Game of Games the Sequel Prize Guide: Act 4, Prize 4 Lady Milhouse

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Well, my friends, we’ve reached the end of the Game of Games prize posts.  These last 4 prizes are all we have left to cover and we can finally put GOG2 to bed!  Woohoo!

I know prize posts aren’t the most exciting in the world, but as I always say it’s still important to break these down.  Helps with various questions and, if nothing else, I can point to this post 6 months from now when they reappear in a mystery box.

Act 4 contains 2 costumes and 2 prizes (and one stinking Mystery Box Token).  For this act I’ve broken down Cleric Marge and the decorations, it’s time to break down Lady Milhouse…

Lady Milhouse is a  brand new COSTUME for Springfield and part of the Game of Games the Sequel Character Collection:

Yes, this is a COSTUME for Milhouse, another costume with this event.

How You Unlock it:
To the Ends of the Earth Pt. 4
Make Bart Recruit Cosine to The Evergreen Terrors- 1hr
Collect Headphones- x150.

Once achieved you’ll unlock the costume…

Lady Milhouse does come with a full questline, here’s a look at that questline:

Lady in Dread Pt. 1
Milhouse starts

Lady Milhouse: Bart, how much longer before you undo this gender-swapping spell? I’ve been Lady Milhouse for months!
Shadow Knight: You will refer to me by my proper title, M’lady.
Lady Milhouse: *sigh* Shadow Knight, SIR, how much longer before you undo this spell?
Shadow Knight: As I’ve explained before, fair maiden, the rules of the spell are such that one cannot simply “undo” it with the wave of a gauntlet. The magical edicts must be followed.
Lady Milhouse:So what does the magical edict for this spell say?
Shadow Knight: It says you have to farm eight Vigorous Elixirs for me.
Lady Milhouse: That sounds tedious…
Shadow Knight: Verily!
Make Shadow Knight Proclaim the Magical Edicts- 2hrs
Make Lady Milhouse Farm Eight Vigorous Elixirs- 2hrs
Lady Milhouse: Okay, Bart- er, Shadow Knight, sir. I’ve retrieved the Vigorous Elixirs per the decree of the magical edict.
Shadow Knight: I see. And why are you bleeding all over?
Lady Milhouse: Because the only place to get Vigorous Elixirs is in the Valley of Pestiferous Depravity!
Shadow Knight:Yes, well, it looks like your arms still work fine. More mead, please.

Lady in Dread Pt. 2
Milhouse starts

Lady Milhouse: Okay, I got your elixirs. Time for the old Milhouse to come back, right?
Shadow Knight: Not so fast. It’s a magical edict, not a pamphlet. There’s more to it.
Lady Milhouse: Ugh, what do I have to do now?
Shadow Knight: *reading* Let’s see… Ah, yes. It says that in order to remove the spell, the spellbound – that’s you – must make a sacrificial journey. I happen to be heading to Castle Equalia today, and to carry my belongings I’ll need a feeble squire such as yourself. We should leave now to get in a few hours before dark. My things are over there.
Lady Milhouse: Armor Wax? Hair Gel of Charisma?
Shadow Knight: You don’t get to the top by looking like a noob.
Make Lady Milhouse Carry Shadow Knight’s Things- 6hrs
Make Shadow Knight Travel With All His Beautification Supplies- 6hrs
Lady Milhouse: *panting* I can’t go any further…
Shadow Knight: You dropped my Amulet of Virile Handsomeness.

Lady in Dread Pt. 3
Milhouse starts

Lady Milhouse: *out of breath* We’re finally here. I’ll just…rest my eyes for a bit.
Shadow Knight: It appears that the next requirement from the magical edict is for the spellbound to “give of his or her hands in service”. And my feet ARE quite sore from the journey…
Lady Milhouse: You want me to rub your feet? Gross! I’m not touching those things.
Shadow Knight: They’re not real feet, Milhouse. Just move in front of me and press the F key.
Make Lady Milhouse Rub Shadow Knight’s Feet- 1hr
Make Shadow Knight Get a Foot Rub- 1hr
Lady Milhouse: I wanna see those magical edicts. I don’t think they say ANY of that stuff!
Shadow Knight: Oh no, no, no. The magical edicts are sacred. They explicitly state that only the worthy can read them.
Lady Milhouse: And how does one become worthy?
Shadow Knight: You gotta be level twenty-five.
Lady Milhouse: *gasp*

Lady in Dread Pt. 4
Milhouse starts

Lady Milhouse: To get to level twenty-five, I’ll just need to buy the Warehouse of Gems and the Triple XP Multiplier. Hopefully Dad doesn’t notice his credit card missing before I have time to put it back… *reading* “Before you finalize your purchase, would you like to add the Earthland Realms season pass to earn double kill streak points for the next four hours?” Would I ever!
Make Lady Milhouse Max Out Kirk’s Credit Card- 4hrs
Shadow Knight: Whoa… Where did you get those high-level boots? And is that the Sword of Deathbringing?
Lady Milhouse: You’re no longer looking at level four Lady Milhouse. This Lady is now level sixty!

Lady in Dread Pt. 5
Milhouse starts

Lady Milhouse: Okay, Bart. Now that I’m level sixty, I’m finally worthy of reading the magical edicts. Hand it over! *grabs the scroll from Shadow Knight*
Shadow Knight: No, no, no, give it back!
Lady Milhouse: *reading* Wait a second, this doesn’t say anything about bringing you elixirs, or carrying all your stuff, or rubbing your feet. All it says is required to remove the spell is that the spellbound must defeat the spellcaster in combat.
Shadow Knight: Let us getteth it on!
Make Lady Milhouse Defeat Shadow Knight in Combat- 1hr
Make Shadow Knight Lose to Lady Milhouse in Combat- 1hr
Lady Milhouse: Hah! Take that! Let the spell be undone!… Why is nothing happening?
Shadow Knight: Oh, hey that was the wrong magical edict. Here’s the correct one. It says that to remove the spell you must make a pilgrimage to the distant land of Ravenreach, match wits with the corpse orcs of Bix… …and defeat the mighty Dragon Lord in a ten-day duel of fire and claw.
Lady Milhouse: …  You know, I’m okay sitting here and tending to my embroidery.
Shadow Knight: That’s m’lady!

Lady Milhouse’s Permanent Tasks:

Task Length Earns Location
Curtsy 1hr $70, 17xp Outside/Visual
Serve Mead 4hrs $175, 45xp Outside/Visual
Complete a Quest to Kill Sewer Rats 8hrs $275, 70xp Businessman’s Social Club/Moe’s Tavern/Brown House
Work A Shift At the Pub 12hrs $420, 100xp O’Flanagan’s/Little Black Box/ She She Lounge/Moe’s/Brown House
Plead With Shadow Knight to Remove the Spell 24hrs $600, 150xp Shadow Knight’s Throne/Simpson Home/Brown House

And that’s it my friends, the details on the Lady Milhouse Costume…

Up Next?  Nothing.  We’ve covered the final prize here, so this was it.  Nothing to do now but wait until something new arrives…

Thoughts on Lady Milhouse? Questline?  Tasks? Act 4? Sound off below.

5 responses to “Game of Games the Sequel Prize Guide: Act 4, Prize 4 Lady Milhouse

  1. Lady Milhouse is one of the better prizes in the event even if it’s another costume for Milhouse. Even though Milhouse isn’t voided, I image Lady Milhouse saying “It’s a spell!” and “thank you.” when being sent on tasks. Just like Cleric Marge’s 8 and 12 hour tasks, I like that Lady Milhouse’s 12 and 24h tasks goes to some bars and the Shadow Knight’s Throne plus the task at the Businessman’s Social Club is also good. Both the visuals are very simple yet funny, I can imagine Shadow Knight sat on his throne and Lady Milhouse serving him mead only to spill it everywhere then annoying Shadow Knight in the process. I also liked that Shadow Knight was involved in Lady Milhouse’s questline since he wasn’t involved in Cleric Marge’s questline.
    IMO, Lady Milhouse is the best act 4 prize, 2nd best is Cleric Marge, middle is the Crowd of Cosplayers, 2nd worst is the Frinkiac 7, and worst is the token.

  2. I guess EA gave Bart “Shadow Knight” Simpson something new to do with Milhouse “Lady” Van Houten ….. and it was a fun Questline vs this Event’s grind (either then that? it’s just 1 of 6 Milhouse Character Skins available? – I lost count!) 🤷🏼‍♂️

  3. It was alright, wouldn’t say it was the best but I enjoy all the events regardless. I honestly hope that when/ if the day comes that ea decides to wrap it up with tapped out that they make the game available to play in an offline mode. Crazy that this has been a daily routine for all these years!

  4. susan spittal

    how can i get the waterslide from simpsons tapped out for this last game that ended july 16 2020

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