Musings on Simpsons Wrestling…

Happy Musings Thursday my friends! I’m back with another musings post for you.  I’ve got some thoughts, so let’s get to ’em…

We’re finally nearing the end of the Simpsons Wrestling event.  Less than 1 week from today, May 13th, this event will finally be pinned.  So after nearly 5 weeks, it’s time to go full nelson on this event and share some thoughts from this event.

Let me preface this by saying I’m holding this event in the same light as all other multi-events.  I’m no longer going to do the “this event was ok, but compared to this event from 6 years ago it was terrible…”.  I think we need to compare apples to apples at this point.  We all know Stonecutters (from 2014) was the best TSTO event ever, and no event since has lived up to that greatness.  So, we have to analyze this multi-event compared to other multi-events.  It’s only fair.

So comparing Simpsons Wrestling to other multi-events, and reviewing it in the same light…

I’m a fan of this event.  I think EA did a good job with the prizes and minimized the repeat items.

Ultimate this event consisted of 16 new prizes, and 4 returning prizes or dozen donuts.  Not a terrible return on your tapping time.

Now let’s get into the Good, Bad, and Ugly…

The Good

-Prizes.  4 new buildings and 3 new characters (1 costume), not a bad haul for this event.  Tofu Bell, Coot Society and the Springfield Center for Performing Arts are all nice looking buildings that will fit nicely into any downtown Springfield Area.  And the Wrestling HQ fits nicely in with any industrial area of Springfield.

-Character animations. All characters with this event had some really amusing visual tasks.  Rumbleina shaving her head, Dr. Bonebreak lifting cars and changing outfits, Rasputin playing with puppies, etc…all really hilarious and I appreciate the animation step up from EA.

-The dialogue was great, what else is new? Lol

The Bad

-Decorations with the prize track aren’t the greatest.  Most, at least in my town, will end up in storage.

-Lack of voiced characters.  I get that it’s the norm for TSTO, but still disappointing.

-Mystery Box token glitch.  Although EA fixed this, which is why it’s bad and not an ugly, it never should have happened in the first place.  It’s been standard procedure in these multi-events to convert the tokens to donuts, there’s no excuse for it being left off of this event initially.

The Ugly

-Lack of animations for Wrestling Rings.  EA really missed the boat with some fun animation ability.  They could have had visual fights in the rings (like Superhero fights from past events) and really made it a little more exciting for players.  The programming is already there…again just repeat the fights that happened during the Superheroes event.  It really would have added a lot to this event.

Final Thoughts

Overall I give this event a B-.  Decent, but missing some elements that could have made it great.  And I took off a little bit for the donut/token glitch.

And finally…

I know it has been a little while since I’ve shared some musings, but I finally feel like I have something to muse about.  It’s been a long quarantine guys. A bunch of you have reached out so yes, I’m ok. Just doing my best to entertain the Little Addicts on a regular basis (and it’s getting harder each and every day…things that were fun for them a week ago aren’t so fun today), continue to do my job effectively, and run this site.  Lots of balls in the air, as always, and just doing my best keep juggling them all.

On the plus side, the lockdown has allowed my husband and I to get some projects started/completed that we’ve been talking about doing for years.  Currently, we’re working on finishing an area of our basement to give the kiddos a new playroom and give my husband and me a place to hide from the kids when we need it lol.

So, I’m good and I hope you all are too.

Thoughts?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. Happy Tuesday Musings (R.I.P. Roy Horn & Little Richard), my reply is late …. but I’m still hoping all (or most) are safely in Phase One within their State – County – City (businesses reopen & all are back to work , if you were furloughed) …..

    I had fun with the Simpsons Wrestling Event (it’s my favourite Event this year, so far – Alissa nailed it by reminding all we didn’t get any retreads this time!); regardless of the constructive criticism – aka that load screen size, the Token isn’t cashing out as 12 🍩’s, none of the new Characters are voiced (I said Characters, not Character Skins), some of the Event Prizes were Dumb Decor (at least it wasn’t a Visual Character Task as a Prize!) …. I 💜 the new Characters (Rasputin the Friendly Russian!) and Buildings (Tofu Bell!) and Prize earned by Token (Sportacus!) and Visual Character Tasks (playing with puppies! shaving the head!) and the Writing (it’s easier to be funny with Wrestling vs something serious like Black History Month!); but this Event isn’t getting more than a B Grade!

    I realize the Covid-19 situation probably left EA Bob (or Babs) with less time to prep (and manage) this Event ….. but there is no excuse for not immediately handling the Token situation (it got dealt with – 2 1/2 weeks into the Event!) and not delivering a visual ruuuuuumble (we also needed a Bart Simpson Character Skin as Liberty Lad to seal the deal!)

    She referenced Tapped Out Superheroes (2015)
    He referenced The Invasion Before Christmas Event (2017) – Both of these Events had great animated fights between Characters and the code is still in the Game App (c’mon EA! we needed animated Wrestling in a Wrestling Ring with Bleachers filled with Springfielders cheering!)

    Alissa mentioned the Stonecutters Event (2014) as the bench mark – and it doesn’t get as Epic Awesome as that Event (I feel sorry for you Noobs who missed out!) – but I can only hope that we get further fun (less meh) Mini Events / Multi Events in this Game App for 2020 (I’m not even asking for increased Item Limits and more Land – I give up – lol!)

    So that was my Good and Bad ….. Ugly? the only thing Ugly I can think of is if anyone of you ends up in a hospital fighting for your life (so everybody please Stay Safe – this includes you EA Bob / Babs🌞 )

  2. Glad you are doing ok….as far as that goes! Lol
    I STILL don’t have the option to trade tokens for donuts. Itll probably be there the day after the event ends…like last time for me. Whatever.

    • Sorry to hear that, do you have the wrestling mystery box in the wrestling section of the store? If you don’t, then you should have the “Exchange Mystery Box Tokens for Donuts” in the wrestling section of the store and in the currency section of the store, at least in my game.

    • Hmmm the option finally became available in the Store Menu filled with Content related to this Event (at least for me). I hope you managed to get your 🍩’s and Prizes. 😊👍🏻

  3. IMO – Biggest thing I miss is neighbor visits with interaction – dropping eggs or presents or something. On that basis – my fave event was the clash-of-clones event with the random neighbor visits. swiping thru the same 30 neigbors daily is BOOOORING -especially since half of them don’t “work” lately.

  4. I see where you are coming from regarding not comparing theses multi mini events to proper events of the past & agree this one is ok compared to what we have had recently.
    However, sorry but I’m not letting EA off the hook that easy, the event formats are still pretty lame. Sadly we are now in Division 2 compared to the Premier League.

  5. Miguel Cabrera

    Mediocre , every time worst. (Regards from Mexico)

  6. hm… I liked the event… i think they should of used the rings more.. like a duel/match between characters.. a double job… 4hr.. even a 1hr.. eh… missed opportunities… hi everyone.. 🙂

  7. I agree with what you said, its decent but missing some elements like the wrestling ring animation for characters. This is a decent multi-event in terms of content and dialogue. There could’ve been more characters or even costumes included like El Bombastico, Half Mast, Beautiful Bart, Laddie Liberty, Bret Hart, and Baby Face Palooka.

    * I’m not surprised that the characters are not voiced since they all either appeared on the Simpsons’ TV for several seconds or in a magazine with the exception of Honest Abe (who’s voiced) and Captain Flag appearing in person.

    * The buildings are the strongest items in this event since there is a barbershop, cathedral, church, club, headquarters, pavilion, restaurant, and university. Most of the decorations can go in a wrestling area since the last few events had random decorations.

    * I’m glad the prize totals are lower than Black History but higher than Christmas, Halloween and Simpson Babies since even without the premium characters, I can complete an act a couple of days before a new one starts. It seems weird to me that the characters only need 125 or 150 currency to unlock while the buildings and decorations need 125-250 currency to unlock.

    * The token glitch did irritate me but I was glad that it did get fixed even if it was nearly halfway into the event.

    * I was disappointed in the mystery box since I didn’t have one and nearly all of the items are in the yearbook and there was a building that can be bought for cash.

    * Existing visual tasks like Captain Flag’s suplex everyone and Professor Werner von Brawn’s visuals could easily have been used at the Fancy and Backyard Wrestling Rings since they have an npc involved in the tasks.

    * It would’ve also been great to see Werner von Brawn vs. Rasputin, Rumbleina vs. Dr. Bonebreak, Honest Abe vs. Captain Flag and The Beefy Bishop vs. The Iron Yuppie fighting in the ring kind of like Tap Ball and Superheroes.

    Overall a great event, much better than Black History and the last 3 multi events of 2019 but still missing some elements which can improve the multi event format instead relying on just the 4 hour tasks, if they’re going to be 5 weeks now at least have another thing to do in them instead of the tasks, EA. I give it a B.

    • I really 💜 the University and Cathedral (those went right into the Wizard Academy area) …. you were spot on with the fact there are already Visual Character Tasks an all they needed was to take place inside a Wrestling Ring!

      Again it’s a B Grade, could’ve been an A Grade if EA Bob / Babs delivered more, but I’m done wishing for more (as in new Event format). I say everybody Stay Safe 🌞

  8. I like the new characters but like you I was disappointed with the decorations that have no interaction or animated tasks.

    not related but I NEED more Springfield Heights land

  9. They should do another Stonecutters event.

    The Stonecutters II: The Paddling of the Swollen Ass.

  10. Keith Rooney

    True, very true, putting thing into perspective, your good at that, really annoyed me when I have 3 rings and no animations, lots of characters to choose from, so go figure, what stopped them doing ring animations, what’s the hold up, who’s limiting what can be done🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️☹️

  11. Mistake in the post title?

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