Musings On Halloween 2019

Happy Musings Thursday my friends! After a couple of weeks off, I’m back with another musings post for you.  I’ve got a bunch of scattered thoughts, so let’s get to ’em…

-First off, Happy Halloween!  I hope your day is full of lots of treats and limited tricks!  What are your Halloween plans?  It’s no secret I’ve never been a big fan of Halloween.  It’s one of my few “ba humbug” holidays…but I’ve just never been a fan.  However, that’s changing slightly as I get older and have kids!  It’s hard to be in a bad mood about a holiday when you see these two smiling faces all dressed up and excited for the day…

Yes, Bo Peep and Woody are all set for their candy adventures!  Of course, we already did trick or treating on Sunday…in the form of Trunk or Treating.  And these two got more candy than any of us can consume!  So we likely won’t be heading out tonight…but they were both excited for their parties at school!

And yes, I reminded Riley that Bo Peep’s staff is not a weapon to use against her friends at school… 😳

-So today is Halloween…and we’ve just started week 2 of Halloween in TSTO!  Talk about a disconnect.  We’ll be battling monsters well into November.  I feel like I say this every year…it just feels like once we’re past the actual holiday (be it Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc)…it’s hard to continue to keep the excitement in TSTO.  Halloween’s pretty much over…I’m ready to move onto Thanksgiving! (really I’m ready to move onto Christmas, but my husband says I can’t start talking about Christmas until Thanksgiving is over…)

-I think this year’s Halloween event was supposed to launch a week sooner than it did.  With an original end date of November 13th..vs November 20th.  While the 13th is still pretty late, it would have been SOOOOO much better than November 20th.  Seesh November 20th feels like we should be starting to get snow in Springfield, not just throwing away the pumpkins!

-I’ve got a bunch of thoughts on this year’s THOH event, but as always I’ll wait to reserve judgment until it’s closer to being over.  I do understand what EA’s trying to do with a number of things.  They’re trying to address our complaints.

We complained for years…especially a certain Cranky person on this site…that 6 week events were too long.  So EA finally addressed that and made them 4-week events.  Unfortunately, they dumbed them down in the process.  4-week events…good.  Dumbed down events…bad.

Over the year’s the biggest complaints players have had is that all these characters/prizes, and they’re used once…during that event, and then never again.  So they’re trying to interweave some of these characters back into the storylines.  Unfortunately, that means they have to somehow give these characters to players who weren’t around at that time.  Which is why they reappear in the prize track.  And they award donuts to those who already have the characters hoping they’ll be happy with the donuts, and won’t even realize there were other prizes there.  (maybe prizes folks previously spent donuts on)

Of course, while they may think “oh those who already have Dracula will never know he’s in the prize track”, they seem to forget that TSTO players talk.  After 6 + years, EA would do well to remember…site’s like this one exist.  There are communities of TSTO players out there.  Word travels fast in the world of TSTO.

So I kind of see what EA’s doing.  And I sort of feel bad for them…in away.  Mostly because they’re trying…they’re just failing miserably at it.  Also, TSTO players are pretty temperamental.  We may want something one day…and then once we get it complain that we want to go back to the way things used to be.

I, however, will never complain about crafting disappearing.  I much prefer the option to use your in-game cash to buy items that were once craftables.  Gives cash a sense of purpose.

Of course, EA, we’d prefer if you didn’t have selective hearing when it came to what you did/didn’t listen to from the players.  Because, if you’re really listening to what we’ve been saying…you would bring back the damn Stonecutters daily puzzles!  We’ve only been asking for them to return for 5 years!

Anyway…that’s going to do it for this Halloween edition of Musings!  Hope you guys have a great Halloween…and an even better start to November!  Enjoy your night!

Thoughts? Care to share your own musings on the topic?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. Alissa…this made me think of you

  2. It was nice to just get 60 donuts for an error I didn’t know about. (Not that it really matters – less than 1% of my donuts stash in any of my games).

    Handed out full sized candy bars yesterday. It was nice to see the eyes on the little ones as they viewed the choices. A big favorite was the share sizes M&Ms, next were the Kit Kats. I always wanted to get big size bars when I was a kid, so I thought “Do to others as you would them to do to you”. It was only a little more than the 3 “fun/snack” size bars I would normally give out. (Except CVS had some sales that cut the price in half on snack size ones).

    I hope you all had a good Halloween and a festive Thanksgiving. 🙂

  3. I just got 60 free donuts after an unscheduled update. Don’t know what they fixed but they fixed my donut fix.

  4. Is the donut issue fixed? I missed out on the Monkey Paw lady because I did not get credited donuts when I made the purchase. Do you think they will release it again? Doesn’t make sense how they could not if most didn’t even get the chance.

    • There’s a really good chance they’ll offer all the premiums again the last few days of the event. If not, it may not be around until next Halloween. With all the problems on the donut purchases, possibly Black Friday.

  5. My thoughts and musings.
    I wish EA would STOP bundling older items together that were originally offered as separate items. If you’ve missed out on a certain item but own the item it’s now bundled with, you cannot purchase the wanted item. I’ve been playing 6 years but missed out on Raven Bart when he was first offered. Now I can’t purchase him because he’s bundled with The Bad Dream House I already own. I’m sure there are other incidents like this that are affecting other players as well. It just doesn’t seem fair, when you’ve been a loyal player like I have, to be punished for supporting the game by buying a previous item.

    • Yes! And we can’t even sell back the old “offending” item, in order to ‘qualify’ to buy the new bundle! 🙁

    • I had the same problem and went to easupport. Told them the same thing you did and got The Raven for free. I have done this numerous times since bundling started. I always offer to purchase, however always end up getting the item for free.

      • I’ve just contacted EAsupport. I was on chat for over 30 minutes discussing this problem and also on the phone. Was put on hold for 40 minutes before being told there wasn’t any way possible to be given the Raven or to purchase him without the bundle. I’m glad you were able to get the Raven, but I could not. ☹️

  6. Love all those oldie monsters walking around my town and in the process of creating a monster town with as many visual tasks being seen as possible, groaning very quickly and have loads of castles to use from previous events. TBC lol

  7. Hello everybody, I have a problem I can’t release my characters do you have the same issue ? I got the money and the xp but my characters are lock

    • Store the building they are locked in.

    • Send another character to do a job there and they will all clear. Or take advantage, collect the money, then go to you friends tab and back and collect the money again. And again. Etc. I made about 2 billion doing this, and farmes a loadbof it for 10000 donuts.

  8. I am about an hour away from finishing Act 2. Today I also reached the max in game cash cap. I then bought all available land and saved 36 land tokens. Next I plan on farming Rat Trap Trucks till I reach 100 thousand donuts, I am already over 2/3 of the way there. I plan on soon storing about 500 Lard Lads and selling about 200 KEMs. I will then redesign certain parts of my town. Aloha from Hawaii.

  9. Halloween night:

    Been watching some classic horror films, The Shining & The Omen.


    • gasboss775

      Suspiria (1977)
      Lady Frankenstein (1971)
      Werewolf vs the Vampire Ladies (1973)
      Return of the Living Dead (1986)

      Not many trick or treaters but good content on Roku! 😉🤘

      • I *just* read an article about Suspiria a week or so (ok, maybe a month, lol) ago! :-O

        • jakesyma
          Suspiria (1977)
          It’s a Dario Argento classic
          Not for the squeamish
          That’s why no trailer posted

          But you can complete the Trilogy
          Deep Red (1980)
          Mother of Tears (2007)

  10. I enjoy the old characters coming back. I either get a character I missed, or more donuts to toss at the Yearbook. I don’t farm so donuts are still valuable to me.

    The “dumbed down” events are great too. Not everyone is free to tap all day long. I don’t get breaks at work, I have to log in during bathroom visits, stealing the wifi from a neighboring restaurant. My wife and kid can’t login at all during the day. We all have a chance to finish the prize track now. Not everyone is ultra hardcore. I think EA realizes that. Catering to just the hardcore does more damage to the game than good.

  11. Happy Halloween – Samhain (Samhuinn to my fellow Scottish citizens) it’s more then trick or treating here – this is an actual Solstice celebrated (it’s our El Dia de Los Muertos – which I will also be celebrating tomorrow!) thank goodness for freedom of religion 🎃🔥♥️

    I ♥️ receiving trick or treaters (that’s why I decorate the condo), though I’m guessing parents with kids today only have time for parking lots (things have changed and maybe you youngin’s are overworked now?) ♥️ those kiddy costumes (OMG nephews and niece are going as The Addams Family – gee, who do they take after? (lol!) I wasn’t kidding when I said “handing out Krabby Patties”

    Bah Humbug indeed to whomever thinks Xmas stuff should be in stores now (wait ’til after 🦃 Day, please!) 😅

    Week 1 / Act 1 was “meh” for me (I feel spoiled, been Tapping since 2013!) only because poor choices in Event Prizes that were offered did not encourage Tapping for them! I ♥️ the new Mystery Boxes and new Premiums weekly (that’s reason enough to spend sprinkles we all earn!), but I’m in agreement with Patric – Item Limits need to be increased !! 😉

    So busy in real life that 4 Week Events are fine, but EA needs to change things up (quit using the same 6 Characters over and over!) I don’t miss crafting, especially now that I got a reason to spend all that Simpson’s $ (well, Item Limits make me cranky!) I’ve made the decision to not “meh” over the obvious, appreciate what is there, but I’m not defending EA (they’ve earned getting their you know what ripped into them!) and broken 🍩’s deals means EA isn’t getting real 💰 from me – that’s on them (not me!) 😝

    Maybe this year’s THOH is a late start (maybe Cthulhu was more THOH), but now I have to wonder …. will we get a 🦃 Day in TSTO this year? Will we get an actual Xmas Event? Or will that hamster wheel called EA just drop something with zero thought put in it? 🤔

    In the end, perhaps enough will agree that EA has done some good things this year, but the more bad things we’ve endured in the Game App by EA? The less there is to appreciate. There have been some good decisions by EA, but too many bad decisions (can I stay cranky about Item Limits ’til that is increased?) means not pleasing everyone (ie if you only cater too noobs then long-time Tappers are going to quit the Game App!) 😉

    I prefer Characters and Buildings vs dumb Decor and NPC’s (voiced Characters are cool, but I’ll take funny visual Tasks over that!) I can’t guarantee EA will read what I post here, but I can tell you they’ve definitely responded to me on Twitter!

  12. Happy Halloween. A French Canadian classic we had to learn in grade school. .

    It’s still pretty catchy after all these years

  13. I’m glad that the Bart Screen Of Death seems to have been making less appearances lately!

  14. As long as we are talking about GGR, it might be time to offer the yellow submarine again. I know it has expanded my boardwalk greatly. There are others who missed out on it or have never had a chance to get it. So, for those players, it would be a nice addition. I also wouldn’t mind EA letting me get a second one to double up my chances to get tiles. Lol

    • You can get the yellow submarine in the Yearbook. That’s how I got because I didn’t buy it the first time it was released.

  15. i like it all so far, ever since i started KEM farming the whole game is super easy and i have all the land all the money and just about everything the game has to offer, for an old game like this i think it’s great 🙂 just have fun and spot complaining about a free game

  16. Game money is almost entirely worthless! Millions of dollars, and you can no longer buy land, or anything else! Having all the Characters, skins, etc., adding MORE skins to the 5 or 10 same characters, is meaningless. I agree to more landscape detail, but that use object units? THOT nothing here except few Premium Characters, which I buy immediately.

  17. I miss the darkened landscape and the spooky music playing. Almost like not getting snow in the Christmas event.

  18. If they really were listening, the Golden Goose Realty would have reappeared (poof!) as a prize during this event. So many people missed the boat on that one, and it would make up for a lot of bad juju by just offering it again.🎃

  19. I love the kids’ costumes! They look adorable! Thanks for your comments. I like the four week events. I, too, don’t miss crafting at all. Just happy to have an event! Happy Halloween! 🎃

  20. I would trade all four weeks of free doughnuts (bought it all the first time) for some new houses – – there are more than six colors. How about more cars for those driveways? More than anything, please convey that many of us DESIGN like SimCity. Please think more simply – – – add more textures like gravel, weeds, functional vehicles like dump trucks and pick ups. Consider not adding events packed with characters. I have about 450 people, monsters and npc’s if I let everyone out to play. Finally, I have 2.5 billion game dollars with nothing to buy or very little. I love this game, been here since almost the beginning. I’ll settle for any event, no matter how boring. There are some really very easy changes that most people would appreciate.

  21. Ha ha, had to laugh about Riley & Bo Peeps staff !!!

  22. Thanks for your musings Alissa 😊 I especially agree on the crafting vs. buyable-with-cash debate, since for us old players – nope, been only playing since Oct. 2016. Ahem, for us farmers with lots of dollars, there’s not much to buy 😁

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