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It’s that time of the week again, time for the Addicts Weekly Open Thread!  With another Tiny Addict on the way, I’m going to help the Mother of Addicts, the Queen of the Tappers, the Protector of Six Events, the Great Aleesi (Alissa) with these Open Threads for the coming period.

Addicts Open Thread is a staple of this site that dates back to January 2014.  Only 10 of us readers (myself included) commented on that first open thread way back then, and here we are nearly half a decade later and tens of thousands of comments later.

The Addicts Open Thread is where this site truly becomes a community, where we can talk about anything we want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of The Simpsons) but for the most part, you’re free to talk about ANYTHING you desire…just keep it PG.

So, here is your Open Thread…..

We’re nearly halfway into Act 2 of Moe’s Ark, how have you fared with the prize track?  Taking in our tips for progressing through Act 2?  Excited to have Sarah Wiggum finally in the game?

ICYMI…the Bracket Battle conference finals are underway.  You can check it out here.  It’s coming down to the nitty-gritty.

And finally, how about the rest of your weekend?  Do anything fun and exciting?  How was your past week?  Any plans for the upcoming week?

So chat about The Simpsons, TSTO, TSTO Addicts, or anything else you can think of! (Just no politics, it never ends well)  We can’t wait to chat with you all, as you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!

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  1. My zoo keeps saying jobs available, but when I check there are none! Is this a glitch?? Am I missing something?? Is this happening to anyone else??

  2. Jennifer A Purcell

    my zoo keeps saying jobs available, but when I look I don’t see any!! Is this a glitch? Am I missing something? Is this happening to anyone else??

  3. 24th of August 2018, been in bed since Monday, bad case of man flu, spending my time, sleeping, watching movies and tapping with a few hot toddys, tstoaddics has helped pass the time, fever not to bad now, think I might have eaten a zombie sandwich lol

  4. Question for anyone, do we know if the new items in the store the zoo statues, etc are staying or leaving after the event?

  5. As a new-ish freemium player (I do a bit of KEM farming 24 at a time) should i focus my donuts to premium characters or increasing my bonus %? I’m currently sitting around 300% and at around level 290+

    • Increase your bonus level by buying Beach Hideaway then Mystery Boxes (6 donuts).

      • I already have the BH’s. I’m not a fan of the MB’s since I don’t like the aesthetic of planting hundreds of the same decoration over and over just for efficiency. I do plan on slowly increasing my % with some efficient donut to % decorations I come across. That being said whats a good % to have at max level? Not too crazy something I should aim for 500? 1000?

        • You can hide billboards and vans behind buildings. If you don’t have many characters and buildings I would go for 2000%. This will allow you to generate donuts quickly for limited time mystery boxes. It will also allow you to generate cash for “Road to Riches”, land, blood mobiles, etc. You can spend 900 donuts for maybe 5 characters and buildings, or double (100% bonus) the income of the cash and XP of all your current characters and buildings. My highest game has 3449%.

          • Wow, how do you get to 2000%? I’m at 780%. I try to keep a “realistic” town, without too many Beach Hideaways or huge buildings, or stuffing things next to each other, so that may be the main limiting factor.

            • One word…obsession. It takes months of grinding and a ton of mystery boxes.

            • As your bonus % grows, it takes less effort (grind) to move up. There is a lot of empty space behind buildings and a few well place trees will allow you to cover edges that stick out. As the donuts flow you can buy other items with %, trees – benches – fences. Once you get above 2000% you can get most of your donuts through “game action” – collecting rent for XP (as you move around or redesign) and using the cash for blood mobiles when in a pinch.

              • With KEM farming and rat traps, I’ve built up a good # of donuts over the many years, so the higher percent is more a matter of “how the heck do I place enough stuff in the game to get the percentage that much higher”?
                I have lots of buildings and things in storage that’d raise my percentage, but even with hiding things like jet engine bikes behind buildings, and an pretty-well-built-out town by land area, my % is well below 1000, much less 2000.
                If I placed all the high-return items, I could probably get to 2000, but then the town would likely look crowded and, well, not as “livable”.
                For example, I have several Beach Hideaways placed and fully-built, plus a few in different stages, but any more and the ocean would look “full”. Gotta have room for ships to sail,right?

  6. OMG 😃
    The Kwik-e-Mart and Aztec Theatre (The Simpson’s) opened in Myrtle Beach South Carolina ….. they sell Homer Buddhas (got to love that Bart rap playing in this video)! 👍

  7. Hi neighbors, I’m back from vacation (Spain/Italy/Montenegro/Croatia). Since some of you may know, I am device-free on vacation and haven’t been in the game for 10 days (WAY behind on earning prizes) so my town has remain unchanged. Right before I left I received a lot of friend requests so I hope those people don’t think I quit the game as soon as I friended them. I’m trying to drop off frogs in everyone’s town to let them know I’m back, all the while trying to avoid looking at their designs so as not to influence my own. I basically had to close my eyes when I visited ebron, lol! Well, I’m off to do some designing!

  8. Oh NO!!! I like this zoo game and I was successfully nearing the end of earning the act two prizes. I rebooted my IPad, and started my afternoon session… BUT NO ZOO CURRENCY. Then Marge started her dialog about family outings, to kick off game again. My zoo items and animals were there but no icons, the zoo gate was just an object. EA says “Sorry”. Gave me 25 donuts and an email full of ways to restart the game, but said they couldn’t help. I didn’t report this as a bug, yet, but anyone else experience this?

    • 25 doughnuts? That’s it? They should at least give you enough to catch you back up to where you are. (Which I would guess would be about 400 for Act 2 at this point)
      That is so frustrating.

      • As I restarted act 2, I relized the ‘dis. Thanks. As have a week, I’ll see how it goes, but I have a pretty good case, so I will likely become a better complainer. I’ll update my progress here.

      • Well,I have now learned an important lesson about EA. I originally called them when my zoo restarted, and I didn’t want to mess up the data by tapping. They offered 25 donuts, I didn’t really know my situation so I accepted them.

        I called back today, talked to 2 very nice people, but the decision from ‘on high’, related by Irish Padrick roll-back expert, was “Sorry, it is already settled. She took the compensation”!!!

        SOOO, when noticing that you are being abused by EA and/or their technology, be sure you know everything about your situation and your options before you agree to their solution. Now I must go reread ‘The D’Oh of Homer’ Philosophy of the Simpsons – an excellent book.

  9. Looking at the stats behind KEM farming, because I am way short on donuts for Mrs Wiggum.

    At 2000XP before multipliers for $14400 investment per KEM the return is just below 0.14 XP per dollar. This does not take into account the lower cost for your first 24 KEMs (25 if you include the first one you can’t farm).

    At 13200XP and 15000XP for Bloodmobile at $132000 and rat trap truck at $150000 respectively, both give 0.1 XP per dollar.

    To summarise,
    Allways KEM farm for the first 24 KEMs as the ROI is massively better.

    Once you have built 24 KEMs, you should continue to KEM farm if you have more free cash. If you need the donuts right away use Rat Traps (same return on investment, bigger return per tap than bloodmobile), the benefit is quicker return, the cost is a 40% drop in the donut yield, but if you plan better you shouldn’t need to use Rat Traps.

  10. mrbort (misterbort)

    Hello everyone 🙂

    I just got back from a long trip – malaysia to minnesota and back! Sounds like the Carmen San Diego song.

    Since I haven’t said anything about it: I am absolutely loving this zoo! I’m so happy placing all the zoo stuff and am such a sucker for all the zoo-related junk and characters. My only annoyance is that they auto-decided on the land and just continued a strip along the mountains that they started with KISL – I wish I could have started pushing into the land token-only areas to the right rather than a long strip in…

    Other than that – so fun! I might want to move my whole complex though because it’s really too large and wanting to be even larger than the space allows. I really like the dynamic of having a 4hr clear of all the visitors and enjoy the habitats and upgrade cycles, along with the % that is tough to raise. I probably am not maxxing it since I haven’t been around as much but it doesn’t feel like it’s out of reach, by any means.

  11. I know it’s now Monday. Oh well.

    Just spent a couple of hours doing some major renovations to my town. I moved my zoo to a bigger piece of land to accommodate everything I want in my zoo (and all that is to come). Moving the zoo freed up land allowing me to rearrange Krustyland and Itchy & Scratchy Land. My zoo is now in the “Northeast” quadrant of my town (back and to the right- as far away from the mountains and ocean as you can get). I separated KL and I&S land, but left them adjacent to each other. I didn’t think it was right to allow entry to both parks from the same entrances. Now the two parks are separated by Krustyland Pink walls (fences). Everything looks much better now. More logical too.

  12. Someone sent this to me and it made me laugh. Kitty owners will understand…

    Why you can’t take cats out to nice places:

    • Oh my goodness. My one cat used to do that every time I filed their water dish. Since getting them a fountain no torrents of water going anywhere. Thankfully, because that stupid thing holds 3L. I half expected them to play in the little streams and flick water all over the room but not so far, and it’s been about 6 weeks. *knocks on wood*

      • I used to have one that would come running every time you turned a faucet on, then reach in and flick water at you until you turned it off. Great game for her, not so much for anyone trying to rinse the dishes 😁😼.

        • Oh my goodness! That would definitely get old. When I was researching cat fountains I discovered that kitties prefer running water, so if they drank while they played that could be why they wanted it turned on. Mine were never super keen on the taps, I was just concerned they weren’t drinking what they should in the heat – all my windows face the afternoon sun, so no cross breeze and it bakes – when the water level in their dishes wasn’t really changing. The things we do for our pets, right?

  13. what bonus% is needed for actual decent kem farming? and how many kems are needed for decent kem farming at a time if i was to do it every 4 hours?

    • I would be interested in this as well 🙂

    • Because a KEM starts at $220 it is beneficial at any bonus % level. Even starting at four will benefit you . The amount depends on your cash level and the time you can devote. Though to turn the XP collider on you need to generate enough donuts to make it worth it (25 donuts in 10 days). For example, I started a new game late last year and did a small amount for a long time without the collider. A couple of months ago I turn the collider on with 28 KEMS and have increased my bonus level to 405%.

      • I forgot to add I currently earn about 3 donuts per farm. Add in Maggie and XP from buildings and characters that is enough to run the XP collider constantly and buy more Mystery Boxes (6 donuts).

      • I play with a bonus 280%, How well will that work?

        • That should be enough to start the XP collider, depending on how much cash you have and how much you generate every 4 hours. If you have not bought the Beach Hideaway, that is an easy way to boost your bonus by 100%. After that concentrate on Mystery Boxes (6 donuts). (That will increase cash and XP – allowing you to generate more donuts with the same amount of KEMs). If you have a lot of cash (100 million+) and don’t have 25 donuts, you can sell blood mobiles until you have 5 donuts, then turn the collider on, sell enough BMs until you have 25 donuts, then buy 10 days of the collider.

        • Is that including the SH bonus%, have you played long?

    • Safi did a post on farming, Google it, as for me I am on 449% and I farm 30 kems 3 to 4 times a day, donuts soon mount up, in this event I have spent about 500 🍩 on premium item and have 400 🍩 saved.

      I don’t stress it and 3 times a day is enough but depends how keen you are to grind.

    • KEM farming is tedious. Just saying. With my main town, I followed the Mystery Box/Rat Trap Truck route. My bonus percentage is over 1,400%. I earn a 2-3 dozen doughnuts every day just from clearing my town.

      The most important thing is to get your percentage up. This means only buying Mystery Boxes and the highest yield items from the Vault. It is very hard to pass on great stuff during events, but usually they come back later….and at a discount.

      I can now buy anything from any event that I want. There is never a doughnut shortage or worry about saving doughnuts. This only took about 9 months to accomplish. (I didn’t have enough doughnuts for what I wanted for July 4 2017, and was determined not to have that happen again!)

      Make sure you have a decent number of houses so you can build up your cash.

      And remember – the best investment for bonus percentage is the Beach Hideaway. You can upgrade each one and get a huge percentage bump. (Granted, the stuff is huge and ugly……)

      Right now, I am focusing on upping the bonus percentage on my B town. Currently at 481%. Long way to go.

  14. Good morning Addicts; Alissa, Safi, Patric, Wookie & families; neighboreenos!

    I’m late this week… I hope you had a nice weekend; worst Monday ever for me, today’s task at work is boring and I’m working alone in the room so… I can’t start the week. I’m super tired, I spent the whole weekend looking for suit/shoes/tie etc etc for my sister wedding…

    • That reminds me. Anyone know what happened to Wookie and Bunny? I came in during the October 2014 Treehouse of Horror event and they were active then but have since dropped off. Alissa, any idea?

      • I have lots of ideas, but I’m tired of explaining them lol…

        Wookiee is in school full time and works full time. He barely has time to write. He does pop on an episode of Addicts Live now and then (he’ll be on the episode airing sept 1st).

        For Bunny see our About Us page…

        And that’s all the detail I’ll give on that chapter of Addicts…

  15. Can someone give me some good Krusty hotel ideas… once I moved the zoo around I have a lot more room for Krusty land.

  16. So with Sarah wiggum now added to the game who’s next on the list of highly wanted characters in the game?

    • Lionel Hutz/Troy McClure/Lyle Lanley. I don’t care what people say, I have hope.

      • Well Lionel Hutz had a brief cameo in the game during the mono-rail event. But beyond that I’ve got to agree with you and hope they put the characters in the game. Personally I think it would be nicer to remember the actor by bringing them in than just ignoring them forever.

  17. Does anyone have a character they wish wasn’t voiced? Mine is C.H.U.M. I hate the “Don’t hold my hand it’s creepy” line.

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