THOH XXXI Act 2 Full Dialogue: Hell is Other Students

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Act 3 is slated to start SUNDAY, November 1stAct 2 (or Act 1 for that matter) isn’t going anywhere, so if you didn’t finish it you’ll still have time to. Look for Act 3 to start around 10am ET (1500 UTC) on SUNDAY. (Don’t forget the US “Falls Back” on Sunday at 2am.  So start times move to 10am ET, instead of 11am)
You’ll need Homer and Marge free for the first round of tasks (and those earning event currency).  Also, 1 new premium character combo will be released.  150 donuts for the combo.

Now on with the full dialogue for Act 2…

Hell is Other Students Pt. 1
Auto starts

Lisafer: Hellementary School is still school, just with fires, molten lava, and boiling steam.
Hell Kids Crowd: Get a load of the new kid with her fresh–faced, just outta-the-hell-portal attitude!
Lisafer: Relax guys! I’m here to NOT do any work. School is SOOO lame, right?!
Hell Kids Crowd: Oh great. Another one of those too-cool-for-Hell-School types!
Make Lisa Get on Fellow Students’ Bad Side- 2hrs
Collect Cursed Scrolls- x150. 4hrs
Hell Kids Crowd: Listen, we’re in Hell because we like being bad. Being in Hell School is all about learning to be good at being bad.
Lisafer: Say, I was just kidding earlier! I actually love school and I’m great at it! I only called it lame because I wanted to fit in.
Hell Kids Crowd: Ugh, now she’s a suck-up!
Lisafer: This deal with the devil is really confusing. If I’m not careful, I could end up stuck in Hell forever.
Old Scratch: Wouldn’t I love that.
Lisafer: GAH! Are you spying on me?!
Old Scratch: I spy on everybody. I’m like Santa Claus who’s down here every day except Christmas.
Santa Claus: Ho-ho-Hell!

Hell is Other Students Pt. 2
Auto starts

Beelzebart: Lisa? What are you doing here?
Lisafer: I hated that you were getting A’s in school so I found a way to come to Hellementary School myself. I struck a deal with Old Scratch: if I flunk out of school you and I are saved, but if I pass any classes we’ll both be damned forever. It’s a really confusing deal.
Beelzebart: Don’t sweat it, Lis.
Lisafer: All I do is sweat down here!
Beelzebart: Hellementary school is about doing bad things. So just be yourself, be good, and you’ll do horribly!
Make Lisa Do Poorly in Class by Being Good- 4hrs
Make Beelzebart Get an A in Corporate Lobbying- 4hrs
Collect Cursed Scrolls- x125. 4hrs
Lisafer: I was supposed to be mean, so I was nice. I was supposed to lie, so I told the truth. I got straight F’s on all my assignments… I fought my instincts, worked hard to not achieve, and Bart and I will win our freedom from Hell! As long as I just keep getting everything wrong, we’re good!
Hell Teacher: Okay, class, our next subject is Science!
Lisafer: Oh no! How am I ever going to dumb down science?!

Hell is Other Students Pt. 3
Auto starts

Hell Scientists Crowd: Welcome to Hell Labs, Beelzebart! Your breakthrough in torture techniques has been so impressive we’re granting you an internship.
Beelzebart: That’s cool…I think. Wait, what’s she doing here?
Hell Scientists Crowd: Lisafer is our top science pupil!
Lisafer: I couldn’t help it. Science is the one normal subject in Hell School I couldn’t fail. I just couldn’t!
Old Scratch: I’m glad someone takes science seriously! Heaven sure doesn’t. Have you heard their theory on where dinosaurs came from? Crazy.
Make Beelzebart Review the State of the Art in Torture- 4hrs
Make Lisa Try to Moralize Torture Science- 4hrs
Collect Cursed Scrolls- x125. 4hrs
Hell Scientists Crowd: Great work today, Beelzebart! Just don’t bring the girl. We can’t stand all her moralizing lectures!
Beelzebart: Now you know what I’ve lived with for eight years.
Lisafer: Ha! Now I’m failing Science!
Hell Scientists Crowd: No, you’re not. You’re getting an A+.
Lisafer: What?! You can’t do that! I’m annoying! You hate me!
Hell Scientists Crowd: All great scientists are annoying and hateful. Congratulations.

Hell is Other Students Pt. 4
Auto starts

Lisafer: Bart, I’m never going to make it through the school year without accidentally passing a class! You have to help me escape!
Beelzebart: I was top in my class in escapes. Also cheating, skipping out, and not paying attention. Sure, I’ll help ya. We can sneak out while everyone’s in study hall.
Lisafer: Why doesn’t everyone trapped in Hell escape?
Beelzebart: Duh. Some of us love our Hellementary school.
Lisafer: Wait, are those headlights?
Beelzebart: Correction…demon headlights.
Make Lisa Get Chased Back to School by a Demon Car- 1hr
Make Beelzebart Get Chased Back to School by a Demon Car- 1hr
Collect Cursed Scrolls- x125. 4hrs
Lisafer: We’ve been caught! Now we’ll never get out of here!
Old Scratch: Good job ratting out your sister, Beelzebart!
Lisafer: What?! Gah! Bart? No! Why’d you do it?
Beelzebart: It was for extra credit on our Treachery assignment.
Lisafer: Sadly, I actually respect that.

Hell is Other Students Pt. 5
Auto starts

Lisafer: I’m stuck here and somehow passing half my subjects despite trying to fail. Darn.
Old Scratch: “Darn”? You know you can “hard” swear down here.
Lisafer: *#&@*!
Old Scratch: That’s better. A+!
Lisafer: Darn! I mean…God bless you!
Old Scratch: Nicely played! You just got detention, little lady!
Lisafer: Heh-heh…
Make Lisa Serve Hell Detention- 4hrs
Make Old Scratch Gloat- 4hrs
Collect Cursed Scrolls- x175. 4hrs

Thoughts on the Act 2 dialogue?  Looking forward to Act 3 starting to continue the story?  Have you completed Act 2? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

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