Should You Buy Donut Homer?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well, spending actual cash on donuts for a character is back in TSTO, well it’s a costume this time.  This is something EA’s been rolling out over the last few years, and it’s a new bonus for actually spending cash on donuts. (instead of just farming them)  Where they attach a premium, limited-time, character to one of the donut bundles in addition to bonus donuts.

This time around we’re being offered Donut Homer,  a premium costume (NOT a character), for a tray of 132 Donuts ($9.99 in the US) bonus this time around.  While it’s hard for me to sit here and tell you if you should or shouldn’t spend actual cash on the game (spoiler, I think you should always spend at least a small amount…even if it’s $.99/year on the game if it brings you joy and you want to see it continue) I thought I’d do a quick breakdown of Donut Homer, his tasks, questline and other details you may be curious about.

So let’s consider this an abbreviated Should I Buy….

So what is the deal?  When you can find it in the Currency Tab of your Store (also by hitting Get More)…

Basically, spend $9.99 on a Tray of 132 donuts and you get the Donut Homer costume.

And yes, for those outside of the US I know my price is probably lower than yours.  EA only charges 9.99 USD for this package…anything over that that you are currently paying goes to Google/Apple/Amazon for Tax and Duty etc.  EA only collects the 9.99. 

So, personally, I’m glad EA went back to the $9.99 price point for these (the last one was $19.99), but I’m a little annoyed it’s a costume not a full character.

So here’s a breakdown on Donut Homer…

-Costume for Homer
-Comes with a complete set of tasks
-Comes with a questline
-Some fun visual/animated tasks
-Will not earn event currency
-From a “classic” THOH episode, THOH IV (S5, E5)

Here’s a look at the task list

Donut Homer’s Permanent Tasks…

Task Length Earns Location
Donut Homer 1hr $105, 26xp Power Plant
Enjoy a Stroll Around Town 4hrs $260, 70xp Outside/Visual
Go On a Rampage 8hrs $420, 105 Outside/Visual
Wonder If Eating Donuts Is Cannibalism 12hrs $600, 150xp Simpson Home
Resist Urge to Dunk Head in Coffee 24hrs $1,000, 225xp Simpson House

And here’s the full dialogue version of the questline:

Like a Donut Hole in the Head Pt. 1
Donut Homer starts

Donut Homer: Hey, Moe, you won’t believe what happened to me today!
Moe: You made a deal with Old Scratch not to eat a forbidden donut, which you did anyways, but somehow you got out of goin’ to Hell, and now you got a donut for a head.
Lenny: A tale as old as time.
Donut Homer: And the beauty part…I can eat my own fluffy, delicious head, and as long as I don’t eat it all it grows back the next day!
Moe: Whoop-de-doo. Everything always works out for ol’ Homer.
Evil Shopkeeper: It can be great for others, too! For some a donut head is a curse…but for some a blessing!
Carl: I’ll take the blessing part. Lenny, you take the curse.
Lenny: Thanks, buddy!
Make Donut Homer Listen to Evil Shopkeeper’s Tale- 2hrs
Make Evil Shopkeeper Tell a Cursed Tale- 2hrs
Evil Shopkeeper: …and so, whosoever parktaketh of the cursed confectionary cranium shall enjoy a surplus of serendipity!
DonutHomer :
Evil Shopkeeper: Eat the damn donut head and you’ll have good luck.
Donut Homer: Why are you guys looking at me like that?
Lenny: I could use some good luck for a change.
Carl: Yeah, me too.
Donut Homer: Oh, no. I should be the only one who gets to eat my head!

Like a Donut Hole in the Head Pt. 2
Donut Homer starts

Cookie Kwan: Homer, why are you hiding behind Madame Chao’s restaurant? And why is your head a donut?
Donut Homer: All good questions. I’m cursed! But if anyone else eats my head they’ll have good luck, so Lenny and Carl want to bite my brain. I’m hiding here since Chinese people don’t eat donuts.
Cookie Kwan: That’s not true. Everyone likes donuts, including Chinese people…and including me!
Donut Homer: WAAAAH?!
Make Cookie Kwan Douse Donut Homer in Sweet ‘n Sour Sauce- 3hrs
Make Donut Homer Run Before Cookie Kwan Eats Him- 3hrs
Donut Homer: I almost had another donut hole in my head! And now I’m covered in Sweet ‘n Sour Sauce…and more delicious than ever.

Like a Donut Hole in the Head Pt. 3
Donut Homer starts

Lyla: Homer, you’re visiting the Buddhist Temple?
Donut Homer: Usually the first question people ask is, “What’s going on with that donut head”?
Lyla: Buddhism has taught me to ignore head shape.
Donut Homer: Everyone wants to eat my head. But Buddhists are vegetarians, so I’m safe here.
Lyla: Donuts aren’t meat, Homer.
Donut Homer: What?! Explain.
Make Donut Homer Try to Crush Lyla with a Buddha Statue- 3hrs
Make Lyla Calm Donut Homer Down- 3hrs
Lyla: Homer, I’m not going to eat your head. You’re a sentient being!
Donut Homer: How rude! I may be a little slow, but I’m still human.

Like a Donut Hole in the Head Pt. 4
Donut Homer starts

Donut Homer: I’ll sneak into the House of Evil and beg the Evil Shopkeeper to change me back to normal! Maybe one more bite before I do— Hey, what’s he saying…?
Evil Shopkeeper: Mr. Szyslak, I need payment now! I told everybody that eating Homer’s head would bring them good luck! That was the agreement.
Donut Homer: What?! Moe set me up?!
Moe: Uh, oh.
Make Donut Homer Go on a Donut Head Rampage- 8hrs
Make Moe Get Pummeled Senseless by a Giant Donut Head- 8hrs
Make Evil Shopkeeper Regret Life Choices- 8hrs
Moe: Okay, okay! Homer, we give!
Evil Shopkeeper: Who knew a giant donut head could make such an effective weapon?
Moe: He’s like a delicious, deep-fried cranium-cracking cronut!

Like a Donut Hole in the Head Pt. 5
Donut Homer starts

Lenny: There he is! Eat him!
Moe: Wait, guys! Ya can’t eat Homer. The Evil Shopkeeper was lyin’ because I paid him.
Evil Shopkeeper: All you gain from eating this oaf’s head is mild indigestion and an evening spent on the toilet.
Carl: Aw, man, I really wanted that good luck!
Lenny: Carl and I have been luckless for thirty years.
Moe: Homer, I’m real sorry folks tried to chew off your gorgeous, glazed head. I guess I was just jealous of the attention you was gettin’ .
Donut Homer: I understand, Moe. And I think I know someone who can help you!
Make Donut Homer Ask Old Scratch for a Favor – 2hrs
Make Old Scratch Make Moe Special Too- 2hrs
Make Moe Finally Stand Out- 2hrs
Donut Homer: There you go, Moe! You’re all set.
Old Scratch: Always happy to help a friend of Homer’s!
Moe: Aw geez, guys, this is great! Look at me, everybody! I got a giant pickle for a head!
Femme Fatale: Ewww! You stink like pickle juice! Go away!
Moe: Maybe I shoulda gone with a boiled egg…

That’s pretty much it on Donut Homer.  A premium costume for Springfield.  He’s fun, nothing amazing but still fun.  He’s a classic THOH character for sure.

What are your thoughts on Donut Homer?  Have you purchased him?  Will you purchase him? Thoughts on the questline and tasks?  Sound off below you know we love hearing from you!

24 responses to “Should You Buy Donut Homer?

  1. Yes this is the first character I paid money for and while the story was sorta boring this character HAD to be in my town! Happy they finally brought him along. Also wish he was a separate character but Cest la vie

  2. Well, I did say last event (or was it two ago?) that I *would* have purchased at the $9.99 price point… granted IIRC it was for a character, not just a skin.

    Still, I suppose I *should* on the off chance seeing at least some profit can still be made might encourage them to keep the game going. Or would that just encourage them to maintain a format that is getting tiresome?

    And it has been a while since I’ve fed the EA trough, and they are providing a service I keep returning to…

    Decisions, decisions…

  3. I got him and am happy with him 😊

  4. I bought it. I try to pay actual money once a year for something since I play this game regularly.

  5. I was really pleased with this year’s theme and content update. Decided to reward EA with some support to carry on the only game I’ve continued playing past a few months. Last time I spent cash was for the Donut Factory, so it’s been awhile. Really fun skin. I’ve enjoyed it, no regrets.

  6. Because EA dont make real fix for rollback bug, I didnt spend any money on game.

  7. I’m bummed it’s a skin and not a full character. Still on the fence but it’s more to the no side. Full character would have been an instant buy!

  8. Because it’s a costume, I’m not buying. If it were a separate character like Angel Lisa, I would buy it in a heartbeat. Was looking forward to having him as a character, but oh well…

  9. You get to be a Vampire at Halloween and wear a Santa hat at Christmas time in my Springfield. Problem is Main characters have best skins for those events. However they are always in use to complete event. Catch 22

  10. Irene García Muelas

    I agree that if you enjoy a game you should support it every now and then, but this offer is just not tempting. Another costume for Homer, who is always busy in every event and quest? Thanks but I’ll pass.

  11. I agree that it’s a good idea to support the TSTO Game App provided you are given an option that is acceptable ……but $9.99 for a Character Skin + 🍩’s is unacceptable (maybe $4.99 + 🍩’s would’ve been a better price point). 🤔

    As it is? I have already voiced that there are several Premium Characters still unavailable in the Mystery Box, and were also unavailable in the THOH Mystery Box (such as Evil Shopkeeper, Jack the Ripper).

    These would’ve been ideal $9.99 + 🍩’s deals I would have spent real 💵 on (EA chose not to go there, chose not to include these Premium Characters in either Mystery Box, therefore EA isn’t getting my 💵 and that’s on EA!) 🤷🏼‍♂️

  12. I also would have bought him if he were a separate character. Homer is always busy every event, so I would never get to see this skin.

  13. If it had been a full character, it’d be walking around my Sringfield now, but I’ve already got more Homer skins than I can keep track of….

    Twenty- three. I counted.

    But even my OCD doesn’t want to make it 24 🙂

  14. CLASSIC! Nuff said.

  15. But Alissa, the SIB usually has a notation about whether *you* bought it. So … did you??? 😉 (I’ll say this. Donut Homer made me laugh every time I saw him, and I remember your advice to always spend a little on the game, so I picked him up. Who doesn’t need a laugh in this year???)

  16. I like the price point but really disappointed that EA didn’t make this a full character!! C’mon EA!! 😐 I did buy it anyway, happy to support the game as it’s been a part of my life for so many years and hope it continues for a very long time 🙂
    I think it would do better if EA took time to listen to players more. I’ve invested more money than I care to admit over the years but thoroughly enjoy playing so to me it’s worth it 🥰 Really looking forward to the Christmas Event!! 💕

  17. Doughnuts …in SWEET & SOUR SAUCE?!!!
    Ewww! Sounds like some Panda Express Frankenstein Monstrosity.

  18. If it were a full premium character I probably would purchase him.. but it’s just a costume and you would have to actually select that costume to do any tasks associated with it.
    The only thing it does in my opinion is complete the character set.
    In Canada with the exchange rate.. the cost is 13.99 + Tax (5% GST) Total 14.69

  19. Pass, there have been prior characters available for purchase with real cash that have later come into the game as a “donut” purchase.

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