Game of Games: Week 1 Questlines, Premium Character SmellYaL8r

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Let the games begin!  After a long hiatus, we finally have a major event in Springfield!  Game of Games has arrived and it looks to be a game fest of nerdy proportions!

Game of Games follows the same multi-event structure that Christmas 2018 and Valentine’s Day 2019 followed.  This event consists of 4 parts (or Acts), with each part lasting a week and taking us through a new part of the event!

With Act 2 (week 2) one new premium costume arrived in Springfield, SmellYaL8r, a new costume of Nelson.  In addition to helping with event currency, SmellYaL8r also came equipped with his own, short, individual questline, so let’s take a look at the full dialogue questline…


Final Brodown Pt. 1
SmellYaL8r starts

SmellYaL8r: General Splattin’! I challenge you to a 1v1 gauntlet battle! First one to smash the crystal wins bragging rights for a week!
GeneralSplattin: And the loser changes their username to “StinkButtXXX”.
SmellYaL8r: Ah, the traditional terms for a gauntlet battle.
Make SmellYaL8r Plan Attack Strategy- 4hrs, Earns $260, 70xp

Final Brodown Pt. 2
Bart starts

GeneralSplattin: I was hoping you would put up more of a challenge, Nelson.
SmellYaL8r: Don’t bother trash talking me. I *live* in trash. Soon as my spine disintegrator is charged to ultimate power, I’m gonna vaporize your vertebrae.
Make SmellYaL8r Use Ultimate Power- 4hrs, Earns $260, 70xp

Final Brodown Pt. 3
SmellYaL8r starts

SmellYaL8r: You’re dead, Bart! Finally something worth an in-game “haw-haw.”
GeneralSplattin: I let you win, to build your confidence.
SmellYaL8r: All I hear is “waaah, I’m not good at this game”.
Bart: Damn it, he’s right. My microphone translates everything I say into the truth. Really not sure why I bought that feature.
Make SmellYaL8r Dance on the Fallen- 24hrs, Earns $1000, 225xp

And this concludes the premium questline for Week 2 of Game of Games.

Thoughts on the questlines?  Did you buy SmellYaL8r?  Thoughts on the dialogue? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

10 responses to “Game of Games: Week 1 Questlines, Premium Character SmellYaL8r

  1. Thanks for this rundown Alissa! The questline seems pretty funny, but I don’t regret skipping 😂

  2. I’m another Tapper who would have jumped on this if it had been a full character, I would have loved it if he could battle Kearneymon, Wiggops, Bully-vern, Treestache, Burns Dragon, Crawl, Barfy and Lewd. Since the battlefield is only activated by 2 skins on otherwise busy characters, it’s doomed to mostly look like abandoned bric-a-brac littering my Magic Forest floor. No thanks. Another missed opportunity due to EALP waiting for a Mystery Box.

  3. I love this event, as it’s helping take my mind off the debacle that was Season 8 GOT LoL
    (A little JK as GOT was (for me) one of the top ten things to ever occur in my life…)
    I just love TSTO and your hard work Alissa & Safi. Before Safi’s KEM strategy I was really struggling, though every other month I still throw $10 in to help EA feel TSTO’s worth creating events for…
    The game has not lost its charm for me even though I have more donuts than I know what to do with lol!
    The grind is worth it!
    So, I’m all an overdue thanks to you two and EA…
    I miss Wookie 😞

  4. I like this one! The name makes me laugh. As far as skins go I think it’s good it completely changes Nelson it’s not just an outfit. I’m happy I picked it up. Running the 24 hr part right now he will be done tonight just in time for part 3 tomorrow. Excited for what’s coming next. Happy Tappin everyone!! 😃

  5. krustoferson123

    part 2 (Wild Wild Quest) won’t trigger for me. I just finished the one with the detonator and the outro. Guess I’ll be placing a call to EA.

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