Musings About Cthulhu’s Revenge

Happy Musings Thursday my friends! This week I’m sharing some initial thoughts on the Cthulhu’s Revenge mini-event.  A middle of the road approach to it all.  And I compare this event to Garth Brooks…bet you didn’t see that coming!  So before Cthulhu seeks revenge on me,  I’ve got some thoughts, so let’s get to ’em…

So, I had intended for this musings post to go up earlier today…but the day just got away from me.  Much like the latest mini-event in TSTO, my day caught me completely off guard. So my apologies for those who were anxiously awaiting my thoughts… 😉

While we’re on the subject of this mini-event catching us all off guard, this one totally caught me off guard.  I was planning for today’s musings post to be about Halloween predictions, starting with the first one being Halloween would start next Wednesday (October 2nd)…and yea that’s not going to happen now.  So right out of the gate, my first prediction was wrong! Goes to show you none of us really know what we’re talking about, and we’re all just shooting from the hip.

So, instead of talking about Halloween predictions this week….I’m going to push them off until next week. (mixed with some wrap-up thoughts about this mini-event)  Starting with my boldest prediction yet….Halloween will start on October 9th.  Talk about going out on a limb with that one…

Anyway, let’s talk about this latest mini-event in Springfield…Cthulhu’s Revenge!

One thing is for sure, no one saw this coming.  And I like that.  I like EA keeping us on our toes every now and then.  Keeps things interesting.

Seeing a lot of mixed opinions about this one, big surprise.  I think every update since the dawn of TSTO time has elicited mixed options.  The TSTO community is many things, but opinionated is right up there at the top of that list! And that’s what makes this community awesome! No one is afraid to share their TSTO opinions.

Seems like with most events, everyone falls into 3 camps…and their opinions change based on the event content.

-The complainer’s group.  Those that say EA is unoriginal, everything is a retrend, and this is boring.

-The this is awesome group.  Made of mostly of people who missed out on this stuff the first time around, so they’re excited it’s back in Springfield.  Like reruns on TV…if you haven’t seen it, it’s new to you!

-And finally, the middle of the road group.  Those who like to see how things play out.  Those who understand why content returns, are happy to have new dialogue, think the prizes are meh but workable and are reserving judgment to see what happens when this is over.

With this event, I fall into the middle of the road group.  This is a pretty typical group for me to be in. The only time I was in the complainer’s group was Bart Royale.  Not that I’m still hostile towards that event or anything….

Right now we’re a day into this mini-event.  Hard to judge content 30 hours in.  And, much like everything in life, there are good things and there are bad things with this one. So, let’s tackle things from that middle of the road perspective.

The Good:

-Surprise event. Being kept on our toes is a good thing when it comes to TSTO.

-The prizes are better than Krusty’s Last Gasp. Yeah, I said it.  Because they are.  And it mostly comes down to the fact that the final prize is a full character.  An ugly looking full character, but a full character nonetheless.

-The dialogue is really funny.  We keep saying this, but it is!  The struggle between the M’nthster and Cthulhu, and Marge’s role is saving the world is hilarious!  Really enjoyable and entertaining.

-Cthulhu’s animated tasks are really amusing, some good work by the creative team on those.  Also, Cthulhu has an animated joint task with the M’nthster…which makes me giggle.

-The more into this event we go, the more I view this has a…I don’t want to say teaser because I don’t think it’s a teaser…but something to whet our appetites for Halloween.  A precursor for what may be next.  And that’s exciting.  It’s like getting two Halloween events in 1.  6 weeks of Halloween storylines, but two totally different themes.

The Bad:

-Bart Screen, Bart Screen, Bart Screen.  This still hasn’t been fixed, and it’s frustrating as anything for players.

-The annoying sound that plays when you start up TSTO, even with your sound settings off…is still there!

-A lot of returning content available as premium items in the shop.  Although it’s content that fits the theme of the mini-event, so it makes sense that it’s there.

-200 Donuts for the M’nthster is INSANE. Drives me almost as bonkers as the Clown College costing 100 donuts did.  Completely insane.

-Content-wise, this does seem like a rehash of Halloween 2015.  Actually, it seems like it’s a secret 5th Act that was written but never released.  Which, at least in my mind, almost makes it kind of cool.  It’s like when Garth Brooks sings the secret verse to Friends in Low Places during his live show…makes it feel special! Like you’re in on some behind the scenes that happened.

The bottom line is, you can’t please everyone.  Remember, for every 5 people that hate mini-events there are 5 people that love them.  For every 10 people that don’t want downtime, there are 10 people that are dying for downtime. For every 20 people that want more land tokens, there are 20 people that would rather have actual prizes instead of land tokens.  Everyone is different, everyone has a different opinion and that’s awesome.

Not everyone is going to be happy with something, but even if you’re not happy with something I encourage everyone to try to find the good in things.  Don’t always harp on the negative, as that’s no way to have fun in life…or in TSTO.

And I’ll add this in here once again this week…EA if you’re reading this, and let’s face it we know that you are…it would go A LONG way with players if you actually sent the event info teaser packet out BEFORE the THOH actually starts.  Build some hype for it.  Which was, you know, the whole reason you started sending out the info packets in the first place…

And that’s it guys, my latest round of random TSTO Musings. Thoughts? Care to share your own musings on the topic?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

43 responses to “Musings About Cthulhu’s Revenge

  1. The Bart screen of death is driving me crazy! Fix it, EA!

  2. Just had a thought about the higher prices for premium items. Could that be the result of massive farming? If they less less donuts, they can up prices to increase sales. But then again, 50 or 100 donuts more is nothing for the farmers. Which means they are only damaging the players that are actually buying donuts, essentially punishing the paying players.

  3. I’m just annoyed that Bart said “they must of” been some really sweet shades. No, they must “have”. But that’s just me…

  4. I’m in middle of the road group for pretty much every event because there isn’t an event that I hate with a passion in the game since I’ve started playing in December 2013 where I was a freemium player (I pretty much still am a freemium player since I usually buy premiums when they return at a rebate/mystery box or bundle and has exceptions).

    The prizes remind me of 2015 in TSTO since there are several buildings like the Geriatric Center and Monsarno in 2015 that can’t be put on pavement. I agree about it seeming like a secret act from 2015s Halloween though these prizes are much better. Content wise (apart from the skins for items and some buildings) Halloween 2015 was one of the worst Halloween events in the game and people thought 2017 was bad.

    I believe that the multi and mini events are more for the content than the actual structure since item wise 2019 had some decent stuff. At the moment, I would rather have the Halloween event if it fixes the Bart screens, sounds and an item limit increase in an update so that the holiday seasons will be enjoyable without these problems persisting.

  5. Not really a fan of the Cthulu themed stuff. It doesn’t really match a city which is what I want my Springfield to look like. I already have a ton of monster balloons, and pointy occult looking monument things in my Halloween section which takes up way more of my town than it should. They always seem to bring back events I was meh on. Like the comic books stuff. Once was enough. I wish they would do a true Springfield University event instead. (Been waiting for ages)

    I wish TSTO would introduce a trading post where you could get rid of the extra stuff you have that you cannot sell. Like do I really need 65 outdoor toilets and random beast cribs? I just wanted the cash, and I got stuck with em.

  6. I think I am the only one that doesn’t have that sound at start up… I do have the BSOD (Bart screen of death) not as often as before (maybe because I log in less) but still playable.. was able to visit all my friends towns in just 3 (THREE!!!) BSOD’s… I kind of don’t like the repetitive 4hr task.. but the good is that I can rush it with fonuts (farmed donuts) and be done with it.. collect the prizes and start designing or finding them a place to be. So yeah.. that’s about it…. I think I fall in the ‘meh, its a time killer game” 😀

    • I’ve never had that sound issue. And the Bart screen pops up maybe once or twice a day, and i play 4 times a day. So it’s no biggy. It’s strange how random these issues seem to affect players.

  7. We all should have seen this coming. If a 4-week event began on the 2nd, it would’ve been over before Halloween!

  8. Nice post, everything mentioned, good and bad, Bart screen and crazy start up noises, am middle of the road with this one, have gat a small sea front area am actually going to develop, bought all the item available, crazy prices, 😰💦😰😓💧, I will be happier when they fix the Bart screen bug, roll on Christmas event my favourite event of the year, don’t let me down EA, lol

  9. The way things have been going this year, we have no idea if EA will give us a Halloween event at all. Maybe THISis the Halloween event? Wouldn’t that be a downer?

    I have no real complaints about this event. It’s ok. Nothing special.

    I hope we get a “real” Halloween event. I’d even be happy with crafting, etc. These “multi-events” are rather uninspired.

    • I’m betting that you’re 100% correct. This is the Halloween event and the new guy, Jerry, hit the launch button a week early. That’s why no launch packet was sent out. Susan spent weeks putting it together too. There will be a meeting about this.
      Ugh, this game is like my marriage…dead. But she’s too lazy to take her CD’s out of my car and I’m not paying the mortgage and living in a tiny one bedroom apartment…so I’m still here.

  10. I have been having problems with some characters that doesn’t end their work and are stuck, some one knows how to fix it?

    • Store and replace the building they’re in

    • Or – claim, friends towns map and back, claim, repeat until bored or you hit the cash maximum ($4294 million and change) and then store the building where they are stuck. You could even spend the extra earnings truck farming too and add sprinkles as well, but beware of Bart !!

    • Turn on the collider and farm donuts… I had that problem some time ago and I farmed donuts like crazy… and cash.. 🙂 BUT if you do want it fix, yeah store the building and place it out again…

  11. I’m just hoping the Halloween event has some neighbour interactions. Smashing pumpkins etc. Think that’s a great part of the game that has been missing for a long time. Last event I remember that incorporated neighbours towns was the tapping lawyers or snakes.. Same thing.

  12. Sound off. EA. Sounds are off for a reason damnit.

  13. Rusty Shackleford

    Yeah, I agree, try to find the positive.

    Agh, but I just can’t. Too many Bart screens.

    I don’t know, I’m just not into Halloween this year. Maybe it’s because we are still having summer weather here in Ohio, maybe once Fall really arrives I will get my spirit back.

    Maybe I need to just take a break, after all, the Christmas event will be here before you know it.

  14. Thank you, Alissa, for the discussion on Cthulhu’s Revenge Mini-Event …. I think long time Tappers were all caught off guard (we are used to Halloween / THOH content only made available when the new Season starts on 📺 as a direct toe-in OR an homage to prior THOH Episodes), but I say bring on the Elder Gods – and bring on Dagon 🐡 (lol – ok so I 💚 H.P. Lovecraft!) 😉

    I can’t predict anything about TSTO except the obvious – we get Events, or Mini-Events, nothing different – and certain “issues” I will mention (again) ’cause we are dealing with L-EA-Z-Y (that nickname stays until EA improves things!) I can only look forward to something FUN with Premiums worth spending sprinkles on. 😀

    So 💜 it, loath it, meh over it – I can’t influence a Tapper’s opinion, I can only agree, disagree, apply my ‘zero expectations’ so that I’m not left disappointed (which doesn’t always work for me).


    If you 💚’d Halloween 2015 Event, then you will enjoy all of the new Content (it’s enough to create a Fogbury Port in your Springfield).

    If you kinda enjoyed what you could Prize wise from Krusty’s Last Gasp (well, I call that Mini-Event Krusty’s Last Crap, ’cause it was crap in the end (lol!), then you will appreciate the Prizes this time (and perhaps 1 or 2 Premiums).

    If you enjoy lol’ing thru funny dialogue, then you definitely will as Marge Simpson calls out Cthulhu and M’nthster (I don’t want to spoil it!)😂

    200 sprinkles for M’nthster et al is pricey (but we spent 300 sprinkles on Sarah Wiggum – she’s not even voiced!) and I spent ’em without regret (worth it for me, but it should’ve been 150!)

    New Characters (with fun animated Tasks) yay! The worst that L-EA-Z-Y could do? This Mini-Event is all the Halloween we get in 2019 – and I think Tappers would bail on TSTO if EA is that stupid!


    Content returning as Premiums when it was originally an Event Prize, or a Craftable (not even extra Bonus % justifies spending sprinkles to me on NPC’s – ok, I will get the Ancient Ruins, missed it last time, but I Farm 🍩’s – and yes, that returning Content will go nice in Fogbury Port!)

    I don’t like the more sprinkles we’re spending on Premiums, but Tappers spent so much for Sarah Wiggum (💜 her, but c’mon 300 sprinkles was a lot!) and L-EA-Z-Y surprised me with no Mystery Box for this Mini-Event.

    If you hated Halloween 2015, if you’re fed up with the same Mini-Event structure (every 4 Hours send Characters on Tasks for Event Currency), I will not blame anyone who says “nope! I am tapping out of the TSTO Game App!”


    L-EA-Z-Y hasn’t bothered to fix the Bart Simpson Screen of Death situation, nor remove the 🚽 flushing sound in the Load Screen ….. but Tappers should let EA know via official social networks!

    I know, it’s easier just to grumble, grumble on TSTO Addicts and do nothing else – I’m guilty of it (especially because the official EA TSTO forums stinks!) But, playfully heckle and you will get a prompt from a Customer Service Tech (be nice, they don’t know anymore then you, please!)

    The more Tappers voice what’s going on in TSTO that way, the quicker it goes from “we had no idea” to “we are aware of the situation, and we are looking into solutions” from EA.

    I’m still in awe whenever L-EA-Z-Y doesn’t send off a teaser packet to TSTO Addicts Staff (or is late doing so) for any Event / Mini-Event. If it wasn’t for TSTO Addicts? This Game App would’ve never been as successful as it became (my opinion!) The importance of Promotional and Hype Building is essential! Wake up EA!

    Have fun Tapping Everyone (“Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn” (lol) 👾💚🐡

    • I won’t bail on TSTO even if EA is lame enough and stupid enough to make this event be the only Halloween-type event that we get this year (which is something that I strongly doubt, but I could be wrong) because I really like this game, but I would certainly be utterly disgusted with EA if they did that to us.

      Anyway, what does that phrase in your last sentence mean in English. I’m not familiar with the language of Cthulhu. My language skills only include the basics of the Klingon language.

      • garfieldofborg

        “In his house at R’lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming” (aka ‘dead but dreaming’ in the Cthulhu Mythos)

        The Cthulhu Mythos I referred to is a fictional universe originating in the published works of H. P. Lovecraft. The term was actually coined by author August Derleth – also a protégé of Mr. Lovecraft – regarding the creatures, the settings, the tropes, the lore that are found in every Story with the Elder God Cthulhu (other authors – besides Derleth – have continued writing the Mythos).

        The name Cthulhu derives from the central creature in Lovecraft’s short story, “The Call of Cthulhu” (first published in the pulp magazine Weird Tales in 1928).

        I consider The Simpsons in Fogbury Port top-notch lampooning of what goes on in Lovecraft Stories in those fictional North Shore towns of Arkham, Innsmouth, Kingsport, and Dunwich.

      • Wikipedia lists the translation as :
        “In his house at R’lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming.”

  15. What upsets me is when longtime players get hosed. I don’t so much mind when old content is released for a lower donut cost than before (though I do get a bit cranky when it’s waaaay lower). What bothers me more is situations like the one with M’nthster, where he comes with items I already have but I have to pay the same price to get him regardless. That makes him even more ridiculously overpriced in my eyes, and there’s no way I’m buying him. I can easily donut farm my way to having those 200 sprinklies, but I don’t care. I’m even the kind of premium player (a sucker?) who purchases some donuts at least once a year since this game has brought me enjoyment (taken me away from doing anything productive?), and I feel like it’s only right that I pay a little something for it. But when EA does longtime players dirty like this, I become far less likely to make any real purchases.

  16. I honestly think the only events I was actually hostile towards were the ones way back in the day with the infamous “Prize Wheel”.

    I get where the complainer group is coming from however since most all of the events have the exact same framework lately: send ‘x’ amount of characters on 4 hour tasks to obtain event currency ‘y’ and get rewarded with prize track ‘z’ items… But without drastically altering the framework of the game it’s not easy to do completely off the wall ideas like you’d see in other games.

    I do kind of wish they’d get back to giving us things to tap in our town and neighbor towns however as that was integral in the past and helped to break up the monotony of the 4 hour routine. I mean they’ve completely seemingly forgotten about Friendship Levels and such…

  17. I need more land tokens. There. I said it. On another note, I am between the middle of the road and complainer camp. Not really enthused about it but will do it none the less. Been playing since the beginning so why stop now.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Can’t believe Golden Goose Realty isn’t available in the store year round. Why wouldn’t they give people the chance to buy more land? It’s so stupid. Or just let you buy land tokens directly for 12 donuts each.

      Glad I listened to Alissa and bought it, but still, why haven’t they offered it again?

      • Probably trying to build up hype for it. It’s “rare”, so when it comes back everyone will grab it…whether they need to or not. If it was in store all the time a bunch of folks (myself included) likely wouldn’t have picked it up until it was absolutely needed.

      • I think if it was available all year round then it would lose the hype around it and the demand for it. I’m hoping it makes a return on Black Friday as I haven’t got a land token from daily challenges since the babies event. I heard some people say that with Golden Goose Realty they have more land than they need to design but the only problem is the item limit.

        I personally would love for it to return though I wouldn’t spend donuts to get more land from it (rushing the building job) but collect from it one or twice a day. Without GGR, land tokens are drip feed into the game through daily challenges and events (even though recent events haven’t rewarded land tokens which seems like the freemium/non GGR land well is drying up).

        The rest of this comment is a bit of a side rant about something unrelated to your comment so you can ignore it if you want.
        The Yearbook Mystery Box is something that can be compared and contrasted to GGR because it is always available in the game and when something gets brought back into the store or in another mystery box check to see if it is/was in the YMB to get it at a cheaper price. If it was limited time and available in certain updates then there would be much more hype to it for new and long term players.

        On the other hand, it allows players to get items at a much more affordable price plus get the rare items that haven’t made a return in the last few years as well as letting the players choose to have the items in their towns rather than get a random and undesirable item from a MB and get more donuts to take a chance on another item.

  18. Have to agree it is probably not a teaser, because I dont think there is enough cthulu (or whatever) content to fill an entire event. Unfortunatelly that could mean that all the acts have a different theme and are barely connected. But i really hope that’s not the case. We would just end up with 4 nee sections in our town that really dont belong anywhere,

  19. It feels like every event lately, whether mini or full has basically just been to send a bunch of characters on a 4 hour task, set a timer, rinse and repeat. Usually it’s an interior task in the same building too.
    I’ve been playing since Whacking Day and it seems like there was a lot more variety to events back then.
    Having played so long, it’s inevitable that I would eventually get burned out. At one point I was logging in hourly (Railyard and Springfield Heights especially), but now I rarely log in at all unless there’s an event going on. Maybe once a day to check the daily quests.
    I have a very high bonus percentage and had a thriving KEM farm going for a couple of years and kept track of all of my donut income and expenses weekly for a very long time (Yes, I can tell you the exact day I bought Frank Grimes, and how many donuts I paid for him).
    I don’t farm anymore, but I have a massive surplus of donuts now so I will buy every premium character as soon as they are available now.
    I don’t know if the newer events just aren’t as engaging anymore, or if I’m not not as engaged with the game. I think it’s a bit of both though.

    • Well I’ve got you on main events lately. But mini events have always been like this. They replaced level updates. So at least they’re more involved than level updates lol

      • I get that mini events have always been like this. I just seems like there isn’t much of a difference between mini events and regular events, other than regular events have more chapters. Although, mini events used to be on a 3 hour cycle for some reason, but they’ve been on the 4 hour cycle lately too.
        If my memory serves, level updates were pretty much just character quests for the new characters introduced at that level. Mini events are better than that.

  20. I’m I’m a different camp. I pretty much love everything they do (besides the Bart screen which makes me want to smash my phone at this point). Just as long as they’re doing something. I love the prizes lately. They’re kind of obscure buildings but look like something you’d actually see walking down the street. I’m able to build real neighborhoods instead of another theme park. I want Springfield, not Orlando.

    And what’s up with this Garth obsession? Did “daddy” wear a cowboy hat last night?

    • 😂😂😂 I told you you wouldn’t like my playlist. It was either the 3rd verse for friends in low places or 3rd verse for kenny Chesney’s young. Country through and through…

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