THOH XXXI Prize Guide: Act 2, Prize 5 Lisafer

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Time for another fun and exciting event prize post!  And of course, with this theme, everything is Hellish! Act 2 consists of 2 new decorations, 1 new building, 1 hellish crowd, and one new costume.

So let’s take a look at the final Act 2 prize, Lisafer, a new costume for Lisa Simpson…

Lisafer is a  brand new costume for Bart and part of the Treehouse of Horror XXXI Character Collection:

How You Unlock it:
Hell is Other Students Pt. 5
Make Lisa Serve Hell Detention- 4hrs
Make Old Scratch Gloat- 4hrs
Collect Cursed Scrolls- x175.

Once achieved you’ll unlock the costume…

Other Info:
WDTCF:Treehouse of Horror XXV” S26, E4

Lisafer does come with a full questline, here’s a look at that questline:

Putting the Pun in Punishment Pt. 1
Lisafer starts

Old Scratch: Lisafer! I know you’re trying to win our bet by failing your classes here in Hell, but you’ll fail nothing stuck in detention. And to further your torment you’ll listen to the worst music in heaven or hell — jazz!
Lisafer: Terrific! I love all forms of jazz!
Old Scratch: Damn it! Forget jazz. Here’s an excruciating assignment for you — write five hundred thousand words on Proto-Feminist Transcendentalist Literature!
Lisafer: That’s great too! I can give you two hundred thousand words on Margaret Fuller alone!
Old Scratch: Curses! This may be more challenging than I thought.
Make Lisafer Take Everything Old Scratch Can Dish Out- 2hrs
Make Old Scratch Get Exasperated With Lisafer- 2hrs
Old Scratch: You’re a tough nut to crack.
Lisafer: Thank you!
Old Scratch: I hate nuts!
Lisafer: Even cashews? Boy, you are a gloomy Gus. Say, what’s with that wardrobe over there?
Old Scratch: It was a soul swap from the writer of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. It was the only one of the three I didn’t have to feed.
Lisafer: Interesting…

Putting the Pun in Punishment Pt. 2
Lisafer starts

Marge: Lisa! What are you doing here? Bart said you were stuck in Hell Detention!
Lisafer: I was, but I escaped through a piece of magic furniture. Now I need to find a way to get out of my deal with Old Scratch!
Marge: There’s nothing a lawyer can’t fix…
Lisafer: Or ruin.
Make Marge Call the Blue-Haired Lawyer- 1hr
Make Lisafer Consult With the Blue-Haired Lawyer- 1hr
Make the Blue-Haired Lawyer Prepare His Bill- 1hr
Blue Haired Lawyer: I’m afraid your daughter is in a jam. Old Scratch’s contracts are notoriously convoluted and difficult to fight in court.  My advice would be to appeal to a higher power.
Lisafer: So there’s nothing we can do legally?
Blue Haired Lawyer: You can pay my legal bill.

Putting the Pun in Punishment Pt. 3
Lisafer starts

Lisafer: Reverend Lovejoy, I need your help!
Lovejoy: Little Lisa Simpson in Hell…
Lisafer: I’m only there because I found out Old Scratch is going to keep Bart in Hell, so I made a deal— Are you even listening?
Lovejoy: Sorry, I was thinking about my model trains. It’s how I get through those long, boring sermons too. Chugga-chugga-choo-choo!
Make Lisafer Ask Reverend for Theological Advice- 3hrs
Make Reverend Lovejoy Think About Model Trains- 3hrs
Lovejoy: Lisafer, I’m not much of a brim and firestone preacher. I only know ways to stay OUT of Hell — mostly riffing on that Ten Commandments thing…
And you’re already in Hell so I don’t have a lot of advice on getting out. You should try bingeing the early seasons of “Prison Break” for ideas.
Lisafer: Thanks for nothing.

Putting the Pun in Punishment Pt. 4
Lisafer starts

Milhouse: Hey Lisa. I like the wings.
Lisafer: They’re fake.
Milhouse: Why do women feel they have to fake everything? Especially around me?
Lisafer: I was trying to hide from Old Scratch. I’m going to get called back to Hell. And then Bart and I will be trapped there forever.  I need someone who can help me find a way to get out of my deal with Old Scratch. But so far everyone is clueless! Someone who’s not from the establishment, someone who doesn’t fit the mold.
Milhouse: How ’bout someone who doesn’t fit his pants?
Lisafer: You have someone in mind?
Milhouse: Let’s go see Comic Book Guy!
Make Milhouse Take Lisafer to the Android’s Dungeon- 4hrs
Make Lisafer Go to the Android’s Dungeon- 4hrs
Make Comic Book Guy Look Up Comic Book Demonology- 4hrs
Lisafer: Please tell me there’s hope for me and Bart.
CBG: Well, in the comics, the heroes always get out of their deals through some convoluted, plot-convenient loophole…
Lisafer: I don’t have any loopholes up my sleeves. I don’t even have sleeves.
CBG: I’ve found there is one thing that all villains hate — plucky heroes who defiantly quip in the face of their menacing evil!
Lisafer: Well that’s better than noth— AAAAAAAH!
Milhouse: Oh no! Lisa’s been sucked back to Hell!
CBG: Without buying anything!

Putting the Pun in Punishment Pt. 5
Lisafer starts

Old Scratch: Sneaking off like that… I’ll be keeping an eye on you from now on, Lisafer.
Lisafer: I escaped Hell Detention before, and I’ll do it again!
Old Scratch: You won’t escape without a plan.
Lisafer: I’ll just WING it!
Old Scratch: Because you have wings… Yeah, I get it.
Lisafer: But for now, I’ll just HOOF it back to my desk.
Old Scratch: Yes, you have hooves too. Your pluck and quips are so annoying!
Lisafer: Then I’ve succeeded because down here it’s good to be annoying.
Old Scratch: Ugh!
Make Lisafer Annoy Old Scratch With Pluck and Quips- 5hrs
Make Old Scratch Get Exasperated by Pluck and Quips- 5hrs
Old Scratch: Enough! No more detention. Just go back to class. I can’t listen to this anymore! You’re making my hair fall out!
Lisafer: I hope you don’t lose all your hair, or there will be Hell toupée. Tee-hee-hee!
Old Scratch: That’s your last quip! Get out!

Lisafer’s Permanent Tasks:

Task Length Earns Location
Deliberately Tank Homework Assignments 1hr $70, 17xp Hellementary School/Hellport Pentagram
Torture Homer 4hrs $175, 45xp Outside/Visual
Cut Class 8hrs $275, 70xp Outside/Visual
Research Ways to Escape Hell 12hrs $420, 100xp Hellementary School/Springfield Library
Serve More Hell Detention 24hrs $600, 150xp Hellementary School/Hellscape/Brown House

And that’s it my friends, the details on Lisafer…

Up Next? Nothing.  You’ve finished Act 2.  Nothing to do but sit back and wait for Act 3 to start up on Sunday (11am ET)

Thoughts on Lisafer? Questline?  Tasks? Event? Sound off below.

10 responses to “THOH XXXI Prize Guide: Act 2, Prize 5 Lisafer

  1. Can anyone help me understand the line “ Old Scratch: It was a soul swap from the writer of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. It was the only one of the three I didn’t have to feed.”?? I get you don’t feed a wardrobe, but what are they trying to say with a soul swap? Any ideas? Thanks.

  2. I too have a 60 minute locked lisafer task. I tried deleting and reinstalling and it didn’t fix the issue (and I don’t have the option of torturing homer for 8 hours). Has anyone figured out how to fix this?

  3. Lisafer – I know it’s another Character Skin for Lisa Simpson (as if she didn’t have enough already?), but I get to send Lisafer out to torture Homer Simpson (a hell-uva funny Visual Character Task – oops the clever writing is rubbing off on me with these bad puns!) 😅

    Like all Kids in this Game App, Lisafer does have an 8 Hour Task at the Magic Academy (I enjoy tapping Lisafer because of her dialogue – same with Beelzebart!) 😀👍🏻

    So, at least I got 2 Prizes in Act 2 I felt were worthwhile (because we all know where the rest goes – lol!) Hey, Happy Halloween 🎃 Weekend and Stay Safe everyone! ⚰️🦇

  4. My Lisafer tasks are not entirely what you list here.
    Torture Homer does not appear on her menu, and Deliberately Tank Homework is locked and unaccessible. But Lisafer’s tasks do include Sneak an Ice Cream, Go to School, and Attend Wizarding School. It appears there is programming mischief afoot. How can I resolve the issue?

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