EA’s Network Down

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It would appear that EA’s Network is down…but only in certain situations.

In my game, I only get this error message if I try to change to a different TSTO account. (which is unfortunate, because right now my phone is stuck on the game i use to rush info for the site and I can’t clear my main game that I play regularly)

However, if I don’t try to log out of one game I can play TSTO as normal.

Not sure how it’s playing out for the rest of you…but seeing some of you note that the network is down for you as well in the comments. So I figured it was best to have one cohesive place for you all to post about it…

So have at it!


13 responses to “EA’s Network Down

  1. Alissa: Have you considered standing up a virtual Android instance on your computer to run your B game, so that you don’t have to login/out? Just a thought.


  2. Bart shows up regularly, but I’ve not seen the network down notification. But then, I also only play the one Springfield… I have too many *other* video game addictions to take the time to build up a whole second instance of Springfield! LOL!


  3. No Bart Simpson Screen of Death here (in Las Vegas) but I didn’t log in during the early mornings (5:30 am) …… I logged around 3:00 pm with no problem (but let’s be honest, TSTO is on life support at EA!)

    When in doubt? Check @EAHelp on Twitter!


  4. I’ve been able to get in today. I have a “B” Springfield, but I only access it from a different device. So I don’t log in/out with different accounts anymore.

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  5. I got in on iOS. The Bart screen showed once, but other than that I was able to play. Happy Day Friends and Happy Tappin. 🍩

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  6. Glitchy morning, followed by ‘no server’ screen for afternoon, finally back on (2:30) central NC.

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  7. Thanks. I decided to farm donuts to rush through the game I am currently stuck on.

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  8. The servers for Sim City are working fine (also an EA game). Different set of servers, I guess. I’ve never had a server issue or BlueScreen with BuildIt…I think TSTO servers must be the lowest priority in their digital world. 🙁

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  9. Thought it was just me but it appears we have the same prob here in sunny England!

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  10. MangoFusion01 (FKA NicoRox13)

    Hey EA Bob, your break is over, go back and reset the server (but deliver my pizza first).

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  11. It did eventually let me back in so…try try again?

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  12. I was able to get in on my i Phone

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