THOH XXXI Prize Guide: Act 1, Prizes 1-4

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Time for another fun and exciting event prize post!  This time around things are a little hellish! Act 1 consists of 2 new decorations, 1 new building, 1 returning building (or MB token), and one new costume.

So let’s take a look at the prizes on the Act 1 THOH Prize Track: Hellport Pentagram, Hellementary School (or MB token), Cursed Desk, and Hell’s Kitchen…

First up, Hellport Pentagram…

How You Unlock it:
School Days, Hell Daze Pt. 1
Make Bart Hell Portal to Hellementary School- 2hrs
Collect Magic Runes- x175.

Once achieved you’ll unlock the Pentagram…

Other Details:
Item: Hellport Pentagram
Size: 2×2
Build Time:
Nothing, a decoration
Indolence +10
Can Be Placed: grass|pavement|boardwalk|pier|dirt
What Does It Do?: Always animated.
WDTCF: “Bart Gets Hit By a Car” S2, E10

Next up, prize 2, either Hellementary School or Mystery Box Token…

How You Unlock it:
School Days, Hell Daze Pt. 2
Make Bart Explain Twisted Torments- 2hrs
Collect Magic Runes- x125.

Once achieved you’ll unlock the school or token…

Other Details:
Hellementary School is a returning item, details on it can be found here.

Next up, prize 3, the cursed desk…

How You Unlock it:
School Days, Hell Daze Pt. 3
Make Kids Look Up Exorcism Videos- x5. 4hrs
Make Miss Hoover Grade Vomit-Encrusted Homework- 4hrs
Collect Magic Runes- x125.

Once achieved you’ll unlock the desk…

Other Details:
Cursed Desk
Build Time:
nothing, decoration
Obedience +5
Can Be Placed:
Lisa has a 3hr task there (animated), Examine the Cursed Desk
What Does It Do: Animated when tapped

Finally, prize 4, Hell’s Kitchen…

How You Unlock it:
School Days, Hell Daze Pt. 4
Make Bart Brag About His Success Some More- 4hrs
Make Lisa Find a Way Into Hell- 1hr
Collect Magic Runes- x125.

Once achieved you’ll unlock Hell’s Kitchen…

Other Details:
Hell’s Kitchen
Build Time:
Gluttony +10
Can Be Placed:
Homer has a 3hr task there, Grab a Hellish Bite to Eat
What Does It Do: Animated when in use
WDTCF: “Black-Eyed, Please” S24, E15

And that’s it my friends, the details on the first round of Act 1 THOH XXXI Prizes

Up next? Beelzebart

Thoughts on act 1?  How are you doing with the prize track? Still, working on it? Sound off below!

33 responses to “THOH XXXI Prize Guide: Act 1, Prizes 1-4

  1. As this is my first event back in two years, I splurged an got a lot of stuff in general, I like old scratch an donuts head homer.

    Didn’t have the school, an hell’s kitchen is also great, an I love the new skin for bart, his skateboard animation is awesome.

    I’m currently already making a badlands like area in my town, ok city, it’s gotten so big I’m calling it a city now lol, an the hell school an hell’s kitchen fits in very nicely with this area.

    Can’t wait for part two to start.

    Oh an I finally got brandine cletus’s wife, bought to start having some babies soon lol.

    I still want witch Marge, since I missed her all those years ago, an at 25 donuts that’s cheaper then the yearbook too.

    • ChrisH

      Yes, you will find a variety of returning Content in the THOH Mystery Box (if you’ve got plenty of Prizes in there to obtain? then buying Tokens with 🍩’s will benefit you as a Tapper!) 👍🏻

      The Premium Character Combos seem to be fairly priced (and worth it for the added Content).

      If you want more Halloween Decor? I don’t know if this is available in either Mystery Box, but 2 years ago we had a Vampire Archaeological Dig Site (it’s two levels to complete, you get 50 tries, always a Prize at the end) and it’s worth obtaining. 😊

  2. For those concerned about item limits, it is only the hangman cages & tentacle tree that gives a percentage increase in the spooky wood bundle. So you can store the rest of the stuff to keep your item total down.
    Apologies if Alissa & co have already posted this info.

  3. Hellport Pentagram – Dumb Decor (it doesn’t do anything!)

    Hellementary School (congrats if you got it! I got a Token that got me the Gypsy Fortune Teller!)

    Cursed Desk – a Visual Character Task is appreciated (Decor should always offer something!)

    Hell’s Kitchen – it’s an amusing Building when in use (Homer grabbing a hellish bite to eat – lol! – that was funny and clever!)

    Act 1 is kinda meh without the Premium Character Combo … it also seems like if you want the best Halloween Decor from prior Events, it’s 1 bundle for 🍩’s OR the vampire archaeological dig (isn’t it’s sad when that vampire archaeological dig offers better rewards?)

    Act 2 starts on Friday, right? let’s see if EA doesn’t pad it with Crap Prizes! Now that a Token is worthless (as I only had one Item available), this Tapper just wants Characters, Buildings, maybe a quality Character Skin, Decor that’s not pointless, or I’m going to call EA on it!

    Like a lot of Tappers, I’ve got 🍩’s to spend, but not a lot worth spending them on (except the Premium Character Combos!)

    • I got the Hellementary school for my Springfield B, so was quite pleased about that, for my original Springfield, I got a witch with a green face, which I cannot remember seeing in any episodes, though my memory isn’t so good! I only have another 2 items left in the mystery box in my main world, will probably buy more of the 20 donut decoration packs for the 5% bonus.
      The first prize was laughably small and generally pretty useless.
      Same for the cursed desk, small and pretty useless. Helps Kitchen was an ok prize and has a new job for Homer attached to it.
      Another skin for Bart, a bit meh IMHO.

      • I agree that first prize couldn’t have been any smaller & it was the most expensive as regards collecting stuff ?
        Hopefully prizes will improve as we progress through the acts.

      • Let’s see …. that Witch is a limited-time Premium Character released on October 3, 2018, as part of the Treehouse of Horror XXIX Event (she was a 300 🍩’s deal). Always let the witch win the costume contest !🤣

        Easily confused with Suzanne the Witch that came with the Gingerbread House.

  4. Anyone notice the complete lack of non premium Halloween decorations?
    No spooky trees, pumpkins, NOTHING. Just overpriced minor character premium items. I’m considering one of the bundles, but even then I’m disappointed I won’t be updating my ‘Halloweenville’ of Springfield.

    • Yes, I noticed that too, not good for very new players. On the plus side the items in the 20 donut bundles collectively give a 5% bonus on all cash and XP, taking that into account they are actually a very good deal.

    • Theresa

      I agree that not a lot was returned from prior THOH Events ….. you got 1 Bundle, 1 Portal, both for 🍩’s ….. but the rest is Crap compared to the rewards that are obtained if you have the vampire archaeological dig site (from 2018).

  5. Has anyone had trouble dealing with EA support? I logged a ticket for missing content and I received three different responses basically giving me the runaround. I finally lost it when another person from EA responded to my ticket asking what was wrong with the content for FIFA 2021. I am just curious if others are or had the same issue with ther tech support.

    • danielsantalu

      Not when I go directly to Twitter @EAHelp, tweet the problem I am having with the TSTO Game App, then wait for Customer Support to reply (having all the information handy, screen grabs if necessary, everything it takes to state the case so that it can be solved).

      Granted, they work limited hours since covid-19 (only Monday through Saturday), it’s a smaller dedicated Staff (because EA’s priority is no longer TSTO), but with courtesy I get good results.

      I hope your problem is solved soon so that you can go back to Tapping. 👍🏻

    • You just need to keep contacting them until you find a representative that is willing to help, every time I have reached out to them it’s taken multiple contacts to get a helpful representative.

  6. Has anyone had trouble talking with EA Support? I have logged several tickets for missing content and they keep giving me the run around and then got a response on how they can help with the content for FIFA 2021. Very frustrating to say the least but wanted to see if anyone else was having issues with their support. Thanks

  7. This is off topic but I was wondering if anyone knows how to enable the quest line for Lisa’s outfit Jake B.

    I unlocked it during the Milhouse event but I still have not received any quests, I have tried reinstalling the game and EA help is not helping….

    Can anyone tell me how to unlock the quest line?

    • Have you tried tapping on Lisa to get her job task panel to pup up and select that outfit? each of her outfits has different tasks attached to them.

      When Lisa isn’t on a job task.. find her.. tap on her and change her costume to the one you need and see if there is a quest line in Yellow for you to start and finish off.

    • Hi J.T.

      Jake Boyman is a Character Skin for Lisa Simpson. If you obtained it, but haven’t used it? You should find the Character Skin in your Storage under Characters (if you do not have it? let’s see if someone on TSTO Addicts can answer if the Jake Boyman Character Skin is available in the Mystery Box).

      • Hey,
        I have the skin on Lisa but I never unlocked a quest line for it, the last three jobs for Jake are locked by quests & they do not indicate what is required to unlock it.

        1. Requires ______ character
        2. Requires ______ building

        I reached out to EA help, they did not respond.
        I have not had any assistance from EA help in recent months regarding this & connectivity issues while playing over my cellular network.
        I last received help from EA help shortly after my last purchase of Donuts, they were much more responsive in that window.

        • J.T.

          Here’s a little backstory – Jacob T. “Jake” Boyman (aka Toilet) is an alias that Lisa Simpson used to join the Boys’ side of Springfield Elementary School (“Girls Just Want to Have Sums”, 19th Episode, Season 17).

          Thanks Alissa for publishing on TSTO ADDICTS a little over a year ago “The Real Moms of Springfield Prize Breakdown: Jake Boyman” (when in doubt? use the 🔎 Function and you will find detailed information from all of the TSTO Addicts Staff) 👍🏻

          Jake Boyman Character Tasks

          Put On the Patriarchy Shoes (1hr Task) Simpson House

          Fire Off (4hr Task) Outside / Visual

          Try to Shake the Toilet Nickname (8hr Task) Springfield Elementary

          Study Real Math (12hr Task) Outside / Visual

          Sneak Into Simpsons House (24hr Task) Simpsons House

          Jake Boyman does not come with a Questline (it’s just a Character Skin for Lisa Simpson).

        • Hey J.T

          You have a 30 minute Task to “Go Get An Ice Cream” (you need Ice Cream Man Homer Simpson with the Ice Cream Truck), along with an 8 Hour Task for “Wizard Academy” (you need the Magic Academy).

          That’s all I can think of that requires a Building, or Decor, you may not have (but should be able to get from the Mystery Box). 👍🏻

  8. Will there be tokens in the prize track of the next 3 acts?

    • No. After Act 1 they’re only available via donuts

      • ­
        I got the item I wanted (Voodo & Hexes + Lady), but I’m thinking of dropping the extra doughnuts on the chance of getting the Fortune Teller.
        … Mainly to find out where the heck I put her pink tent.

      • Well that really sucks, I’ve been really disappointed with the lack of depth in all of the recent events. I’m going to pick up all I can out of the mystery yearbook, before I buy any tokens; I think there’s 4 more items that I can get out of it.

        Mini events or big events like Halloween only differ in length, there’s no premium characters or buildings in the rewards & they no longer involve traveling to friends towns.

        I still enjoy adding to my Springfield but the game is not evolving, the events only highlight the stagnant growth; the mystery yearbook was an awesome addition but I can’t think of anything else that has been added to really improve the game play.

      • I have been waiting for that little piece of information. Thank you.

  9. Alissa, hope you can help. I finished the first stage and got all the prizes, however I am unable to see any of the four prizes in my town and they are not in my inventory. Any help on this situation would be great full! Keep up the great work!!!

  10. Thanks!

  11. I know this isn’t about the prizes, but i can’t find a SIB or post about Donut Homer. Is it a good buy or just a waste of money?

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