Game of Games the Sequel Prize Guide: Act 2, Prize 1 The Game Master

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Who’s up for another exciting prize post?  Yea…I’m right there with you.  Anyway, Act 2 brings us 1 new COSTUME for Springfield.  Not a new character…how nice of EA…but a costume.  A costume for a premium character no less.

Anyway, let’s take a look at the first prize on the Act 2 prize track, The Game Master…

The Game Master is a  brand new COSTUME for Springfield and part of the Game of Games the Sequel Character Collection:

Yes, this is a COSTUME for an existing character.  Milo.  Milo was originally a premium character, and if you don’t have him you can purchase him in the store for donuts currently.

Yea, I know you’re annoyed about it.  I’m not even going to attempt to justify/defend it.  I think it’s lazy on EA’s part…so you’re preaching to the choir.

How You Unlock it:
Zero-G Whiz Pt. 1
Make Comic Book Guy Rip Off The Game Master’s Hood- 30m
The Evergreen Terrors Gasp Again- x4. 30m
Collect Energy Drinks- x 150.

Once achieved you’ll unlock the game master costume…

And if you don’t have Milo it’ll sit in your inventory until you unlock him…again, for donuts.

And, for those curious, here are the details on Milo, the character you need to buy in order to use The Game Master costume.

The Game Master does come with a full questline, here’s a look at that questline:

Crazy Happy Fun World Pt. 1
Milo starts

Milo: It’ll be good to get back to Coolsville Comics and relax.
Krusty: Hey hey hey! Just the man I’m looking for! I need a new lead-in for my show to boost ratings, and your Game Master shtick is hashtag-trending. I just learned what trending is. And what hashtags are. Hashtag-cool!
Milo: You want me to host a show on comic books?
Krusty: What? Ew, no! Comic books are hashtag-dead! I want you to host a Japanese-style game show. Hashtag-crazy!
Milo: Japanese game show? Hashtag-sign me up!
Make The Game Master Host Crazy Happy Fun World- 4hrs
Make Krusty Hashtag EVERYTHING- 4hrs

The Game Master: Welcome everyone to Crazy Happy Fun World! I’m your host, The Game Master! Our first contestants will face each other in a Thanksgiving Food Fight!
Lisa: That’s not fair! Dad is bigger and stronger than we are!
Bart: Relax, Lis! Homer’s eating all his ammo.
Homer: *eating* NOM NOM NOM!
Marge: But who’s going to clean up this mess?

Crazy Happy Fun World Pt. 2
Milo starts

Blue Haired Lawyer: No more food fights. That man almost died.
The Game Master: From overeating! How is that my fault? Contestants were informed that the “food” was Grade F: Failure to be Edible.  Alright, fine! Besides, it’s time for everyone’s newest favorite game: Barbarian Wall Smash! Smash through this brick wall using just your head – literally! – and you win!
Moe: All I gotta do is put this helmet on and smash through that wall with my head? And there are prizes on the other side? I got this!
Make The Game Master Emcee Barbarian Wall Smash- 30m
Make Moe Use His Head to Smash Through Wall- 30m
Moe: I…I made it? Mommy, is that you…?
The Game Master: Well, you broke through – sadly, not before the Crazy Happy Fun World timer expired. But you did earn some lovely consolation prizes. Strawberry, tell the man what he won!
Strawberry: This lunch pail with the faces of…uh…I’m gonna say a defunct boy band? Plus a year’s supply of government surplus ramen!
Moe: *staggers around the stage* Worth it!

Crazy Happy Fun World Pt. 3
Milo starts

The Game Master: The lawyer again? Ugh! What’s this contestant complaining about? We gave him a helmet!
Blue Haired Lawyer: He’s happy as the proverbial bivalve mollusk. No, it’s the woman in the audience he threw up on who’s threatening to sue. We’ll rewrite the audience agreement on the back of their tickets – it’s already thirty-four paragraphs long, but twelve more won’t hurt.
The Game Master: In the meantime, we have plenty of other game ideas! And this next one requires audience participation…
Make The Game Master Arm Audience With Sticks- 2hrs
Frink: As a contestant, I’ll use my big brain with the THINKING and the CALCULATING to win big prizes!
The Game Master: Well, you better think fast, because to play Surviving the Studio you have to make it to any of the three exits before the audience clubs you into submission!
Frink: Hoyvin! What would Einstein do? I know: E equals MC RUN!

Crazy Happy Fun World Pt. 4
Milo starts

The Game Master: What now?! Don’t tell me Professor Frink is suing…
Blue Haired Lawyer: Fortunately he’s in traction and unable to sign a legally binding agreement. No, it turns out the Whacking Day people are highly litigious.
The Game Master: Fine, no more whacking. Besides, it’s time for our latest contest: A buddy game called Fishing For Prizes!
Lenny: Me and Carl got this.
The Game Master: Carl will be using a crane to lower prizes into this piranha-filled swimming pool, where Lenny will retrieve them using only his mouth.
Lenny: Wait, what?
The Game Master: Any prizes Lenny can move to the ledge on the other side, they keep!
Carl: Doesn’t sound hard. Let’s go!
Make Carl Lower Prizes Into Pool- 30m
Make Lenny Retrieve Underwater Prizes- 30m
Make The Game Master Watch a Contestant Almost Drown- 30m
Lenny: You almost killed me! You seriously expected me to swim to the surface with a pickup truck?!
Carl: Eh, the CPR worked, what are you complaining about?

Crazy Happy Fun World Pt. 5
Milo starts

The Game Master: So for our next game–
Krusty: Forget it! This show is finished!
The Game Master: But you said it was a hit!
Krusty: Yeah – a hit with my lawyer! The legal fees are killing me. Oy!
Make Krusty Cancel Crazy Happy Fun World- 4hrs
Make The Game Master Be Sad Crazy Happy Fun World is Canceled
Milo: So what are you going to use as a lead-in to your program now?
Krusty: We got a new show lined up and it’s going to be crazy hashtag-popular! Something about a woman yelling at a cat…

The Game Masters’s Permanent Tasks:

Task Length Earns Location
Clean Grubby Fingerprints 1hr $70, 17xp Outside/Visual at Coolsville
Brood Ominously 4hrs $175, 45xp Coolsville/Homes in Springfield
Feed the Birds 8hrs $275, 70xp Outside/Visual
Set More High Scores 12hrs $420, 100xp Captain Blips/Noiseland/Wall E Weasels/Brown House
Work His Night Gig for Extra Money 24hrs $600, 150xp Toys Were Us/Krusty Burger/Kwik E Mart/Wall E Weasels/Brown House

And that’s it my friends, the details on The Game Master Costume…

Up Next?  The rest of the Act 2 prize track.

Thoughts on The Game Master? Questline?  Tasks? Sound off below.

17 responses to “Game of Games the Sequel Prize Guide: Act 2, Prize 1 The Game Master

  1. The costume does not show up in my inventory does this mean my game has a problem?

  2. I cycled through the Yearbook Mystery Box until I found Coolsville. Ended up only spending 60 donuts.

  3. I had Milo since the Superheroes 2 event almost 4 years ago so I didn’t have a problem with unlocking The Game Master costume but I do understand the issue about it. I mentioned this on another post but you can also get Coolsville and Milo in the yearbook mystery box for 30 donuts or 150 donuts with up to 4 extra items if you don’t want to or can’t spend 150 donuts in the store.

    The Game Master is an interesting costume since he has that glitching like animation when he isn’t on a task. I like that he is included in the Zero-G Whiz questline and is available more earlier in the event since the antagonist characters like the Iron Yuppie and Dr. Crab are usually available at the end of an event. He’s got ok visual tasks since he can join Abe, Agnes and Mona in feeding the birds (I love the tasks at benches) and there’s a visual task at Coolsville which CBG can relate to. The Game Master does have great indoor tasks since there is a 4 hour task at Coolsville and he uses 2 buildings in this event (one is available and the other isn’t). I wish he’d go to Wall E. Weasel’s as the 2nd location before TWU is available for his 24h task, then the KB (if WEW is stored or not unlocked), then the KEM (if KB is stored) and then the BH if the other buildings are stored. I liked the dialogue in his questline and that Moe, Lenny and Carl are included in it (BHL could’ve been included with tasks as well, EA), but I’m not a fan of all the quest tasks going to Krustylu Studios probably because there is no building animation there. 🎮🖐️🐦

  4. With this event I have just been logging in, doing the minimum to advance within the event, then immediately logging out. I don’t go around collecting character points or money like I used to. What ever donuts I get is fine, whatever. Not exploring how to improve the layout of the town – it’s ok, fine, whatever. Not spending donuts on premium items anymore. It’s all ok, fine, whatever.

    After 4 years of playing the game it feels like this to me: ok, fine, whatever. Makes me sad that I’m bored.

  5. Although I will never defend when EA does something I don’t like (and thank you to those who don’t defend them, too) …. this is one of those Events where you’ll only have new Character Skins as Event Prizes (if you want actual new Characters? then you’ll need to spend 🍩’s on the new Premiums) …. it’s the opposite of what Tappers used to deal with (you were awarded new Characters, but you spent 🍩’s on those Character Skins that weren’t Event Prizes) …. why were Character Skins coveted? they usually turned Characters into Premium Earning Machines (some had funny Visual Tasks, too – such as Barney in his Astronaut Suit!) 😂

    Fortunately? Milo with the Coolsville Building is available if you don’t have this Combo (yes, you’ll need to spend 🍩’s – and that’s why we 🍩 farm – OR you can purchase 🍩’s from EA …. OR you can wait until later to see what shows up in the Mystery Box – we still have options in this Game App).

    With that out of the way, if you have Milo and the Coolsville Building? then both his girlfriend (Strawberry), and his Character Skin (Game Master), offer up a fun Task to play thru (vs those 4 hour grinds we all groan over). I will say his Visual Tasks are ‘meh’ compared to Strawberry’s – but does this make it “dumb like dumb decor”? (yes, this gets the “this is dumb EA” nomination, too!)

    I will thank EA on Twitter / Facebook whenever they do it right …. an I will heckle them whenever I feel it’s a dumb idea (I thanked EA for the Strawberry Premium Character Combo in Act 1, I thanked them for Wall E Weasel in Act 2 … I also heckled EA regarding the fact “we finally got a Character Skin and it’s not one of the usual 6 Characters that get one!” …. only to heckle back “oops those Act 3 Event Prizes!”) 😉👆🏻

  6. James E Sines

    when will act 3 start

    • After Act 2!

      Oh, not the answer you were looking for?

      Before Act 4!

      Oh, not the answer you were looking for?

      Sunday June 28th!
      (Third times the charm)

    • Always add 2 Days from the start Day in each Act (Act 2 started on a Friday, 2 Days later is Sunday) …. or use that awesome Event Calendar Patric makes available (he’s very accurate) …. still plenty of time to complete Act 2 ☺️👆🏻

  7. Does anyone who doesn’t own Milo yet actually have the costume in their inventory? I’ve finished part 1 of act 2 in two different games where I don’t own Milo, but even though I got the unlocking message both times, the costume isn’t in my inventory, so I wonder if I’m the only one with this problem.

    • Many people have unfortunately reported this.

    • This snafu has been brought up via @EAHelp on Twitter, and on the official TSTO Facebook Page (I encourage you to please add your voice to the legit complaints at both OR EA will take forever to fix it).

      Sorry for your technical , let’s hope this gets solved before Act 3 begins.

    • MangoFusion01

      Brilliant, absolutely brilliant!

  8. Just finished Act 2 just now. Once again pretty the same as act1 in that the dialogue was funny but that the prizes were ****!! 😛😵😛

    • Agreed!

      The Premium Character Combos are rewarding (but most of the Event Prizes are not). A look at the awesome Event Calendar by Patric tells me that Act 3 is very ‘Character Skin’ heavy. 🙄

  9. Costume for a premium character as a prize

    It’s not the 1st time they have done it.

    But I think it’s the 1st time they have done it to a limited time buy premium character.

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