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Turbo Tappin’ Itchy and Scratchy Land: Act 2 Premiums, Squeaky Voice Attendant, June Bellamy & the Park Engineer

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s time to get amused in Springfield!  The latest event to hit our towns, Itchy and Scratchy Land, is in full force in our towns with a whole lot of twists and turns along the way!

Act 2 of the event brought a bunch of new premium characters to Springfield. Squeaky Voice Attendant, June Bellamy & the Park Engineer are the ones we were able to cover during Act 2 (there are more we’ll get to once Act 3 starts).  As with the vast majority of premium characters both of these characters came equipt with their own questlines.  So let’s take a look at the premium Turbo Tappin’ version of each….

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Itchy and Scratchy Land Act II Prize Guide – Prize #6 – a BORT!!

I know… You are already sick of my “a-BORT” joke.  Sorry. But, the fact is, after all of this grinding, to get a character that only appears in one episode, for 5 seconds, makes me want to a-BORT the game.  But, it is a funny character…and the premise of the joke in the episode is funny, and strikes a familiar chord in my life.

Once again…I tell you to go and watch the episode (S6E4)…it’s worth tracking down and finding. It is loaded with action, and fun, and great gags…and you will see a BORT! 

But, the best thing about reaching the final prize…is that you can finally get your own BORT!  And YES…he is a FULL Character.
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