Episode 42-Love, Addicts Style

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Can you feel the love tonight?!  Yes, my friends, in this episode of Addicts Live we’re talking all things Love, Springfieldian Style.  We’re breaking down the latest event to hit our pocket-sized towns…everything from Shelbyville to town portrait! We’ll also take a look at Matt Selman’s latest tweet about TSTO. Plus we’re debating the age-old question…will Addicts ever be content with TSTO?
And, as always, we’ll be answering your questions and sharing your comments live!
You won’t want to miss all the love this episode has to offer, so join us live for the for the love fest! (of course, if you can’t make it live watching the replay is still pretty awesome too!)

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Remember, this is meant to be interactive.  So ask your questions, give us your opinions and share your thoughts in the comments below..and we’ll read what we can live! 🙂

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Thought Provoking Question:  What Are Your Thoughts About the Multi-Event Style of Play?

We’re also going to be talking about this tweet from Matt Selman…




35 responses to “Episode 42-Love, Addicts Style

  1. Does anyone have time to care about the Super Bowl ? LOL I don’t! I did finish Act 2 two days ago and the final Act Prize is still awol (I’m sure if I look through tsto addicts I’ll find out what the fuh’hell , typically it’s something stupid a Tapper does – which would be me – and what EA did) 🤷‍♂️

    That tweet from Matt is epic! 😀

  2. Like others who have commented I would not like this 4 week format to be going forward as the norm, you have to mix it up a bit. Sure it’s been ok but for me a bit boring, too simple & I think probably already turned a few players away from the game.
    The prizes are fine, nothing wrong with them, however I have so much time on my hands now I find myself playing other app games on my phone as TSTO, literally takes seconds to advance in the events.
    So I hope EA finds some sort of compromise to keep the majority happy & engaged. If not I will keep playing but it just won’t be my main game anymore.

  3. Thank you. I haven’t used the town portrait yet. My game is zoomed way in and I can’t zoom out. Makes playing difficult.

    • @Softsyl20104: You’re welcome. Don’t know whether you found my other comments within this post, but also the zoom is fine with Bluestacks. I installed TSTO on PC a year ago when I had quite a few issues with my game on iPad 4, and it still works fine.

  4. Hey Alissa, is there a possibility to edit a comment? Or maybe I’m just to stupid and just didn’t realize how to do it? 😉

  5. PS. Oh, and the zoom factor is ok, too.

  6. Alissa – apologies for my posts in last years Valentines MB rundown … I didn’t realize it was last year’s until after I commented in a few places. I was looking for Mona’s questline … like others who just got her in the MB, her quest didn’t start, and Feeding the Birds isn’t in her task list at all. Instead Maude’s quest is showing in the task bar.

  7. I should have wrote notes for that video lol
    I still have neighbors stopping by (add me, same name) and tapping my homes but generally haven’t needed to visit them for events in well over a year. I do still stop by other Springfields for design inspirations.
    WAY Back in the day (before I had premium characters helping out with events), back before we had tappables that cleared all the wanderers, back when we individually had to tap each NPC to earn event currency, that’s when visiting neighbors for events actually mattered and Prize Track came into play. A lot has changed since then for the better, it never felt good having to pick up slack by visiting other towns though.
    Town portrait: I have an app to clear iphone 6s cache (Battery Doctor) which I always use before loading TSTO or before using Town Portrait feature. It’s always worked for me but I have read reviews that suggest not using it due to some users losing temp data they needed. Doing this helps ensure the photo saves without stitching issues or crashes.
    Golden Goose Realty: I was one of the players that only learned of it’s function once reading the Should I Buy here. In the store it just looked like an expensive building, even with your posted hint before the event dropped, it eluded me. The player needed to tap the info button to learn it granted land tokens so I think some may’ve missed out.
    Having this much land is somewhat overwhelming so I’ve started taking daily portraits, opening in MS Paint (hey it still works!) and spread the image across two screens. I put red circles and arrows in areas for building relocation. Only spending 30mins per night redesigning areas but it’s a fresh breath of life for the game.
    End rant. Happy tapping

  8. This is not a love song

    Is the police car a good buy @ 28 donuts with a 10 donut rebate?

  9. What I miss about the new event format;
    Bonus Donuts if you finish before event ends.
    What I wish EA would add;
    Some way ro reread the act’s dialogue as one continuous story after you finish it. Granted it wouldn’t be as good as Alissa’s posts as she adds the EA synopsis, her own special flair, and Pictures! (I like to look at pictures when I read 🤪), Last year we were able to rewatch animations during the Art Thief event, could it be that hard to give us a button in the Event window to let us reread dialogue that is already downloaded into our devices?

  10. Being one of those that was skeptical about the multi-events… Since im all about big complex and difficult events with tons of stuff to do, crafting, tappables, neighbor interactions, mini-games, dig sites, working on upgrades, grinding etc. Its kinda growing on me, i must admit 😅

    Story is great – and i also feel that the designs of the buildings are much more detailed than before, i can see that the design team is putting a lot of work into them. Almost every reward on the track feels like a “top” prize.

    If they keep only this format from now on, i would be disappointed though. BUT if they add some events throughout the year with mini-games, crafting etc and make a good balance between the 2, it would be great 😊

    • Rusty Shackleford

      I agree. I hope they bring back the big events a little bit too. Maybe Easter ? The mini events have been great, but we need some variety.

      The mystery box associated with this event was fantastic. I bought 4 of them as I really wanted Der Krazy Kraut to go in my German neighborhood. Of the 4, 3 prizes were full building plus character prizes. What a great deal! Now I am back to KEM farming to improve my bonus%. But I get board of that easily, so it’s nice to have new buildings and characters to play with while I farm.

  11. I have said it before but land tiles for neighbor interactions would be great for the friendship prize track

  12. The multi-event prizes have been great. The only downside is that these events are simply 4 hour clears. In the previous events they usually had a secondary action like tappables, or mini games. It makes it easy to to get it all during the event, it just feels like these events are missing something.

  13. Oh, nearly forgot, really HATE there is no longer neighbor interaction!

  14. And new players will have to wait to get the Golden Goose.

  15. Howdy! Really love the multi style event. Really really love finally getting Lil Miss Vicki, really hate the Shelbyville content plus a train station and no tracks? Always a pleasure to watch this live.

  16. I like the portrait, but I can’t zoom in on the picture very much.

  17. I want the Rams to win but think the Patriots will win.

  18. Im really enjoying the event it’s a good event the dialogue is pretty funny and the premium items and retuning items that are offered are great. My favorite part is that we got mr bergstrom which is a character that I have been wanting for a long time.

  19. Just wondering if anyone else’s town is still zoomed in? After the act 2 update I can make mine very slightly smaller, but it’s still very hard to play. Forget about arranging anything😡. Is there a fix that you know of?

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