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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

I’m sure by now most of you have noticed there’s no TSTO update this week (at least as of this posting).  And I’m also sure some of you have noticed there hasn’t been a new post today.  I’m sorry for that.  Things are absolutely crazy in my life right now, in particular at work, and with no new TSTO update dropping this week I’ve been working to try and calm that craziness down a bit in lieu of TSTO posts.  (and I really didn’t want to drop another Caption This! on you, not two days in a row)

I promise I’ll get a musings post about Game of Games 2 written up and posted for next week. Beyond that, to hold you over until another update, Patric has a new Bob Spills the Beans edition of Friday Filler going up tomorrow; Safi has a new round of Bracket Battle for Saturday, and a musings post for Monday…so we’ve got plenty to keep you entertained until there’s new game content!  (we hope!)

Thanks for your understanding and feel free to use this post as a Thursday Open Thread!


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  1. Ebron – thanks for the Vesuvias pizza task for Wise Guy Raphael!
    Blowing its’ stack 24 hours a day. (I never knew he had a name and always called him ‘Sarcastic Guy”)

  2. New update for me in store.. make sure to check it out

  3. Has anyone else had issues with the server basically all week?

    • Yes

      Monday thru Tuesday EA had Network issues (they posted about it on @EAHelp via Twitter) ….

      No, I don’t think there will be a permanent solution (some days will be Happy Tapping, some days will be Bart Simpson Screen) ….

  4. Technically it’s on EA to

    _initiate a download to change the Login Screen
    _provide a new Event Download

    We can’t expect something every day when you have Family + Job + Projects to balance (the Basement was accomplished, your Household was working on a Backyard Deck). ☺️

    There’s actually 2 programmes this Household is enjoying tonight (and laughing) –

    Holey Moley

    Both are on the ABC Network 😂

    • Oh yea, the deck was finished back in early June. lol We just had to repaint/stain it, it was that time. For once all of our household projects that we’ve been talking about doing have been finished. We’ve since added a few more “would be nice to do this down the road” things to our list

  5. Pat attempted to post his Friday post today then took it back down when he saw it wasn’t Friday.

    • Well…….more like “Pat hit the wrong button and freaked out.” The post wasn’t actually finished…so, those who saw the “early version” didn’t have graphics, or a few corrections. Kind of like an “unreleased studio take” of a song. Interesting, but not the real deal.

    • I’ve had lots of issues logging in recently. Anybody else having problems?

  6. You’re too hard on yourself, if there’s nothing to say don’t say it!

  7. It’s all good Alissa take whatever time you need.

  8. Alissa, good luck with your work stuff!

    Happy Thursday All!

  9. Funny, you did actually do a post of sorts to tell us you weren’t doing one 😂

  10. Hi, Alissa!! Well, there was a post, Friday Filler today, by Patric. But, as it was a mistake, it was deleted before I could read it. LOL. Crazy times, I sometimes dont know what day it is! Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. dropped a ton of doughnuts on yearbook last night so got enough stuff to do now till next event hits

    • I did too ….. and now I can be entertained for at least a week 😀👍🏻

      Has 🍩’s
      Needs to spend ’em

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