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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s that time of the week again, time for the Addicts Weekly Open Thread!  So, let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part, you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So, here is your Open Thread…..

No new Simpsons tonight.  In America the NFL playoffs are on instead.   But did you watch last week’s episode? Thoughts?

Nothing new in TSTO. Abe’s in Toyland ended,  but wasn’t removed.  Can we expect to see an update this week?

How’s your designing coming?  What are you doing with your town? Did you take a photo of your Springfield in the snow? Share some photos in the comments below! (If you need a refresher on how to add photos to the comments check out this post)   

And finally, how was your weekend?  Do anything fun and exciting?

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, or anything else you can think of! (Just no politics, it never ends well)  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!

66 responses to “Addicts Open Thread

  1. Attention Everyone!
    I figured out a work around to the problem of being unable to tap some of your neighbors that does not require Tagging.
    It is simple, and you too can easily do it.

  2. Enjoying watching the 1st of 30 seasons on Disney.+ At 1 a day, I’ll be busy the next year…something to keep me entertained while waiting for an update.

    Almost to max the cash out…hopefully this week!

  3. Can anyone tell me why my game reverted back to the Halloween event? My town is also as it was 3 months ago. Has this happened to anyone else? Thx

  4. Any idea if they’ll ever bring back Golden Goose Realty? I wasn’t able to get it the first time, and now I have no land available for all the crap I have. I need land tokens!!!

  5. any idea when we’ll lose the snow? I have so much decorating to do.

  6. Uggh, Bart screen-of-death is back in my game!!! I went so long without it too!!!

    • Kathryn D Soukup

      Yeah, I’m getting that now, too. But only when donut farming using rat mobiles . I can only buy 10 at a time.

  7. sup everyone.. 😉 to start.. I haven’t watched most or any of the new Simpsons Eps. It doesn’t feel much like the old Golden Era of the Simpsons. So yeah, the game is still clickable, playable, not so much fun as before, but addicting none the less. I would like to design it all over again, but lack the time or energy to do it, hopefully some positive changes are made to the game…

    Life is going well, kid seems to be getting over some allergies, so that’s nice.. the Niners won!! hopefully they don’t sell out like the last super bowl they were in… am still drawing, practicing and trying to get better. my neighbors in TSTO still not showing up.. sorry for not visiting you guys.

  8. I’m happy with the lack of event right now. I Donut farmed pretty hard during the last event in order to grab Santa, Krusty the Christian, Aaron Burr, and did a few pulls from the Mystery Box and Yearbook. It got me up to level 939 finally but meant that all of my Money went to KEMs and Rat Traps. So, I’m using the event-less time to allow my XP Collider to turn off and concentrate on using my money to buy the things I’m still missing – like the most expensive land and my few remaining Aspirational Buildings.

    But there’s one thing that I’m missing that I can’t buy. I’ve been playing since just before the Simpsons Babies event and I’m at level 939 and I still don’t have Sideshow Bob! The “Flaw and Order” quest hasn’t started! Gah! Start, darn you!

    Anyway, I’m still enjoying the game but it’s nice to have more of a break from it since the end of the event. Eventually, I’ll unlock everything. But, for now, I can slow down.

  9. Well the lingering Christmas splash screen is really bumming me out and has me wondering if EA is going to give me something worth my time. I really hope they up the item limit. I only have space for about 20 items and I keep that open for Rat Trap Trucks to farm donuts.
    Also, I really miss visiting friends’ towns and seeing that friends have visited me. If EA gets that sorted, I’ll spend some time trimming friends that are no longer active from my list and adding new ones.
    Here’s hoping we get a pleasant surprise this week.

  10. Hope everyone is having a good start to 2020! For me, I think it has to be better than 2019. Enjoying the little Simpsons time off. Didn’t think the Christmas event was very exciting or imaginative. As far as music goes, I am listening to a lot of Jefferson Airplane (particularly “White Rabbit”) and the excellent new Echosmith album Lonely Generation.

  11. My game reverted back to the Halloween event! My money, placement of buildings; even Halloween characters are back. Right now my mission is to unlock the huge green blob of a homer… funny thing is I always have him walking around my town. Man what’s up with this game. I still like it, yet it used to be magical.

  12. If EA are so Tapped Out on ideas, they should just give us another go at Clash of Clans. That was one of my favourite events. Surely the code is still in there somewhere?

  13. Been traveling so haven’t been able to check out the feed like normal. With the Abe event, I have been unable to tap friends on a regular basis… really odd as then tapability does not reset after 24 hours. Game tells me it’s ok but no buildings are available. Random as some friends are available… have heard others complain too. Thanks for any advice any of you have!

    • I’ve had that issue for a couple months. I can see my neighbors are active but there’s nothing to tap—for over half my neighbors. Sure hope EA gets this fixed soon. I’ve had a number of emails from support, but none of their suggestions worked and I’m hesitant to let them roll my game back.

  14. Happy Sunday y’all…

    Random songs for a Sunday

    1. Tom Petty “Fault Lines”
    2. Marilyn Manson “The Nobodies”
    3. Pet Shop Boys “Liberation” (E Smoove 12″ Mix)
    4. Most Precious Blood “A Danger To Myself And Others”
    5. Youngblood Brass Band “To Come Together and Leave Alone”
    6. Motörhead “Dead Men Tell No Tales” (live)
    7. Bee Gees “Don’t Wanna Live Inside Myself”
    8. Carpenters “Ave Maria”
    9. Pink Floyd “Several Species Of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together In a Cave and Grooving With a Pict”
    10. NYC Gay Men’s Chorus “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” (live)
    11. Tribes Of Neurot “Proliferation”
    12. Bangels “Between the Two”
    13. Macy Gray “Blowin’ Up Yr Speakers”
    14. Baul Shah Abdul Karim “Ami Kul Hara”
    15. The Turtles ‘Can I Go On”
    16. Common “Sum Shit I Wrote”
    17. Tom Pretty And The Heartbreakers “Walls (No. 3)”
    18. Duke Ellington “Searching (Pleading For Love)”
    19. Dee Dee King “I Want What I When I Want It”
    20. R.E.M. “Rotary Ten”
    21. Ministry “The Horror”
    22. Diana Ross “No One’s Gonna Be a Fool Forever”
    23. Mickey Hart/Airto/Flora Purim “Mickey Hart and Feed Lieberman PHD On Recording Dafos”
    24. They Might Be Giants “Yeah, The Deranged Millionaire”
    25. Yaz “Nobody’s Diary”

  15. Sorry. Still enjoying the holiday event. Have the homer Santa flying in his sleigh. Favorite event was my first play when you let presents in you neighbor’s town. Yes, I love Christmas. 🎄

  16. The game always used to revert back to normal after an event. I assumed they set it to do that automatically. Hopefully they take away the snow, Christmas icon and splash screen soon.

    • I want the snow to stay until late Spring…. Besides, I need to still get through a pile of Homer’s quests, so no rush for another event for me.

      Just assigned Homer to a 24 hour task for a quest. That should mean another event requiring him starts in about an hour. Sigh. Like washing your car to make it rain.

  17. I stopped playing for a few months about a year and a half ago. I was kinda mad because I got some sort of time glitch and the issue couldn’t be fixed. I still have all the problems that it left but I still like collecting all the items and characters, so I just deal with it. I miss being able to tap on the character pic in the top left corner and taking me to the character. I have 262 characters. If it weren’t for the character list in the town hall, I may not have come back. Too hard to find everyone. I miss the big tapping radius, the giant redwood, the money pile, the chili mini game, and the extra donuts to be earned for building monorail pieces.

  18. Well there goes a another New Year’s resolution blacked out on a Tuesday now it’s Sunday .

    See ya bye . 👽

  19. My old device broke yesterday so I got a new one. I am bummer that I lost this app. Will the app ever be available again?


    • Which app?? TSTO is downloadable from the App Store…. The Simpsons Tapped Out

    • I find that keeping TSTO up high on the Favorites page in my browser (Safari on an iPhone) is much easier to use than the app ever was. Right next to it is TSTO Yearbook page and TSTO Bonus page, both really useful when deciding whether or not to go for items in mystery boxes and the yearbook. So they are all there together with their nice icon of the Addicts.

    • Are you sure the app can’t be downloaded from your account? I’m on an iPhone, and if I purchased it or downloaded for free, it’s there somewhere in my iTunes account. The same may be true for other phone species.

      If that’s true for your device, your only problem will be if it doesn’t work in your system since it’s not being updated.

  20. And now, time for
    Something completely different
    (And not Monty Python)

    For those who have a larger base of experience, who have a wealth of ‘having seen numerous New Years’

    Back around 1965, I had a ‘toy’ that was a heating element mold.
    I would mix up a plastic polymer solution, place it in the heated mold, and after several minutes …
    My bendable toy soldier would be baked and ready to be painted. If I recall correctly, I could even place some ‘florist wire’ in the mold and it would allow the finished product to be ‘posed’ , to hold shape.

    Someone out here remember this? Know the name?
    I think there may have been a girls version.

    • Google Kenners electric mold master.

      I am sure this would get a five star safety rating today.

      • Thanks. This ‘could’ be it.
        I seem to recall the mold was composed of two halves. Fill the bottom half, place the top/lid, and the flexible rubber expanded.
        And I remember reedy crawly bugs other versions could make.

        And you are correct. The toy would definitely fail safety ratings.
        OTOH, I once had a Dick Tracy snub nosed cap gun (that looked lifelike) that fired plastic bullets.

        Life was simpler 55 years ago.

    • I remember my brothers having something like this and you could also make bugs but I don’t recall the name of it .

      See ya bye . 👽

    • I don’t remember that one. I do remember incredible edibles so you could make creepy crawly things you could eat. Also, ones where you could make plastic flowers and bugs/insects (non-edible) My cousins had one where you made arms and legs and heads that fit onto pencils. They had the glow in the dark solution stuff so we would put them up on our light fixture for a while then put them on our pencils and turn off the lights. I was about 7 then, so to me it was really cool!

    • Yep! I burned myself quite a bit with that toy. It was a “Thing Maker” and they had rubber bugs you could make “Creepy Crawlers” and I had square patterns called “Pick a Do’s.” Yeah, I have a pretty amazing long term memory.. but don’t ask me what I had for lunch yesterday…

    • Oh…. and one more thing… the liquid plastic you would squeeze out of a bottle came in different colors. It was called “Plasticgoop”

    • I had a similar toy called Vac-U-Form that had a flat plastic sheet you softened over a heating element and then swung it on top of a mold, clamped it until it set, then removed it and painted the newly formed shell. Again, totally unsafe for today’s kids.

    • Kathryn D Soukup

      We had a Creepy Crawlers bug maker around that time. We loved it! But one time we got in trouble for something (not related to the creepy crawler) and we were sent to bed without dinner. My sister snuck into the kitchen and took a couple of eggs and we tried to cook them in the Creepy Crawler! Needless to say, my parents came running because of the awful smell. And we ruined the bug maker!

  21. I’m a tapper for about 3 years. Have plenty of money/donuts and have got all the characters that I can. I have however of course missed out on all the early events before I started. I would love to have a mystery box for say 50 or 100 donuts where you the prize is you get start the questline from a mini event you haven’t done. This would open up the premium content that came with the event which would get me spending more donuts and keep tapping more often. With EA struggling for ideas I think this would be great to fill in down time as well as filling in gaps for players that haven’t been involved the full 7 years of tapped out. A couple of years ago I got to do the space event and the chilli 🌶 one I still think they were a highlight and a great bonus to do.

    • I can’t remember how long I’ve been playing. My favorite event i think was the first or second Halloween event. It was when ghosts possessed the characters and you had to tap on them to set the ghosts free and collect them. I thought the animation was really cool.

  22. Rusty Shackleford

    Looks the game is glitching again for me with lots of Bart screens popping up.

    Has anyone tried The Sims mobile or Freeplay on iPad? Are they good games? Maybe it’s time for a change.

    • I’m spending a lot more time with SimCity Buildit….they even have rain and the day changes to night and all the lights come on! Its also has 360 degree views of everything as well as changes in pitch. Not the same kind of game as TSTO…not character driven at all…but if you’re into designing, this may help fill the empty spot left by “item limit design withdrawl”😆.

      • Tried SimCity for a few months during tsto slow period last year but lost interest. I think it was the lack of character tasks. Without them it felt like monotonous Springfield heights currency grinding. Designing was better with 360 view but nit enough to keep my interest.

  23. Missing all my friends. Thanks to those who are still tagging those few available places in my town. I’m still trying to visit you everyday. EA you are killing this game little by little! 😢

  24. Missing my neighbors too, hope the glitch is fixed soon. I saw Lisa driving a small. red toy car in a friend’s town, but cannot find any info about it here. Does anyone know it’s name , history and if it can be still be purchased?

    • It’s a 4 hour task for her without a skin called “ride old school”

    • That’s Lisa’s Car (or to be exact Lisa’s Kiddie Car). It was from an episode tie in from 4 years ago. I don’t believe it has returned since. The task is called “Ride Old School” and is a 4 hour task for Lisa which only shows up if you have her car placed..

  25. Happy Sunday kiddies!
    Really missing my neighbors. Fix the glitch!

  26. This morning it rained Donuts in my Springfield. Probably a glitch.

  27. Happy tapping all 😁 have a great week

  28. $4.281 Billion!
    In ~6 hours, I’ll collect another $5 million from characters already on quests and then 12 hours later $13 million from my 24 hour GOD task.

    Tomorrow morning!
    I’m there!

  29. Happy Sunday everyone!

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