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Happy Musings Thursday my friends!  After a 1 week hiatus, I have some thoughts for you. Now that Game of Games is officially over I thought I’d spend today musing about the multi-event as a whole.  You know I’ve got some thoughts, so let’s get to ’em…

-Game of Games was the first “big” event in TSTO since Love, Springfieldian Style back in February.  After a 4 month wait, it feels like it was a bit of a letdown.  I know many players were hoping they were using the downtime to retool things and make the game even better.  Instead, we got a multi-event that, aside from the subject matter, could have been released months ago.
It’s like waiting and waiting for Christmas morning only to open your presents.  The Christmas morning comes and you tear open all the paper only to find out you just got socks and underwear.  Yea, it’s still nice to get presents but where the hell are the toys?!

-That being said there still are a lot of positives to take away from Game of Games.  Aside from the awesome dialogue, the prizes were really good.  There were 20 actual prizes for this event.  No land tokens (as valuable as they are to some players) or crafting currency in the prize track.  Instead, we earned actual prizes for Springfield.  Buildings, decorations, and a bunch of new (full) characters.  (Not an NPC in the bunch! (sorry Brooders))
Sure, some of the decorations are…meh.  And going to be a struggle to fit into Springfield (hello inventory…), but getting 4 new full characters and 2 costumes softens the blow.

-The premium items for this one were fairly priced.  With the exception of the ridiculously priced Blocko Angelica Button, everything else was at a fair price point premium wise.  And the game wasn’t overwhelmed with a ton of premium content.  Only 4 new premium items were offered for this event, 1 per week, which was a nice balance to the prize track/free items earned.

-One interesting note about the premium items.  EA didn’t offer a “Last Chance” sale on the premium items like they have in the past.  Which is fine, if the items have a timer we should stick to the timer but it’s just interesting to note that the items didn’t hit stores again.  Perhaps this means we’ll be seeing them again soon in another Mystery Box?

-Speaking of Mystery Boxes…why does EA keep reintroducing content for donuts that’s already available in the Yearbook Mystery Box? Why spend 175 donuts on the Yard Work Simulator and CHUM when you can spend 30/try in the Yearbook box? (and at most spend 150 donuts)  Seems a little strange to me.  Either eliminate the Yearbook Box or don’t bring back content that’s inside the box.

-4th of July was a bit of a letdown huh?  No new president this year.  Kind of a bummer.  Maybe they feel like 6 is enough?  I know they could have added Bush 41, but I (personally) think it’s still too soon after his passing to add him to the game.  However, they could have added JFK, FDR…all characters from the show. Heck, Ike (who’s in TSTO) wasn’t really a character in the show just had his picture shown or mentioned…they could add a whole slew of Presidents that were mentioned or pictured.  A big let down in my opinion.

-As far as a grading scale, I’d give this event a C-.
All in all, I think Game of Games was nice, but not a hit by any means.  Great dialogue, good prizes, but a letdown in gameplay.

And that’s it, guys my wrap up on the latest event in TSTO.  After 4 months of waiting EA gave us a slightly less than average event.  Nothing spectacular, nothing that’s a complete failure…just basic. It’s like EA has tried to “dumb down” TSTO so much lately with no thought required.  Hey EA, we’re not idiots.  We appreciate a challenge!

Given that it’ll probably be, at least, another week until new content hits our games it’s time to have some more fun around here! 🙂

Thoughts? Care to share your own musings on Game of Games?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. Am actually just waiting for the THOH TSTO content… hopefully they go all out on that event… all other events are just fillers..
    They should come out with a “Special Event” for The Simpsons anniversary month, or The Simpsons day, or TSTO anniversary prize/event..

  2. How about an event that is more involved. I liked the battles during the superhero event, or scoring goals during Tap Ball. Please, lets have an event that is more than sending characters on jobs every 4 hours, something that involves some strategy and planning.

  3. I thought it was ok, definitely a good distraction.
    I’m always excited to get new characters.

  4. I’m happy it was not too intensive, but the content of the events so far has been a solid C. What I really want is for them to either dust off an old event (Stone Cutters or Medieval) and bring out some new stuff. The one “flavor” which I think would be a home run is if they would do a “Springfield after dark” event. Instead of winter, it’s a night time Springfield with all the buildings lit up and streetlamps, etc!

    • Jae TiNoe Tapia

      Agree totally! My favourites events have been Halloween (The ghostbusting one especially), the Superhero one and most of all, the Stone Cutters! Wish they would bring any of those back

  5. you listed a lot of positive aspects about the event. So I was quite surprised to read your rating of the event as c-. Guess you weighed some negative aspects more then all the positive ones…

    • It was average. Hence the C rating. The minus was for lack of creativity. But still an average event. Certainly not remotely close to being above average.

      • And perhaps predictably so, as we saw several posts from the writers, basically saying, “hey! It’s not dead yet!”

        They didn’t say “Alive” was great. Just alive.

  6. Why spend 175 when you could get the same thing from a mystery box? For the same reason they sell donuts, knowing that many players donut farm–because not everyone does the math. (Or pays attention when you guys do the math!) There will always be people who will spend money to get stuff the easy way, and that’s a good thing… because without them, there would be no reason for EA to continue working on the game.

  7. Want some things moving around town to tap again.

    Although, with as slow as my system is and getting close to item limit may be why they stopped. …

  8. Greg Jablynski

    One thing about this new event highlights a problem with the game for me. Less and less reasons to visit neighbors. I long ago maxed out my friend level and got all the prizes, so other than courtesy, curiosity & helping out new players there really isnt much of a reason to spend a half hour a day visiting.
    Now neighbors haven’t mattered in events in quite a while. So here’s even another reason to skip visiting neighbor towns.
    I know this probably isn’t a big concern to most players, but wish EA would find a way to make visiting neighbors worthwhile again. Especially for long time players who don’t need in game cash (another item almost useless) and are leveling up consistently.

  9. I am happy to have ANY new content. I also agree on the the grade of a ‘C’ plus or minus.
    I lately save a good 30 million in a week with a 887.40 bonus % then farm bloodmobiles to garner ‘pinks’. Several thousand now and the mystery yearbook box has been raped! Picked clean(now each refresh only gives me 4 choices at a time and accept for the Cayman Island Banker, all characters and building have been gotten)
    No need for all that other ‘stuff’
    Now I wait for new content. I expand land with GGR twice daily and shift and redesign my town. I use Springfield heights as a dumping ground and at the waters edge some rich folks estates.
    If I didn’t love my daily routine with TSTO grinding I guess the alternative would be “I’m bored” but thank goodness I’m not.
    My only question today for all other players is this: do you recognize the new and sudden inclusion of animations on some buildings and decorations that were NEVER there for you before??? Case in point. Just yesterday a new sound and animation began on the Black and white Empire State Building with Homer Kong… a small white biplane circles the building when it’s tapped and it has sound too of a whirring engine, then of course Homer Kong pops up and then falls.
    I have noticed over the years other times thing suddenly become visual and I freak thinking I’m cracking up and going insane but not for other reasons.
    Anyway. I’m grateful for your team and all the magnificent valuable information you have provided for us all of the years!
    I’ve been playing TSTO on an iPad since Halloween 2013.

  10. My game crashes every time i open it for the last week on my samsung galaxy s10. have unistalled and reinstalled and it didnt help. any advice?

  11. For the first time in years Im thinking…maybe time to go onto another game… I’m one of those that thought something bigger was coming. Ill stick with it for now

  12. “As far as a grading scale, I’d give this event a C-.”
    This made me wonder… have y’all done a grading and/or ranking of events?

  13. Hello hello, overall, I think we must not complain, we had a nice update certainly it was linear on the operation but the decorations are pretty overall and in line with the theme.
    Remember that we complained to chain updates one after the other and not having time to make our creations.
    We must learn a lesson from all this and say that it is only a game and that we must have fun to play is the basis of any game!

  14. Stop creating the 4000th skin for one of the Main characters. Create some Outside jobs for Characters. For once, BE CREATIVE! I bought everything, solved ALL tasks! BOOORING! There have been great events, but 5his is not one of them. I am glad, however the this is not DEAD. Just on life support!

  15. I’m just happy to still have the game operating. I enjoy it all and will be sad when it ends.

  16. I will play until i try and log in and it has a personal message for me to Stop trying sandy. Just stop. Ur the last one…just stop.

    • 😆😆😆

    • Tracy-1ltwoody920

      You will continue to play until someone prys your device from your cold fingers?
      In the mean time, where have yo been on this post-holiday weekend?

      • 748

        I tried yours….can’t find u still!👀🚫

      • Probably! It’s what I do between 5am & 6am every weekday. On events I do the 4 hourly thing. I live my life in 4 hour blocks! There was no holiday in Australia, but I used my game downtime to check out the new Costco –
        New to Australia & only a 5 minute drive from my home – First impression….. Not impressed.

        • Wait…you weren’t excited by the Costco version of a great deal??? More than you could possibly need, in terrific bundles you can’t pass up? Like…a new queen-size mattress with a large 70″ screen TV, with a box of 72 chicken cutlets shrink wrapped to it…gotta have it. Right?

          But I hear the $1.50 hot dogs are worth every penny…or pound…or whatever they have where you are!

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