Game of Games the Sequel Full Dialogue: Act 4, To the Ends of the Earth

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Who’s ready for the exciting conclusion of Game of Games The Sequel? 🙋‍♀️ Let’s get right to the full dialogue for Act 4…

To the Ends of the Earth Pt. 1
Auto starts

Wall E Weasel: Welcome to Wall E. Weasel, where all your pizza and skee-ball dreams come true. Can I interest you in our Pizza Popper Party Platter?
CBG: I’ll take five of those. Kids, what about you?
Bart: Wall E, my man, I’m gonna need a sample of your Pepperoni Pleasure, your Chicago Chicanery, and your Super Scrumptious Sausage Supreme.
Martin: And what is the soup du jour? Perhaps a savory mulligatawny?
Wall E Weasel: We don’t do samples and we only have pizza and garlic bread. And the garlic bread isn’t made with real garlic. Or real bread.
Bart: *phone chirps an alert* It’s a notification from the Earthland Realms online server. There’s a new player at the top of the leaderboards!
Sophie: *gasp* It couldn’t be.
Milhouse: The Game Master!
Wall E Weasel: … So…we wanting to start with some sodas, or just waste more of my precious time?
Make The Evergreen Terrors Log Into Earthland Realms- x4. 1hr
Make Comic Book Guy Finish Eating Pizza Popper Party Platters- 1hr
Collect Headphones- x125
Marge: Homer, Bart does nothing but play video games these days.
Homer: I know, isn’t it awesome?
Marge: NO! It is not awesome. It’s terrible for his special little brain.
Homer:I know, he’s the worst, right?
Marge: Boys learn from their fathers, and Bart sees you do nothing but sit around all day in front of that television.
Homer: What?! That’s not true except for Saturdays, Sundays, the occasional Arbor Day, and Pretend Flu Fridays.
Marge: If he’s going to change, I need you to change first. I’m sending you to counseling to learn how to be a father again.
Homer: Hah! Joke’s on you. I never learned in the first place!
Marge: *grumble*

To the Ends of the Earth Pt. 2
Auto starts

Shadow Knight: Alright, let’s meet in the Earthland Realms town square and do a roll call. Shadow Knight, here!
Lady Milhouse: Lady Milhouse, here.
Nelson: Flying Head Nelson, here.
CBG: Duke Hammerthrone, here.
Shadow Knight: Martin, are you on?
Martin: I’m still creating my character. There are so many hair options!
Shadow Knight: Ugh, fine. Just catch up when you’re done. Sophie, you here?
Sophie: They blocked my dad’s IP address from the server for “digital indecent drunken disorder”. I’m gonna run to the library to see if I can get on the computer there.
CBG:Watch out for creepos. I heard they use the library computers for…things. I wouldn’t know, only heard from a friend.
Shadow Knight: Everybody else ready? Stock up on health potions. It’s time to find and take down The Game Master.
Make Martin Get His Character’s Hair Juuuuuust Right-2hrs
Make Sophie Run to the Library-1hr
Make the Team Find The Game Master in Earthland Realms-x4. 1hr. CBG, Bart, Milhouse, Nelson)
Collect Headphones-
CBG: Watch out for the beast’s claws! Everybody back into formation! Remember, Shadow Knight is our tank, Lady Milhouse is our DPS…
Lady Milhouse: I am? My character is currently spec’d for hospitality!
CBG: *presses Q to facepalm*

To the Ends of the Earth Pt. 3
Auto starts

Shadow Knight: Ahh! I’m pinned down! Help!
Marge: Is that Bart playing his game upstairs? I can’t listen to my little boy in distress! I have to help him! *logs into Earthland Realms*
Cleric Marge: Ah, it feels good to stretch my Cleric legs again. I’ll just use this Sojourner’s Scroll to warp to Bart’s location.
Shadow Knight: Mom? What are you doing here?
Cleric Marge: I’m here to help. Also dinner is in ten minutes. Is that…a rat?
Shadow Knight: He bit me with paralysis venom! He’s been slowly chewing my knees off for an hour.
Cleric Marge: *hits rat on the head* There you go.
Shadow Knight: Ugh, thanks. C’mon, we’ve been tracking The Game Master through this valley and I think we’ve almost found him. *runs off*
Cleric Marge: Oh, okay… Hold on. What’s a Game Master?
Make Cleric Marge Spawn Camp The Game Master-2hrs
Make Shadow Knight Provide Support- 2hrs
Collect Headphones-
Lady Milhouse: Our guild has shot up into the top tier on the leaderboard! But Bart, I could really help more if you removed this lady spell you put on me.
Shadow Knight: Next thing on my to-do list, I swear. In the meantime, some more mead, m’lady?
Lady Milhouse: *blushes* Oh of course, Sir Shadow Knight.

To the Ends of the Earth Pt. 4
Auto starts

Shadow Knight: Martin, we need you. Aren’t you done creating your character yet?
Martin: Have you guys seen all the belt options? They’re so shiny!
Shadow Knight: Ugh, and where’s Sophie?
CBG: She’s at the library, but they’re on dial-up. I believe she’s still trying to convince the librarian to get off the phone.
Shadow Knight: This isn’t working! We’ll never catch The Game Master without a full team. The Evergreen Terrors need to recruit a new member.
Lady Milhouse: Do you have someone in mind?
Shadow Knight: Unfortunately…yes.
Make Bart Recruit Cosine to The Evergreen Terrors- 1hr
Collect Headphones-
Cosine Tangent: Um, hello everyone.
Nelson: Cosine? Your daily beating isn’t scheduled for another two hours. What are you doing here?
Bart: Cosine is the newest member of The Evergreen Terrors.
Milhouse: Bart, why did you think Cosine would be a good fit?
Bart: I saw him playing this game at the arcade the other day. You should’ve seen him. Fingers like lightning! Cosine, what game was that?
Cosine Tangent: Alien Invaders: Calculus Edition.

To the Ends of the Earth Pt. 5
Auto starts

Sophie: Guys, the librarian finally got off the phone so I can dial in. I’m logging into the game! *dialup sounds*
Martin: And my character’s appearance is finally up to my exacting standards. Joining the group now!
Cosine Tangent: So what is this group for? Mathletics?
Milhouse: Bart didn’t tell you? We’re a video game team. Hang on, we’ll use you as a human shield.
Cosine Tangent: I can’t deny such a move would be logical…
Frink: What in the hoyvin is going on!? I’ve never seen so much activity in Earthland Realms. My Frinkiac 7 is going to melt!
Bart: What does your supercomputer have to do with Earthland Realms?
Frink: I rented it out to the game’s developers a few years ago to run the game server. After all, my Frinkiac is the fastest computer in the world, what with its sixty-four glavin cores, hoyvin!
CBG: So you have the ability to log into the Earthland Realms server and do whatever you want? Say…delete a character?
Bart: Frink, we’re gonna need you to delete a character called The Game Master.
Frink: Oh, I don’t know. That seems awfully unethical what with the SCHEMING and the CONTRACTS I signed with the developers–
Bart: I’ll let you test any of your drugs or devices on me for the next six months.
Frink: Good glavin, a willing guinea pig? I’ll do it!
Make Professor Frink Delete The Game Master From the Server-1hr
Make Everyone Gasp-x3.  Bart, Milhouse, Martin, Nelson, Sophie, CBG
Collect Headphones-

Watch the Skies
Auto starts

The Game Master: What in the… Where is my character?!
Martin: You’ve been terrorized – Evergreen style!
Sophie: Is that our new Evergreen Terrors tagline?
Martin: I’m workshopping it. What do you think?
CBG: Milo, your days of threatening this simulated town with your administrator hijinks are over. *rips off The Game Master’s hood again*
Milo: Stop messing with my hood! My mom sewed it for me!
CBG: Then give me back my stolen picture!
Milo: You guys are so gullible. I don’t have your stupid picture. I’m not the admin! There’s no such THING as the admin, because we DON’T live in a simulation! How did you fall for that?
Milhouse: Um, yes we do. Sky Finger controls us all and forces me to shop at Kwik-E-Mart every sixty minutes. Squishees are my entire diet!
Bart: Wait, Milo, have you never accepted Sky Finger into your heart?
Milo: Have I accepted Sky Finger into my heart? What are you – OH MY GOD what is that falling from the sky?!
Homer: KABOOM!

And this concludes Act 4, of Game of Games the Sequel!

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