Game of Games the Sequel Act 4 Premium Questline: Hugh Jass

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

This event is FINALLY ready to end!  With the event approaching its end date (Thursday morning), it’s time to finalize the Act 4 posts.  And y’all know finalizing the posts means….time for full dialogue!  Which oftentimes is the best part of the event.

Act 4 of this multi-event ushered in one new premium character to assist with the event.  Hugh Jass is an all-new premium character for Springfield, who comes with a short questline.

So let’s take a look at the full dialogue for Pain in the Jass…

Pain in the Jass Pt. 1
Hugh Jass starts

Squeaky Voice Teen: Welcome to Palm Springfield Resort, sir. Do you have a reservation?
Hugh Jass: Yes. It should be under Jass, first name Hugh.
Squeaky Voice Teen: Indeed, I have your reservation right here. Are you here on business or for pleasure, sir?
Hugh Jass: Oh, well…I’m afraid things aren’t going too well with the wife. Lara kicked me out.
Squeaky Voice Teen: So…pleasure?
Hugh Jass: That’s fine.
Make Hugh Jass Check Into His Room- 30m
Squeaky Voice Teen: And here is your room key, Mr. Jass.
Hugh Jass: Great, thanks.
Squeaky Voice Teen: If you wouldn’t mind, please go to our website and fill out this survey on how well I served you today. It shouldn’t take more than five minutes, you’ll be entered into a drawing for a free drink at the bar, and anything below a score of ten means I lose my job.

Pain in the Jass Pt. 2
Hugh Jass starts

Hugh Jass: *making a phone call*
Phone: *goes to voicemail* Hi, you’ve reached the Jasses. I’m Lara, and I’m Hugh! We can’t come to the phone right now but if you just leave a message after the beep we’ll get back to you! *beep*
Hugh Jass: Lara, it’s me. Listen babe, I was a huge jerk. I’m sorry. I never should have said that about your mother. Let me come home and we can work this out.
Phone: *beep*
Hugh Jass: *sigh* Life is usually more funny than this.
Make Hugh Jass Take a Contemplative Dip- 1hr
Hugh Jass: *walks into the hotel bar*
Squeaky Voice Teen: Sir, please don’t sit on the chairs without drying off first.
Hugh Jass: You work in the bar, too? You know how to mix a decent drink, kid?
Squeaky Voice Teen: As long as the ingredients are in the name.
Hugh Jass: Great. I’ll have a screwdriver.
Squeaky Voice Teen: Uh…how about a swizzle stick?

Pain in the Jass Pt. 3
Hugh Jass starts

Hugh Jass: No offense, but this drink you mixed just isn’t hitting the spot. You know, I’ll be honest, nothing has really satisfied me ever since…
*a single tear falls* Since that first Flaming Moe I drank.
Squeaky Voice Teen: …  According to my bartender’s handbook, I’m supposed to say, “Go to her, Hugh.”
Hugh Jass: You’re right. Thank you for that heartfelt suggestion. *runs out the door*
Make Hugh Jass Go to Moe’s for a Flaming Moe- 2hrs
Hugh Jass: Proprietor, I would like a Flaming Moe.
Moe: Sorry, we don’t serve those no more. They came between me and my best friend, and the health department threatened to shut us down, so I made a vow to never again–
Hugh Jass: I’ll pay five hundred dollars.
Moe: You want a little umbrella in it?

Pain in the Jass Pt. 4
Hugh Jass starts

Hugh Jass: And so then…then I said “Stop leering at her, sir. That’s my WIFE!” And then I…I socked him in the nose, with my hands. These hands here.
Barney: Hahaha, oh man that’s a great story. *belch*
Hugh Jass: Moe, gimme another Flaming You. Extra flamey, sir.
Moe: Alright, Hugh. You’ve had three already. And…I’m kicking myself as I say this, considering how much you’re paying for these, but I think you’ve had enough.  How’s about I call you a cab?
Hugh Jass: I said good day, sir!
Moe: What?
Hugh Jass: Listen here you… Either you gimme my wife back or you gimme another of them Flaming Moes. Your call, bucko.
Make Hugh Jass Have One Too Many Flaming Moes- 4hrs

Pain in the Jass Pt. 5
Hugh Jass starts

Hugh Jass: *slowly opens his eyes* Where…where am I?
Barney: You’re in the hospital.
Hugh Jass: The hospital? How did I get here?
Barney: You had one too many Flaming Moe’s, you went up on the roof, danced around, and fell off. We’ve all been there. *belch*
Hugh Jass: And…you saved me?
Barney: No, you landed on me and broke a few of my bones. I’m checked into the room next door.
Hugh Jass: Oh, sorry.
Dr Hibbert: Mr. Jass? There’s someone here to see you.
Hugh Jass: *gasp* Lara?
Make Hugh Jass Reconcile With His Wife- 1hr
Hugh Jass: I have to tell you…you really helped me out. You were the glue that held me together. I haven’t had a friend like that in a long time.
Squeaky Voice Teen: It’s the least I could do…is what the bartender’s handbook says I should say.

And this concludes the premium dialogue for Hugh Jass

Thoughts on Act 4 of the event?  Did you buy Hugh?   Thoughts on the dialogue? Event? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

15 responses to “Game of Games the Sequel Act 4 Premium Questline: Hugh Jass

  1. For me this was well worth the +33% pricetag, firstly because the building was exactly what I’d been lookin for in a sort of hospitality realm ( hotels, lodgings, etc ) in my Springfield. However the nice surprise was the dialogue that came with Hugh Jass’ questline. Very enjoyable. It was a shame that I couldn’t hear the voiced parts as I am one of those players with long standing problems with the sound in my game,

    Despite that one issue I’m still very pleased with this combo.

  2. Worth the sprinkles 💯

    Hugh Jass has funny animated Character Tasks (on top of Moe’s and at the Palms Springfield Resort) 😂

    Honestly? This could’ve been an 8 Day Mini Event with just every Premium Character Combo only vs padded with crap Event Prizes over a month (I’m still having fun with each Premium Character Combo obtained, but Hugh Jass is tops since he’s voiced!) 👍🏻

    • I agree that it was only the premium content that made this event worthwhile. I didn’t even participate in this event at all in my other smaller Springfield that currently lacks the capacity to farm donuts on a large scale, because I basically wasn’t willing to put in the effort required to get the free prizes as they were all so very Meh!

      The premium content has been very pleasing to me and I’ve bought almost all of it ( will buy the rest later today ) and I’m making quite a big game of games themed section in my town.

      I missed last year’s game of games event due to device compatibility issues so this was a great opportunity to catch up!

      • This Event was definitely a WIN – WIN for you (obtaining prior Game of Games Content, new Premiums) …. and it’s a prime example of what’s not fun for Long Time Tappers.

        We need so many improvements (more Item Limits, more Land), along with a new Event Format (it’s a grind many are choosing to skip and just enjoy the Premium Content, because we’re over it) and better Event Prizes (yes, they’re New to the Game App, but most of them are not worth Tapping for – we can’t defend EA for this).

        I think Pirate Nelson was the 2nd Best Prize (non Premium), because of the new dialogue (he’s voiced with Funny Character Tasks).

        More Fun, Less Meh 👍🏻

        • The item limits thing seems to be the biggest and most common complaint I her about on here and because ATM I’m playing on a budget Kindle tablet I start experiencing performance issues when I get over the 10K mark, so I share your frustrations.
          I had all of the bonus % items out of the storage cupboard for awhile to maximise donut production I also boosted my bonus further by buying Mr Burns’ Mystery boxes. I got close to 5K 🍩 but decided to splash out on all of the game of games premium content that I missed last year as a result of playing on an even older Kindle Tablet that was no longer compatible with the game. At that point ( about July last year ) I had decided not to play anymore as there has been so much talk in early 2019 that the game was almost dead. In September last year I got a budget but more up to date Kindle and decided to give TSTO a try again this was around the time of the Halloween mini event ( Cthuthu themed ) which I really enjoyed quite a lot. Unfortunately the actual main Halloween event was dull BUT for the sailing walls glitch wherein the 2% bonus items could temporarily be bought for cash. This Easter egg was a game changer for me as my bonus % went from around 600% to over 2000% !

          • To conclude, Since then I’ve gotten my bonus % above 3K now and as mentioned above I farmed quite a lot of 🍩.
            At some point I know I’m going to have to put away some of the bonus % items due to the aforementioned performance issues when I go over the 10K mark in terms of item count. You never know Santa might have mercy on me and bring a shiny new top of the range Samsung tablet! ( One can always dream!!!! )

          • We all scored on “those Walls” for Halloween (2% Bonus each probably got everyone at 1000% Bonus) 😉

            Alas, even on a State of the Art Motorola Edge, I find a lack of extra Land and Item Limits frustrating (you literally have to put decor & buildings into storage – and choose wisely which ones).

            I find anything that doesn’t increase my bonus xp, doesn’t generate xp & $, doesn’t offer up a permanent character task to be an utter waste of a Prize (I do find the affordable 2020 Samsung Galaxy Tab 6 to be worthy for TSTO running Android OS 10).

  3. As a barfly he doesn’t drink at moe’s express

  4. I really enjoyed Hugh’s questline and his tasks are fun to although annoyingly my monorail goes over the top of moes so one of his visuals is slightly obscured.

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