Game of Games the Sequel Full Dialogue: Act 3, A Fat Lot of Good

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A REMINDER: Act 4 is slated to hit our games tomorrow, July 7th, at 11am ET.  

Let’s crack open the book of Game of Games The Sequel Act 3 and do a little reading shall we? Time for the full dialogue for Act 3…

A Fat Lot of Good Pt. 1
Auto starts

Milhouse: Guys, I found another one of The Game Master’s high scores. It’s in Chunky Island.
Bart: Isn’t that the adventure game where you play as a kid trying to escape fat camp?
Martin: I read that the kids get separated from the camp counselors and have to fend for themselves. Like that book with the British kids stranded on an island. You know, the one whose name I can’t say because it hasn’t yet entered public domain.
Bart: Nelson, I think you should play Chunky Island.
Nelson: You calling me fat, Simpson?
Bart: No…but you’re the only one of us who has any experience putting pig heads on spikes.
Nelson: Only because it makes them easier to carry home from the butcher shop. It’s the only pork my mom can afford.
Make Nelson Play Chunky Island- 4hrs
Collect Memory Cards- x175. 4hrs
Nelson: Gah, this is impossible! Adventure games always have dumb puzzles and dumb hidden secrets and dumb…dumbness.
Sophie: There IS a home version of this game… We should go buy some copies and play it ourselves to help figure out the secrets.
CBG: Toys Were Us is nearby. I just camped out there last night to buy up their first shipment of Pretty Horse Friends series three articulated figures. I got no sleep, had to pee in a Pringles can, and nearly lost a toe to frostbite! Worth it.

A Fat Lot of Good Pt. 2
Auto starts

Nelson: I’m getting nowhere with this game. I’ve got forty-seven inventory items, there’s a rabid dog blocking that path, and over on the beach there’s some incomprehensible coconut tree puzzle. What about you guys? Have you found anything playing your home versions?
Milhouse: I found this pulley thing in a tree stump near the salad bar. That MUST be important!
Sophie: I combined this cat hair with maple syrup and made a mustache. Do you need a mustache?
Martin: I just sunk a fifty-footer from behind the sand trap!
Bart: Martin, what game are you playing?
Martin: Aren’t we all playing Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge?
Make Martin Return Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge- 1hr
Make The Evergreen Terrors Share More Game Secrets- x3. 4hrs
Collect Memory Cards- x125. 4hrs
Bart: Ugh, my mom wants me to come home. She says I’m wasting my precious summer vacation at the arcade. And apparently Child Protective Services requires that you “know where your child is”.

A Fat Lot of Good Pt. 3
Auto starts

Nelson: Ugh, none of the kids on this island will do anything I say. How am I gonna get these fatties to work together?
CBG: There must be some way you can assert your authority over them. Perhaps if you looked more like a leader…
Nelson: Uh, well I did find this pirate outfit in a buried treasure chest.
CBG: Everyone listens to pirates. It’s why Johnny Depp can marry any supermodel he wants.
Pirate Nelson: Yar!
Make Nelson Roleplay as a Pirate-4hrs
The Evergreen Terrors Look Up Pirate Lingo to Help- x3. 4hrs
Collect Memory Cards-
x150. 4hrs
Bart: Okay, now click on that kid with the shirt that’s too small and select the dialogue option, “I’ll keelhaul the lot of ye if ye don’t get to lashin’ together a seaworthy vessel!”
Pirate Nelson: Wow, it’s working! He’s started building the raft! Who knew that maritime-based threats could be so effective?

A Fat Lot of Good Pt. 4
Auto starts

Martin: Alright, I had a bit of a late start but I believe that I’ve caught up to the rest of you in Chunky Island.
Sophie: Any insights?
Martin: I have created a child utopia, free of adults, where all kids are treated equally and none are made fun of.
Sophie: How does that help us? The goal of the game is to get OFF the island!
Martin: Oh, there’s a speedboat hidden in the skull-shaped cave off the north end of the island. But I choose to stay with my fellow compatriots.
Bart: Martin, you realize Chunky Island is just a simulation, right?
Martin: So is everything in our world! Haven’t you been paying attention?
Bart: *shrugs* Fair enough…
Make Martin Show the Others Where the Boat is Hidden-30m
Collect Memory Cards-
x150. 4hrs

A Fat Lot of Good Pt. 5
Auto starts

Pirate Nelson: Yar, ye scurvy dogs! Everyone on the boat before I hang ye from the mizzen!
Bart: Wow, Nelson. You’ve really got a handle on those chunky kids.
Pirate Nelson: *sails off into the sunset, watches the credits roll*
Milhouse: You did it! The Game Master never got this far, so you’re now at the top of the leaderboard!
CBG: I haven’t been this proud of a group of kids since The Goonies.
Nelson: I’ll just add my name to the leaderboard, right above TGM. B- U- T.
Sophie: BUT? But what?
Nelson: I only get three letters. Just imagine another T.
CBG: A hilarious reference to a taboo bodily region! You kids deserve a break. I’m taking you out for pizza! Note – I am NOT paying for the pizza. My pride has limits!
Make Comic Book Guy Take the Kids Out for Pizza-2hrs
The Evergreen Terrors Go Out for Pizza- x4. 2hrs
Collect Memory Cards-
x125. 4hrs
The Game Master: Heh, heh, heh… They think they’re so smart. Well they won’t see this coming…
Strawberry: *yelling from the other room* Babe, you want some pizza rolls?
The Game Master: Only if they’re from the toaster oven. NOT the microwave! The Game Master knows what he desires… Now…where was I? *logs into Earthland Realms* *THUNDERCLAP*
Strawberry: *yelling from the other room* Babe, it sounds like rain! Are the lids on the trash cans?
The Game Master: It’s not rain, it’s just me being ominous!

And this concludes Act 3, of Game of Games the Sequel!

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5 responses to “Game of Games the Sequel Full Dialogue: Act 3, A Fat Lot of Good

  1. Has anyone had a problem where Pirate Nelson’ visible task “swab the decks” isn’t visible? I notIced the first time during the quest, rotated the boat and he appeared. When I checked back, he was gone again. It’s just the way it is, I guess. Tried storing the boat & replacing it. That didn’t help.
    There was a similar issue with the Trashed City Hall skin. Visible character tasks didn’t work in the orientation I had set up. Rotated it (with considerable design compromises) and it works.
    Sloppy work, EA.

  2. 💯 the Tree was a let down (but Pirate Nelson still gets the win for Act 3).

    Act 4 tomorrow ….

  3. I’m disappointed about when you already have that tree….you get nothing. There were times that EA would compensate that with a few donuts…

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