What’s Going On?!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Getting lots of emails, Instagram DMs, and seeing your comments wondering what the heck is going on…where’s the Halloween update?! So going to put this all in one place, so you guys can vent, speculate, or threaten to quit all in one convenient place…

First, I’m going to preface this with…it’s October.  Playoff baseball.  Yankees aren’t looking so hot right now.  So I’m in a REALLY bad mood, to begin with.  EVERYONE on this site should be rooting for the Yankees to win…even if you hate the Yankees.  Why?  Because I’ll be in a REALLY bad mood if they lose to the A**holes…I mean Astros. And when I’m in a bad mood…everyone suffers.  Ask anyone in my family or anyone at work.  So everyone should be rooting for the Yankees success if you want me to be my usual pleasant self…#justsayin

Anyway…here’s what we know…

-Nothing.  We don’t know anything. There’s nothing in the files.  No e-mails have been sent from EA. Nothing on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter.  We don’t know a darn thing.

-If/when we know something (i.e. something gets posted, or something shows on the server, or we get an email), today, I’ll update this post with it.

-I always tell you guys EA’s unpredictable lately, but EA’s kinda being a buncha jackwagons right now, huh?  Like seriously.  Why are they screwing with people who have been loyal to the game for 7 years?  EA, either shut it down or pull your heads outta your rear end.

That’s all for now…feel free to vent, yell, scream, threaten to quit TSTO in the comments.  Just keep it clean…

Oh and if you’re just going to try and get under my skin about a Yankees/Astros comment…remember I have a delete button on my side of the comments, so don’t be an A**hole Astro…

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  1. Christina Stilwell

    I think the game is in limbo because the Simpson’s have changed hands. We may have to wait for Disney to get onboard.

  2. Matt Selman posted on Twitter that the Treehouse of Horror update will launch 11/22. https://twitter.com/mattselman/status/1185379514924187648

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