Itchy and Scratchy Land 101: Act 3 Amusement Bonus

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Arrangement Bonuses are back again and it doesn’t appear that they’re going anywhere.  This is now the third event in a row where Arrangement bonuses have been featured.  This time around it’s called an Amusement Bonus, same concept different name.

So let’s take a look at how this bonus works for Act 3, how you max it out and what it’ll get you…

We broke down all the basics on the Amusement Bonus during Act 1, you can check it out in this post.

Unlike previous events, the bonus area has not changed for Act 3.  It still remains the area around the Itchy and Scratchy Land Gate…

The bonus max for Act 3 has been increased.  It was 20% for Act 1, 35% for Act 2 and it has now increased to 50% for Act 3.

Once you’ve reached 50% (the max for Act 3) your characters will payout 91 .  There (at this time) is no difference between Freemium and Premium Payouts.  Also, crafting currency is not impacted by the bonus %, it remains the same 25 per character no matter what your bonus % is.

Remember, you only have to have 1 square of the item touching the blue area to get the bonus % for it.  It does not have to be completely inside the blue area.

Act 3 added several new items to help increase your Amusement Bonus.  Here’s a look at those items…

Free Items..

Zoominator- 5,100 .  The complete Zoominator from the prize track earns 6.25%


Zoominator Short Track- 1,000
Amusement Bonus: 0.75%

Zoominator Corner- 1,000
Amusement Bonus: 0.75%

Zoominator Long Track- 2,00
Amusement Bonus: 1.5%

Zoominator Plunge- 3,000
Amusement Bonus: 1.5%

Zoominator Loop- 4,000
Amusement Bonus: 1.5%

And as a reminder, here are the items from Act 1 & Act 2 and what their Amusement Bonus is….

Log Ride- From prize track.  The complete Log Ride from the prize track earns 6.25%


Log Ride Short Track- 800
Amusement Bonus: 0.75%

Log Ride Corner- 800
Amusement Bonus: 0.75%

Log Ride Long Track- 1,600
Amusement Bonus: 1.5%

Log Ride Plunge- 2,400
Amusement Bonus: 1.5%

Log Ride Loop- 3,200
Amusement Bonus: 1,5%

Free Items…

Injury 500 Building- Free
Amusement Bonus: 0.25%

Placing the original Injury 500 from the Store, the Free one for the questline, will award 6.25% bonus.  The original (before crafting anything additional) comes with 1 long track (2%), 4 Corners (1%/ea, 4% total) and the main building (.25%).


Nurse’s Station- 24,900 
Amusement Bonus: .75% (can also craft more once you unlock on the prize track for 4,000 .  Same bonus % awarded)


Injury 500 Short Track- 600
Amusement Bonus:1%

Injury 500 Corner-  600
Amusement Bonus: 1%

Injury 500 Long Track- 1,200
Amusement Bonus:2%

Itchy and Scratchy Land Banner- 1,000
Amusement Bonus:0.5%

Itchy Parking Lot- 2,000 
Amusement Bonus:3%

Scratchy Parking Lot- 2,000
Amusement Bonus:3%

Itchy and Scratchy Land Ticket Booth- 1,000
Amusement Bonus:0.5%

Nurse’s Station- 4,000
Amusement Bonus:0.75%

The best bang for your Itchy & Scratchy buck for Act 3?  Either the Short Track, Corner or Long Track.  They all pay out about the same % for  spent.  But in reality, they all stink.  You’re better off getting more parts for Injury 500 if you’re looking to increase your Amusement bonus % with the smallest amount of items.

And that is it my friends, the details for the Amusement bonus in Act 3!

How are you making the items work?  Are you designing now or just getting the bonus % and waiting till the event is over to make a design work?  Where is your bonus % sitting right now? Which items did you use to get there?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

49 responses to “Itchy and Scratchy Land 101: Act 3 Amusement Bonus

  1. I’m sad to say that my Itchy & Scratchy Land is a Plop Zone until after this Event (which is getting my vote for WORST in 2018!). I was excited to get what I felt was going to be an expansion for Krustyland …. only to realize that this has turned into a Nuke And Nope!

    There is so much I hope EA would consider to fix via a patch download before introducing another Event. I can only say that there have been some improvements with regards to Crafting, but too many lame things to Craft vs prior years when we could Craft multiple Buildings that generated XP and $ (even Crafting multiple Land Tokens would be a blessing)!

  2. My Springfield on my Android tablet gives me 91 but my friends iPad game only give 90. Both at 50%. Go figure.

  3. I am maxed at 50% and only getting a 90 payout. I am one thingie short. Grrr!! I will make it though.

  4. I did notice when I placed Rollercoaster, the entire coaster had to be on the blue to get full 6%.I tried putting just a piece of coaster on blue area and I only got a partial percentage… I had to make room and move entire coaster to occupy blue area. Thank goodness for the new full cut and place option.

    • That’s because it’s made up of different pieces that will come apart, it’s not just one unit. (i.e. you can pull various sections off of it) So at least 1 square of each section needs to be touching the blue…

  5. My KISL is a right royal pain: bits of tracks disappear/reappear as I scroll over it, which makes tinkering with it an absolute nightmare. Maybe it’ll fix itself after the Event but at the moment I have to switch out of “Move” mode to see whether I have the pieces lined up then return to “Move” to try to realign the next piece. When I was young I decided against being a doctor because I didn’t have any patience and things have not improved with age …

  6. I’m just putting stuff in to get the bonus.
    After the event is over, it’s all going into storage

    I hate totally no desire to waste land space with amusement park rides

  7. I just need more land to build all these things.

  8. I just slide one piece of each of the rides over a square to disable the animations. It helped a lot with the lag problem.

  9. Yep, I’m at 50% bonus and am only getting 90, not 91.

  10. It’s official this event was a bust I’m conflicted with complaining about the game so much because I’m afraid E.A is just gonna say screw it we had a good run with it and go to something else, but I hope that they do the opposite and listen to see how to make it better and keep it going just like the TV show.. can’t get rid of the Simpsons lol. But I don’t like the crafting process let me decide what I want to craft and then the lagging omg its horrible way better than at the beginning but you can’t even enjoy the event because of the lag you choose to have the rides operational the game lags so I have a piece turned to stop the lagging.. but now what’s the point of even having the damn thing, so then there was no point to even have the event in the first place.. Again I love the idea but it lacked creativity and the inefficiency. Thanks my two cents.

  11. Am I the only one who thinks that 14,000 to reach crafting level 10 is crazy?

  12. Keith1Roon991

    If EA have us some more land or a way to buy land then I would have liked all the big attraction running (without the lag lag lag) and create a big amusement park but not at the expense of my town and the work i have done, pity i couldn’t move or store land pieces, that way I could move land to accommodate the park, once I get all the prizes its clobbering time for my park

  13. I just did the math…with the zoominator (extra 15% bonus), I will finish up act 3 in 5.2 days. Without the extra 15%, I’ll finish in 5.6 days…the Zoominator is officially toast, into storage it goes.

    (I have 17 characters earning right now and had the 3 saved tasks as a head start. I also send all the event purchased characters – 8 of them – on 8hr tasks at night.)

  14. Josephine Kick@$$

    What has been missing from the crafting is trees/plants, & some type of wall or fencing. All of these huge items that we don’t need 50 of is what has made crafting a bore. Simply put, EA needs to change this. Other than the bonus %, I’ve had little interest in crafting during this event (or the last one).

    • Hey yea! Where r those splash screen itchy and scratcy topiary bush things? What a jip.

      • Josephine Kick@$$

        Yep, we usually can get the cool stuff on the splash screen. Those would have made the difference in crafting.

    • I agree, Josephine Kick@$$, there should be more nature items and walls/fencing (preferably permanent). It’s not from crafting but we did get some shrubs with K-Land that cost K-Land Tickets which I believe are permanent. Other than that, there are K-Land versions of some trees, flowers and shrubs that cost tickets instead of cash which is useful to players farming, doing Cecil’s tasks, buying land that cost cash. I am sort of glad with the lack of items to craft because usually I worry about what items to craft multiples of near the end of an event in case it becomes useful in a future design and I have no interest in crafting tons of track pieces for the rides. There should be an event dedicated to nature related items with some new shrubs, flowers, trees, topiaries, etc. and bring back other nature items.

      Yes, sandytoes74, we need those shrubs on the splash screen and if possible the little bird, house and Homer in the construction outfit, maybe as an apology from EA on the buggy event. 🙂

      • Josephine Kick@$$

        Yes, the nature related stuff is definitely high on my wish list. More bridges & the other roads able to go over water 😁

  15. Have I mentioned how much I hate these bonus areas? I don’t want to wait until after the event is over to design and place six weeks worth of stuff.

  16. I am over 50% (i.e. I can remove an item and still be at 50%) but am earning 90, not 91.

  17. So I just bought enough land to hit what I thought was the “end” of the world, but now it says “unlock” with a picture of the free land token (like above. I have a couple questions. Does that mean I can keep going with free land tokens/is there an end to that part? Is there a place were I can see a full land map?

    • Hi JK.

      There have been maps posted around (I think Safi had one on this site somewhere).

      Based on my notes, in the main area there are 33 squares along the mountains, and 31 along the beach. The 7 columns furthest the beach, and 2 rows furthest the mountains can ONLY be purchased with “tokens”

      And “tokens” are only available when EA decides to hand them out, one or two at a time – usually as part of a prize track

      • Hi diane!
        Thank you so much for the info. I had found the safi map, but wasnt sure if it was fully updated or not, based on your post I will assume it is.
        I was curious whether the free token land pieces just kept going, but I guess it makes sense that it must end somewhere.
        Thanks again!

  18. Rollercoaster weirdos fetch .5% event bonus I believe

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