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Happy Musings Thursday Friday my friends! I’m a day late this week, I’m sorry. I had jury duty yesterday, which meant I didn’t have a chance to write up my thoughts for you.  But thankfully for you, I wasn’t selected so I’m bringing this week’s Musings post to you on a Friday!

Anyway, as promised at the start of Simpsons Babies, this week I’m musing about the overall Simpsons Babies event.  Now that the event has officially ended, it’s time for a review!  You know I’ve got some thoughts on it now, so let’s get to ’em…

I’ve noticed this was a so-so event for most of you.  It wasn’t the worst thing in the world, but it wasn’t Flanders Family Reunion either.  It sort of fell somewhere in-between.  Something to keep you chugging along in TSTO as we hit the dog days of summer.

Everything I saw comment wise seemed like a mixed bag.  You guys were happy with new characters but disappointed they were just different versions of characters we already had. (except Llewellyn Sinclair, who didn’t really fit in with this.  But more on him in a minute.)  There were loads of buildings with this one, but nothing that really excited folks.

As I detailed in this musings post, the returning premium characters as prizes was a swing and a miss for EA.  Most of us got what they were trying to do, but it really just felt stale and annoyed a bunch of folks who paid a lot of donuts for the characters.

Again, everything was So-so.  A total mixed bag for players.  Not the greatest thing to have for an event.

What about an event based around baby versions of Springfield characters screamed Llewellyn Sinclair to EA?  Llewellyn made absolutely no sense with this one, and it seems like they really had to reach to make it work.  Feels like EA could have included him in another event, one based more on “A Street Car Named Marge”.  Feels like Llewellyn was a throw-in with this event to keep players from screaming “where are the canon characters!?”

One thing is abundantly clear, you guys are over the multi-event format.  Although for this particular event, the multi-event format was a huge help to those players who fell victim to the crashing bug. Thankfully it was fixed, but the multi-event format allowed players who missed two or more weeks to catch up.  And the ease of the event allowed those players to easily complete all four weeks, despite the late start.

Crashing bug aside, ultimately, I think the general feeling was that while it was nice to have an easy to finish event, I think a lot of us are just longing for something more to do in TSTO.  Give us puzzles, give us more tasks to complete, and for the love of God bring back neighbor interactions!  Let’s hope EA has something new up its sleeve for Halloween!

Some highs, lows, and misses of the Simpsons Babies Event for me…

Highs: Dialogue was hilarious, especially when you combined the full story of all four acts.
There are a TON of funny character animations associated with the new baby characters, really great work by the artists behind them. (I love Baby Marge’s get over fear of flying one)

Lows: While the dialogue was hilarious, some of the story itself was confusing and left me going “huh?” quite often.  Especially some of the premium character questlines.
Moe’s Express Lemonade stand was unnecessary and didn’t make a whole lot of sense. It’s basically just a duplicate version of Moe’s Express, and I felt like they just did a bad job with this one.

Misses: They really missed an opportunity to let the baby characters interact with items we already have.  Baby Bart should be able to use the Clown Bed, Baby Bart and Baby Lisa should be able to use the car etc.
Llewellyn Sinclair.  Adding him with this event was a miss for me.  Didn’t make sense in relation to the overall story, and they missed an opportunity to bring him into another event (whether mini or larger) based around “A Street Car Named Marge”.

Overall, based on the time of the year, quality of prizes, characters, and dialogue I’d give this mini-event a B-.  It was a decent multi-event, nothing spectacular but nothing a complete failure either.

And that’s it guys, my latest round of random TSTO Musings. Thoughts? Care to share your own musings on the topic?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

29 responses to “Musings About Simpsons Babies

  1. I’m blase at the game at this point.

    As a farmer, I started using Patric’s trick of just speeding events up so I complete the whole week immediately. Gives me more time for the family and other non-digital pursuits.

    Setting jobs and clearing jobs takes far too long so I don’t do that anymore.

    When I get the bug again, I’ll probably work on a compound for Frink.

    My game keeps crashing as I try to farm for donuts, so I’ve stopped even trying that. Thankfully I don’t really need to farm at this point so I’ve barely logged on much past last Wednesday.

    They need to open up another large mystery box with all of the stuff that didn’t make it into the last one, which would keep me busy for a little bit.

  2. I enjoyed this event, was pleased to get new characters and buildings that I had previously missed out on. I wasn’t sure if I could complete it as I went on holiday half way through the event and only returned home 2 days before it finished, I was able to finish in the end even though I only logged in a couple of times a day while away.

  3. I liked this mini-event very much: lots of new buildings and characters, few decorations, that´s alright for me. I don´t really miss the big events, they were so exhausting!

  4. Just wishes that Moe’s Express Lemonade stand has the same feature as Moe’s Express where I can just start all characters on the fly to the job. I rarely put 350+ characters to work cos it was taking too much of my time just to clear their jobs. Wish they’d add a building, like the Goose realty (if I recall the name correctly) that collects taxes in one swoop, where I can clear all jobs in one swoop. I’d even pay a pretty farmed donut! 😉

  5. I’m satisfied. I’ve gotten used to the multi-events and more IRL time. I don’t really care that people got premium items for free that I bought long ago, I’ve been enjoying them in my town for a long time and since I don’t farm the donuts were appreciated as I got all the premiums except Smithers that just didn’t excite me despite having all the other teens.
    I liked the buildings. I created a whole kid zone outside KL that has more development potential. The building animations are pretty decent and since all the kids have tasks there I can light up and populate the area. I do agree with Alissa that the baby animations are really cute. I love Moe’s Express so I’m charmed by the lemonade stand but agree that more stools should be filled and you should be able to tap the stand to send characters there. Also agree that the Llewellyn storyline and animations feel shoehorned but like the visual task outside the theater with the kids. I think that about covers it but I’m sure I’ll think of something I missed as soon as I post, I usually do. 😁

  6. The crashes are the absolute worst. I barely played at all as the crashes consistently got worse. Babies are cute, but meh for this event overall

  7. Honestly I’d have to throw the whole ‘free premium’ character thing up there as a negative/bewilderment option too. I’d agreed that previously you stated they may have a reason for the characters being included in the storyline, but all we saw was a quick 4hr task for them and away they went with nary a mention afterwards… I mean they’ve previously had Professor Frink get involved in event quests without me having had them at the time (here too) when he would have made for a much better option than BGM, Ling, and Kamp Bart.

    Wait, did Kamp Bart even factor into this in the slightest? I seriously can’t recall…

  8. Is it finally Friday? My goodness, this week has d-r-a-g-g-e-d on slowly (so glad you got out of jury duty) ….

    If I apply ‘zero expectations’, then what content I obtained during the Simpsons Babies Event is appreciated (preferably that from the Mystery Box loaded with Springfield Kids I never was able to obtain!), along with the funny dialogue / visual Tasks and weekly Events I finished quickly (especially during a busy Summer), then I made the most of it and had fun ….

    If I begin to analyze Simpsons Babies Event? Well, it wasn’t better then Flander’s Family Reunion (best Event this year! Scores an A!), nor did it suck as much as Marge At Bat (worst Event this year! Scores an F!), but it does earn a C Grade …. due to the fact we got New Characters which don’t gell with the new Buildings (no permanent Tasks for our Baby Characters at any new Building?) and lame Decor (seriously? Easter Fences again?) and new Premiums so out of place (ok, I agree about Llewellyn Sinclair with Community Theatre Building, even though I ❤️ this – but what a missed opportunity to not have a Character Task for Adult Marge Simpson here!) – except for Baby Moe and Baby Barney with Moe’s Express Lemonade Stand (❤️ it, but it should’ve allowed all Baby Variants of Adults to have a Task here – and this was the only Premium involving Baby Characters I spent sprinkles on! I didn’t care for the others and didn’t waste sprinkles on ’em!)

    EA gets appreciation for getting TSTO out of that terrible lull they’re responsible for this year, but EA needs to step up for THOH 2019 (bring back certain things we miss, no more Weekly Mini Events!) They also need to work with Android, Apple, Amazon to make sure everyone can play TSTO (I felt bad for those who were sidelined by stupid game crashing and glitches!) There are too many missed opportunities that EA just ignored (ie we have so many Baby and Kid Characters that still can’t go on Krustyland Rides – what the deuce?)

    I’m learning how to keep having fun with this virtual zen garden called Springfield, I just hope EA doesn’t s@#w the pooch!

  9. This was the best event in years. As a working individual I was able to finish the event with only a few hours to spare. Not being required to collect every four hours is a glorious thing. The mystery bag was fabulous, a reasonable amount of donut spends to get new characters. Nothing was a repeat for me, the non-fanatic player. The dialogue was fun and I enjoyed playing out the story. Very cute story line. Happiest i’ve been with the game since they removed the leveling up tasks and started these weeks long multi-tiered marathon events. I hope the game will be more popular now with more attainable goals!

  10. I also seem to be having trouble with WordPress .
    It keeps kicking my name and Gmail out .
    I have to reload the page for it to come back.

    I’m trying to remember my password for WordPress must you have a number in it ?

    The jury must acquit .

    I’m not a common criminal .
    I’m a youthful defender.

    See ya bye . 👽

  11. Just another nail in the coffin, game has lost its attraction and I keep hoping for something to excite me like some past events have, doing a 24 hour cycle of character jobs nothing much else, sorry but that’s how I feel about it just now, I can’t even design anymore 🙃🤪😕

    • Yup, my characters are presently just wandering… I’m not even assigning tasks anymore. I certainly don’t need the cash, so there’s no reason to clear them everyday. I show up every couple days to see what the daily tasks are…I’ll do the tasks for donuts (or X them out in exchange for a donut task), but thats about it. Nothing was much of a design inspiration in this last event, so I’m waiting to see if there’s anything better coming up. Sure hope so. 😴

  12. I thought the event was okay, but was frustrated by the alternative prizes to the premium chars. It doesn’t seem fair somehow to give 6 or 12 donuts as an alternative when someone spent probably 100 in the character. It’s not the same as making previously-free chars available to buy when events are over.

  13. Just more of the same…an easy, uninspiring event.
    Overall, I think any score above a C would be generous. If I were just trying out TSTO for the first time, I wouldn’t be keeping the game after the end of this event. Kinda like downloading a crossword puzzle game and finding out that all the words are 4 letters or less…too easy, too boring, and designed for first graders. Most players want at least a little challenge, otherwise they wouldn’t play games in the first place.

    Maybe EA is just keeping pace with the current “dumbing down” trend in many countries…if so, you have sadly been right on point and shame on you. What was once a clever, imaginative, and challenging game has become hum-drum, repetitive, and even tiresome. If the number of entries in the last Event Show-Off is any indicator, many players have just plain lost interest. Add to that the crashing, glitching and general bugginess of late…I feel like they’ve put the game on “cruise-control” and left for the day. Even those players who still want to play can’t stay in the game long enough to complete the tasks without being booted off.
    I’m beginning to feel like this game should be listed in the app store under “Games for People Who Need to Be Punished”, cuz why else would we all put up with this kind of nonsense for almost a year?

    Please, EA, give us a THOH event with a little “bite” and just a tad more stability. Most of us want to feel like we accomplished something when we win a prize…I am so tired of just “going through the motions”. And even though we’ve come to expect a certain amount of bugginess in any new event, please upgrade the servers so you can quit dumping us every time we play. I really want to love the game again, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Just one really exciting (and dare I say, challenging?) event would make a lot of us believers again…that is, if we could stay in the game long enough to be impressed.😕

    And just for good measure…be a sport and raise the item ceiling by at least 1000…what good are prizes if you can’t do anything with them?

  14. The crashing bug *started* for me (on iPad) when the “fix” update came out. I’m happy for those it helped, but I’m really hoping that the takedown update will fix it for me. Fortunately, playing on the iPad is much faster and easier than on any other device I have (two Kindle versions and an Android phone), so, I guess if someone has to be inconvenienced by a lot of crashing, better it be us iPad users…

    I kind of liked the baby lemonade stand (although I wish it worked the way the other one does…being able to tap on it to send characters there), but, otherwise, I’m pretty much in agreement with most of the rest of your assessment (and especially bummed that they didn’t do more with Llewellyn).

  15. You know what I want from EA? You know what would just impress the heck out of me? I mean what would be the most thoughtful, practical improvement that would truly enhance my TSTO experience? REPLACE THE BART “cannot connect to server” SCREEN! How about a fresh image after all these years? I mean, we see it SO OFTEN. Why not have the writers apply themselves to that, comb through the archives, whatever? I’m sure they can come up with something. Obviously, EA cannot/will not fix its connectivity problems when it rolls out events, so they could at least extend us this gesture. How long can this business model limp along like this? Who still spends real world money on this dumpster fire? Is the game being programmed by unpaid interns? I used to spend during major events (despite farming donuts) to support the game, but those days are long gone.

  16. I did, however, enjoy getting 8 new characters

  17. The “Sinclair” aspect fit in for me, but it should have been his sister, not him…

  18. One of the highs for me was the opportunity to pick up a bunch of kids at a discount I passed on n pass events in the mystery box.
    If the Halloween Event is kid intensive like many past Halloween events has been, the Simpson’s baby event should set people up for success……… then again EA might decide the Simpson Babies & many other premium characters who should qualify for event earning ain’t included like they have pulled in the past.

  19. They made us a great lemonade stand. Why not have all the seats filled with babies???

  20. Who knows if this will even post…ive been having issues with everything lately. Cant visit neighbors….it kicks me off after 1 or 2 taps in someone’s town. Hope no one thinks I’m not TRYING to visit. I just don’t have that kind if time to wait for reload after reload. It also kicks me off after only 3 RTT collections…. Whatever.
    I try posting on here only to have it not show….as well as trying to “like” other’s posts. I like 1, other ones i clicked on disappear. Im sure its WordPress….but FIX IT DAMMIT! Whatever.
    I liked all the babies! My fav is bart! His animations are awesome and LOVE that he’s voiced! The tie ins were a bit off….but i still liked it. But Halloween BETTER be Halloween. And it better ROCK!🎃

    • I haven’t been able to ‘like’ anything on this site for ages. Even when it takes me to the WordPress site & I sign it etc, I still can’t like anything. Not really sure what I can do about it but it’s very discouraging. 😟 RachelS

  21. Jury duty?

    To quote Nelson Muntz, Ha Ha!

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