Love, Springfieldian Style Act 2 is Live!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s officially 10am here on the East Coast which means it’s officially time to start Act 2 (week 2) of the Love, Springfieldian Style Event!

Now if you remember, week 1 ended with everyone telling Lisa her story was lame…

Lisa Live Outro

Snake: Ah, that was, pretty lame.
Lisa: What are you talking about? That was all about the platonic love of education. It’s like a meta-Valentine tale!
Skinner: No, Snake’s right. That was pretty bad.

And now, here’s the kick off dialogue you’ll see this morning (and a look at what’s in store for Act 2)

Rome-Eh & Julie-Aye Intro

Willie: Step aside, lass, and let Willie tell a tale that’ll rip your heart out.
Snake: Now THAT sounds like an action-packed story. I’m in!

This is then followed by 6s tasks for both Willie and Lisa…

So, Willie is in charge of the story this time around…here’s the synopsis from EA on Week 2…

Willie thinks he has a better story to tell – about two groundskeepers working at the same school. The school needs to fire one of them, so it hosts a competition to determine who to keep. Wilma and Willie are tied in the competition all the way through, until it really ends in a tie. Wilma suggests they drink poison to determine the winner. It kills neither of them, and Skinner offers to keep them both at half pay. The thought of a pay cut makes them both quit. 

Here are the prizes for Part 2:

Welcome to Springfield Sign (Decoration)  Unlocks upon completion of Rome-Eh & Julie-Aye Pt 1. 100
Shelbyville Bundle (Building Bundle) + Land Token. Unlocks upon completion of Rome-Eh & Julie-Aye Pt 2.  300
Shelbyville Bluffs (Decoration) + Land Token.  Unlocks upon completion of Rome-Eh & Julie-Aye Pt 3.  300
Bart’s “Own Shelbyville” (Animated Job). Unlocks upon completion of Rome-Eh & Julie-Aye Pt 4.  300
Groundskeeper Wilma (Character). Unlocks upon completion of Rome-Eh & Julie-Aye Pt 5.   300

Questline, which I’ll post later, will show how each is unlocked. 

Characters who can complete tasks:

Vicki Valentine (Premium Rate)
Capri Flanders (Premium Rate)
Nedward Flanders Sr. (Premium Rate)
Principal Dondelinger (Premium Rate)

Characters earn:
6/4hrs for Freemium
9/4hrs for Premium


Here’s what’s included today:

New stuff…

Golf ‘n’ Die Retirement Village and Principal Dondelinger- 150 Donuts. Available until February 6th

Nedward and Capri Flanders are still available in the store.  As well as all returning Valentine’s Day Content and the Mystery Box.

And that’s it my friends.  The details of week 2 of the Love, Springfieldian Style Event!

Your thoughts on week 2?  Prizes?  Premium items?  How about the story itself? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

49 responses to “Love, Springfieldian Style Act 2 is Live!

  1. A whole lotta Shelbyville except I wish we got more Characters from Shelbyville (and finally the rest of Springfield Heights Land available) 🤔

    Viva Groundskeeper Wilma 🤣

  2. I was really hoping the update would fix the zoomed in appearance of my town, but it didn’t. Does anyone else still have this problem? It’s hard to play, let alone arrange things.

  3. Is anyone not getting the correct amount of love fertilizer? I ran 10 regular characters and 2 premiums and ended up with only 63 for the first 4 hours. By my calculations, I should have earned 15 more, for a total of 78. Which would mean one of my premium and one regular character are not earning currency.

  4. Just got the first prize but don’t know what to do with it, it’s facing the wrong way, lol

  5. According to my unofficial list, Principal Dondelinger is the 400th character to hit TSTO. If I knew how to post a list, I’d share it here. I’ve been keeping it up since about the time there were 250, but I haven’t checked it against the City Hall census in a while.

  6. Will there be another Mistery Box too?

  7. The prizes for this event continue to be good!

  8. The Alice Glick problem from the previous event seems to have fixed itself with the spontaneous initiation of her quest ( about 2 weeks after getting her ! )

  9. Le me guess – the job for Bart is 4 hours…

    Otherwise it looks ok, I will have to cordon off an area for a town in my town…

  10. Love this! Already started planning everything out! Apart from the lemon tree, Ned’s camper and odin’s of shelbyville, are there anything else, building/decoration, that would fit that i forgot about? (Such a shame the Shelbyville Manhattan statue is so ridiculously priced, and the car impound lot.)

  11. I’m enjoying the weekly format, but I was hoping for a more cohesive prize collection (like Around the World, Moe’s Zoo, or even the recent Christmas festival) that could be designed into a single area. Since the events are 4 totally different stories, the prizes are kinda hodge-podge and all over the place. I like the idea of building Shelbyville, but there’s no way to design a town with 3 buildings. I would have preferred the whole event be influenced by Shelbyville, maybe, with 4 different stories adding pieces each week. Everything tieing together would make it seem like more a majpr event and be a little more exciting and more fun to design. Just sayin. 😕

  12. I can happily report…with Act 2 going live, the glitch for the Golden Goose Realty is fixed! Previously I’d used up all available new land (yes, before I saw your warning about “don’t do it!”) and was bummed that mine only generated cash…

    With the last crop of new land that was made available, I used all but one square and still had that glitch. But I saw today that it is indeed earning land tokens again (I think every 12hr?) … so, thank you EA

  13. Fertilizer needed to complete step 1: 100.
    Fertilizer produced by 10 normal “gainers” and 4 premium “gainers” (because Willie is needed for the quest): 10*6 + 4*9 = 60 + 36 = 96.
    I can hear EA laugh evilly from here hahahahaha.

    Thanks for this post, Alissa. I bought the new premium content, it seems that this event offers little in this sense. Maybe it’s because almost all prizes consist in buildings or decorations 🙂 I also like the act theme 😀

    • I did that math too (first act was the same) and i can agree EA has quite a lot of evil in them. I’m sure they have done the math too

      • If you are a donut farmer, that is just 2 donuts to speed thru. Otherwise, start one, wait an hour and do the rest.

      • If a section is almost finished before I go to bed, I spend a few donuts (usually 4 to 6) to rush some characters and finish the section, then start them all again overnight. If a section is going to finish during the day, I send my characters staggered 5 minutes apart, so that the second batch collected counts towards the next section (I use a timer on my pad). Not necessary, I know, but if you have the donuts why not?

        • Since most of these event tasks use a Brown House, I’ve placed three of them in disparate parts of my town. The characters typically split up between the three, so clearing is always staggered. You’ll lose some currency here and there, but it’s worked out for the best so far.

    • I just rushed a couple of tasks to make the 100

    • You may be able to manipulate that if you have the patience. When they are all up and you only need to send one (1) Character, send him/her. Then send the rest a few minutes later and be sure to log in after the first Job is complete, but before the others. When you are done reading the dialog you will be about ready to collect and re-send, saving a four-hour round.

  14. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    I’m a paranoid little bunny.
    So, when I purchased Principal D,, I sent him on part ONE of his Quest. In 8 hours, I’ll start using him to earn Prizes. But I always kick start the initial Quest of new characters. Just to make sure it is in Que.

  15. I can’t believe it.. On my 4th attempt I finally got Brandine… YES!!!

    On Wed, 30 Jan 2019, 15:07 The Simpsons Tapped Out Addicts Alissa posted: “Hey Howdy Hey Tappers! It’s officially 10am here on the > East Coast which means it’s officially time to start Act 2 (week 2) of the > Love, Springfieldian Style Event! Now if you remember, week 1 ended with > everyone telling Lisa her story was lame… ” >

  16. I like the four week format, but I must say, I wish there was some interaction with my neighbors. There has been none of that for a long time, and I DO miss it.

  17. Are you going to do a “Should I Buy” on the CBGB?

    • Yes. As a rule of thumb remember i do SIBs for ALL new content unless otherwise mentioned in the rundown post.

      Keep in mind, this is a fast moving event. Which means I have only so much time to cover items in week 1 before week 2 starts. CBGB is around for the entire event, so I didn’t have a chance to cover it during week 1. With that in mind it will be covered this week (tomorrow is the plan).

    • Yes!

      CBGB is the one thing that you should buy if you want premium help for this whole event. 🙂 Buy it last week already!

  18. Well I’m loving this event, it’s relaxed and the prizes are cool… I’m trying for Branding but so far I won the Aztec Theatre, Le Krusty Burger, Becky and her building?? ..Kraut .. 🤷 gonna buy another pack of delicious donuts and try again.. haha.. if at first you don’t succeed, and all that jazz! Anyhow thanks for the incredible info as always.. happy tap tap tapping guys.. ☝️🙋✌️

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