Black Friday 2019 Mystery Box Round-Up (Creatures to Men)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

As promised in the rundown post, here’s the list of what’s inside each Mystery Box.  Also noted are if the items are in the Yearbook Box or if they’re duplicated in another box for a lower cost.

There’s A LOT of details in the post, so I’m just going to get right to it…

(Also, there was no simple way to do this on my end, so this post took a TON of time to put together.  So, please don’t expect/demand I write a post like this for every single mystery box that hits the game in the future.)

As I’ve noted below each box, * denotes the item is in the Yearbook Mystery Box.  Remember, the Yearbook Mystery Box costs 30 donuts.  So items in the first 3 boxes are a better deal for Black Friday than in the Yearbook Box.

Box 1: Creatures Mystery Box– 15

Item In Another Black Friday Box for less?
Burns Dragon’s Pile of Treasure 
w/Burns Dragon
Burns Dragon’s Pile of Treasure       
w/Burns Dragon and Wizard Lisa
Cat Bus* N
Chippy* N
Crap Silo       
Dilophosaurus (NPC) N
Fatov* N
Frog Prince N
Guinea Pig Rescue Center
w/Pokey (*Pokey only.  No rescue center in Yearbook Box)
Imaginary Bear (NPC)* N
Pro Shop 
w/Space Coyote*
Spotlight Dance Bot * N
Springfield Pet Shop
w/Jub-Jub and
Chirpy Boy & Bart Junior(petshop with Jub only available in Yearbook Box, no Chirpy Boy)
Springy (NPC)* N
Treestache’s Grove 
w/Treestache and Magic Act Milhouse
Wiggops’ Station
Wiggops’ Station 
w/Wiggops and Wizard Bart
Yard Work Simulator 

*denotes available in Yearbook Mystery Box

Box 2: Bronze Mystery Box- 20 

Item In Another Black Friday Box for less?
Abandoned Store N
Banana Dictatorship* N
Blocko Store* N
Candy Kevin* N
Donut Truck* N
Dragon Bundle*
(Red, White, and Yellow)
Drone (NPC)* N
Duff Racer* N
Fake Toll Booth* N
Guitar Central* N
Hot Springs* N
Inflatable Gorilla and Baboons* N
Macaroni’s Shed* N
Mr. Sparkle* Y, Creatures Box
Old West Sign* N
Piece of Crap Car N
Prospector (NPC)* N
Quick & Fresh* N
Stunt Bike* N
T-Ball Stand* N
Water Show Fountain* N

*denotes available in Yearbook Mystery Box

Box 3: Alter Egos Mystery Box-20 

Item In Another Black Friday Box for less?
Astronaut Barney N
Balance Beam and Gymnastics Lisa* N
Ballet Ralph N
Bare Chested Willie* N
Barney’s Bowlarama and Barney
and Astronaut Barney* (Bowlarama only in YB Box)
Bartman* N
Bart’s Casino and Casino Boss Bart N
Baseball Jasper N
Beer Stein Wiggum* N
Boxing Drederick Tatum N
Burns Casino and Reclusive Mr. Burns N
Camera Hat Homer* N
Captain Bob* N
Clobber Girl* N
Coat of Foxes Krusty* N
Cool Brown House and Cool Homer* N
Devil Flanders* N
Fireman Apu and Homer* N
Football Nelson* N
Gorgeous Grampa* N
Kamp Krusty and Kamp Bart* N
Kung Fu Comic Book Guy N
Magic Act Milhouse N
Moog* N
Mr. Plow* N
Ninja Homer and Practice Snake* N
Number 85* N
Opera Krusty* N
Outlands Simpson House
and Outlands Maggie
Pharaoh Throne
and Pharaoh Skinner*
Pin Pal Apu* N
Plow King* N
Prairie Maggie* N
Prepper Lindsey Naegle* N
Reclusive Mr. Burns N
Referee Homer* N
Rock Neon Sign and Rockin’ Otto N
Rollerskate Smithers* N
Saxophone Lisa* N
School Bus and Otto &
Rock Neon Sign and Rockin’ Otto
Shadow Knight’s Throne
and Shadow Knight*
Soccer Lisa* N
Softball Mr. Burns N
Tennis Marge N
The Castle of Equalia
and Queen Helvetica*
Tuxedo Krusty* N

*denotes available in Yearbook Mystery Box

Box 4: Retail Mystery Box- 50 

Item In Another Black Friday Box for less?
Abercombie and Rich N
Bookaccino’s* N
Claus Co* N
Costington’s and Mr. Costington* N
Donut Store* N
Gas and Grub N
Hammock District* N
It’s a Wonderful Knife and Gino* N
Knot What it Seams N
Lotto ‘n’ Liquor and Dewey Largo* N
Mapple Store* N
Nick’s Bowling Shop and The Other Nick’s Bowling Shop N
Ordanace Express N
Sportacus* N
Sprawl-Mart* N
Springfield Farmers Market N
Springfield Mall N
Sequel Stop* N
Stoner’s Pot Palace* N
Things Unnecessary N
Try-N-Save* N
You Only Own Twice N

*denotes available in Yearbook Mystery Box

Box 5: Imports Mystery Box- 50

Item In Another Black Friday Box for less?
Arc de Triomphe* N
Asia de Cuba* N
Chateau Maison* N
Cristo of Springfield* N
Dante Calabresi Sr and Jr N
Fiesta Terrace and Jacuqes* N
Filthy Angels Orphanage and Ronaldo* N
Florence of Arabia and Princess Kashmir* N
Fortune Megastore and Arthur Fortune* N
Hammock District* Y, Retail Box
Magic Station* N
Mexican Duffman (with Duff Brewery, Duffman and Lady Duff)* N
Mr. Sparkle* Y, Creatures Box
Pharaoh Guard (NPC) N
Plato’s Republic Casino and Johnny Tightlips* N
Pont du Gard* N
Royal Tokyo* N
St. Paul’s Basilica and the Pope* N
The Happy Sumo and Akira* N
The Rich Texan* N
Westminster Abbey and Chaucer and Wilde* N

*denotes available in Yearbook Mystery Box

Box 6: Silver Mystery Box- 50 

Item In Another Black Friday Box for less?
Baby Gerald* N
Duff Statue of Liberty* N
Fancy Farms* N
Father Sean* N
First Bank of Springfield* N
Havana Private Home* N
Helter Shelter* N
Hugs Bunny* N
Ice Cream Truck and Ice Cream Homer* N
Lobster Island* N
Maison Derriere and Belle* N
Mojo the Helper Monkey* N
Powers House and Laura* N
Springfield Glenne Condos* N
Wilted Rose* N

*denotes available in Yearbook Mystery Box

Box 7: Hidden Agenda Mystery Box- 60 

Item In Another Black Friday Box for less?
Adil Hoxha* N
All Seeing Eye* N
Café Kafka* N
Crouching Panda Hidden Egg Roll* N
Cypress Creek Elementary* N
Death Table and James Bont N
EPA Hoverjet* N
Femme Fatale* N
Fit Tony N
Mastermind Hank Scorpio and Globex Balloon N
Mastermind Hank Scorpio, Globex Balloon, Volcano Lair & Hank N
Primo N
Republican Party HQ* N
Russ Cargill* N
Scotland Yard and Jack the Ripper N
Stoner’s Pot Palace* Y, Retail
Stradivarius Cain N
The Nag and Weasel and Guy Incognito* N
Wayne Slater N

*denotes available in Yearbook Mystery Box

Box 8: Youngsters Mystery Box- 60

Item In Another Black Friday Box for less?
Adil Hoxha* Y, Hidden Agenda
Dodgeball Court and Erik* N
Filthy Angels Orphanage and Ronaldo* Y, Imports
Hootenanny Barn and Luke* N
It’s a Wonderful Knife and Gino* Y, Retail
Juvenile Correction Facility and Jeremy* N
Kearney’s Other Son* N
Lovejoy Residence and Jessica* N
Magic Academy Library and Angelica Button N
Patches and Poor Violet* N
Power’s House and Laura Powers* Y, Silver
Preparatory School and Greta* N
Sherri and Terri* N
Sophie Krustofsky* N
Springfield Opry House and Mary Spuckler* N
STEM Conference Center and Brendan Beiderbecke* N
Taylor House and Allison* N
The Hungry Hun and Uter* N
Yard Work Simulator and C.H.U.M.* Y, Creatures
Zip Zap and Za and Wendell* N

*denotes available in Yearbook Mystery Box

Box 9: Women Mystery Box- 60

Item In Another Black Friday Box for less?
Apu’s Apartment and Manjula* N
Ayn Rand School for Tots and Mrs. Sinclair N
Cracker Factory and Luann* N
Crazy Cat House and Crazy Cat Lady* N
Femme Fatale* Y, Hidden Agenda
Florence of Arabia and Princess Kashmir* Y, Imports
Ginger Flanders and Amber Simpson N
Italian Villa and Francesca* N
Itchy’s 70’s Disco and Tina Ballerina* N
Maison Derriere and Belle* Y, Silver
Malibu Stacy HQ and Stacy* N
Motherloving Sugar Co and Diabetty* N
President Lisa N
Shary Bobbins* N
Shauna* N
Sleep Eazy Motel and Miss Springfield* N
Springfield Hyperstadium and Rockstar Maggie* N
Springfield Opry House and Mary Spuckler* Y, Youngsters
Taylor House and Allison Taylor* Y, Youngsters
The Peak Inn and Lyla* N

*denotes available in Yearbook Mystery Box

Box 10: Decoration Mystery Box- 70 

Item In Another Black Friday Box for less?
Chinese Junk* N
Easter Island God* N
Ferris Wheel* N
Five Corners* N
Gone Fission* N
Little Lady Justice* N
Old Mine* N
Radstation Air Fortress* N
Rolling Rock* N
Satan’s Anvil* N
Satellite Station* N
Simpson Houseboat* N
Stonecutter Table* N
The Mayflower* N
Training Plane* N
Yellow Submersible* N

*denotes available in Yearbook Mystery Box

Box 11: Cyber Mystery Box- 75 

Item In Another Black Friday Box for less?
Big Digi Ben* N
Electric Car Bundle (Blue, Yellow and Red)* N
Elysium Project* N
Frink’s Lab, Frink and Lady Bot N
Future-Proofed Home and Lady Bot N
Giant Robot* N
President Lisa Y, Women
Rocket to Your Doom* N
Soul Extraction Institute and Robo Burns/Doggy Smithers* N
The Homer* N
Truckasaurus* N

*denotes available in Yearbook Mystery Box

Box 12: Character Mystery Box- 80

Item In Another Black Friday Box for less?
Brandine* N
ESBN Sports Desk with Anger Watkins* N
Ginger Flanders and Amber Simpson Y, Women
Italian Villa and Francesca* Y, Women
Jimbo* N
Krustylu Studios and Sideshow Mel* N
Ling Bouvier* N
Lucius Sweet N
Motherloving Sugar Co. and Diabetty* Y, Women
Powell Moters and Herb* N
Rocket Car and Lampwick* N
Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers and Lucille* N
Shary Bobbins* Y, Women
Shauna* Y, Women
Sleep Eazy and Miss Springfield* Y, Women
Sophie Krustofsky* Y, Youngsters
Springfield Coliseum and Tatum* N
The Wiccans* N
Unfinished Shed and Chester* N

*denotes available in Yearbook Mystery Box

Box 13: Great Outdoors Mystery Box- 80

Item In Another Black Friday Box for less?
Bear Cave* N
Carl’s Dad Caverns N
Golf Course* N
Half-Pipe* N
Kamp Krusty and Kamp Bart* Y, Alter Ego
Kwik-E-Mart Central Office* N
Mount Carlmore* N
Murderhorn* N
Springfield Hunting Supplies* N
Springfield Sign* N
Springfield Gorge* N
Sugarloaf Mountain* N
Tailgate* N
The Scoutmaster* N

*denotes available in Yearbook Mystery Box

Box 14: Building Mystery Box- 80

Item In Another Black Friday Box for less?
Bastille N
Beach House* N
Blarney Castle* N
Column Mansion* N
Crouching Panda, Hidden Egg Roll* Y, Hidden Agenda
Duff Center Arena* N
Incubator Think Tank* N
King Homer’s Skyscraper* N
La Belle Frottage* N
Little Lisa’s Recycling Plant* N
Moe’s House* N
Rio Days-Inn-Ero* N
Rocket to Your Doom* Y, Cyber
Royal Tokyo* Y, Imports
Simpson Laser Tag* N
Springfield Greenhouse* N
Wholesome and Sons Publishing* N

*denotes available in Yearbook Mystery Box

Box 15: Men Mystery Box- 80

Item In Another Black Friday Box for less?
Ajax Steel Mill and Roscoe* N
Barney’s Bowlarama and Barney* Y, Alter Egos
Blackbeard* N
Circle of Death and Meathook* N
Dr Nick* N
First Class Louge and Wheels* N
Ghost Pirate Airship and Blackbeard* N
Jay G’s Mansion, Pool, Jay G and Goosius* N
Jazzhole and Bleeding Gums* N
Jesse Grass* N
Luagash’s Gym and Lugash* N
Master Hypnotist Tent and Sven  N
Moe’s Express, Larry and Sam N
Outland Sign and Mountain Man* N
Poppa Wheelie’s and Ramrod* N
Powell Motors and Herb Powell* Y, Characters
Raoul’s Penthouse and Raoul* N
Retro Lard Lad and Laird Ladd* N
Springfield Coliseum and Tatum* Y, Characters
Springfield Community Center and Jasper* N
Springfield Historical Society and Hollis* N
Stu’s Disco and Disco Stu* N

*denotes available in Yearbook Mystery Box

Thoughts on the breakdown?  Did you have all the boxes available in your game?  Which were you missing?  What will you purchase?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

95 responses to “Black Friday 2019 Mystery Box Round-Up (Creatures to Men)

  1. Wait for the men mystery box I have a “Moe’s House” with no character. Do I already have the character or is this just a glitch?

  2. Thank you! Now, why do all of my boxes cost 10 more 🍩 than what you listed? Am I getting screwed?!

  3. I have all of the boxes except for the Gold Box. Does this mean I have all the items already or does the Gold Box come out sometime later?

  4. Where can I find the Gold Box? All of the other boxes are showing up but the gold box isn’t.

  5. I can use my 1 golden coin to buy 12 donuts. 🙂

    • discipledeep

      Yes, and you can do it again with one of the Event Prizes (another Gold Token) while Farming 🍩’s on the side (just Farmed 120 in 2 Days) 😀👍🏻

  6. I am missing ALL the boxes.. I don’t have any of them… All I want is the different fighter sets for the CIVIL WAR stage.!!!! is that toooo much to ask for??
    PS — The splash screen, the white turkey has a messed up left leg… (mistake)

  7. Am I the only one who does not appear Mrs. Sinclair in the box? I will never get it 🙁

    • If you have the school for tots you won’t see it, it’s now a combo item.

      • I realised there were two characters in the mystery boxes that weren’t showing for me because I already had the associated buildings. I contacted EA through technical support and they added Mrs Sinclair and the Lady Bot to my Springfield!

        Hopefully knowing this will help someone here out too – sorry if it’s already been flagged, I haven’t read all of the comments!

    • I have exactly the same problem. I have the building, but not the character. This situation also happened to me last year.

  8. All I want is Golden Goose Realty 😔

    • Marc Hudson

      I am really surprised EA hasn’t brought it back (they could ask for 300 🍩’s again , it would be sprinkles worth spending) – I got all of the Land available, it’s just Item Limits (EA is failing this Game App by not increasing this!) 🤬

  9. I started hard core farming last year & bought everything in the black Friday 2018 boxes.

    This year, only 1 item to buy in Black Friday 2019, basicaly game over for me.

    Have fun playing!

  10. I had a single item available in 4 mystery boxes and purchased it immediately. Also picked up all other premium stuff available during the event.

    Anything for a new quest.

    I will say though that once you complete the Yearbook mystery box, the regular Black Friday Mystery boxes lose a little bit of their luster.

  11. Basically, unless it’s less than 30 donuts, don’t bother since it’s in the Yearbook.

  12. To repeat what almost everybody has been saying here (sans the people saying TSTO is ending, haha):

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!!! It’s 100% clear to all of us how much work is involved with this, and considering we are all here, we obviously wouldn’t be doing it on our own! So thank you for this amazing resource. It’s especially helpful to list what is and is not available in the yearbook!

    And as an aside, and also repeating what others have said, I hope you feel better!

  13. I’m hoping someone might know the answer to a question that has been plaguing me for well over a year now.

    Back during the days of the rollback glitch, I got hit and lost about 6 weeks of game progress. Most of the buildings/characters I was able to reclaim either through future events or the Yearbook.

    The only thing I’m still missing is Mexican Duffman. I see that he’s listed in Mystery Box #5, but he’s never shown up in my Yearbook (my Yearbook is empty). I read the SIB for Mexican Duffman, and it looks like you could purchase him individually, but is he tied to a building? I’m wondering if there’s a building I could store and have him magically come back to my game, or am I doomed to always have that one missing character? (I know, I know…first-world problems.)

    As it is now, I don’t have the character, but he never shows up for re-purchase.


    • He’s bundled with lady duff and duffman in the boxes

      • Interesting…so if I already have both of them, there’s no way to get just Mexican Duffman, I suppose. Thanks for the info and also for putting together the list of mystery box items!!!

        • Same counts for Lady Bot in the Frink or Future Home bundle… any chance EA will change this (on request)?

          • No they won’t. I messaged with customer support and they just told me that she wasn’t available. They didn’t plan this well

            • Thanx for the feedback!!! That is quite annoying then, Sitzung in the donuts knowing there are characteres left one will most likely never be able to geht … :-/

  14. TSTO is coming to a end with everyone kem farming. We all had a good run. I’ve played the game from day one and been a fan of this site as a very big addicts fan. It’s been fun. But I can’t imagine EA or any business will run a company for free?

    • 🥱 anyone have a new line to say TSTO is coming to an end? I’ve been hearing this one since 2016…

      For this thinking of a new TSTO is ending line, here were the others we’ve heard (for reference, so you don’t repeat): before donut farming it was “they’re out of ideas” and before that it was “mobile games don’t last, no one will be playing this in 6 months”.

      Meanwhile…it’s 2019, almost 2020. This game launched in 2012. It’s still here. Despite everyone saying it’s ending, basically since it started.

  15. Thanks Allisa for your hard work.

    Personally I liked the fact that all the retail buildings are in a box as I’m building up a new town centre area in my Springfield and need new shops. If I go to the yearbook box I have a 20 % chance of getting it for 30 🍩 but on average I’ll be paying 40 to 60 🍩 and probably getting other stuff I don’t want whereas with the retail box it is guaranteed I’ll get the sort of buildings I’m looking for at a fixed price. I admit this is a very specific situation and in general the yearbook box is probably still the better way to go.

    • Thank you for the detailed list info.

      I bought the six items from my first box. I was waiting for the other boxes to appear, so I thought I’d check with the addicts. Apparently, no more boxes for me. That’s fine, there’s already a lot of stuff in my Springfield.

  16. I don’t have Treestache available probably because I already have Magic Milhouse

    • It is a mistake that EA already knows. But that does not pretend to fix.

      • It’s not a mistake. It’s a combo they’ve offered. Plenty of items are combo items like this, it’s unfortunate for those who have 1 item and not the other, but it’s not a mistake.

  17. This whole list is amazing and helpful. I am missing a woman’s box and creatures box. My kids box has only one kid. I may pick up the alter egos since they are so cheap but I never use the skins in the game except for Ralph Wiggum tap dancing and the Kang and modi’s spreading glitter around town with Smithers and being a pirate.

  18. So much effort for our benefit. Thank you.

  19. Hey, thanks for all your time doing this. I’ve only been in the game since last February, and – despite all the “the game is DOOOOMED” negativity here, it’s a good place for in-depth info. And general good-natured-ness.

    • You won’t hear it from me lol eternal optimist 😀

    • nice to see a fellow player from around the same time! believe i started this february, lol.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Yeah some people just can’t kick back and relax. I understand that it is harder for old timers like me since we have a lot of the old items already. But there are still some nice items to get with this event.

      I need some new stores to fill out my town, and I see a lot of new things so I am happy with the event.

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