Add Friends- Graffiti Free 6

Remember this post is for those who won’t vandalize each other…if you’re looking for the regular Add Me Page you can find it here

Time for a little vandalism clean up…with a new event here and the old Vandalism Free page getting pretty full, I figured time to start fresh with a whole new Add Me page free of those vandals!

Do you hate getting graffiti in your Springfield?  Are you tired of cleaning up after other people’s fun, at your expense?  Are you someone that NEVER Vandalizes other towns?  Are you super concerned about your Righteousness rating…no matter how many Training Walls you build?  Well this is the Add Friends Thread for You!

no paint


Here’s your thread for those of you who PLEDGE NOT TO VANDALIZE EACH OTHER’S TOWNS!  If you can’t keep that pledge…please don’t add your name to this thread.  

IMPORTANT…..Include that you WILL NOT VANDALIZE in your comment with your request.  DO NOT put your name on this list AND the other list.  This is the list for those who pledge NOT to vandalize…if you put your ID on both lists we will delete it from this one.

Here’s what’s allowed on this thread:

-Origin ID (Add Me Request) with Pledge Not to Vandalize
-Posts saying you added someone
-Post ONLY to say ” —- tagged me” (let’s not insult each other…and remember give them a chance to apologize.  Accidents do happen)
-Post apologizing to someone for accidentally tagging them

It is up to YOU to decide who you want on your friends list. If you don’t want them, take them off. That simple.

Thank you! Happy Tapping!

834 responses to “Add Friends- Graffiti Free 6

  1. Please add SammyPlayz606
    Been playing for only 2 weeks

  2. Hello. Back at it after a few years of a break. Level 117. I won’t tag. Feel free to add me:


    Thanks! Happy Tapping!

  3. Feel free to add me! DruchiiDan – stopped playing in 2016, came back last month and really happy to see the game is still going!

  4. WitchyWoman1416


  5. add me

  6. Add me please! Very enthusiastic and non-vandalizing player here.


    • I added you a couple days ago (am very new to the game) and as I was clicking on your buildings I accidentally graffitied one (I was trying to click on the pop ups i don’t yet have in my town). Now that I know what it does, I won’t let it happen again. I’m very sorry and thank you for adding me despite how tiny my springfield is.

  7. Add me! No vandalism here @sandboxsara

  8. Anyone else having weird new friend notifications but when you go to that side you don’t have new friends?

    I’ve looked and couldn’t find it addressed anywhere. Maybe it’s just me…

    My @ witchywoman1416

  9. add me ! camilla777

  10. Please add me mcs7869. I’m a huge Simpsons fan and I have no desire to vandalize anyone’s town.

  11. Jazegurl19607 add me please 😊

  12. Add me! Daily player RedbirdLiz

  13. Dusty_4534

  14. Add me, I’m trying to find some neighbours to add to my Springfield!

    My name is Esprinsteen

  15. Newish player. I used to play a long time ago but one back. New land so not much going on yet but love the game play daily. Witchywoman1416

  16. PurElectrifying

  17. riidemvSPD

  18. alexkro1999 I have added a few on here but play every day 👍🏻

  19. Just started playing my account again after taking a few years off from the game. Level 259, @JobeMK — looking for new towns and friends to add!

  20. I play daily! Add me 🙂

  21. new player pls add!


  22. Add me please Mar_sanch2000

  23. Add me, please: vic586

  24. Please add me, Fiory120431. I’ll try to play the game daily.

  25. Agus920 add My please, i won’t Vandalize 🙂

  26. Hi, added a bunch of recent posters. Daily player add me. Hybrid_Species

  27. vineark666

  28. MistaBix1031
    I won’t graffiti you! I added the 2 names above me!

  29. Add me! baxterliv
    Thankssss 😊

  30. @briannagamer Sorry! I vanned you by mistake!

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