Saturday Simpsons Fun-The Ribwich

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

There’s no new content in TSTO, but it’s Saturday.  And Saturday’s are for FUN!

I’ve got another Simpsons Food-related item to share with you this week…the Ribwich!

Anyway, let’s take a look at what has me smiling this week…

Shameless plug…As I noted on my Musings Post this week, I’m off to Disney World with my family this next week.  If you want to check out some of the fun things we’re doing you can find photos and videos of our adventures on my Instagram page, @AddictsAlissa.   We’ve got a bunch of really fun things planned, so be sure to follow along to see the fun! 🙂

At some point, the Tiny Addict and I will get in the kitchen and make some of these foods.  Of course, we’ll record and share it with you guys as well!  Just need to find the time…we’ll get there.

Anyway…because the Tiny Addict and I still haven’t had a chance to cook up some of these foods, how about a new Babish video?  What’s Babish cooking up this time?  The Ribwich!  It’s so good you’ll croak!

For those curious, this is from Season 14, E12 “Spelling As Fast As I Can”

Let’s take a look…

And that’s it my friends!  Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!

Will you be making the Ribwich?  Other Simpson’s food you’d like to make?  You have made? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

6 responses to “Saturday Simpsons Fun-The Ribwich

  1. mmmm Ribwich looks yummy! 🥪👨‍🍳👩‍🍳

    I’m craving a monte cristo (originally only served at the Blue Bayou, Team Disney Anaheim had to start serving them at Café Orleans, too, because they are popular)

  2. I don’t remember that “Simpsons” episode sufficiently enough in order to be absolutely sure of this, but I thought that, according to the show, the Ribwich was a pork-rib shaped “meat” patty that didn’t contain any actual rib meat from pork, if it even contained any actual meat at all, whereas in the Babish video shows that the guy in the video IS cooking with real meat pork-ribs in order to make his version of the “Ribwich”.

    • It’s a great Episode and does a swell job of lampooning the McRibs from McD’s (which do not contain any rib meat, but that still doesn’t stop the public from devouring them)👨‍🍳👩‍🍳

  3. Ooo could do with a rib sandwich, going to write that recipe down yum yum lol🍔🌭

    • If you ever want a close cousin to the McRib at McDonalds, Sam’s Club has them in their frozen entrees section – 10 to a box. I was surprised at how good they were for a quick “nuke and eat” sandwich. I add more of my own choice of bbq sauce ( Sweet Baby Rays, of course), diced onion and pickle chips, and you’ll want to nuke the meat separate from the bread (don’t follow the instructions on the box). Makes a pretty good copy of the McRib – definitely a two napkin sandwich👍🍔🍟😁.

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