Should I Spend Donuts on the North Pole Bundle, Festive Bundle, or Christmas Market Bundle?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Grab your Santa hats and break out the tinsel because it’s Christmas time in Springfield! Yes the annual TSTO Christmas event has arrived in our pocket-sized towns, covering our usual perfect weather towns with a fresh blanket of bright, white, snow!   Of course, by now, we all know that a new event means a new excuse for EA to fill our stores with returning limited-time premium items to tempt us.

As we all know, that limited-time label can tempt us to grab everything in sight because it’ll be gone soon.  But don’t sweat it!  That’s where we come in to tell you what’s worth those donuts and what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should add the North Pole Bundle, Festive Bundle, or Christmas Market Bundle to your Springfield?  Well before you hit that confirm button let’s break down the pros and cons of adding these bundled throwbacks to your town…

For each of these bundles, they are unique.  Meaning you can only purchase them (entire bundle) once and they’ll disappear from your store.

Leaves stores January 2nd

Item: North Pole Bundle
Cost: 50 Donuts
North Pole Reindeer Stables (x2)
North Pole Elf Cabins (x4)
North Pole Columns (x4)
Gingerbread House (x5)
Gum Drop Rocks (x4)
Marshmallow Tree (x8)
Reindeer (x6)
Lollipop Flowers (x2)
Fancy Igloo (x2)
Ice Fence (x47)

Earns: Reindeer earn 0.5% bonus each, Fancy Igloo earns 0.5% bonus each.  So a total bonus % on cash and xp of 4% with this bundle.
My Opinion On It Now:
Really not a bad price if you’re looking to create a fun Christmas area, plus the 4% bonus for 50 donuts spend is nice as well. (generally, 2% for 40 donuts we say is great). If you’re looking for the decorations I’d say pick this one up.

Leaves stores January 2nd

Item: Festive Bundle
Cost: 50 Donuts
Festive Lawn Bell (x10)
Festive Fancy Lawn Bell (x5)
Festive Lawn Angel (x3)
Festive Candycane (x8)
Festive Nutcracker (x12)
Festive Trashcan Fire (x15)
Festive Bow Lamp Post (x10)
Festive Bell Lamp Post (x10)
Festive Wreath Lamp Post (x10)
Festive Hot Drink Stand (x4)
Candy Cane Fencing (x15)
Duff Beer Tree (x5)
Rigellian Christmas Walls (x17)
Gum Drop Rocks (x9)
Snowperson Security Guard (x4)
Poinsettia Flowers (x12)
North Pole Columns (x 10)
Wooden Soldier (x10)
Ice Fence (x30)
Lollipop Flowers (x10)

Earns: Duff Beer Tree 0.25% bonus each, so 1.25% bonus on bundle
My Opinion On It Now:
A good price, and buy, if you’re looking to expand your Christmas design.  I recommend this bundle.

Leaves stores January 2nd

Item: Christmas Market
Cost: 50 Donuts
Lovely Flower Cart (x1)
Coffee Kart (x1)
Ice Skating Rink (x1)
Bistro Set (x10)
Fried Dough Stand (x1)
Hot Dog Stand (x1)
Lemonade Stand (x1)
Popcorn Stand (x1)
Ferris Wheel (x1)
Kiosk (x1)
Santa’s Workshop (x1)
Giant Outdoor Fireplace (x1)
Holiday Tree (x2)
Festive Nutcracker (x3)
Candy Cane Fencing (x41)
Festive Wreath Lamp Post (x9)

Earns: Holiday Tree earns 0.75% bonus each, Outdoor Fireplace Earns 1% bonus each so 2.5% bonus total for the bundle.  Ferris wheel also earns cash and xp (plus a task for Burns)
My Opinion On It Now:
Not a bad price for what you get, but (to me) it’s short on Christmas decor.  Most of the stuff is squidport only, and not limited for the holiday.  Of the three bundles, I’d rank this last.

Overall, you honestly can’t go wrong with any of these bundles.  Loads of Christmas Decor.  I’d rank them: North Pole, Festive then Market in order of best buy.

What are your thoughts on the returning holiday bundle items?  Will you be spending donuts to bring any of these throwbacks to your Springfield?  Why or why not?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

36 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts on the North Pole Bundle, Festive Bundle, or Christmas Market Bundle?

  1. Is there anyway to “group” the whole bundle together and move everything at once after it’s already been placed?

  2. Even though Christmas is over (the holiday, not the game event) I ended up buying the Christmas Market bundle. All I really wanted were more of the Holiday Trees but since those were unavailable this year to purchase individually, the only way to get a few more were from this bundle. I already have a Ferris Wheel on my Squidport Pier, but seeing as how this item was originally 120 donuts, and now offered for 50 donuts in this bundle, that convinced me to finally pull the trigger.

    I was pleasantly surprised at how the entire Christmas Market bundle was laid out “fully assembled” since the picture just showed several items jumbled together. Pretty nice for those players who might want to use EA’s placement ‘as is’ for a good-to-go Christmas market, complete with concessions and seating. Since I already had everything offered in the bundle, all duplicates went right into storage with the exception of the Holiday Trees, and Giant Outdoor Fireplace since they earn a % bonus. I placed the additional Giant Outdoor Fireplace (alongside the original) behind the Bandit Fort in my Outlands area. The smoke from the chimneys give the Bandit Fort a more burnt-out look while allowing me to keep them out in my game (but hidden) all year long to collect the bonus %.

    My original Ferris Wheel has been on my Squidport pier since Day 1, so this one ended up in my County Fair area. Goes nicely with the other attractions. I am constantly in redesign mode (when I have the time and energy) but generally do it piecemeal by neighborhoods or themes. Some areas are (mostly) fully built out, while others are just “plopped” and waiting for inspiration to design, so having extras of an item stored away is always good for future designs.

  3. I have just purchased the Market Bundle after reading this post, but I only got a few Bistro Sets and Candy Cane Fencing with a Popcorn stand and Lemonade Stand. I didn’t get the Ferris Wheel, Holiday Trees, and Giant Fireplace, and the others. Is there anything I should do before contacting EA?

  4. Question:

    By chance Does the ice skating rink offer any animation, say skaters or is it simply a sheet of ice with a walls??

  5. I seem to remember the fancy igloo was frozen in winter and the metal frame during other seasons but now it is the metal frame with snow on it.
    Am I misremembering this decoration?

  6. Pass on them all.
    Recycled crap from past years.

    Maybe would of picked up one or two pieces individually, but don’t need a bundle.

  7. I’m a doughnut farmer. so, of course i bought all of the bundles. I think I made a mistake. I think a lot of it will end up in storage.

  8. Still to get the Festive Bundle but the other 2 are great. The images of these items in the store really don’t do them justice, but for just 50 donuts I reckoned they were worth a try and no regrets!
    I didn’t even know about the bonus % so even more reason to buy these.

  9. Bought North Pole Bundle and Christmas Market right away. Wanted that ice skating rink in the Christmas market. Otherwise would have passed. Sold the lemonade stand and other squidport stands immediately. Those didn’t need to be there. Just filler.

    Going to pick up the festive bundle after I nab fit Barney (or whatever he’s called, don’t know the reference). Picked up young Marge right away. Would have passed on her at 300 donuts just like i passed on Sarah Wiggum but willing to pay 200.

  10. Bought the north pole bundle for the raindeers and the Christmas market bundle for the Ferris wheel, now have a very big Christmas area🎅🎅🎅🎅🎄🎄🎄🎄⛄⛄⛄🛷🛷🛷🛷🛷🤶🤶🤶🤶🤶🎁🎁🎁🎁

  11. Alissa, thank you for this! It helped me to choose among bundles and know if house lights were in any of them. I haven’t been playing a whole year yet and was hoping to pick up some Christmas lights. Do you happen to know if there will be a chance to get any before the year is out?

  12. Was enjoying the game update was required. then my game was gone took me back to the beginning not starting over won’t play again.

    • Sounds like you were logged out and started an anonymous game. If you have an email, EA should be able to roll back the game.

  13. I placed everything in bundle number 3 on regular land…no “squidport only” items…it’s actually my favorite of the 3, cuz it makes an instant hiliday festival area without a lot of fuss.

  14. Oh great! Thanks for the post! I was wondering if the items still had the % bonus ^^ very good to know! Cheers!

  15. North Pole Bundle
    Festive Bundle
    Christmas Market

    If you’re a Noob who missed out, or long time Tapper that wants more (with the extra Bonus % ), these are all a bargain …. ♥️ my Holiday Ferris Wheel and Duff Beer Xmas Tree (picked up 2 and that 8% bonus got me to 500% – yes!) 👍

    The only roadblock is if you’ve reached that “maximum amount of decor” warning from EA (to which I say please increase the amount!) 🦌🎄⛄🎅

  16. “Most of the stuff is squidport only”? I don’t have it on the squidport.

  17. This is so very helpful ❣️

  18. Agreed – North Pole is the best buy per donut spent. Only down side is that on any of these, it will look out of place after the event. A lot of hiding going on for the items after the event.. otherwise it will just look tacky.. 🙂

  19. Great work, as always

  20. Thanks for doing this review. REALLY appreciate it 🙂

  21. I have all this stuff, but I want more reindeer. Fifty donuts for six reindeer? I’ve have to think some more about that. Thank you so much for the info on these bundles!

  22. Considering that the Ferris Wheel costed 120 donuts originally, and that many of the items generates money in the Market bundle, I would easily rank this as #1 of the bundles, it’s a nice layout and not as cluttered as the rest either, so for me the market was a no brainer!

    • Totally agree. The cost-reduced Ferris Wheel was the best argument for me to buy the market bundle. An additional bonus are the Bistro
      Tables, always wanted to have them. Plus, they are nice decorations after the Christmas event is over.

    • Exactly! I had considered getting the Ferris Wheel alone at a much higher price. To get it for 50, together with all that other stuff, makes this a steal in my opinion!

  23. Thanks a lot Alissa! The bundle idea is good, but I think I’ll pass. I would be more than happy to buy ice fences and marshmallow trees, but it’s impossible. I guess EA can’t please everyone.
    Before reading this post, I didn’t think about XP bonus of single items. The North Pole bundle is definitely tempting 😀

  24. I was hoping to get more reindeer this year. Now I can get 6 for less than the price of 3 (they were 20 donuts each last year) The bonus is pretty good too. I might have to pick up 2 so I can have a Baker’s dozen (including the 1 from last year)

    • The post states that you can only buy the bundle once then it disappears. I’m with you, though, I’d love more reindeer.

      • Too bad. I skipped over that part.

        • I really wanted to get a bunch more reindeer this year, too. I’ve got 10 now with the 4 I already had but I really wanted more. A bigger herd as my little ode to the dwindling Caribou population in Canada (depending on what you read they’re either the same as reindeer or very closely related so… either way.)

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