Musings About The State of TSTO

Happy Musings Thursday my friends! I’m back with another musings post for you.  I’ve got some thoughts, so let’s get to ’em…

So this week we’ve got, yet another, down week in Tapped Out.  The latest event ended, and nothing new replaced it.  Fun, right?

Games are supposed to be fun, and all this downtime lately is no fun.  If a game isn’t fun, is it even a game?  Or are we all, at this point, just playing out of pure muscle memory?

On that note, I wanted to spend some time this week talking about the state of TSTO.

Yea, the game is still alive and kicking…but the state of TSTO is not strong.  Not by any measure.

I feel like the state of TSTO has been a bit on the decline for a while now.  Really Tapped Out hit its peak in 2015 and ever since then it’s been in a slow, gradual decline.  With a little less effort with each update.

It’s like EA has dumbed this game down so much over the last few years that we’ve all turned into mindless zombies.  You know the zombies we used to have to squish on Halloween…

I’ve seen members of this community comment for a while now, that with all the downtime they’ve started a new Springfield.  Starting over fresh from level 1.  And they’re remembering how much fun this game used to be.  Back with things were slightly challenging, time-consuming, and before EA started dumbing things down.

To those who haven’t started a new game, try to think back to when you first started TSTO.  To how those early levels slowly built up your Tapped Out Addiction.  How exciting it was to finally reach a new level and unlock a new character.  Or how infuriating it was when you unlock a new level, but not have enough in-game cash to buy the building. So you’d have to grind it out and wait to get there.

Updated Note: Seems there might be a little confusion here…I’m NOT advocating to start a new town here.  I’m simply using the fact that those who after started a new town during this downtime as a way to connect the new to the old…in TSTO terms. To compare the way things are when you first start TSTO to how they are now, as you max out levels and having nothing to do but wait for new content.  
Again, I’m NOT suggesting starting a brand new Springfield.  (unless of course, you want to)  It’s not something I plan to do or even want to do.  

Sure, things are easy in TSTO now.  There’s no shortage of cash.  Heck, new buildings don’t even cost cash.  There’s no issue with build times, as important buildings are generally instant builds, or take (at most) 4hrs.

Everything these days is tap this, wait 4 hours, clear it, unlock a prize and move on.  And with the addition of Donut Farming things seem even easier!  After all, there’s nothing donuts can’t do in Springfield!

So yea, it’s easy now but is it fun?  Which is more exciting:  those lower levels where you struggled to earn enough cash to unlock buildings and characters?  Or the game now, where everything is pretty much handed to you in 4-hour cycles?

My friends, the state of TSTO is not strong.  It’s not even a little bit strong.  The state of TSTO is weak.  Very, very weak.  And while I’m not ready to give up on it, I fear if EA doesn’t break this cycle of weakness soon they never will.

Sorry to be such a downer in this post.

The good news is, we’re still getting updates.  There’s still new content and characters in TSTO, and that will never get old. (at least not to me)

We should, hopefully, be getting a new update next week.  Fingers crossed EA has been listening to us the last year and has made some significant modifications to the gameplay.  I’ll cross my fingers, but I won’t hold my breath.

On another note, with regards to this site….I want to hear from you. With things in TSTO being slow and monotonous, what would you like to see from us here at Addicts?  What kind of content would excite you, from us?   More posts about the game?  Should we take time out each week to discuss other topics beyond The Simpsons?  Give me some ideas, content you’d like to see and I’ll see what I can do.

Oh, and another note.  For those of you who didn’t listen/watch the last Addicts Live.  I’m heading to Florida and I’ll be spending the next week in Disney World with my kiddos.  My access to TSTO, and my computer, will be pretty limited.  So if an update hits next week, I’ll do my best to give you some information.  But don’t expect my usual detailed posts until I get back.  As my kiddos get older it’s harder and harder to do blog stuff while on vacation.  So my apologies in advance for the potential lack of detailed posts…if a new update hits.

So, that’s it from me.  Another Thursday rambling.  Thanks for reading along and being on this TSTO journey with me for all these years!  I look forward to seeing your content ideas!

Thoughts?  What do you think the state of TSTO is?  Think EA will listen?  Think we’ll see more of the same?  Worried you’re being a muscle memoried TSTO Zombie?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. EA ruined the structure of the game when they introduced the xp collider. Levels were something to work towards when there was no event going on. They realised this total blunder and removed levels after seeing players leveling up too fast. I still enjoy the game, and don’t donut farm as I do not require everything that EA puts in the game. Thank you to this site for all the information that you supply us with.

  2. Great post! I hope you are having a GREAT time this week on vacation! I started playing TSTO with the Tap Ball event (I think that coincided with summer Olympics one year). Yes it was FUN! Different events had different nuisances.. Tap Ball had the complete against another character and I believe something with your neighbor? One Halloween event was tell a spooky story around a campfire, then the airport travel, the zoo and the concert stages.. it always seemed like there was a building or place where the event (fun things!) happened with your characters and you decorated around it with the goodies you got in the event. Now events seem so disconnected. No central building tying everyone in. It’s just tap 4 hours, tap 4 hours, tap 4 hours… get something. Tap 4 hours… I miss neighbor events too. Dropping presents or tapping monsters in neighbors villages always fun. I am glad they still continue updates with the game. I guess I am just feeling nostalgic. 🙂

  3. I wish they would bring back level updates. I really enjoyed those

  4. Why doesn’t EA set up new levels for the Road to Riches and the Friendship prizes? Both have been stuck for years and at least with the Frienship prizes, there would be some interaction with my neighbours. I have gone from someone who played avidly to one who only plays during events. I have a lot of donuts and enough money to put me on the Forbes list but there’s nothing I want to buy (unless it’s new.) It’s such a shame as this game used to be so good 😔

  5. Hi Alissa. It’s been a long time since I posted a comment, but I’m still hanging around.

    I think you hit the nail on the head when you said “muscle memory.” The game is long past its prime. I play the game about twice a day out of habit. The events the last few years have been uninspired (to say the least). The mini game event concept (or whatever you want to call it) is a bust. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Yawn.

    I’m beginning to wonder two things:.
    1. Will EA give us anything new and exciting ever again?
    2. Why am I still playing this game?

    • The answer to question one is that as long as you’re playing the game, there’s potential that EA will give you something new and exciting.

      The answer to question two is that you’re still playing the game because EA will potentially give you something new and exciting.

      It’s a vicious circle!

  6. I would be having more fun with the current state of the game if I had more land to build on. I need the golden goose realty, don’t understand why they won’t bring that back for purchase if they’re going to continue with land token nonsense instead of in game cash for land.

    • This is a recording, you have reached the voicemail of EA tsto, there’s no one in just now please leave a message and it will be deleted later lol

    • I need this too. I’ve purchased all available land and can’t unlock any more. I’m slowly getting all the items from the yearbook but have no where to put them, and I’m only dumping them all down, not even designing any areas.

  7. Hi TSTOers,

    I recently started playing after almost 3 year hiatus. Its great to see this website is still going as it was a great resource for TSTO. Trying to relearn how to play the game has been refreshing. Is there a way to get caught up on the characters i missed? Or do i need to wait for events

  8. loosely paraphrasing, “it sure was fun back when everything cost too much and took forever to accomplish” is absurd to me. i’m 5 years in, i can build up cash and donuts quickly, and that’s wildly more fun to me than it was at the beginning. yes, basically all i’m doing now is building my springfield, but that’s all i’ve ever done. that’s all the game is. it’s just more efficient now than it used to be, partly because of changes in the game and partly because of the cumulative effect of accomplishing things.

    where the game is lacking now is in events. i don’t remember the last time an event was something besides “send these 7 characters on 4 hour jobs over and over for a week,” and that’s gotten old. i don’t even really care about them anymore, they’re just chores that i feel like i have to do to clear them out of my tasks.

  9. I started playing because “Simpsons”
    (it could have been Flintstones, branding is everything to get interest)
    i am 48. fan since it began, figured i knew the trivia.
    playing on Android (mouse is best imho) for the past few years
    now level 250 , 60 million $+ & over a thousand doughnuts
    i play freemium & will never put a dollar in this game ;
    i remember EA when they published Archon on C64, that is history
    ( no intention of registering, etc )

    i am looking for a way to “Tap out” ; i’ll give my game away to anyone who’ll demonstrate a subtantial contribution to any charity (of their choice)

    i want to obtain all the “FREE LAND” for the Golden Goose Real Estate ,
    then i’m out.
    til then, i check in once a day – leave as soon as i can …

  10. I couldn’t agree more…I remember the days when each update was DIFFERENT…I don’t mean different goals, but the entire set up was different; like a mini game within a game. Now it’s always the same. Collect something to get something. I don’t know what their developers are thinking, or if their developers quit, but the only reason I don’t uninstall this game is that my Springfield has so much time put into it.
    I wouldn’t want to start the game over, but I did kaboom my town once to redo it. It’s sad how they’ve let this game go.

  11. I don’t mind the game but it is disappointing that after level 60 there is no more new content. I am over level 200 and keep donut farming with the monorail to get content from the yearbook. I like the game but events are so simple they can be completed in a few days easily.

  12. Y’all have just played the game so long that you get bored easily. It’s always been a no-brainer game, people. Just fun for the characters and places from the show. You put in the time, you get the stuff. No real thinking or skill involved if your town is randomly cluttered like mine (designers have to think a bit). I wish my job was that easy!

    You can always take a break any time. I didn’t play for a year due to family stuff and just started up again in early November. I survived.

    If I want mental exercise, I play puzzle or hidden objects games….

  13. I remember from previous years that when Alissa had a lunch break a new update would be launched during that break so when she goes on holiday we will probably get a new update. I’d love to see where did that come from posts return since Wookiee did them in the past and I believe Patric & Safi did a few. Maybe they could be done on Tuesdays or Wednesdays (without an update).

  14. Great post, Alissa.

    I agree. Tapped Out is a dying game. Ironically, this app got me interested in the Simpsons again. Hadn’t watch the show regularly since 2006 or 2007 although I only watch clips of classic-era the show on YouTube. The only newer episodes I watched were the Futurama crossover and the Lego episode. Should had went the Seinfeld route in 1998 and go out on top but back to the main topic at hand.

    I’ve played this game for almost 7 years (since Xmas 2013). The last mini-event was blah for the most part and I completed it within six days. As soon I completed the last mission for Future Bart’s twin sons (Also spend donuts on Future Homer & Marge), I stop playing the game and even uninstalled it. I sent all my characters (over 400 of them) on their 24hr tasks and never looked back since. The game is so boring now. Even donut farming isn’t that fun no more. It doesn’t help that the dreaded Bart Screen of Death has returned to my game, another reason why I uninstalled.

    Until the past 2-3 years of playing I never felt bored as I felt like I had accomplished something. There were frustrating times like Easter 2014, The Harry Potter Halloween event, and the lagging that occurred during the Itchy&Scratchy Land event, but even those felt like major events. Nowadays, the events are the same: send the same 7-8 characters (usually Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Milhouse, Ned, Moe, and Apu) and 1-2 premium character(s) on a 4hr task and earn even currency. Yawn. The major event formula needs a major overhaul. Originally, I didn’t mind mini-events (after all, weren’t those used a downtime between major events) but with multi-events feeling like 4 consecutive mini-events, even the mini-events feel stale. My town is also a plopping mess but I just don’t have the heart to redesign it.

    Some of the things I would like to have seen STILL haven’t been added to the game such as upgrading the Sky Finger statue to reduce the time to collect everything, trading items with neighbors, adding missing hr tasks to characters (where is Gummy Joe’s 24hr task?!), doing something about those “Send All Springfielders to…” tasks, removing that nature/bird chirping noise that occurs when the game loads, etc. I also hate joint tasks as Future Homer’s 24hr task requires Future Marge! Also, when is Maude ever going to have her human form as an alternate skin?! The laziness of EA and their lack of communication to players, in addition to being unwilling to improve the game.

    BTW, Patric is right. Phil Hartman’s beloved characters (Troy McClure, Lionel Hutz, and Lyle Lanley) are never coming to Tapped Out as new characters.

    I’ll reinstall the game once the next update hits (if it even hits at all). I’ll still visit this site and the Tapped Out forum to check for updates. Until then, no more Tapped Out for me.

    P.S. Long live Apu!

  15. EA needs to realise the donut system is broken and introduce a new currency in top of it so there is some stuff that is truly hard to get (or expensive).

    They need to mix up events too. Once upon a time a new event would be exciting, not it is dull.

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