Act 4 Starts Tomorrow!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

I know there’s some question/confusion on when Act 4 starts so I figured I’d quickly put up a post on it. This information is always available on the event page which can be found here.

Act 4 starts tomorrow, Tuesday March 2nd.  Acts 1-3 won’t be going anywhere, so if you haven’t finished them you still have until the event ends (March 10th) to finish those up.

There’s 1 new premium combo coming with Act 4, and it’s 150 donuts for that combo.

You’ll need Homer, Marge, and Captain Mordecai free for the start of Act 4, along with event currency earning characters.

This will be the FINAL act of Love and War.  So you’ll need to complete Act 4, as well as Acts 1-3 if you haven’t finished them, by the time the event ends on March 10th.

Hope that helps clear up any confusion!

12 responses to “Act 4 Starts Tomorrow!

  1. Had to stop playing the event. It has come to the point where every time I open the game, it asks me to download an 1100mb update. It was happening every so often, so I didn’t mind. But during this event, it’s happening so often that I don’t want to bother. Support hasn’t helped. I have the most recent version. It works perfectly fine after each download, but to do it every 4 hours is painfully annoying. I might have to say goodbye to Springfield if this isn’t fixed.

  2. looking forward to finally ending this event. Happy we got Titania but probably the worst event we’ve had in years imho.

  3. It feels like the EA programmers’ calendars are a few weeks off. The Christmas event ran well into January, and the Valentine’s Day event lasts into March. I’m looking forward to the four-part St. Patrick’s Day event that awards leprechauns as prizes in May.

  4. Bwah-ha-ha

    If only it were that easy to un-confuse me.

    p.s. as always, thank you for your efforts.

  5. What time tomorrow?
    And… since you folks communicate with EA, I’ve often wondered why they don’t build into the events what day/time the next segment begins? It would be really helpful to have…

  6. Am glad, going to use donuts to finish this even, soooolong 💤💤💤

    • Keith
      I will see if there’s any Prizes / Premium Content worthwhile …. If there’s not ? I may skip the last Act. This Multi-Act Event started strong, but then quickly became dumb!

    • Yes, it should have been a minievent, it is now over 2 weeks since the 14th of Feb, feels like this should have finished up about a week ago.

      Then again I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s day and thankfully neither is the misses!

      • gasboss775

        💯 You nailed it (a Multi-Act Event padded with crap Prizes vs a streamlined Event that’s ‘all killer no filler’) and no doubt my Mrs & I celebrate each other any chance we get (wy way to only do it on a Hallmark holiday?)

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