Game of Games the Sequel Act 3 Premium Questline: Cosine Tangent

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Act 3 is nearly a week old, have you finished it yet?  With Act 4 approaching next week (Tuesday), it’s time to finalize the posts for Act 3.  And y’all know finalizing the posts means….time for full dialogue!  Which oftentimes is the best part of the event.

Act 3 of this multi-event ushered in one new premium character to assist with the event.  Cosine Tangent is an all-new premium character for Springfield, who not only helps earn event currency (throughout the entire event) but also comes with a short questline.

So let’s take a look at the full dialogue for Do the Math…

Do the Math Pt. 1
Cosine Tangent

Database: Ah, man. I can’t believe we lost that math competition.
Lisa: It’s okay, guys. We’ll get ‘em next time.
Cosine Tangent: Yes, but from a pragmatic perspective we should identify the weakest link and excise it.
Report Card: *gasp*
Cosine Tangent: And Database…you missed the final question that cost us the game. How could you have confused Fermat’s Last Theorem with his FIRST theorem?
Database: Seventeenth century French mathematics is my weakness! You know that.
Cosine Tangent: You’re off your game, and it’s gonna cost us that regional trophy that is built out of golden Mersenne prime numbers.
Database: Again with the seventeenth century French mathematics!
Make Cosine Vote On Kicking Out Database- 30m
Make Lisa Vote On Kicking Out Database- 30m
Make Database Vote On Kicking Himself Out- 30m
Make Report Card Vote On Kicking Out Database- 30m
Lisa: Are we really doing this? Database is the President of the group. We can’t just kick him out.
Report Card: It’s more of an impeachment.
Lisa: Right, and that always goes so well…

Do the Math Pt. 2
Cosine Tangent

Report Card: It looks like the vote is tied. What do we do now?
Lisa: Well, in keeping with procedure, the Vice President would cast the deciding vote.
Cosine Tangent: As Vice President, I hereby vote to remove Database from the group!
Database: But…you already voted! You can’t vote twice.
Cosine Tangent: Given that he’s a non-member, I motion to have Database’s comments stricken from the record.
Lisa: Ahh…I agree with Database, but decorum must be followed. The motion passes.
Report Card: The motion passes! Let it be added to the record.
Database: *gasp* You’ll regret this, Cosine.
Make Cosine Search For a New Member- 4hrs
Make Lisa Search For a New Member- 4hrs
Make Report Card Search For a New Member- 4hrs

Do the Math Pt. 3
Cosine Tangent

Cosine Tangent: Cosmos, I believe the time is right for you to rejoin our ranks.
Bart: *graffitiing the swing set* Don’t call me Cosmos.
Lisa: Bart, we really need you. Sure, math may not be your strong suit, but what you lack in actual mathematical skill you make up for in…
Bart: In what?
Lisa: Gimme a minute, I didn’t practice this.
Bart: C’mon, guys. I’m not the best mathlete around here.
Cosine Tangent: You’re not? Then who is?
Bart: Uh…that guy.
Nelson: *beating up Wendell* You plus me makes two of us who knew this beating was coming.
Cosine Tangent: His addition skills are indeed on point.
Make Cosine Try to Convince Nelson to Join- 1hr
Make Nelson Reject Cosine’s Offer- 1hr
Wendell Borton: Thank you for redirecting his ire.
Report Card: Are you okay, Wendell? He did hit you in the stomach pretty hard. You look a bit…
Wendell Borton: Please don’t say it.
Report Card: …queasy?
Wendell Borton: *throws up*

Do the Math Pt. 4
Cosine Tangent

Nelson: I wouldn’t join your lame group in a million years.
Cosine Tangent: Mr. Muntz, I believe you are overlooking one very important thing.
Nelson: Oh yeah? And what’s that? *pulls back fist for a punch*
Cosine Tangent: Girls dig nerds.
Nelson: *slowly relaxes fist* They do?
Lisa: Uh…yeeaaahhh. Totally. All my friends are like “I can’t wait to find a hunk who can…solve the Poincaré Conjecture.”
Cosine Tangent: But Lisa, it was already solved in 2003.
Lisa: *whispering* Just go with it.
Nelson: That must be what I’ve been missing all this time. Alright nerds, I’m in.
Make Cosine Teach Nelson Quadratic Equations to Get Girls- 2hrs

Do the Math Pt. 5
Cosine Tangent

Nelson: What the crap. You nerds lied to me! Chicks don’t dig nerds, they dig geeks!
Cosine Tangent: Huh? What’s the difference?
Nelson: Well apparently only geeks know the difference.
Lisa: I wish you all would stop stereotyping so much, it really depends on the – oh no, he’s winding up his fist for a patented Nelson Wham Bam Thank You Slam!
Report Card: Run! He’s coming after us! Oh wait, he’s already winded.
Nelson: I can’t…I’m no match for their delicate legs. Nerds!
Cosine Tangent: Yeah, and don’t you forget it! The…leg part, not the nerd part.
Make Cosine Try Not to Be a Nerd Anymore- 4hrs
Lisa: Oh hey, Cosine. What uh…what are you doing there?
Cosine Tangent: *strutting weirdly* Ah, Lisa. Perhaps you don’t recognize me. For I am no longer a nerd to be picked on. I am now a geek.
Lisa: You’re still gonna get picked on.
Cosine Tangent: What? No!
Database: Hey, guys. I heard your search for a new member didn’t go so hot. Well…guess whose got two thumbs and is still the best mathlete around?
Lisa: Please don’t.
Database: *sticking thumbs into his chest* This guy!
Lisa: You did.

And this concludes the premium dialogue for Cosine Tangent.

Thoughts on Act 3 of the event?  Did you buy Cosine Tangent?   Thoughts on the dialogue? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. Cosine Tangent had a fun Questline (poor Database – lol!) the Premium Character Combos have been alright for this Event (a voiced Character would’ve been nice – guess that’s why my favourite is Pirate Nelson!) 👍🏻

    Act 4 on Tuesday …. then see what EA does / doesn’t! 😂

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