TSTO Teaser: Update Ahead?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Happy Saturday!  I hope you’re spending the day productively, as productively as you can these days.  We spent our morning cleaning the house from top to bottom, even the kiddos got in on the dusting and mopping.  Good family fun lol, but at least the house is clean! (for now)

Anyway, earlier today The Simpsons released a little TSTO teaser their Instagram page…

Looks like wrestling is on its way to TSTO…at least according to the Insta post. We have not received any info from EA on this, and there’s nothing to download at the moment.  So my guess is this is a look ahead at what’s coming this week, something to keep our quarantined minds busy!

Thoughts on a Wrestle Mania event?  What would you like to see?  Do you also think this graphic is just WRONG?! Sound off below…

36 responses to “TSTO Teaser: Update Ahead?

  1. david a cantrell

    I also thought he was a bit too happy having his nether regions squished. But happy for an event. One has to hope they bring back friend interactions. really miss that, and its been way way too long.

  2. Wrestling theme has a lot of potential. I’m not holding out hope for an update with battles like in the old days. Still, could be ok.
    We’ve already got Gorgeous Grandpa…
    Any update needs to INCREASE ITEM LIMIT.

  3. If it’s the same 4 hours routine then not so much, if it’s fights and points and collecting items then bring it on.

  4. I remember The Simpsons Wrestling Game back in 2001 for the Sony PlayStation (anyone else remember? OMG those old school graphics and the Character dialogue!) 😂


    Ok, if you watch some Simpson’s Episodes, there are a few Wrestling references –

    Dr. Marvin Monro advertises on pro-wrestling (WWE’s Bret ‘the Hit-Man’ Hart guest stars in a voice cameo)

    Bart Simpson and Friends watch pro-wrestling (Lisa says,” it’s choreographed!”) with the wrestling match featuring Rasputin the Friendly Russian (formerly the Mad Russian) vs. Professor Werner Von Brawn.

    Homer watches pro-wrestling from Mexico on Cable TV (Homer says to Marge, “you know, down there, it’s a real sport! and FYI Watching Pro-Wrestling is on Homer’s ‘To-Do List”)

    Homer’s pro-wrestling TV Programme is interrupted by Marge Simpson (“our Lisa is going to need braces!”) with a wrestling match featuring Dr. Hillbilly vs. The Iron Yuppie.

    Homer consoles Lisa with, “If the Bible has taught us nothing else — and it hasn’t — it’s that Girls should stick to Girls’ Sports, such as hot-oil wrestling, foxy boxing, and such-and-such!”

    That “Bonestorm Commercial” (parodies the WWE’s Randy “Macho Man” Savage’s ‘Snap Into A Slim Jim’ Commercials!)

    Dr. Hibbert says Homer, “you meet all of the State’s requirements to box, wrestle or be shot out of a cannon!”

    I admire this Event (hopefully it’s a Mini) coming after the WWE’s 2 Day WrestleMania (how about that Boneyard Match last night!), but what’s up with SkyFinger tickling the 🥒 on that wrestler?😂

  5. Thanks EA for the possible new content. Don’t listen to the negative people who will always find something wrong with anything. Any new content at a time like this is much appreciated.

  6. Not been able to get on the game now for several days here in the U.K. Keep getting that irritating screen of Bart pulling the plug every time!

    • UK here too, I don’t seem to be having issues getting in. Maybe reinstall? Hope you coping OK with the lockdown and staying safe 🙂

      • I’ve tried that. No luck I’m afraid. Like everyone else, going up the wall being confined to quarters!

  7. Even though its a wresting update, I would like to see some returning Easter content since I’d like to buy some more of the Easter Trees with cash or donuts.

  8. I would much rather have all the previous Easter and spring stuff brought back. And hunt Easter eggs! That could generate in our Springfields a few times a day. Neighbor stuff is probably too problematic for lag these days.

    • Whelp, we didn’t get a VDay or St Pattys Day store so I wouldn’t hold my breath but we can always hope Bobera has had a lot of time to work from home on making TSTO great again.

  9. Awesome. With Wrestlemania this weekend, this is a compliment to that. I’m looking forward to this event.

  10. The Iron Hillbilly

    If this update doesn’t include the Springfield Grapple-arium with The Iron Yuppie and Dr. Hillbilly, then I’m just done with this game

    • Don’t forget Rasputin the Friendly Russian (formerly the Mad Russian) vs. Professor Werner Von Brawn …. and the Luchadors that Homer watches, too! 😀👍🏻

  11. I hope they at least have a Shrieking Sheik character complete with sound.

  12. MangoFusion01

    It looks like EA Bob is alive, but I am questioning his wellness as I have heard of weird visions by those that have the virus.

    Hang in there Bob, we’re cheering for you!

  13. wow.. that graphic is very graphic…. then again.. wrestling is ghay…. a reason for guys to wear spandex and thongs….. but hey.. new content… no pun intended. hahahahaha

  14. Give me the era 1983-90 and I e super happy. Hulk hogan, Mr perfect, Ultimate warrior, Jake the snake and all the rest..

  15. Hurray!!! New event coming. Any chance of mystery boxes or more year book items.

  16. I haven’t watched pro-wrestling since I was with the first boyfriend I had in college a hundred years ago but I am up for anything, with gratitude.
    I’m also not into baseball but I really enjoyed the last mini-event as Albuquerque is my hometown and as a 50th birthday present to myself at the end of 2019/ beginning of 2020, I took the family there. I was able to show them the Isotope Stadium and tell them how we all had a vote when we were getting a new team and chose Isotopes by a large margin because of The Simpson’s.
    So glad I got that trip in then….
    Excited for Wednesday my fellow Tappers. See you here.

  17. The finger has cut half way up his abdomen! Oh the brutality!

  18. I want a mystery.. One where we have to follow clues to piece together to figure it out.

    • I would love to see a Sam Spade, Mike Hammer or even Ellery Queen takeoff…the prizes could all be 40’s style buildings, cars and skins (I know…too many skins already, but it would be fun). Baseball, and now wrestling….not my favorite things, but I can wait it out for something interesting to eventually come along. Come on Bob, let us try to solve a mystery…we’ve all got nothing else to do.😁

  19. I’d like to see another Monorail event, frankly. My town’s transportation system is getting a little stretched and I have enough track to connect all the Springfields.

  20. The geezer is enjoying being tapped by the giant finger a little too much… I’d say!

  21. Krusty Rhodes, Snake piper. Infinite possibilities. Yes.. something to look forward to. New content PLEASE.

  22. 😄😄 Yeah I thought that graphic was pretty messed up the moment I saw it.

  23. uh…yeah. That graphic is the second phall-inger ina row.

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