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It’s that time of the week again, time for the Addicts Weekly Open Thread!  With another Tiny Addict having just arrived, I’m going to help the Mother of Addicts, the Queen of the Tappers, the Protector of Six Events, the Great Aleesi (Alissa) with these Open Threads for the coming period.

Addicts Open Thread is a staple of this site that dates back to January 2014.  Only 10 of us readers (myself included) commented on that first open thread way back then, and here we are nearly half a decade later and tens of thousands of comments later.

The Addicts Open Thread is where this site truly becomes a community, where we can talk about anything we want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of The Simpsons) but for the most part, you’re free to talk about ANYTHING you desire…just keep it PG.

So, here is your Open Thread…..

Moe’s Ark is coming to an end, how have you fared with the prize track?  Taking in our tips for progressing through Act 3?  But Moe’s Ark isn’t the only thing happening. Have you checked out the Rosh Hashanah items?

ICYMI…the Bracket Battle winner was announced.  You can check it out here.  How long til the Addict’s most desired character skin joins our game?

And finally, how about the rest of your weekend?  Do anything fun and exciting?  How was your past week?  Any plans for the upcoming week?

So chat about The Simpsons, TSTO, TSTO Addicts, or anything else you can think of! (Just no politics, it never ends well)  We can’t wait to chat with you all, as you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!

114 responses to “Addicts Open Thread

  1. Ever since the Zoo update my game REALLY lags. I was hoping a new update would fix it, but no such luck. It takes forever to collect money and is almost unplayable. Any suggestions???

  2. Have been playing for years just upgraded phone to a iPhone X now when I open TSTO I have to shut my phone off to exit out of game anyone with help on this

  3. Hi! Completely unrelated to anything recent in the game but can anybody tell me what railyard donuts are and how to get them?? Or link me to a post that explains because I can’t find one… I’ve not been playing long (didn’t do the monorail event) and have just finisished the tasks to unlock the upgraded railyard. All the prizes on the new prize track are monorail pieces, where are the donuts? Do I actually need to have a monorail in my town? Because all of mine is in storage as I personally don’t like them… I don’t want to spend ages recycling etc. to earn track pieces that will just go into storage if there’s no donuts involved… I’m so confused!!!

  4. Looking for information regarding playing TSTO on a Kindle. Thinking of buying one with ONLY this game on the device. Suggestions/comments needed from fellow players who use this device to play the game. Best device to buy, operating system needed, recommended memory size (is16GB enough?). Any information would be very helpful. Getting a second iPad for this game is gonna be a bit pricey and it appears a Kindle might be the way to go. My current iPad is not playing nice with this game and I’ve pretty much had to stop playing the game, except for events. None of my characters are on jobs unless they are connected to an event or quest task. Game is crashing too frequently to the point it took me an hour and a half to tap everyone out this morning. I want to keep playing the game but I think a separate device for it is best as this game is a data/memory drain. Thanks in advance for everyone’s help.

  5. New season of Jeopardy underway… digging the “Trebeard”. 👍

  6. It is probably silly, but I am spending time buying bunches (way more then I will use) of limited Moe’s Ark items. The most expensive item is $500 so why not get a bunch and stick in storage. Especially the Velvet Rope,Sheep and Walls.

  7. Carmen (gameid5000)

    This is a question of TSTO etiquette for the TSTO game.

    Is it right / fair to take advantage of the positive glitches our games get from time to time?

    And then, beyond that, if it is OK, is it OK to automate the game play to maximize the proceeds from the glitch?

    I’m toying with using BlueStacks and a mouse click recorder to take advantage of a glitch that, set up properly, could yield $42 million + 180 donuts an hour…. unless of course TSTO connectivity fails.

    This is not a hacked game, just a glitch that is very advantageous, though it will probably go away at the end of the this event….

    • With excessive amounts of in game cash and donuts you’re risking the game becoming just a “clicker”. Slowing down and following story lines and tasks in my opinion is more satisfying. Don’t get me wrong.. I RTT farm and occasionally speed up tasks which is established and allowed by EA hack free.

  8. Glad to see Springfield Zoo come to an end. I’m a plop it and get to you later sort of player. For the zoo, I spent 100 donuts and got the extra crafting and put some effort into a zoo design. Still need to drop some people into it.

    For the new KEM farmers out there, the delayed gratification of building the KEM capacity is worth it (at least to me). It took me one year to hit 700%, where you can buy what you want. Four months later, the farm is at 2000% and is yielding 110 donuts every 4 hours. When I started KEM farming and I saw the reported capabilities I thought, you have got to be kidding. If you stay at it, you will be rewarded. I spend $$ on my son’s game, but my KEM farm was done strictly as a freemium player. There are players out there with much more capable KEM farms than mine.

    • i have a 302 bonus percentage. should i buy the iron lung+ hans moleman combo, or keep building percent?

      • I KEM farmed continuously and just bought what I really wanted and invested the rest in mystery boxes. Safi once posted he tried for 100% increase each month, and I think that brings good balance between buying stuff and building the capacity. I think Charles has bought only mystery boxes for 9 months and hit the 1000% where you can buy whatever you want.

  9. If anyone is dragging behind in act 3, let me know, i have 1000 invasive species saved up for you =)

  10. Hi Safi,

    Question for you : I was going to do a 2 days of bonut farming for the end of the event, but I realised (I think) that sending my 22 characters for 6000 DNA (takes 1 day) and spending a potential of $$$ for 3 donuts was less effective then sending all my characters to the RailYard and getting the 5 donuts for free (around 1 day). I can also take the $$ that I saved and put it in my Kwik-e-mart farming and getting more donuts on that side…

    I’m I far off, or I’m I getting more with the RailYard ??



  11. So I talked to EA about never receiving Sideshow Bob. They responded that I had never gotten the quest, which isn’t tied to a level, and is random. How the heck do I trigger the quest?

  12. 9 / 11 .
    Never Forget .


  13. This might be a weird question but for those of you that have Pokey, was it worth it? I don’t usually buy NPCS, but it looks so cute.

  14. Admittedly, it’s been a long time since I last checked on this topic…

    But I’ve been affected by the broken Rail Yard Project Board since that update happened.

    I care less about earning Monorail track pieces (having over 500 of every piece in storage) or even about the bonuts.

    But the other bugs are really annoying me:
    – The Character locator icon in the upper right has not worked since the rail yard bug occurred.
    – My Tap Radius seems to have regressed to Level 1, despite my IRS building being maxxed at Level 9.

    Was there ever a fix for this? Is it just a matter of sending a message to EA? I remember that asking EA to fix it caused some other weird issues (like deleting donuts) so many people recommended to “wait” for a proper fix.

  15. I almost forgot… This week my Vault is:

    – Kamp Krusty (150) and I want it…
    – Duff Party Liner (75) and I’m not sure about it…
    – Film Set/McBain (90) and I want it…
    – Florence of Arabia (130) and I want it…

    Less than 2 days to decide what to do… Uff…

  16. (looking frantically for my genie wishing lamp…)
    I wish Stampy had a task at the Plains exhibit to be a jerk (head-butting another elephant) even if the task didn’t pay event currency.
    I wish Mr Teeny and the Vicious Monkeys had tasks at Baboon County USA (along with a dual Ned and Rev. Lovejoy task).
    I wish the dinosaur NPCs would congregate near the Warmongers exhibit (or even got tasks there).
    Darn, used all three wishes already. Maybe I’ll get to “World Peace” with the next magic lamp.

  17. Any hopes or ideas what the Halloween event may be?

  18. Hello fellow tappers… the Act 3 grind is almost at an end which has been beneficial as not only have I been able to complete my zoo but I have finally been able to return to my KISland area to try and complete the layout and decorations… nearly finished… Act 3 can be good for something! Looking forward to seeing all of my neighbours finished zoos over the next couple of weeks. It has been a good event and has included some great decorations (aside from some unusual creatures in Act 3 which don’t really belong with the others). Looking forward to the remaining events this year although would love to have an increased item limit (groan) and I know many of you are struggling with this aspect of the game too. Bring on Halloween (regardless of how many pumpkins I will need to store)!

  19. Hello Tappers all!
    Long-time reader, first- time posting. Cliche but true.
    Question: has anyone tried to put a building/character in storage after that character has been sent on a task? And if so, is that task “reset,” for want of a better term?
    I have a quest where all Springfielders are getting premium rate, and I want to put the quest on hold to keep getting premium payout. Trouble is, the main character of the quest is one accidental tap away from ending that rate for everyone. I’d like to store him, bring him back, send him somewhere safe, and keep sending the rest of the town on the premium task. Is that possible, or am I just asking for disappointment if I try it?
    Thoughts appreciated. Hope this makes sense. Will elaborate if needed. Thanks for reading my ramble.

    • Yes, that is possible. Some character, buildings, tasks can’t be stored; but most can.

      • Thanks Safi- what I’m wondering is this: if I store a character/building right before their task is completed, and a premium payout task was available in that building Before I stored it — will those tasks still be available After I take that building out of storage? Or does that task disappear? I hope that makes sense. Thanks again for your thoughts!

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