Musings on Game of Games the Sequel…

It’s not Thursday, but I have some musings for you anyway!  Finally getting a moment to sit down at the computer to write up my thoughts on the Game of Games Sequel event.  I’ve got thoughts, so let’s get to ’em…

I’ve had nearly two weeks from the completion of The Game of Games Sequel to collect my thoughts and really assess the event.  And after two weeks all I can muster is a “meh”.  But let me go a little further for you and share some thoughts from this event.

Let me preface this by saying, once again, I’m holding this event in the same light as all other multi-events.  I’m no longer going to do the “this event was ok, but compared to this event from 6 years ago it was terrible…”.  I think we need to compare apples to apples at this point.  We all know Stonecutters (from 2014) was the best TSTO event ever, and no event since has lived up to that greatness.  So, we have to analyze this multi-event compared to other multi-events.  It’s only fair.

So comparing the Game of Games the Sequel to other multi-events, and reviewing it in the same light…

Again, I arrive at “meh”.  This even was ok, but lacked the big element…be it game play or prizes…that really made it good.  Loading prize tracks with characters felt a bit lame, and as if EA didn’t learn their lessons from the first Game of Games Event.  (you can see my musings post on that here)

They did what most sequels do, couldn’t live up to the first one.  And in the case of Game of Games it wasn’t a very high bar.

Ultimately, this event consisted of a couple of buildings, loads of decorations, 4 costumes, and 4 mystery box tokens.  Fun times.

Let’s get into the Good, Bad, and Ugly…

The Good

-Once again the dialogue stands out as the best part of this event. What else is new?  Loads of fun twists and turns through ALL the event dialogue, from main questline to costume questlines.

-Premium offerings.  Fun premium combos offered.  And I appreciated that Strawberry was only 125 donuts instead of the usual 150 donuts.

-Hugh Jass is really funny.  Despite the price tag he was a well worth it addition to the event.

-Ease of completion.

The Bad

-Hugh Jass didn’t earn even currency.  For 200 donuts you would expect a character to earn event currency. This one really annoyed me.

-The decoration prizes.  Aside from the Arcade cabinets the rest are a bit of a hodgepodge of “game like” items that don’t really work together for a cohesive design.  While fun (like the Shower Computer), they just don’t work in a realistic TSTO design.

The Ugly

-Mystery box tokens as prizes.  Not sure how many times we can complain about it…and I thought they were making the change.  Give us 5 NEW prizes for each Act, it shouldn’t be that hard.  Don’t recycle old content…especially when the alternative is donuts.  The donut has so been devalued that it’s not even worth it.  If you can’t come up with 5 NEW prizes for each Act than just do 4.  Don’t patronize us with the stupid mystery box tokens, when the box is full of old content.

Final Thoughts

Overall I give this event a D+.  Just “meh” on it honestly.  Really bummed by all the costumes, not one new free character.  The benchmark from the original Game of Games wasn’t very high (I gave it C-) and the sequel, like many sequels, doesn’t even reach the same level as the original.

And finally…

Just a word to the wise about Patric’s Friday Filler series.  Guys, take it with a grain of salt.  A VERY LARGE gain of salt.

Thoughts?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. I was going to post this at the end of the month but its better late than never,

    I put down a bunch of pros and cons from the Game of Games The Sequel event on the GoGTS event nearing the end post so I’ll just put 3 good, bad and ugly points of the event which are the same as some of my pros and cons from the other post. My grade for the event is still the same at a B/C grade. 🎮👾🕹️

    The Good: 😀
    *Bowling Lanes were re-released since they haven’t been available since the Pin Pals mini event 3 years ago. (I can also finally get all the Pin Pals to bowl at the same time at my bowlarama and bowling alley.)
    *30 minute and 2 hour permanent, questline and event tasks for characters and costumes. (it’s a change from all the 4 hour tasks in past events.)
    *Great and memorable new (premium) characters with decent tasks and questlines.

    The Bad: 😐
    *No new characters were available as prizes since it was mostly costumes and decorations. (at least the tokens allowed people to get returning freemium and premium characters in the mystery box.)
    *Many decorations were random and seemed like they should’ve been included in past events instead of this one which can make it hard to fit all into one area.
    *The Game Master was a prize and a costume for Milo which was cool to players that already have Milo and Coolsville (either the Yearbook MB or in the GoGTS event or other events) since he helped in the event but disappointing to those who didn’t have Milo and Coolsville since TGM would stay in the inventory until Milo was unlocked.

    The Ugly: 😟
    *Sound and freezing issues on certain devices was included with the event and still hasn’t been fixed yet. (Wall E. Weasel’s was glitched at the start of the event but got fixed within days.)
    *The final prizes in each act was either a MB token, a building (Bart’s Moon Mansion) or a decoration (Frinkiac 7) since its usually a character or costume as a final act prize.(Bart’s Moon Mansion was the best final act prize but the token could be good if it got a character or building.)
    *The event was 5 weeks long which could’ve been 4 weeks long or if there was either: a) an act 5. b) an extra prize or 2 in each act. c) the prize totals were slightly higher.

    Some improvements to the event: 🤓
    *The Game Master could’ve been a separate character like an evil version of Milo (Milo could’ve also had some interaction with TGM in the questlines) and then there would’ve been a character prize in the event.
    *Some arcade or game related items could’ve been released as cash items since the arcade machines in the Arcade Cabinets would work as 1×1 or 2×2 cash decorations (its something else to spend the cash on). The Arcade Cabinets could’ve also cost 75,000 or 750,000 cash each instead of 75 donuts.
    *A new minigame or old minigames could’ve helped in the event and afterwards would reward prizes.

  2. I’d honestly slap the fact we got TWO costumes for Nelson up as a pretty big negative too, one freemium and one premium. And let’s face it, if you’re an XP hoarder like some of us you aren’t going to be using that freemium skin anytime soon…

  3. I already forgot our prizes! Lol
    I do like hugh jass…especially since due to the pandemic that the size of mine. But i digress….
    I like this mini event so much better honestly. They should just stick to that. Stop pulling random stuff out of their butts. Come up with real prizes!
    Im dreading what theyll do with halloween this year. Maybe it’ll be cancelled. Just like real life….😔🎃

    • I was thinking about that too. Likely not much Halloween trick or treating in most areas this year. I’m really curious to see how black Friday shopping is this year.

    • I think for Halloween this year, I’ll leave the basket on the front porch.
      With a sign to take just one, please. And maybe another one or two for siblings and parents
      And I’ll fill it with those tiny saniwipes that the casinos give out.
      And my decorations will be a large sign

    • I don’t get trick or treaters anymore (parental units take them to parking lots for trunk or treat – and that’s just not getting an endorsement from me), but Halloween decor is left up year round (lol – I don’t bother homeowners that leave up their Christmas lights) ! 🎃🦇💀

      For the 1st time since 1980 :
      No Knott’s Scary Farm

      For the 1st time since 1991:
      No Universal Studios Halloween Horror Night (it used to be called Fright Night back in the day)

      For the 1st time since 2001
      No Queen Mary’s Dark Harbour

      We went to the Haunted Mansion’s 50th last year at Disneyland , we saw The Damned’s 40th Anniversary for
      Machine Gun Etiquette …. right now, we’re stocking up on Blu-rays (ie Vincent Price Collection Boxset at ShoutFactory, William Castle Boxset at Mill Creek Entertainment) and slowly buying Halloween Swag this year (already at 99 Cent’s Store, Big Lots, At Home, etc). 🖤🦇

      I’d be fine if TSTO Halloween is a Mini Event filled with great Prizes vs a loooong drawn out multi Act for 6 weeks filled with Dumb Decor! Just hope for the best, like the moments we had meeting Tim Burton at the Las Vegas Neon Graveyard / Neon Museum (before covid-19 shut it down!) 🖤🦇

  4. Game of Games The Sequel

    A fair assessment means I gave it a D Grade (along with an “ugh this @#$& again!”), because it was a bad idea to make a sequel to an original Event (that was a C Grade at best), and here’s why:


    While the writing was funny, that’s not enough to sustain Game Play …. sure, we got new Content (❤️ all of the Premium Character Combos – Character Skin aka a voiced Pirate Nelson – Buildings such as Broken Dreams Storage Locker & Palm Springsfield Resort!) and that means we finally got Hugh Jass in the Game App (he’s voiced, too!)


    New Mystery Box & Tokens as Event Prizes for them doesn’t work when it’s Content already in the regular Mystery Box (or worse? when you have everything, so whoop dee doo you just grinded for 12 🍩’s!) There’s no excuse for Crap Prizes (or Prizes that don’t offer a Character Task!) especially when the Prizes are not coherent to the Event’s Game Play (I’d rather have only 3 or 4 Quality Event Prizes per Act vs an Act padded with 5 Crap Prizes not worth the grind, or expediting with 🍩’s for!)


    L-EA-Z-Y and it’s showing when the Premium Content is better than the Event Prizes (why bother to Tap n’ Grind when you can spend sprinkles and enjoy new Content instantly?), when most of what you obtained is going right into Storage (that’s the sad truth!) and the TSTO Game App is supposed to be an escape from the real world (it’s technical issues and lack of new game play are now a real world problem, too!)

    💯 agree with a lot of the constructive criticism Alissa offered up (ie Gil Deal that gives you a Character that didn’t earn Event Currency, a Sequel Event worse then the original Event, Mystery Box Tokens as Event Prizes, the devalue of winning a small stack of 🍩’s!) Why not offer up Mystery Box Tokens for 🍩’s in exchange (if we want anything from the Event’s Mystery Box, we’ll have a choice vs having it dumped upon us!)

    EA needs to stop being L-EA-Z-Y, or else they will lose Tappers who actually spend real 💸 on the Game App (during the pandemic, this Game App isn’t winning – I haven’t spent real 💸 for 2 years in TSTO and no it’s not just because I 🍩 farm!) 🙄

  5. I appreciate Patric’s musings, they are always heartfelt and sincere!
    EA has no choice, so long as the Simpsons remain on TV, to maintain TSTO. EA should find a better way to pair the TV show and the game for everyone so more resources can be used to maintain and update TSTO.

  6. I enjoy Patric’s Friday Filler. Best part of my week, pandemic-ly speaking!

  7. stephanie goodman

    Off topic, anyone else getting and error logging in?

    • Yep. Bart screen strikes again.

    • Been an issue for me all day

    • Gillian Cover

      Yes! All. Day. Long. 😡

      • Gillian Cover

        Also, it wants me to log in with my email and password, but then it informs me that an error occurred during the login. Ugh!

        • Stephanie

          All of you are experiencing a temporary network issue (it sucks, but it even happens to me) and it’s on EA’s end.

          You can all tweet out the problem to @EAHelp and have Tech Support guide you (from deleting and downloading the Game App again, to clearing the Game App’s cache), but if they acknowledge it’s on EA’s end (especially problems with Origin Accounts) …. then take a day off from Tapping.

          don’t let this frustrate anyone, it’s not worth it

          • I did delete and re-download the app, but that got me nowhere. I hope I can get my account back. I’ve been playing for 5+ years, and it’s become a part of my daily routine.

            • After two days of some extra free time 🙂 I went and reset my password (when you log in, click “forgot password”) and that solved the issue for me. Might work for the rest of you too. Good luck

  8. I put the wax museum on the road through the mountains and turned Springfield Heights into a wax museum where I put all the random items. Though, I’m slowly running out of room there it gives me a place to put it.

  9. I put the wax museum on the road through the mountains and turned Springfield Heights into a wax museum where I put all the random items. Though, I’m slowly running out of room there it gives me a place to put it.

  10. I always thought Patrick’s “stories” were fan fiction, like creepy pasta 😂
    Grandpa’s stories..

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