

      • Hi, Alicia hope the bun in the oven isn’t keeping you up to much. Will pray that the baby is healthy and you have an easy delivery. So I know you’re sick and tired of these questions but I have tried disconnecting the race game but my game is so laggey it’s driving me nuts. Lol is there anything else I can do?????? Also, what are we collecting I and scratchy tickets for ? I don’t see anything to buy with them. Any way thanks for all that you do for us.😉😀

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