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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s that time of the week again, time for the Addicts Weekly Open Thread!  So, let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part, you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So, here is your Open Thread…..

Season 31 of The Simpsons is officially over.  What were some of your favorite moments this season?  Least favorite?  Favorite episode?  Least favorite?

Another week another brand new event in TSTO!  This time we’re celebrating Pride…drag race style!  Thoughts on the new mini-event?  (event at hand, not the subject matter)

How’s your Springfield design coming?  What are you doing with your town? Share some photos in the comments below! (If you need a refresher on how to add photos to the comments check out this post)  

Stay safe.  Wash your hands.  Social distance.    Remember, we’re all in this together.

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, or anything else you can think of! (Just no politics, it never ends well)  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!

62 responses to “Addicts Open Thread

  1. Hi Tappers,

    Need some help! I’m in the UK and trying to buy doughnuts, but instead of buying option, it says I can’t because I’ve either not set up a Google Play Account; accepted the Google ToS; or in a region where in-app purchases are banned

    Now I’ve done the first two and the third isn’t an issue, as I can still buy a Scratch-R card?

    Any options?

    Alternatively if I log into my town on an Amazon device and buy there, then go back to logging into an Android device after buying, will that transfer okay?

  2. Wow.
    Been a long little while since I was here.
    Seems a lot quieter…

    Both in game additions since I left and comments here.

    No new ‘areas’ or ‘modes’ in over 2 years, I think it is, since I left that have started up little stories. (Monorail, krustyland, squidport etc).
    Doesn’t seem to have been as many characters or skins added as there used to be (although I suppose there are limitations on who is left).

    Still got this unlocking land tokens rather than cash or donuts for them (I quit playing the Xmas after this came in). Yuck.
    Still not opened that SHeights land to the right. Seems bizarre.

    What has changed since then?

    Dd I miss anything big??

  3. So tomorrow sees the return to Netflix of Phil Rosenthal’s Somebody Feed Phil. Trust me when I say if you haven’t seen the first two seasons, this is the content we all need right now. If you don’t know who Phil is, he’s probably the most famous for creating Everybody Loves Raymond. Bringing it back to The Simpson’s, he had a small part in the movie as TV Dad. I don’t know the man personally, although after watching Somebody Feed Phil a few times I feel like I do. He is so warm and funny and joyful in the world and the people he meets. The show always leaves me laughing and happy. Give it a try for yourself. And if you love it, also check out I’ll Have What Phil’s Having, which is a one season show that is similar they did for PBS.

  4. Hello all.

    I have a section of road running left to right. I cannot place a crosswalk on it, though I can on all other roads in the area irrespective in which direction they run.

    I wonder whether anyone else has encountered this problem, knows the reason why it can’t be done, or has a workaround.

    Thank you.

    Hopeful Adey981

    • I tested with my town, and as long I was putting the crosswalk on a “normal” road, it ALMOST always worked. The only problem I could find was when trying to place the crosswalk so all or part of it was adjacent to a non-road cross street, like a cobblestone street. If the crosswalk covered any part of the road corresponding to the “curb”, it wouldn’t work. If it was in the middle of the road, no problem. Could this be it? If not, could you post a pic of the problem, and I’ll try to replicate it in my game.

      • Hello Wilson.

        Thanks for the interest.

        I’ve read a little about posting pictures but i’m afraid it’s a bit too convoluted for me. If you’re really interested my pride area is near the top right of my town In front of Krustyland station and the road in question is below the pond and runs from a crashed police to behind the Ajax steel mill.

        However I’ve found a workaround.

        I removed the buildings from the area and found that if I moved the road either up or down I could place the crosswalks at the junctions as I wanted them. This was not OK as I couldn’t fit the buildings back in. So I removed the road, placed the crosswalks on the grass where I wanted them and built the road on top. I now have the crosswalks at the junctions where I wanted them. However, I still can’t place them on the road, so to move them I need to remove the road.

        Be visiting soon.


      I see it looks like you got the crosswalks to work after all?
      If so, congrats. I find it irksome at times that roads have to be placed relative to a 4×4 grid, instead of being adjustable by 1 square, but it’s probably for the best overall. I sure couldn’t replicate the issue in my town, but I’ve had other anomalies over the years! 😉

      • Hello Wilson

        I’m really surprised that you went to so much effort to compose your reply. Thank you. I note the screenshot shows 1/3. I know what that means! I’ll look forward to that before breakfast.

        Bash you later.


  5. Soooooo…I haven’t played since January 2018. Around then, the big debate was whether or not the game was going to continue. What’s the best event that I missed? Did the lady (marge? may?) who used to stay hi to all her friends in the forum every week ever return?

  6. I’ve seen some of my neighbors have the complete homerlayas I only have three. How do I get the rest of them?

  7. Worth doing this mini event just for undercover Hoover’s dialogue… made me laugh anyway.

  8. Any word on when or if the friends issue will be fixed? Or is there a work-around. Currently only about 20% work.

  9. Seekeroftr848

    So I just started to work on the last prize for this event, however I was never awarded Marge’s outfit…it’s not in her alternate outfits nor is it in my inventory…anyone else having this problem?

  10. Is it just me, or is anyone else no longer seeing the option of trading Krustyland tickets for cash when you tap on the Krustyland entrance?

    Without that, there’s very little reason to keep collecting tickets.

    • I just traded in mine today. But I am getting sick of having to download an additional 1841 mb EVERY SINGLE TIME I open the app.

      • It sounds like you don’t have enough available space on your device. You should have 5 GB open for the game.

    • Why do you need to cash in Krustyland Tickets when you obviously have over 3 Billion in game cash?

  11. One of these things are not the same .


    See ya bye. 👽🛸

  12. Happy Sunday all! 😀

  13. I actually dug out 5 Flaming Torches from my excavation site with my
    50 digs.
    Personal best.

  14. I wonder how the Simpson Family and town would deal with the Covid-19 restrictions?

    Homer: wait a minute keeping a power plant safe is essential yet going to a bar isn’t ?

    Marge (cleaning and recleaning what Homer and Bart bring home)

    Maggie: (sucking on a pacifier underneath a protective mask) 😷

    Lisa: Keep the face masks on everyone, and stand back, I know we are family but I don’t know where you’ve been and what you came in contact with!

    Bart: is can’t hangout with Milhouse because his parents are keeping him inside because of his Asthma.. But I feel fine, how can I get someone sick if I don’t even feel sick? But on the plus side, we don’t need to go to school

    Lisa: it’s online Bart, there are still lessons and homework and just because you feel healthy doesn’t mean you don’t have it or immune!

    Ned: I just pray we can get back into church, praying in my own home just isn’t doing the trick.

    Wiggum: (face mask not fully covering his nose) Hey you scofflaw kids! put your masks on… or at least a handkerchief like that guy (pointing at Snake who robbing Apu with a handkerchief mask on)

    • Re Homers comment, my father in law was absolutely devastated by the loss of access to the pubs ( bars ) here in the UK, for a couple of weeks whenever my wife called him he would rant incessantly about his loss of civil liberties and that the whole covid19 thing was a conspiracy!

  15. [reposted from last week, since I posted it so late]
    Here’s a possibly silly question about Burns’ Dragon Pile of Treasure and/or the Dragon.
    I _think_ I have the Pile of Treasure, but I’ve been unable to locate it in my town. I tried turning off all the filters except decorations, no luck. It supposedly came with Burns’ Dragon, which is supposed to be a full character. If so, I think I should be able to find the Dragon in one of three places: 1) My “See what your characters are doing” list, 2) my inventory’s Characters list, or 3) the store’s Characters list. Right? Since I see nothing under “Burns’ Dragon” in any of those places, should that mean I didn’t get the combo when it was available? That’d be weird, ‘cause I’ve been trying to just get everything when it comes out and store what I can’t use, but possible, I guess.
    Anyway, am I right that this is where I’d find the dragon? And if so, that finding the dragon would let me find the Pile of Treasure?
    I really think I saw the Pile of Treasure at some point in my town, but I sure can’t find it now!

    • MangoFusion01

      This is one of the “characters” that you have to tap their home base to send them on a 4 hour task. Kind of like wiggops. It rewards you some pretty decoration.

      It does not get listed in the employment center or in the town census.

      Given how big your town is, I am not surprised your are not finding it.

      • So, in this case, is the “home base” Burns’ Pile of Treasure? If so, I guess that means I’m stuck until/unless I can find that 4×4 decoration? It _is_ a decoration, right? So the town screenshot filters would treat it as a decoration? If so, still can’t find it….

        • MangoFusion01

          Did you try sector 7G?

          • LOL. Well, it’s not hiding under Homer’s work console at least….

            • MangoFusion01

              Ok, I decided to find mine. All of those characters are in the same area for me.

              Filter everything except characters and you should be able to spot the blue dragon.

              The station itself is filtered with decorations. But it helps to turn them off too.

              Happy hunting!

              • What “station” are we talking about? Do you mean the Pile of Treasure?
                As for that dang dragon, I’ve tried filtering all but characters, since I figured he’d be easier to find than the POT, but no luck so far. Oh, well, I’ll keep looking. Sure wish EA would implement a “search by name” feature, like we’ve been begging for for years! They’ve just given us so much stuff, losing things has become terribly easy! (Yeah, I know, I “lost it” lo-o-ong ago!)

              • MangoFusion01

                Have you confirmed that you have it? (I am referring to the character, not your faculties).

                It would be in the character inventory under one of the treehouse of horrors categories.

              • Apparently, I’m just nuts. I’d gone through my Characters inventory before, but I did it again – still no dragon. Burns’ Monster, lots of other TOH characters, no dragon. So I guess that means one of two things:
                1) I never got the bundle, in which case I just imagined being prompted “are you sure you want to store Burns Pile of Treasure” a week or so ago, AND just imagined seeing that weird Burnsian dragon galumphing around my town, OR
                2) I’ve got the Dragon, and he’s out in my town (which is why he’s not in my inventory) and I just can’t find him.
                Right? Those _are_ the two possibilities, correct? At this point, after all my scrolling around, I’m unwilling to trust my own logic on anything related to this game! 😉

              • Oh, I have Wiggops, and all the other characters and things from that event, so I really _should_ have the dragon and treasure somewhere. Sure can’t find them anywhere near Wiggops & Co., who’s near my Dracula-la-land/Transylvania neighborhood.

              • PS: Mango, I saw the Pile of Treasure in your town, with the dragon sleeping happily on top, and now that I see it, that pile is HUGE. I don’t see how I could miss it. So my best guess is that somehow when I accidentally clicked on the pile a few weeks ago, in trying to close the pop-up window I managed to _sell_ it? Is that even possible? ‘Cause I’ve been through my inventory, all buildings, characters….. and I’ve scoured my town, and I’m just not seeing it! Too bad, it’s a COOL looking dragon!

              • Hey, hey! Seeing it in your town really helped! I finally found it, mostly-hidden behind other decorations. So I’ve moved it to the Stonecutters Lodge, where the pile joins the rest of their treasure, and the Dragon can be an honorary member (being almost-Burns, and all)…. Thanks for the ideas!

              • MangoFusion01

                Is it now in sector 7G?

              • Nope. It’s in Area 51 – You are here, we are not.

      • Hi!!!

  16. Happy Sunday,
    Thanks to all my neighbours who are still visiting my 3rd new game. It still has the strange glitch. I visit all of my neighbours but can only graffiti on most, or nothing (sorry Hondo. Have only found something once). The error is 100% with EA as I’ve tested it against my 2 other games. Anyway, there are a few glitches & not all of them are bad👌🏽🤣😂. I was wondering how I get the Lemon Tree in my game please, it’s been so long. The mystery box is mo more. Any ideas ?
    Hope everyone is well……🌻🧡X

  17. Is there a guide on the Addicts site or maybe a wiki that has a list of all the buildings and tasks that produce items rather than experience & money? I’ve been farming for a while but I know there’s a few that I missed. Recently I purchased the Golden Goose Realty office because I saw it mentioned here (THANK YOU!) that is so awesome, I had already bought all the land and am now getting land tokens!
    There are many other similar buildings/tasks like:
    Rail Yard – Monorail tracks & donuts
    Akira & Happy Sumo – Bonsai Trees (I have over 400!)
    Rocket Launch Pad – Debris, signs and plants
    Old Ruins Dig Site – objects and walls
    Excavation Site – objects and walls
    Kearneymon’s Alley
    Wiggop’s Station
    Lewd’s Bar
    Barfy’s Bar
    Crawl’s Bar
    Duff Gardens – Gnomes and such (I missed this one back in 2106! Has it ever popped up since?)

    Does anyone know of other buildings or tasks that offer more than money or experience?

    Other Buildings of note:
    IRS – Gves you an increased tap radius with each paid level
    Unemployment Office – Allows madd task management
    Skyfinger Monument – Clears all building when tapped (every 2 hours)

    This is not a complete list, just the ones I can remember. Sorry I don’t have a list of everything each one generates.

    • Not reading all that

    • Yellow Submersible
      One Night Stan`s
      Cheddar Barrel Farms
      Globex Compound
      Little Lisa`s Recycling Plant
      Insanity Cauldron
      Stonecutter Tunnel
      Great wall Tower
      Praise Land Gate
      Surveillance Post
      Big Claw
      Springfield Heights Currency Buildings
      That’s all that I can think of, hope it helps.

    • Search for Minigames on this site. Super Safi has done very informative write ups such as this one for Lisa’s task at the Eliminator.

    • There’s also the zombie sandwich trash can that turns characters into zombies for a small fee.
      Also don’t forget that the artefact dig site sometimes gives out flaming torches each worth 0.2% XP & Cash bonus.

    • MangoFusion01

      The eliminator. LISA has a 12 hour task there. You have a chance at winning a miniature nuclear missile that gives 2.25% bonus. I keep her on those tasks when she is not involved with events.

      There is also the excavation sites. One of the two offers up lamp posts that also have a bonus percent.

      Homera insanity cauldron also has prizes that offer bonus percent.

      The final one I will mention is the rocket ship. You have a chance of getting the mini missile or a kodos/kangaroo topiary. Those all have bonus percentages.

  18. Seems appropriate to type this post while watching Rupaul’s Drag Race reunited, quarantine style.
    I have to admit that when I first saw the content for the Pride update I was very meh about it. Especially because when I saw the icon, I thought the third prize looked like a zeppelin or a rocket and would be a flying Pride decoration which I thought would be a very cool and was really disappointed when I found out it was a car. I already have an abundance of the decorations and I don’t really use skins all that much. That said, the update is growing on me. I’m sure the crowds at my outdoor festival love finally having a place to relieve themselves and I appreciate the nod to George Michael ;p the Curl Up and Dye is the crown jewel for me as The Blues Brothers movie and soundtrack are some of my all time favorites, that was the name of Carrie Fisher’s salon in the movie, as well as being in The Simpsons and, as I recently learned, was an actual salon in Chicago.
    I said I don’t use skins often, I probably would more if the Unemployment Office didn’t switch them back, because I definitely have a few favorites. I might really like the new Marge skin as I adore retro 50’s dresses and the hugely exaggerated fake eyebrows already make me laugh just like when I see them on women in social media now.
    I don’t have a mystery box but I do have Judge Harm and J Edgar Hoover as returning premium content, I’ve already decided to get them both. Questlines didn’t used to be a big factor when deciding to spend donuts on a premium but now that I have all day, everyday free time and can RTT all the donuts I want/need, priorities have changed. I’ll probably even get the lackluster new premium offering for something added to do during the downtime until the next content update.
    Hope you are all staying sane my fellow Tappers. Weird for us in the US to be having a holiday when so many of us have been out of work for months and aren’t supposed to gather- so, what’s the difference? TY to our little world-wide family forum here, our mods, my long neglected Neighboreeno’s. A good Memorial Day Weekend to all the families who had service members who paid the ultimate price. My great uncle dying in WWII changed the entire trajectory of my family history- but that’s a story for another post as is an anecdotal story of my experience of Pride from a big, small town to the big city. Happy Sunday Tappers!

    • Especially not reading any of that

    • It took me a moment to figure out what holiday you were referring too. May 24th is Pan visibility day 😁,
      But then I remembered, Memorial Day coming soon; my backyard neighbors are Having a drinking -and- not self distancing party back there … they are pretty loud, it takes all kinds.

  19. Thanks to all my friends who continue to visit me and spread graffiti as that is your only option in my glitched up town. I appreciate your efforts!
    Be well and stay safe. ❤️😊

    • Hi Hobbes! You’re one of the very few neighbors I still tag. I’ve been looking for your police station for ages – finally found it today. Keep safe.

      • Hi neighbor! Thank you for searching. 👀
        I truly appreciate the effort since it’s all you can tag in my town ☹️
        The other three properties up for graffiti are pretty cozy but my police station has an island of it’s own. Thank you for being such a longtime and faithful friend.

    • Same here. I continue to have glitches with neighbour visits

  20. Is anyone else having trouble getting into the Game..
    I’m in England and have missed access for 24 hours 😭

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