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It’s Friday (Yay!), there’s not a whole lot going on in TSTO, but there’s still a bunch of new content going on in the Simpsons World.  So, here’s the latest roundup of Simpsons News and a few fun things to check out!

First up, news broke last night that The Simpsons will officially be part of Disney+ Streaming service.  Check out the video to hear it straight from the yellow mouths of our favorite family…

As of right now, it appears Disney+ will run $7/month.  And I can tell you, I’m sold!

Here’s some more info on Disney+.

P.S. I have no idea what this means for FXX…

Did you catch last Sunday’s episode?  Did you watch until the very end, when the screen cut to black and 5 adult men dressed as Ned Flanders started screaming on your TV?  Then you caught the band Okilly Dokilly making an appearance on the show!  If you missed it, here’s the clip:

Here’s a little backstory on how this Phoenix-based metal band got their song on The Simpsons. 

ScreenRant is at it again, this time their tackling Superintendent Chalmers.  They’re taking a look at how Super Nintendo Chalmers became one of the Simpsons’ best memes.  You can check out the article here.

And finally, Entertainment Tonight (ET)  talked to members of The Simpsons cast and crew to talk about their favorite guest stars and who, after all these years, they’d still like to have on the show.  You can check out this fun article here. 

So there you have it my friends, the latest round-up of fun Simpson’s News!

What are your thoughts on the links and news?   Sound off below you know we love hearing from you!

17 responses to “The Simpsons News Links

  1. ::grumble, grumble::

    I’d missed a couple of Simpsons episodes, thinking, “In eight days, I can watch on the FoxNow app.” I have a Roku TV & no cable. Imagine my unpleasant surprise when I go into the app and find that every single Simpsons episode is locked (cable-provider login needed to access). And now this news about Disney. Nope, not subscribing. Already have Netflix. Not subscribing to all the things.

  2. Finished the non event this morning and I must say it was a lame attempt at throwing something at us to play.

  3. Food for thought… at the end of February (2019 Q1) Disney was valued at @ $130,000,000,000. That was, of course, before the Fox acquisition was finalized.

    So far, it very much appears that the new corporate overlords are embracing all things Simpsonian and positioning our favorite family as a lesser-yet-still-significant tent pole of adultish animation. So it stands to reason that there may already be negotiations in the works for more seasons (tell me they wouldn’t love owning the all-time unbeatable longest running animated show in history with 40 years worth of episodes). I can easily see Disney pulling off an unprecedented live action/mo-cap CGI Simpson’s feature film.

    My point being… it seems entirely possible (even plausible) that the current lull we’re experiencing in TSTO is simply the result of Disney finding their footing with their new properties as they gear up to make even more money than they’re already raking in. Maybe EA is scrambling because someone at Disney contacted them and asked what their plan would be if they threw a couple of million $$$ at the game and gave them unlimited access to show content.

    We can only hope… and wait.

    • A CGI Simpsons Movie?! Oh hell no! They better stay with the good oldschool cartoon style baby! There’s already MORE than enough of that animated stuff in modern cinema/TV.
      Not sure I completely understand your theory about TSTO’s possible future. If EA wanted to, they’d be perfectly able to “throw a couple of million $$$ at the game” and wouldn’t need Disney for that. I heard somewhere that folks at EA got a dollar or another for themselves 😉

    • No no no no no NO!!! NO CGI SIMPSONS!!!
      Is NOTHING sacred????

    • We’ve already seen CGI Simpsons in Homer3 from Treehouse of Horrors VI. I always thought a whole episode with The Simpsons in the “real world” would be hysterical.

      • I also like the idea of the Simpsons traveling into the “real world”, but I don’t see why their looks would have to change into some computerized and alienated versions of themselves. They could just stay the usual cartoon figures for that, worked pretty good in “Space Jam” 😀

  4. I sure hope The Simpsons stay on FXX and the FX now app. Otherwise, I hope they start issuing the seasons on DVD again.

    • Agreed, DVD/BluRay releases of seasons 19, 21 and beyond would be great for completing the collection. No idea why they stopped publishing those, should still be some easy enough money even in our digital online streaming days…

    • If they take The Simpsons off those apps I will have no reason to keep paying the cable company. The only reason I haven’t already ‘cut the cord’ and gone to completely streaming entertainment is access to every Simpsons episode anytime on the app.

      • Um, you can cut the cord and still have access, I have.

        Any of the streaming services that offer you FXX on their platform will give you access to that. We use YouTube TV (was $40/month, now it’s $50 since they just added new channels) and I have complete access to Simpsons World On the FXX App.

  5. Add this to your newslink, there is a twitter account called “simpsons screens” that autopost random screenshots of the show every 30 mins 😂

  6. Of course only Homer is stupid enough to show the “benevolent conquerors” some gratitude, even after being squished by some fat baby circus elephant 😀

  7. Finished the non-event this morning.
    Good thing you’ve provided me with some interesting reading materials….
    💙Have a fun Friday kiddies💙

  8. Star Wars… with Simpsons! We will have a Death Star nuclear plant soon in TSTO!

    • That would be awesome! Just this morning I thought that a Star Wars / Cosmic Wars event might be just the kind of miracle to revive my dying interest in the game. May the force be with us!

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