THOH XXIX Teaser is Live

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

A little later posting this than I wanted to, but a certain little boy isn’t a big fan of napping…

Anyway…the newest teaser in TSTO hit our pocket-sized towns this morning.  The Treehouse of Horror XXIX Teaser is now live!

This little teaser is just 1 free item and a premium character, so not a whole lot with it.  In fact, if you don’t buy the premium character the questline is only 1 part (so don’t go crazy wondering why the next part won’t trigger…), so really not a lot to it, but let’s take a look…

So when you first login you’ll see Lisa with a ! over her, this will start the teaser questline.  You’ll see…

Lisa: Dad, why are you surrounded by all these tiny slips of paper?
Homer: I’ve been eating fortune cookies, and they’re all coming true! Check out this one: “You will eat too many Chinese pastries.”
Lisa: These are eerily accurate. “A young man will show you disrespect.”
Bart: Hey, fatso, what’s with all the scraps? You eat a newspaper?

At which point you’ll be tasked to place the Fortune Teller Tent…for free.

After build..

Homer: Something strange is going on in this town, and it’s time to consult a trustworthy expert. A garlic-smelling old woman who lives in a tent.

It does require a 4hr build time.  Once built, that’s it!  Nothing left for you to do but wait until the next event hits our games.  So don’t waste your donuts speeding up the build time!

Now, if you choose to spend donuts on the premium character the Fortune Teller you’ll continue the questline..(don’t worry I’ll post the dialogue so no one will miss anything)

 The Fortune Teller is 90 Donuts and yes, she’s a full character.

If you purchase the Fortune Teller you’ll continue the questline and she’ll have her own questline.

And that’s really it to all this my friends…just a small teaser and not much else.  Still just a lot of speculating to be done!

Remember, the teaser ends October 3rd, which is likely when we’ll see THOH launch! So get ready for the most anticipated event of the year to hit next week!

Thoughts on the teaser  What do you think it all means?  Think it has anything to do with THOH or just a random item (like the Cayman Island Banker was)? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

77 responses to “THOH XXIX Teaser is Live

  1. For some reason the quest line for Le Krusty Burger has just activated in my game. I’ve had the building for ages!

  2. My Superhero event is still in my task bar and will not go away… it saysto finish my current quest, which of course I cannot. I’ve built the Fortune Teller’s tent, but have received no quests along with it. What do I do?

  3. In the “Vault” for the new event is “SMALL ISLAND” the one with the crashed plane for 90 DohNuts with 10 rebate. I get these for free using “Treestache” task, currently have 124 in my inventory. At that price from EA, I should be able to sell some back or at least exchange for something useful.🇬🇧😂😂

  4. Some kind of in-game dialogue would have been nice, especially since the teaser was so minimal. My reaction was, “Okay? Now what?”

    Thank you Alissa for taking tine out of your incredibly busy life to let us know what’s going on.
    Being a working wife and mother with a newborn and a young child doesn’t lend itself to having much spare time.
    We truly appreciate ALL you do for us! ❤️

  5. Fortune Teller

    I won’t spend sprinkles on her, unless it’s absolutely necessary (and it doesn’t sound like it is). My true question for EA – why offer up the Fortune Teller Tent, when most of us long time Tappers already have the Fortune Teller Building that came with Ghost Maude Flanders? (Kind of redundant!) 🤷🏼‍♂️

    Am I the only one who thinks EA should have offered up just the Fortune Teller Character, with an option to obtain the Fortune Teller Building with Ghost Maude Flanders if you don’t have that? 🤔

    Thanks for the Happy Sumo with Sushi Chef at discount (what a score for 75 sprinkles!) and Happy Birthday October born Tappers! 😀🎂

  6. So is this THOH a tie in to the episode(If I remember the episode correctly it was a medevil theme festive and Lisa loses a bunny in the woods and finds the magic girl looking for the bunny) or is this just a worthless building that they didn’t know how to include any other way? Still excited it’s on my birthday though!!

  7. Its okay this is a little late… and I didn’t know Patric isn’t a big fan of napping =)
    Jk, Jk.

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