THOH XXXI Premium Questline: Old Scratch

Reminder: Act 2 of THOH XXXI is set to start tomorrow morning, 11am ET (1500 UTC).  Act 1 won’t be going anywhere (until the event ends), but Act 2 will be launching tomorrow.  

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s everyone’s (well almost everyone’s) favorite time in TSTO, the annual Treehouse of Horror Event!  Yes, Halloween in Springfield has always been big deal in TSTO and this year is no exception!

This Event ushered in one new premium character to help navigate this event.  Old Scratch is an all-new premium character for Springfield, who not only helps earn event currency but also comes with a short questline.

So let’s take a look at Old Scratch’s questline.  Here’s the full dialogue for A Congress of Devils…

A Congress of Devils Pt. 1
Old Scratch starts

Old Scratch: It’s good to get out of Hell for a bit and stretch my hooves! Maybe pick up a few fresh souls for the trip back.
The Devil: Not so fast, pal! I’m the Prince of Darkness in Springfield! Now scram!
Old Scratch: Oh, am I horning in on your turf? “Horning”. Get it?
The Devil: Because we both have horns. Yes, I get it. What you DON’T get is I’m the one, true Satan.
Old Scratch: Maybe you haven’t played the main quest line for MY event. I’m the guy in charge here! If anybody’s gonna be the real Prince of Darkness, it’s me! How ’bout you be…let’s see…the Prince of the Presbylutheran Church or the Dark Knight of North Haverbrook. Heh-heh.
The Devil: Oh, that’s it! You’re going down!
Make Old Scratch Fight the Devil- 3hrs
Make the Devil Fight Old Scratch- 3hrs
Ned: Oh Dear Lord! Devils fighting in the streets of Springfield! It truly is the End Times!
Homer: That’s what you said last Thursday about the plague of frogs— There were three frogs.
Ned: They hopped at me! One touched my foot!

A Congress of Devils Pt. 2
Old Scratch starts

Bart: Wow, that’s way more hair-pulling than I expected in a fight between demons.
The Devil: We fight dirty ’cause dirty is all we know!
Old Scratch: Kid has a point though. We should fight with some sense of pride and dignity. Afterall, I am Ruler of the Underworld.
The Devil: YOU’RE Ruler of the Underworld?! That’s it, you’re getting your hair pulled again!
Make Old Scratch Accept a Satan-Off Challenge- 1hr
Make the Devil Challenge Old Scratch to a Satan-Off- 1hr
The Devil: So, here’s the deal: Whoever tricks the greatest number of Springfielders into surrendering their souls shall be known as the One True Prince of Darkness!
Old Scratch: I really don’t want to hear the terms of the deal again!
The Devil: Somebody got up on the wrong side of the River Styx this morning.

A Congress of Devils Pt. 3
Old Scratch starts

Old Scratch: Say there, you look like a fella who enjoys a good bargain.
Cletus: Aw no, not another fiddle contest.
Old Scratch: No. Something better. Have you ever thought about getting into the oil business?
Cletus: Oil? Ain’t no future in ‘virementally un’stainable energy! I seez the future in mobile phone entertainment. I luvs Varmint Rasslin’ videos!
Old Scratch: Varmint Rasslin’? Two animals fighting each other? Sounds hellishly good. I want in!
Cletus: Tain’t zactly how it works.
Make Old Scratch Flee Rasslin’ Raccoons- 4hrs
Make Cletus Post Varmint Rasslin’ Videos Online- 4hrs
Cletus: Woooeee! Look at all those likes and views! And that’s just fer round one! A badger vs. Old Scratch. Who’s ready fer round two?
Old Scratch: Please, just take the deed to this oil well and let me crawl off in peace…

A Congress of Devils Pt. 4
Old Scratch starts

The Devil: Old Scratch is pretty shifty. I’ll need my “A” game if I’m gonna stay on top of the hellhole Hell heap.
Squeaky Voice Teen: Aw, no! I lost my job at the Widget Spinners store. I thought I’d be spinning there forever.
The Devil: Young man, how would you like to be a billionaire?
Squeaky Voice Teen: Nah. Millionaire is fine for me.
The Devil: Even better! Just sign here on the dotted line, my boy… Heh-heh…
Make Old Scratch Hide From Unruly Raccoons- 2hrs
Make The Devil Try to Steal a Soul- 2hrs
Make Squeaky Voice Teen Try to Sell His Soul- 2hrs
The Devil: MWAHAHA! And now that I own a teenager’s soul—!
Blue Haired Lawyer: I’m sorry, sir, but my clients already own 53% of this young man’s soul.
Mr Costington: And we’ve got a 27% stake in his soul!
Arthur Fortune: And don’t forget about our 19%.
Burns: I believe I’m into the lad as well!
The Devil: How much of his soul is left?
Blue Haired Lawyer: Since he’s in soul debt, his soul creditors can now come after you.
The Devil: Uh, hey…did I say I own his soul? I meant Old Scratch! He’s the guy you want!

A Congress of Devils Pt. 5
Old Scratch starts

Ned: Friends and neighbors! There is a demonic scourge that is plaguing our town—
Dr Hibbert: Ned, I told you, that wasn’t a plague — just a mild rash from overwashing your—
Ned: Not that! I’m talking about an actual walking, talking force of evil. Real devils! Trying to make bargains to steal people’s souls! The Devil and Old Scratch!!! Now, good people of Springfield, we need to drive these devils back from whence they came!
Old Scratch: Maybe we’re attracting a little too much of the wrong kind of attention.
The Devil: Yeah, maybe. Perhaps we should call off our contest. Besides, there’s more than enough sin in Springfield for the two of us.
Old Scratch: Absolutely! But first I think it’s time we called in a favor from a red devil’s best friend…
The Devil: An internet CEO? Parents who cheated to get their kids into college?
Old Scratch: Even better…a despicable politician.
Make Ned Rally Springfielders to Drive Out the Devils!- 3hrs
Make Springfielders Get Riled Up About Devils- x5. 3hrs
Make Old Scratch Call in a Favor- 3hrs
Make the Devil Enjoy Classic ’80s Metal- 3hrs
Ned: Let us drive these foul spawns of Hell out of our fair—!
Quimby: Not so fast, Flanders! As a sanctuary city we welcome all.  It’s in our town charter.
Ned: You’re saying we can’t reject the very devils in our midst?!
Quimby: That is correct. And I’m also pleased to announce the first annual Springfield Devil Days!
Homer: Mmm… Devil’s food Days!
The Devil: It’s good to have friends in low places.
Old Scratch: The lower the better.

And this concludes Old Scratch’s questline.

Thoughts on the event?  Did you buy Old Scratch? Thoughts on the dialogue? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. Old Scratch has funny Visual Character Tasks – ❤️ making those Critters chase him …. seeing Old Scratch and El Diablo fight over “¿quien es muy macho – in Hell?” 🔥 is amusing (seriously, invest in the New Premium Content!) …. but this year’s THOH Event isn’t Halloween 🎃 themed at all (that’s kinda causing a murmur online towards EA!) 🤔

  2. Scratch is voiced but I cannot understand one of his statements. Perhaps if I search some more? Perhaps Scratch comments are available?
    The insights provided here make Tapped Out even more enjoyable! Thank you especially to Alyssa and Patric!

    • Which statement are you or able to understand? Oh. Wait. If you could tell me that, you’d understand it…right?

      • Heehee, thanks Patric. Scratch completes a task and says ” Howdy … “. It’s gibberish to me.
        I hope you and all TSTO addicts and your families have a Happy Halloween! Most especially under current conditions.
        Please stay safe and healthy😄

  3. Im all about this guy!😈

    • Gotta Scratch that itch (it burns!) 🔥😂

      And now for some real Hell, Christmas crap on store shelves already (I’m surprised EA hasn’t lampooned this in TSTO!)

  4. has act 2 been delayed? it should’ve launched 3 hours ago

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