Your Help Is Needed – Hope is In Your Hands

I have made no attempt to hide the fact that the primary reason I still write for TSTO Addicts long after the game has gone into decline, is because of the work that this site does to support the Buyijja Village School in rural Uganda.  It is one of those things that is “outside the box” of TSTO, and all about the community we have created here.

I have not done a fundraiser for the school since January, as like the rest of the world, conditions have been in an uncertain state since Covid-19 hit.  But, recent developments have pushed us back into action, and we need your help.

The facts are simple. All of the amazing progress we have made in almost 6 years, with the more than 250 students in Buyijja and outlying villages that attend the school, has been halted, and the kids are now without any real alternatives for education.  The government’s solution is “remote learning” using TVs and Radios to be distributed to villages.  One small problem…most rural villages (including Buyijja) have no electricity or other modern conveniences. So…a different solution is required. 

That is where YOU come in. 
Our project manager has organized a group of teachers who are willing to deliver to the village, person-to-person, what they call “Holiday packets” along with pens and notebooks. These are enough lessons to last for a full term, for each child. It is truly the only way these kids can continue to have some sort of education.

There are rampant reports of increases in child labor (aka slavery), forced marriages, and abandonment in the rural villages that have lost hope since the crackdown began in March.  There is no indication when/if the schools will reopen soon.  This is really a stop-gap of hope.

Your donations will allow us to continue to offer Peace, Hope and Love to children who have little or nothing else in their lives to give them a chance for the future.

For more information, follow the link below.

Every dollar will go toward this project. Every dollar helps.


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  1. I’m currently reading a book about a woman in Uganda who saves children. It’s called “Garden of the Lost and Abandoned” by Jessica Yu. I went to high school with Jessica. There are heartbreaking stories of the children in Uganda who are separated from their families. Education is one way they can better their lives and find good paying jobs.
    Did you ever write the story of how you became involved with this particular school? It could make for another serial tale.
    I will definitely add to your go fund me account. Thank you for being a caring person during these tough times.

  2. I’ve been watching for an update on Buyijja! (It’s probably the reason I keep playing TSTO – so our friend Bob owes you!)

    I was guessing the schools had been shuttered at least for now, and have been worried about what would happen. Thank you for the update, I’m so pleased to be able to contribute a little bit!

  3. Dear Patrick, thank you from the bottom of my heart for caring so much about these vulnerable kids. They are our kids as well, I feel. Their life and struggle brings tears to my eyes. I am awaiting my first puny coins to come sometime in September (hopefully) so I can send as much as I can (it won’t be much, but at least more than I would spend on our silly little tapping game)

    • Your kind words of support are as valuable as any donation. Thank you. We have been blessed with some amazing folks who have been able to step up and make this happen very quickly. But, knowing that there are those who are struggling in their own lives, who still see the value in what we are doing, is gratifying. Thanks for writing!

  4. I’ve sent some dollars from the UK 🙂

    Very best of luck with it!

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