The End is Near for Clash of Creeds…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a reminder that the Clash of Creeds Event Ends TOMORROW January 13th. 

Now that we’re 2 weeks into the New Year it’s time for the holidays to officially end…

As far as questlines go, what’s happened in the past is that the current prize you’re working on (on any questline) you were able to finish.  Once that current prize was completed then the questline disappeared.

This means that you will want to make that final push to gather up all the things you want from the Event before it goes with the Event.

As far as what is going to happen AFTER the Event… well, we can’t know… until it is over. Until then all we can do is speculate. So, patience. We all have to verify what happens after together.

Also, It’s EA so who the heck knows…the trend seems to be a week off between Multi-Events and Mini-Events.  So it’s likely we’ll see nothing this week, and a mini-event next week.  Perfect time for redesign work!

Now as far as to what is going with the Event, here is a brief rundown…

  • Questlines linked directly to the progression of the event will go. Like the Main Questline that pulled you through all 4 Acts. (unless you’ve started one, any questlines started you’ll be able to finish that part one the event ends)
  • However, the questlines linked directly to the prizes and Premium Characters you’ve won will remain. (so Moses, Sexy Santa Marge, Andre, Yahweh, etc.)
  • The event removal will likely require an app store update to fully remove it from your game.  So don’t panic when the timer runs down and the event isn’t out of your game (or the splash screen remains the same)…  It will require an app store update to remove everything.

I know some of you still try to push that last few minutes of the collection as far as you can. However, with the last few events, EA has really shut off the ability to play on “borrowed time”.  In other words, once the timer runs out the ability to collect prizes ends.  So don’t count on getting any extra time with this one.  Try to finish everything up before the timer runs out tomorrow morning. 

So finish up those questlines, relax, and wait to see what EA has next in store for us.

Oh and a reminder…don’t forget Springfield Showoff!  Submissions for your event designs should be emailed ( by tonight.  So please be sure to send them in! 🙂

Are you sad to see the event go?  Or ready for it to finally be over?  How did you do with the prizes?  Get everything you wanted?  What are you hoping to see next?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

11 responses to “The End is Near for Clash of Creeds…

  1. Strangely the blue haired lawyer and santa’s wive lost their 24h missions…does anyone else experience this? Anyone knows why this is?

  2. Anthony F Julian

    I lost all the tickets I collected, planning to cash them in for donuts today. Now that the event ended, all gone! 🙁

  3. Anyone else having problems with Marv, Blue-Haired Lawyer and Mrs. Claus? All of a sudden their 24-hour-jobs have disappeared from the list. Two days ago they were working just fine. Unfortunately storing them didn’t do anything.

    • King Winter, Rachel Jordan & The Patriarch had all lost their 12 hour jobs in my game.
      Looks like the end of the event has introduced some bugs.

  4. Just finished my last Clash daily tasks for loads of donuts 🙂

    Definitely one of the better events of the last few years – here’s hoping for more like it in 2021!

  5. If the next event/update isn’t until next week then I hope the snow stays in the game for at least another week since it won’t reappear for about another 11 months. I did enjoy the event and am a little sad to see it go because it was one of the best events over the last 2 years.

  6. Have to say I’ve enjoyed this event, maxed out my Christmas collection with exception of the High School skin (why wasn’t that in the pack this year?) and dropped well over 2000 donuts, a lot of which went on God who I missed first time around, and few complaints other than the missing school skin, the fact that they gave the Sea Captain a sleigh then didn’t let him use it and the perennial question of why Santa doesn’t have a flying job of his own.

    Was it one of the best? No, but the dialogue was snappy, the irreverence to all the religions an even-handed blasphemy and the prizes first rate, even Ol’ Gil’s, which have been dubious of late, added a nice touch.

    I’ll be sorry to see this one leave my phone, it was a good way to end a bad year. Thanks EA, if you’re reading, nicely done.

  7. Don’t forget to redeem your tickets for items or donuts today, too!!!! I only had one ring to purchase with my tickets (very early on in the event), but I’ve gotten over 150 (I think I’m up to 159?) donuts from the tickets I earned from the daily tasks.

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