Musings About Krusty’s Last Gasp

Happy Musings Thursday my friends!  This week, as Krusty’s Last Gasp is winding down, I figured I’d do a musings post about my overall thoughts on the event.  Usually, I wait until the event is officially over for my thoughts on it, but in this case, I think most of us are finished with it…and I want to save next week for some thoughts about potential Halloween updates (teaser for next week’s musings).  As I wonder how many more gasps Krusty has left,  I’ve got some thoughts, so let’s get to ’em…

Bart Screen

I said it last week, and I’ll say it again…the Bart screen is a MAJOR problem for players right now.  Not impacting everyone, I’m really not having major issues, but it’s impacting enough players that it’s making a difference in who’s still playing TSTO.  A lot of players are so frustrated they’re simply giving up on the game completely.  EA really needs to get on this and see what the heck is going on…


So we recorded Addicts Live earlier this week, where we really got into the nitty-gritty of this event…look for that episode on Saturday morning…and one thing was clear to all of us.  EA really swung and missed on this mini-event.

This entire event has felt disjointed and like a hodgepodge of stuff thrown together to pass the time before THOH.  It’s like EA had this great dialogue from the writers that came in (my guess is it came in a long time ago…back when this event was first teased), and said “hey we need something to put out to keep people in their games until October, let’s throw this out there.  What other random crap can we throw in to fill out the event?”

The prize track, while it’s 7 overall “prizes”, contains 2 dozen donuts (and let’s face it donuts really aren’t a special commodity anymore), 1 COSTUME, 1 Building, and three…yes, THREE…crappy decorations!  Klub Krusty’s pool?!  Really?  The Krusketeer set?  Come on, who was as lit as a Christmas tree when they thought that hunk of junk would make a great prize?!

And Sideshow Lisa as the final prize?!  A costume…for Lisa.  Not even a highly desired costume for Lisa.  During the entire history of The Simpsons, all the gags with Krusty, all the times Krusty was featured during the show…and they couldn’t come up with 1 freaking full new character to give us as the final prize?  Is this our punishment for two prize track characters during Flanders?!

No task for Krusty (or Jimbo) at the Last Gasp Set, really?!  How hard would it have been to give Krusty a sitting visual task there?!

The more prizes I unlocked the more annoyed I got at the prize track.  Every prize felt unimaginative and like they didn’t complete them. Everything just feels so incomplete.  Almost like a waste of tapping time.

Premium Content

I’m still really annoyed that the Clown College is a premium item, and even more annoyed that it’s 100 freaking donuts.  100 donuts for a building, that does nothing.  I go off on this more during Addicts Live, so I don’t want to ruin it here (remember to check out the episode on Saturday)…BUT 100 donut for a stand-alone crappy building really has me concerned about the future price structure of this game.  I hope EA course corrects this and we don’t see 100 donuts become the standard price for a crappy stand-alone building.

Sideshow Raheem is the best freaking thing in this whole mini-event. And that’s really not saying a ton, because I think his animations are pretty meh.  But then again, EA didn’t have a whole lot to work with show wise.


Yet again the dialogue remains the best part of the entire mini-event.  The writers really know how to keep us laughing, and I love how lately the dialogue has become a mini-episode in itself…even if the events themselves aren’t so great.

Although I will say, while the dialogue has stepped up over the last 10 months the events have really taken a step back.  It would be nice if the writers and EA could be in the same orbit with content.  Great dialogue and a great event…it’s not asking too much.  Just think Stonecutters.

Final Grade

So, I don’t think this event is a total failure.  The dialogue and Sideshow Raheem save it from total failure.  I would say letter grade-wise this mini-event falls between a C- and D+.  Although, if I’m being totally honest…I really think it deserves an INC for Incomplete.

Let’s hope EA steps it up for THOH and/or Christmas this year, otherwise, I fear even more players will Tap Out.

As a side note…EA if you’re reading this, and let’s face it we know that you are…it would go A LONG way with players if you actually sent the event info teaser packet out BEFORE the THOH actually starts.  Build some hype for it.  Which was, you know, the whole reason you started sending out the info packets in the first place…

And that’s it guys, my latest round of random TSTO Musings. Thoughts? Care to share your own musings on the topic?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

31 responses to “Musings About Krusty’s Last Gasp

  1. Funny thing. I actually enjoyed this event until I read this post.

  2. For me, logging in every 4 hours for no-thought-required tasks from the event panel list isn’t gameplay. Beyond bored. if it required actual upkeep I’d be done

  3. Excellent post, Alissa! I agree with much of the previous commenters as well.

    I haven’t touched this game since Tuesday morning after Clown Lisa’s last task was completed. I sent all my characters (nearly 400 of them) on their 24 hrs tasks soon after and haven’t look back as I have no plans on logging in to this game for the rest of the month. I’ll return once the Halloween event starts.

    Since the Clown College is now in the game, why didn’t Homer have his Krusty outfit? (yes, I know he has too many skins as it is, but “Homie the Clown” is a classic episode).

    I can tolerate the stale multi-event format, sending the same old cast (Homer, Lisa, Bart, etc) on 4 hr tasks. However, I draw the line when it come to the Bart Screen of Death! Started when the patch from the “Baby Simpsons” event happened. Game experience has been frustrating ever since. If this is not resolved in the near-future, I’m not sure how much long I will keep playing it. (been playing since Xmas ’13). Plan to stay around at least until the end of the year.

  4. The Bart screen I have been getting more of in recent weeks and I don’t believe it has anything to do with donut farming since I don’t do it. I guess this is 2019s big bug in TSTO since 2018 had the rollback glitch which was much worse than getting Bart screens of death.

    The prizes are not the worst we’ve gotten since they’re in the same tier as the Classless Reunion prizes but the last gasp has a building instead of a task. I think the Clown College could’ve been the final prize instead of Sideshow Lisa who could’ve been the middle or second to last prize.
    The best prize to me was the pool since the animation looks so relaxing (wish it was a toggle animation) and the retreat which is the only non premium building in this event though we did get a bunch of buildings as prizes and 1 decoration in the last event.

    100 donuts is a rare price for a standalone building even if it is for the Clown College which I agree should’ve been its own mini event (rather than put with this event just like Springfield U was at the beginning of the year) with the various billboards (English Muffins, Best in West BBQ Sauce, Clown College), tricycle loop, Homie the Clown skin and Krusty Burglar as items. I don’t mind Sideshow Raheem being added but EA should’ve bought back Tina Ballerina and Corporal Punishment as returning items. The adult retreat is a decent looking building with some tasks for Raheem and High Rollers (according to SIB post) which is probably the best premium in the event.

    I agree about the dialogue being good and seems like snippets from the show. I wish quests were a bit longer though at 3-5 parts and not all the tasks being 4 hours (mix it up with some less common times like 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 10, 16, or even 24 hours EA).

    I won’t mind Halloween being a Multi-Event as long as it is in a similar style to Christmas with certain prizes being unlocked in groups or buy more with cash and a couple of mystery boxes; however, there should be 3 parts/acts instead of 4 to follow THoH 3 story arcs that tells stories from 3 characters following the same theme. Also EA bring back the Halloween trivia question that was recurring in the early years of TSTO.

  5. I’m seeing double! Four Krustys!

  6. Krusty’s Last Gasp (aka how the 🤡’s at L-EA-Z-Y swindled Tappers (lol!) Let’s discuss not only the Mini-Event, but the problems that need to be fixed (FYI playfully heckle EA on Twitter and Facebook, and you will get their attention!)

    Bart Screen of Death / “that 🚽 sound” on Load Screen

    I finally got EA Tech Support to acknowledge my playful heckling, but the EA Tech Support I dealt with had no knowledge of either issue.

    Either this is
    1 ] true
    2 ] EA knows but won’t address it
    3 ] new Tech Support is just reading the prompts given is up for debate
    4 ] all of the above (that’s what I believe)

    The jokes on those 🤡’s at L-EA-Z-Y if they lose Tappers to this Game App!

    Mini-Event Prizes

    Did 2 extra Prizes make a difference? Not really – especially when nothing is cohesive – and that leads to Tappers not being interested (I saw that occur via TSTO Addicts comments). L-EA-Z-Y didn’t even bother to promote this on their social networks, doesn’t that say enough?

    I appreciated

    1 ] Krusty’s Retreat (at least it comes with a 4 Hour Task for Krusty)
    2 ] Klub Krusty Pool (it goes with Krusty’s Retreat, but that doesn’t say much when there is no Task with it)
    3 ] Sideshow Raheem
    4 ] Klub Krusty’s Adult Retreat

    All of which goes next to Kamp Krusty (that’s all I can appreciate).

    No Visual Tasks where they should’ve had them, Visual Tasks that were Ok (we’ve had worse), Tasks only at 1 Location (Sideshow Lisa Clown Skin – thanks for the new dialogue, Yeardley Smith), Decor that’s going straight to Storage (Last Gasp Stage, Krusteteer’s Set), thanks for the 🍩’s (better that then more worthless Decor going right into Storage, and that’s not saying much!), only 1 Premium Character Building Combo that was worth the sprinkles!

    Writers get a B, but L-EA-Z-Y made this Mini-Event a D (and there was no motivation to Tap!) So much needs to be improved upon, or else next month it will be crickets chirping (Tappers will quit vs put up with the 🤡’s at L-EA-Z-Y!) Thank you for the lols, Writers, but EA? You need to try harder and not release time wasters! Incomplete is too courteous, I think EA doesn’t care (or maybe the Staff for TSTO feels unappreciated by EA?).

    Don’t screw up THOH / Christmas, or else the 🤡’s will be heckled further!

  7. Bored. Bored. BORED! So bored I am antagonising a Coulrophobia member daily on my site with stupid clown memes 🤡

    .. thEAy better mix IT up (🤪 film ref) for THOH! 😬👽☠🐱

    And for Jebuss sake, I’ve no idea how many costumes Lisa has. I don’t bother using them because the outdoor tasks associated with them are so LAME, it’s not worth the effort to scroll through them and read what she’s going to do. Arrrrgghhh.. LOL I THINK I just had an aneurysm. 😕😛😲😬😈

  9. Would have been a lot more fun if I didn’t get the Bart screen every 2 minutes, can’t really enjoy anymore, ☹️😒☹️😒

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Yep, still getting them all the time. Collider is off, I’m not farming, but bammm….Bart screen. Heck I’m getting it a few times just trying to initially connect.

  10. I have to say I am getting tired of these mini event formats. It was fine when they were fillers between major events but now that all events are just tap these same 7 or 8 characters every four hours, it is getting boring (plus Homer, Bart and Lisa must have hundreds of tasks between all their costumes but they are always needed to get event currency so I never really get to send then on their tasks – I was checking Homer’s list of costumes and forgot I even had like half of them).

    I really, really hope the next Halloween event is a return to form. Last year was awesome with the classic movie monsters and their better halfs! Plus I loved when my random Springfielders were turned into demons and werewolves – it was a fun task tapping them back to normal.

  11. I don’t watch The Simpsons, I play the game, so for most of you that disqualifies me. But there have been many memorable Events. Just not lately. And having yet another skin for one of the Famiky, is just boring. I agree 100 Donuts is stupid. I got everything as always, but, Big Whoop! The Event with all the Cowboy motif, rocks, boulders, Saloons and Characters like Belle, were/are the Best. I got in at the end of Stonecutters, but still find the decorations lame.
    I like Outdoor Tasks, so characters without Good Outdoor Tasks, are not interesting to me. I hope we get something really quality sometime this year. Hope springs eternal. Right? This Event would have to work hard to be an Incomplete!

  12. I personally like the doughnuts in the prize track since I don’t farm for them. I agree that the prizes were “meh” at best. I’ve been playing for close to 5 years. I’d rather wait for good content and great prizes/characters rather than the smaller events that seem rushed.

  13. Incomplete, yes! I was actually waiting for another act to start this week. (Can you tell I wasn’t paying the closest attention to my game last week.) I wouldn’t even mind whatever the event was if the Bart screen wasn’t happening so much. I could be wrong, but my stability seemed fine for a while until the baby event hit.

  14. You are dead on with all this.
    I would have loved the event to revolve around the klown college. Soneone on another blog had some great ideas about it.
    Seriously….who HASN’T seen that episode? It oozes awesomeness.
    We coulda won the mini bike, clown skin for Homer, NPCs of Homer’s coworkers on fire in their clown costumes, then the amimation of Krusty and Homer riding the mini bike as the last prize. Sheesh. Queue the disappointment trumpet sound 🎺 WAH WAH.
    Halloween better be the Halloweeniest event of all things Halloween or I’m just gonna snap.🎃🎃🎃

  15. Just finished it. So-so event. Just something to do. I miss the involved events that had alot going on. I miss having to go to friend’s neighborhoods to tap characters. I’ve played for years and it’s starting to be a “have-to” rather than a “want-to”…

  16. Thanks for your musings Alissa! We love reading you!
    Let’s face it, this event was another example of meh. Yes, I bought everything in sale (even if RTT farming is prevented by BSOD) and obtained all prizes, but I feel like nothing would have changed, even if I didn’t 😅

  17. Rusty Shackleford

    I didn’t mind paying for the Klown Kollege as I just farmed for it. But I think it should have been one of the prizes. Same for Raheem.

    Still getting Bart screen even with the xp collider deactivated. I’m still going with EA server issues as the root cause of this.

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